It’s Probably Not Aliens on Venus… But It Could Be | SciShow News

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Is there life on Venus? If there is, it would have to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen! New evidence means the possibility of life there is in question, but it could also mean a few other things.

Main Paper (free to read) –
Microbe life cycle (free to read) –—an-indicator-of-possible-life.html
  1. Christopher Noel

    It’s not like we don’t already have microbes on Earth living in hydrogen sulfide… and hydrogen sulfide in water vapor becomes sulfuric acid. So, why wouldn’t microbes live in the sulfuric acid clouds of Venus, or have we already looked for it? If we haven’t found any, then perhaps the Venusian microbes become too heavy. On Earth, those microbes form slime, which may protect them from the sulfuric acid, like stomach mucus.

  2. Ice Age

    Venera mission was contaminated with the bacteria they found deep in the earth, in Russia of course. More vodka?

  3. mohd nazim rosli

    Fortuna 69 … Nef anyo wants to know your location

  4. Comment Highlighted

    But……women are from Venus 🥺

  5. StanHere

    I wonder if Elon ever creates a rocket to go to Venus🤔

  6. Kevin Parsons

    Don’t you know Women Are from Venus Men Are from Mars. That’s why women have to be so strong and powerful underneath all that incredible gravity

  7. nahuel

    I celebrate the notion said about “it may not be life as we know it” since most of the anthopocentric scientists allow or deny the possible existence of life based on what we have here.

  8. WalayatFamily

    It’s YOU, Plane Jane

  9. Eldritch Angel

    Expects to maybe find mircobes. Get’s a frekin facehugger instead.

  10. nattyphysicist

    What instrument at JCMT was used?

  11. Parzival

    Needs additional pylons

  12. Electron Resonator

    just like papers in your wallet, it could be money

  13. AvangionQ

    What about subterranean life? How hot is the soil underneath the ground if you dig down a bit … ♤

  14. William Morris

    I mean no one even cares at this point honestly. Aliens arent helping us so who cares? 2020 was most definitely going to end with aliens.

  15. evilotis01

    the real plot twist is that Venus is a paradise occupied by happy single-celled organisms, and Earth is the real hell world

  16. Sugar Free

    If there is life on Venus, it ain’t happy

  17. IntrepidFraidyCat

    I hope I’m pleasantly surprised next month!

  18. Noah Kirkpatrick

    Don’t look at my home it’s a mess

  19. 00Billy

    do we have accurate maps of the surface?

  20. Shadow Realm

    Let’s all thank captain Picard for introducing laptops in space first

  21. Dee B

    If only we raided area 51 we couldve gotten our answers.

  22. Jon D

    Did you say conFERMI’s data?

  23. Ferrari King

    I hear Venusian women are very attractive and strong as well as smart.

  24. Reilly Curran

    What if the life is subaphroditean and the phosphene is coming up through volcanic eruptions that carries phosphene saturated magma from below the surface into contact with the atmosphere? Or that it gets baked out of the surface by Venus’s intense atmosphere once the life has seeded it into the soil.

    I remember somewhere that there’s estimates that actually the majority of earth’s life lives in the ground, it’s just that that majority is microbial.

  25. yungo

    Would that mean it would be crystalline shelled microbial lifeforms?

  26. Peter Dixon

    my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  27. Aerik Forager

    Well, I guess I can’t Terraform Venus now… ;)

  28. Summit Sharma

    Caitlin is such a great host!

  29. Conner Wilson

    There’s Mice on Venus

  30. Charles

    “It’s probably not” aren’t scientists suppose to be open minded and receptive to new possibilities? Why are they so dismissive of the potential of alien life?

  31. Erik Nicholas

    The monolith beckons us.

  32. Anthony Hernandez

    Perhaps the reason why we can’t find life on other planets is because we compare things too much to earth?

  33. Zaher

    You can melt led in a pan. Just saying.

  34. TheReaverOfDarkness

    It seems highly likely that there was life on Venus once. It could easily have been a temperate and wet world for as much as two billion years. That may not be long enough for its life to become multicellular, but it’s probably long enough to enable advanced single-celled life that can become tolerant to the changing conditions. I think the chance of life on Venus isn’t all that low.

  35. David Armando Córdova Pra

    Not enough jokes about The Expanse. A shame.

  36. James Soddy


    This is my favorite video from your amazing channel. Thanks for your continuous great work.


  37. Sloth Massacre

    I’ve known since 3rd grade that women are from venus

  38. Colin Richardson

    My “Dream PC Setup” and “worth up to £5000” do not coincide.

  39. Ormand Jammer

    Who else is ready to bow down to their bacterial overloads?

  40. Andy

    EXTREEEEME extremophiles!

  41. itsdonaldo

    DIBS on the first pet Alien. When It behaves ill give it pizza.

  42. Glenn Babić

    We dont know Phosphine isn’t produced on Earth another way either

  43. l96ai

    Come for the news.. stays for the comments..

    What a way to spend your weekend!

  44. Víctor Manuel Santiago

    very glad that Venus finally got such coverage since a few months 😀

  45. Mark Pendragon

    Wow, one month until confirmation can be made, that is fast. Although I guess not coincidental (probably having set a ‘publish before’ date, for the researchers to work to).

  46. germimonte

    so phosphene is a biosign from carbon life forms and yet there can’t be carbon life forms on venus?

  47. Psychx

    It’s no surprise that Phosphine doesn’t break down in an atmosphere without Oxygen and Ozone. Duh.

  48. Pup314

    Now to check if Phosphine is on Mars.

  49. KY Li

    What if these microbes in the clouds were what caused it to turn into the greenhouse planet it is today by turning the clouds acidic and making the planet uninhabitable by humans.

    Please don’t try to bring any samples back.

  50. Sass Hole

    Is it possible some microbes were unintentionally transplanted on Venus via one of the probes sent from Earth?

  51. Michael Funk

    and if we do find microbial life, we won’t know if it evolved independently or if started on earth an was just transplanted naturally

  52. GladRC

    So much uncertainty about one of the closest planets to us, I’d say it is a hint life in any form is abundant throughout the entirety of the universe.

  53. Christopher Noel

    If I lived in the U.K., and won the contest, could my computer be gloriously retro?

  54. Mok214

    All that it means is that they just formed a hypothesis, and that maybe we don’t know all what we need to know about planetary chemistry.

  55. Ruben de León

    Every 10 years +/-
    Mass media: scientists found life in X!!!!! Proves of ET!!!
    Scientis: well, actually, no.
    Me: 💔😣

  56. Werrf1

    The thing is that Venus’s atmosphere also contains some weird dark patches that absorb a lot of solar radiation – and they’re found at the same altitudes and locations as the phosphine. So it’s not just the anomalous presence of phosphine, it’s the anomalous presence of phosphine laid on top of “unknown absorbers” of infrared.

  57. Christapher Nguyen

    If the measurements where taken from telescopes on earth, how do the they get accurate measurements without the interference of the phosphine in earth’s atmosphere?

  58. Rod Landaeta

    Ah, I was going to participate and prepared my answer and all… then noticed it is only valid to those living in the UK. Oh well, good luck to all of you :D

  59. dimitris papadopoulos

    Is it even remotely possible that Earth’s phosphine escaped our thermosphere many many years ago and travelled to nearby planets’ clouds providing a new temporary home?

  60. sdfkjgh

    4:32 Bepicolombo…isn’t that an Argentinian newspaper comic?

  61. Rick Borghuis

    People: Venus is hostile
    Me: *triggered* it is hostile to life we know, but it doesn’t have to look like life on earth!

  62. RandomUser311

    “getting to the bottom of this” – probably not a good idea

  63. hhjk377

    2020 itself is a plot twist nobody saw coming

  64. NiX aKi

    Remember a scene in Keanu’s movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still? They were discussing in class about a bacteria that lives in sulfuric acid rich environments.

  65. Josh Bishop

    If it is life, the world will never be the same.

  66. Gary Palmer

    It’s never aliens, till its aliens

  67. TOM W

    Theory: the Russian probe sent to Venus contained Tardigrades. Billions.. of them.

  68. 3800Tech

    “Hot enough to melt Zinc” nice!

  69. r p

    Maybe life started on venus in the clouds. An asteroid flew by skimming the atmosphere then flew by earth and deposited some microbes in the air. Then life spread to earth.

    And this is why we have not created life successfully in labs. We should be trying to replicate conditions on early venus.

  70. Greg Wiens

    There is life, but I’m pretty sure that we will find out that it is life from Earth, most likely brought to Venus by Russia.
    In other news life on Mars is from America

  71. Alexander Moon


  72. planet devo

    Its important to note that every way we know to measure things is pretty much almost exclusively by Earth’s standards. So for all we know, things might not work the same over there. We know sulfuric acid is bad but if life had just as long to get used to it just as our life did to Earth, its entirely possible and it would go against everything we think we know about life in general.

    But its probably some sort of atmospheric phenomenon we haven’t yet discovered. I doubt its life. That would be too easy of an answer 😆

  73. Cigar

    Phosphine was also detected in the Gas Giants too, if I recall correctly. Phosphine can form in *EXTREME* conditions naturally.

  74. henrey

    Welp it’s official, Half-Life is gonna happen in 2020.

  75. Majavia

    2020 just pull off a pro gamer move on hd every month

  76. TOM W

    Anyways.. I’m drinking Everclear.

    So, yeah.

  77. Margot Robinson

    The Terms and Conditions of the Fasthost giveaway state that the giveaway is open to UK residents only. They should have said that in the announcement.

  78. Andrew Struckmann

    “They didn’t say why they were looking for phosphine specifically” that’s suspicious. I think one of those researchers is Venusian

  79. Adriel Rivera

    maybe we can discover life on Venus together sometime?🤭🌹

    haha, jk jk🤣


  80. Tengu

    2020: aliens….. again

  81. Jari

    Maybe they found the first silicon life and by accident this solarsystem gets even wierder.

  82. Rick Borghuis

    Most people when talking about aliens: multicellular life, usually intelligent life
    Me when talking about aliens: any form of life, from intelligent, to unicellular to plants etc

  83. og orange duck

    Wonder how many non-biological-chemists are ecstactic to possibly find a new phosphine generation route more so than the possibilities of life

  84. El Inextricable

    Video: “The surface of Venus can reach…”
    Video “…which is hot enough to melt lead.”
    Me: “I need to chill, something is wrong with me…”


    It’s also curious that the phosphine is replenishing itself… and in the exact regions of the atmosphere with pressure and temperatures closer to our own. It’s also fascinating that in those same areas, we see plumes of microscopic particles floating around that also absorb UV light.
    How cool would be be to discover some silicon based life that uses HCl as a solvent and uses ultraviolet to photosynthesize? Oh man…
    I know it’s probably some abiotic mechanism we don’t understand, but the researchers spent literally *years* trying to figure out what could be producing phosphine other than biologic mechanisms with no luck. Either way, it’s exciting! :D

  86. Jansen Art

    What’s more likely: that there’s life as we know it (the kind that generates phosphine gas on Earth, or industrial processes) on Venus,
    There are high-temperature chemistry processes we’re not familiar with on Venus?


  87. Lord Odysseus

    I’ve been making jokes about aliens being the final boss of 2020 and now I’m wondering if they’ll be the final boss of 2120.

  88. LordZero25

    Venusians: How can life exist on less than 50°C?

    edit: Any chances that this came from the Soviet Venera landers?

  89. Known Phoenix

    “How would that even work” Evolution.

  90. JPaul C

    I want Venus to be inhabited by Koffing pokemon.

  91. Perennial Millennial

    This video is like the affirmative guy from the ancient alien series.

  92. Sarah Dee

    I always think we’re going to find cockroaches or Tardigrades on another planet. Both of those buggers seem quite hardy.

  93. DickJohnson3434

    Nice line…
    “A 2020 plot twist nobody saw coming!”

  94. The Lost One

    How dare you talk about Russia’s planet!

    (I’m semi trying to make a joke but that was in the news recently)

  95. Ol' Bluelips

    I like to think of it as being “maybe life”, rather than “probably not” or “probably”. We don’t have evidence for any good explanation at this point and I like to be optimistic

  96. David Pirtle

    Venus has been too neglected compared to Mars. Hope this generates more interest.

  97. Don Reynolds

    This discovery is a great example of how simple curiosity drives science.

  98. Rob

    I would have gone with the title it’s definitely aliens but maybe not

  99. The Exoplanets Channel

    It’s never aliens.. *_until it’s aliens_*

  100. Question Everything — Tho

    “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”
    ― Carl Sagan

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