Journey to the Center of a Neutron Star

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There are a lot of incredible things in space, but neutron stars are some of the most mind-blowing. From liquid plasma oceans on the surface to a possible neutron superfluid in the core — as you go deeper into a neutron star, the physics gets truly wild.

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  1. Pokephosgene

    Some Italian food restaurant must’ve been named “Neutron Star”. It’s just too convenient not to do it.

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    This video was made possible with a grant from the Boyardee Science Academy

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    For my entire life whenever someone said about teaspoon in relation to neutron star, in my head i saw an actual teaspoon made of densely packed neutrons..

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    Legend has is that one teaspoon of neutron star will finally give you the power to defeat Superman once and for all Lex.

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    I’m guessing that when scientists were naming these phases they were eating Italian food

  9. Platanov

    So, does this mean that Nuclear Lasagna is it’s own nuclear anti-pasta?

  10. thorium222

    4:28 min the labels of crust and pasta is switched around according to your previous explanations. You might wanna fix this.

  11. Felace Gianpiero

    “There are a lot of incredible things in space”

    Like that awesome beard you grew, dude.

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    I take it that the scientists who created the theories about what’s inside a Neutron Star had skipped lunch that day?

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    lmao I think scientists were hungry or something when naming this stuff

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    I can relate so much to neutron stars – they’re weird, dense and full of pasta.

  17. AndyBeans

    “We’re gonna need a stronger teaspoon…”

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    It’s mind-blowing that a neutron star packs the mass of a whole sun into a ball just kilometers across! 🤯

  19. Malice Flare

    this video made me order some take-out…

  20. ITSMrBubbles1nOnly

    Now I need to visit the nearest neutron star in Elite Dangerous to appreciate these beauties more.

  21. Paterno Aparente

    I’m guessing the superfluid in the core will be called the Nuclear Tomato Sauce.

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  23. robcaster

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  24. Midnight24435

    Whoever was responsible for naming the layers very clearly needed to take their lunch break…

  25. Krish

    I believe that core of a neutron star is a small black hole !
    “Unless proven wrong, I am right !”

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    This is what happens when Italian scientists come up with names

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    Insanely cool to ponder. Thanks sci-team!

  30. ketan dhavle

    When you’re hungry but have to name strange nuclear materials.

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    This was so good! Mind boggling

  32. Monty Cantsin

    If a Neutron star supported strange Neutron Life, that would be heavy.

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    I am like a neutron star in the morning before I had coffee: dim and hard to spot 🤔😜

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    So.. what we’ve learned from this video is that the scientist who named these phenomena was really craving some spaghetti

  35. Eric

    Neutron starquakes can be up to magnitude 32 which is pretty nuts, as it’s a logarithmic scale.

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  37. Guy Boo

    Wise man say: when you slice into a neutron star, you lose your knife.

  38. Skyler Guisasola

    Could I get a few more neutrinos for my neutron star? It’s a little too dense to ask for them.

  39. A 15th Century Gothic Sui

    I’ll be here when the quark star episode drops

  40. Trace 23

    Now imagine that you’re a being that lives in those plasma oceans.
    And you’re a very religious Pastafarian
    May the sauce of love envelope you 🍝
    May the cheese of wealth sprinkle heavily upon you

  41. Acrux

    Being born in italy, this nuclear pasta gnocchi lasagna thing made my year and i need to tell everyone about it:D

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    5:23 I was expecting him to say “some of the strangest places … in spacetime.” Getting my channels mixed up.

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    This is why you need to feed your scientists a variety of foods frequently enough to keep then from getting hungry.

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    Damn these neutron stars are making me hungry.

  45. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    My elderly Aunt Gertie insisted on wearing a bikini when we went to the beach in the summer. And when you squeeze that much mass into a space that small, things…start to get strange.

  46. BatBeardGames

    Can’t wait till we have a high quality simulation so I can watch the behavior of the superfluid. That would be insane!

  47. Rosyna Keller

    Pfft, Reid kept saying “strange” in the video but he never explicitly mentioned strange stars!

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    Thank god your back please give me more im begging you I need more of this in my life I’m about to break because of covid

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    I have never been more mad than I am when I hear him pronounce gnocchi.

  51. Skylancer727

    There’s also the all popular idea the insides of them are a point where the quarks fuse forming strange matter. Though that’s still entirely speculative.

  52. poptya

    What if under the crust, instead of a core, the matter just collapses into a singularity, with the crust pressing against itself like an archway to keep from falling in

  53. El Inextricable

    Something tells me that those physicists were starving at some point

  54. Ibnuz Zaki

    The core is pretty /dense/ mystery eh? Haha

  55. Willy Doyle

    And here I’ve always thought the antipasta came first!

  56. AvangionQ

    Liquid plasma oceans? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing …
    How thick is the liquid? What are its properties? More on this, please …

  57. Gábor Králik

    He has nuclear vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.

  58. equesdeventusoccasus

    It almost seems as if the neutron star could be considered a super atom. If so, we might be the who that Horton heard.

  59. Kein Dok

    So is this the giant spaghetti monster in the sky those nice people knocked on my door and told me about

    Should have bought their book I guess

  60. James A Clouder

    Do the cores of Neutron Stars technically count as one gigantic Atomic Nuclei?

  61. Enzo Draws

    Old scientists: dark matter; black hole; red giant
    New scientist: nuclear lasagna

  62. Fleem Q Swipes

    I’m guessing if any of this stuff was somehow removed from the neutron star, it wouldn’t stay in this exotic form. Probably decompress quite energetically.

  63. j k

    Rookie question, but is there fusion still going on along with all this other stuff, because…star?

  64. alarcon99

    Don’t forget to save a cup of water after you are done cooking your nuclear pasta

  65. 4jonah

    I’ve heard that at “neutronium” could exist at cores which is equivalent element zero because it’s just neutrons. Can you talk about this in the future?

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    This week in the official comic, Jon utilizes the necronomicon to help Garfield ascend as an Elder God so he can consume the nuclear lasagna of neutron stars.

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    Thinking about how large UY Scuti is makes me uncomfortable lol

  72. tanked warthog

    I have an idea about how to think of gravity, instead of it being a fundamental force think of it being another dimension that interacts with matter in the first 3 dimensions and anchoring time to the first 3 also. I believe it would help to explain the way gravity seems to operate on different scales of the universe as not seemingly working in the atomic scale but seeming to work on galactic and universal scales.

  73. rock_paper_celery

    It’s really confusing how the matter is yellow and empty space is purple in all the other pasta phases, but then yellow and purple switch places for the final phase. Why scishow why

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    Why do I feel like pasta all of a sudden?

    Oh that’s right, I’m inside a neutron star.

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    Nuclear gnocchi.
    Nuclear spaghetti.
    Nuclear lasagna.
    They all sound like what’s on the menu in the cafeteria at the Springfield nuclear plant.

  77. J N

    Where there’s nuclear spaghetti, there must be _nuclear garlic bread_ 😳

  78. Battle Penguin

    So it turns out that a Neutron Star produces all the pasta in the universe, and when the star dies releases that pasta everywhere.
    That’s how italy formed

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    When metal is so heavy, the fabric of space itself can barley contain it

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    Nice beard 👍

  83. tmanook

    Reminds me of the Dragons Egg book by Robert L. Forward. It was about an alien civilization living on a neutron star. Good series. The end was a little odd though.

  84. sanjuansteve

    Stars can collapse in on themselves to become neutron stars, losing all of the vibrating electrons and leaving neutrons smashed together with no remaining vibration. Neutron stars can collapse in on themselves to become black holes where the neutrons collapse, allowing the quarks within to stop vibrating and become absolutely dense with presumably no more vibrations remaining, but even black holes vibrate as they spin.

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    Sometimes I think scientists are throwing
    pasta at the wall just to see what sticks.

  87. The Great Sea

    Wooah the superfluid sounds cool you should make a video about that!

  88. SkyTech RTS

    As it turns out we are all just a little bit italian on the inside :)

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    I wouldn’t want to be the guy chosen to go to the center of a neutron star. I just couldn’t take the pressure.

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