How We Learned Black Holes Actually Exist | 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics

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Did you know Einstein never thought we’d find actual black holes in space? It took decades of research to show black holes are physically possible, and some of the scientists behind that research were honored this year with the Nobel Prize in Physics.


  1. P C

    Nobel Prize for first

  2. bobcollum __

    This video has me further convinced of the fairly new idea that new universes are created inside of black holes.

  3. Osmosis Jones

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  4. Mark Schweitzer

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  5. kokorolex

    How did Einstein one day just thought “huh, space time sometimes do be like that.” ?

  6. Sky Gravity

    Dense compact objects have been proven, but not black holes.

    Black holes are the leading candidate, however physics breaks down in the classic singularity model, so to imply that this is all known and mystery solved is far from accurate. We still haven’t proven that these objects are not GOoDEs, and other explanations are not yet ruled out. All we know for certain now is mass and lensing.

  7. The Unblinking Eye


  8. Joe Schmuckatelli

    To Sir Roger Penrose, Penrose diagrams are just diagrams

  9. Elani Aniyvwia

    What if dark matter is tiny black holes?

  10. Julio Jimenez

    As I understand it massive black holes in the center of galaxies are needed to keep them dynamic by spinning around.

  11. Ray Phinkle

    Yoo his beard is so crisp, if he gained another 50 lbs he could be the white Rick Ross, “ruugh, astronomaay” *rick Ross voice*

  12. Rotoprism

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  13. Sean Chavez

    Can you calculate how many g forces are in a vehicle car crash, and get a scale map and run simulation on measurements to prevent accidents and build better tech in set positions, like trig yet in pressure points energy can be harnessed for beneficial use, food, energy, engineering, medical

  14. Guillermo El Nino

    nobel prize! i think we should give trump one of those :)

  15. stillpaints

    Must’ve been a slow year in science.

  16. RypeDub

    Yeeeee I always knew black holes were real and one time doing acid in January this year, I had such an intense trip I needed to seek medical services to evaluate the health of my mind and body. I’m completely healthy. I had an ego death. Anyways, during that trip I was sucked into a black hole, along with countless other sous from different times and places. I figured it was everyone who ever tripped or will ever trip or everyone in the planet across the globe who reached ego death in that moment, were all experiencing the same thing so it was a huge sign they exist and also that maybe we should figure out how to get to one, and how to enter one. I feel like that experience was about that message. So I hope humanity continues to evolve and expand our knowledges and create new devices and tools that allow us to reach that moment 🙏🏼 go science ! Explains the things religion speak about. Religion was taught to humans by psychedelics. Use psychedelics to learn religion and gain knowledge and to evolve

  17. Sokar

    Look we have to talk about this; What is up with the beard?

  18. Osmosis Jones

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  19. FateZero

    third view! nice. also black holesscare the hsit out of me

  20. ry jo

    Imagine how much better life would be if science was allowed to flourish instead of being demonized by low iq humans.

  21. bkingk8

    If a black hole is a single point how can it be the size of our solar system, or is that referencing the event horizon ?

  22. Anarchy Antz

    And since nothing can go faster than the speed of light….

    The universe is expanding faster than it thanks to the power of the speed of dark.
    Virtual particles are theorised to travel faster than the speed of light.

  23. Almost Alkaline

    If I close my eyes and use my imagination…you sounds like Neil DeGrasse Tyson

  24. Gt Bkts

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  25. Pablo Sanchez

    Very cool

  26. Yoshibro26


  27. Julio Jimenez

    Right at 2.03 min the camera zooms in on Reid’s sexy face and beard.

  28. James Cross

    Penrose is a G

  29. ShAdY LOrd

    Well well

  30. jax rammus

    You say nothing can escape a blackmore unless its faster than light, and that nothing can go faster than light, but don’t black holes turn into quasars have a bursting of matter from their poles, that material actually escapes from?

  31. Dominic H.

    Everyone is obsessed with the black holes, while I’m obsessed with admiring the intellect required to predict the existence of it. With Einstein we literally went from not having proof of the existence of atoms until he delivered it in 1905, to having proof of the existence of something so profound, we still don’t fully have a grasp of it 115 years later.

  32. Erik

    I legitimately did not realize Roger Penrose was still alive.

  33. Prikkel


  34. The Legend20STFU

    You sound a bit like Neil deGrasse Tyson

  35. Sean Chavez

    Emotional control

  36. Baylen Lucas

    The Kek Observatory

  37. Neon Sense

    Whatchu gonna do with all that mass

  38. Jack Martinelli

    So should we have like black hole day ? How about putting a black hole on the dollar bill? Or at least a black hole stamp? I think that just might beat the Bert and Ernie stamp.

  39. Mike Felber

    Awesome stuff, great video!

  40. The Devil


  41. Brutal Toast

    Who the hell would dislike this video…..?

  42. RISpaceCase

    Awesome quarantine beard.

  43. HiiighAsAKite

    I wish I had Reid’s voice

  44. Josip Zrnic

    Love the beard!!

  45. Jari

    Milky way has a miniscule black hole in the center ,so where are the other ones that didn’t merge wint those dwarf galaxy collsions -they are out there somewhere in every galactic arm ( I guess )

  46. Joeyjojo Jr Shabadoo

    Didn’t Isaac Newton also thoerises the possibly of “dark stars”?

  47. Brett Hess

    Why do you employ a 2D graphic to illustrate a 3D phenomena?

  48. Jason Rand

    Too short! Not a criticism, just I love your videos! ❤️ Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day!!

  49. Jack Martinelli

    btw… the radius of a black hole’s horizon is 2* sqrt(2) GM/ c^3. NOT 2*GM/c^3.

  50. Brown95

    It may or may not be worth noting that portuguese research also contributed to these findings… or so I have been told in the news, at least.

  51. Carpe Mkarzi

    So much more to,learn about the universe we live in and everything is so far away I thing astronomers should be called Astro-archaeologists.
    As a space nerd this is such a great time to live in. I watched the first moon landing, voyager 1and 2, Mars invade my robots and actual damned pictures of a black hole. What will be find tomorrow?

  52. Richard Banks

    Looking extra beardly my man

  53. Christian Gibson

    Praise KEK for the KECK observatory.

  54. TK99

    I am still not sure who came up with the name. But my favorite name for the black hole at the center of milky way Sag A, is El Monstro, the name of the whale in Pinocchio.

  55. Benjamin Forman

    I’ve always wondered how close we could get to Sagittarius A*, as an A-1 Civilization. If we were at the top of our physics and engineering Game, we could use almost %100 of energy, etc., etc. If we could use the stars as “pinball bumpers”, using their mass as a slingshot, siphoning some of their mass as fuel as well, how close could we get to the center of our galaxy? Wowowow!

  56. The Shades

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  57. Sean Chavez

    Theres another degree to help maintain vegetation growth,

  58. Y Weaver

    watching this video after Veratasium’s video on how gravity is an illusion: “gravity only works within our own non-inertial frame of reference. When you go really big or really small, gravity as a force doesn’t exist.”

  59. Alexander Supertramp

    I’ve been watching these videos for quite a few years now, also pbs spacetime, v sauce, veritasium and whatever documentary I can get my hands on. I’m pretty confident I understand the principles behind black holes but I just can’t wrap my head around what they actually are. It’s just awesome physics.

  60. Sean Chavez

    Type 1 in 100 -200 years, we need resources grown and abundance of it and make new medical tech, extend life by 20 to 40 years and do more work

  61. Terek Rutherford

    Great to have Reid hosting! Love his style of explanation

  62. bkingk8

    I wonder if Einstein died thinking his math was wrong because it predicted something that he felt should not be possible.

  63. Denjaminable

    Space and time swap roles? This too is the choice of stein’s; gate. El psy kongroo

  64. Gandalf

    Roger Penrose is great, and he has been on quite a few podcasts and such explaining what he has calculated in terms that go from simple to alien

  65. Jonatan Romanowski

    Go Go Sci Show

  66. Julio Jimenez

    I want to thank Reid and the crew who put together another interesting show tonight. Good job!

  67. C Woody

    Why does the moon move away from the earth in this flat spacetime

  68. steelgreyed

    2008 Group of Scientist prove Black Holes exist.
    Nobel Prize Group:
    “We’re gonna wait another 12 years……”

  69. Erik Nicholas

    Why is everyone so nervous? Just use a space plug if you’re so afraid of dropping something down one.

  70. John Doe

    I really liked the theory that our theoretical 9th planet (not pluto) takes 25k years to revolve and it’s possibly a primordial (ancient) black hole. That would be so cool.

    I think it’s been ruled out now, though.

  71. Abe Decuas

    Yet .. years and years of study and peer review … Gets stopped in it’s tracks by any politician that is profit based. Fake news! Fake! Science is fake! Sad! Sad!

    If we ever make contact with highly advanced aliens … that want to give us tech that benefits all …. These aliens will get sanctioned!!!! They are Socialists, Communists …. Venezuela!! Fake! lol … Love you scientists but … the laws of physics is not your hardest hurdle. It is greedy capitalism and ignorance.

  72. Akuello The Judge Of Gods

    No we knew they were there for a long time a really long time and anyone who cares about science not only knows that but it’s easy to see

    And then theres the opposite where y’all think the singularity is infinitely dense when that’s not how anything works at all obviously cause black holes can be the same size 1 collison between 2 of them and what the universe implodes cause they would eventually merge but for some time there would be a point of double infinite density

    Also Hawking radiation/quantum tunneling exists which means overtime a black hole will evaporate infinity can’t evaporate plus a non-existently small incredibly dense point doesn’t make it infinite

  73. Lyndsay Brown

    I always heard researching black holes meant dealing with a lot of pressure.

  74. Tim Sullivan

    So advances in radio telescope technology led to the design of the… New Technology Telescope? LOL
    Then taking their search to the next level, they switched to the… (wait for it…) Very Large Telescope?
    Such “on the nose” nomenclature my be quite appropriate given that the phenomena they seek is simply called a… Black Hole! LOL! :- )

  75. Sean Chavez

    I practically breathed the fussion reactor to some teens, and they got greedy,

  76. GalacticPugtato

    I don’t have a high enough level of intelligence for this. All I can tell is theory of relativity can explain anything

  77. sugarfrosted

    Finally Penrose actually suffers from Nobel Disease rather than just being an excellent scientist with some crank ideas.

  78. Ron Maimon

    Penrose proved it collapses, he didn’t prove it collapses to a point, because this is false. In realistic asymmetric black holes the central singularity is timelike, and only light rays hit it. This is also all that Penrose proved (so he didn’t prove more than what is true).

  79. FunkyGoodVibes

    If you want more in-depth info about Black Holes and how they work. I suggest watching PBS Spacetime and their playlist on Black Holes.

  80. Daniel Rossy

    So wait, let me get this straight. Had we never truly “discovered” black holes until this year? How come I have known about them since my teenage years? (I’m 33 by the way).

  81. Joy L

    I still can’t believe the density is infinite.
    There has to be something we’re missing or not comprehending.

  82. bruinflight

    Huh. I never heard of these so-called ‘black holes.’ How quaint!

  83. 4one14

    Penrose is getting along of attention right now (tons of his old vids & lectures are coming up again here + articles online) but not as much for the Sag* discovery, particularly Andrea Ghez as a rare female winner. I’ve always loved her presentations and was always pleased to see her contributing to various science documentaries as a science communicator on top of her great research work. So very glad she is getting this type of recognition for her work leading to all the incredible discoveries and new science that has come from our quest to understand black holes!

  84. New Message

    That ‘Et Al’ guy sure writes a lot of papers.

  85. Vitor Bruno de Oliveira B

    Thank you again SciShow for making this discoveries understandable for us, mere mortals.

  86. Zepic

    Need to do a physics PAG on black holes and this comes just in time

  87. José Ximeno

    I thought black holes were discovered when Darkseid fell into the multiverse dragging all reality with self.

  88. huluminus

    I knew that Roger Penrose will win eventually when Kip Thorne won years ago.

  89. finnigan16

    “The massive role they play in our universe”
    I see what you did there.

  90. vvMathematicalvv

    The term “black hole” wasn’t even around during the original Star Trek series but they used it in one of the most well known episodes, , and referred to it as a “Black Star of High Gravitational Attraction.”

  91. Grand unified celery

    As with most science, it took many great minds across generations of researchers to get to this point!

  92. Celeste Tunstall

    Every time I think about black holes, I get sad that Stephen Hawking passed away right before the first pictures of them came out :(

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