How to (Maybe) Find Your Own Little Amazing Meteorite

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Most of the meteorites that land on this planet are pretty tiny. And enough of them fall to Earth each day that, theoretically, you could find micrometeorite yourself.

  1. Nulapon love

    So… a sand.

  2. nunyobiznez

    If micrometeorites are so common, then why don’t people ever get hit by them? I realize the probability would be very low, but it should still happen to someone, at some point, somewhere.

  3. DW

    OK, who would press the Thumbs Down button???? Why?

  4. Saturday Video Guild Productions

    As a kid i used to pick up meteorites all over the shale pit near our house and would sell them for like 5 bucks. Turns out they were were iron slag waste from when a train car crashed near us like 60 years ago. Little round lumps the size of marbles. Good thing they wernt actually worth anything considering i probably found a few hundred of them.

  5. Juan Ramirez

    This is just SciShow trying to convince is to clean our roof gutters

  6. SciFyerGaming

    You can get a small basic piece of iron meteorite for the same price as the neodynium magnets you need to find micrometeorites, and even if you find micrometeorites, again they can be other things and you cant hold them. Visible meteorites are actually much cooler and you can hold them.

  7. George Deng

    What happens if one hits a person?

  8. najaB76

    If you live near the coast then you can use the method that McGill university scientists did in the 60s, 70s and 80s in a research project in Barbados. They set up sheets covered in petroleum jelly to capture the prevailing wind. Since there was nothing but ocean for thousands of km, a significant proportion of the dust that stuck on the sheets was micro-meteoritres. Though, it did turn out that another significant component was Sahara dust, which was an important discovery in itself since before that it wasn’t fully understood how the Sahara fertilises the New World.

  9. Bvse.g

    A meteorite broke my four wheeler

  10. Tomatoffel

    Use a magnet on the sand at a beach. You will find a lot!

  11. StarCrusher

    Is this some kind of ploy to get me to clean my rain gutters??

  12. AnimeHair

    I knew a girl who found a meteorite the size of a softball, In her front yard. She told me she found it out there one day, never recognized the rock itself, but felt as if it just dropped outta the sky into her yard. It was indeed a space rock. It almost looked like a chunk of road or asphalt, but it didn’t smell like tar. It smelled like Sulphur and burning metal. It had pits and holes on one side and like a bumpy melted surface on the other. The spot where it was picked up had some little pieces of itself scattered a couple inches around, and the grass looked like it had been chewed on or somebody maybe stamped into the same spot a dozen times. She’s had that rock for like 4 years now, displaying it on a shelf and telling the story.

  13. BackYard Science 2000

    I have not found any, as I have not looked. But I will start looking tomorrow and eventually I will post a video in what I find along with pictures of what I find under a microscope.

  14. Will Denyer

    Was our planet not formed by what could be called meteorites over billions of years? In essence, every rock use to be a meteor or meteorite.

  15. frzferdinand72

    Even crazier space dust

  16. Bestowic Primer

    Drag magnet where building rainwater runoff and downspouts

  17. chris simmons

    Good way to motivate people to clean out there gutters haha

  18. Paul Vazquez

    I am a micro meteorite.

  19. Tofu Said

    Man, I really want space material

  20. Mayur Degda

    Are u relative of Johny sinns?

  21. Osmosis Jones

    Micro Meteorites. And the Speed of the Martian wind and even just Sun shine. If all sea and river beds gullies and Sediments on Mars were billions of years old would they still be around. Is possible that Radiation more likely messed up the Chemistry of rocks being dated. We got In Acrurate dates from volcanic rocks hear on Earth. Nuclear test make carbon dating unreliable today

  22. Existenceisillusion

    Insert Futurama joke here

  23. First Name Last Name

    If any of these micrometeorites hit you as it fell from space would you even notice and if not would you notice it if you were completely naked including no underwear?

  24. Phil Morton

    Not interested!

  25. Guy Mayer

    Yo, what about a magnet?

  26. Unluckyness

    There’s a meteorite observation system outside of Oslo that calculate the orbit and crash sites of pretty much all (visible) meteorites flying over the southern half of Norway. I’ve been to a lot of these approximately crash sites and I’ve found 4 meteorites so far!

  27. Joshie Doom

    Explains all the crap in my gutters. Probably thrown away 1000000s of them.

  28. Spade Kersey

    Interacted with a comment.

  29. Matthew Sermons

    yeah, I saw that article and tried it myself…. the roof shingles were coated with a grit that seemed to all be magnetic…. so yeah, it all stuck to the magnet… which sucks because I have a usb digi microscope i wanted to use

  30. Kjetil

    Wait. WHAT? They found them HERE?

  31. Aaron Bingaman

    What kind of microscope should I get for observation of cells and bacteria?

  32. Ross Busher

    I found them in low spots in street gutters after a rain storm washed off the street.

  33. Baron von Quiply

    When I was a kid, my dad gave me a meteorite that he had found at work. I marveled over the fact that this rock had been to places I’d never be, out in the vastness of space.
    Then a few days later he told me he thought he was mistaken and it was debris from welding. I don’t have it anymore so I can’ say for sure, but I do remember it having the melted exterior of a meteorite (memory can be faulty though).

  34. Make Racists Afraid Again

    I have a great book (except every picture has an annoying ring flash) I cannot remember the name of. I have strong magnets in all my friends downspouts. The meteorites are very cool.
    Put a new cookie sheet under fireworks… Beautiful colored glass and metallic spheres.

  35. Super Loops

    i have a little piece of meteorite its a campo cielo from south america and its really nice but I would love to go to a desert or salt flats or w/e and find one that would be amazing

  36. John Hereg

    is his mustache wider on the left side than on the right?

  37. Anarchy Antz

    We are all made out of gutter goop!

  38. youtube joseph wm

    I discovered large meteor rights regular size but I touched it with my bare hands to be honest that was before I knew I shouldn’t

  39. maxcap60

    how often does the average person get hit by one of these falling from space? I wonder if people get hit and just scratch it like a bug bite or something.

  40. mawama takama

    About 20 years ago, I was playing with a metal detector. I found a weird hard object that looks like a piece of rock with some kind of “fingerprints”. I decided to keep it with the junk (nails, dimes and other metallic objects) that I found. 10 years later I figured that it could be a meteorite. I went to the sheed looking for my metal detecting treasures but I can’t find it anymore.

  41. FireSnake

    ash from foundries, well seeing as one village over a giant steel fabricator is located i’ll take that as a no :D

  42. Pedro Marcelino

    I wonder if we may end up breathing those things.

  43. Russian Bot

    I think I got some in my buds

  44. Cincin 07

    I found a very porous iron Rock it’s stuck to my magnet and after cleaning the debris off I still can’t tell myself if it’s some meteorite or just a piece of natural iron from the ground very small

  45. Alexi Xeno

    Is roof goop the official scientific term?

  46. SoberRS

    im in southern California ive seen falling metiorites going down towards the earth not across like a shooting star but havent ever been close enough to drive to it or find it

  47. Hawk Horus

    One landed right in front of me I tried catching it in my hat. I couldn’t find it after that. It was literally within arms reach.

  48. Gary Whites

    Have you ever seen the videos about the Enterprise and UFO

  49. zakiducky

    _Project Stardust?_ Might wanna take a closer look at that scientist too. Lol

  50. Lorax Dave Walters

    Aww, you guys saw the Verge Science episode too?

  51. ArviNoyou

    Ok so Reed’s full thick beard needs to remain a thing forever.

  52. Master Mind

    this guy sounds like Neil deGrasse Tyson

  53. ME10920

    I need a ladder

  54. Chris From SouthAus

    The urban micrometeorite guys name is Jon Larsen. He recently published a coffeetable book under the same Project Stardust name, full of beautiful microphotographs, as well as a guide on collection.

  55. zack

    aaaawwwee little baby meteorite 👶 🍼😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. Brenden Andringa

    Anyone recommend an affordable hobby microscope that will work for this and also work for finding Tardigrades?

  57. zack

    love the vids sci show space!!!!!☺️☺️☺️😍😍😍

  58. BankerDave

    I’m going up there right now!

  59. Militant Pacifist

    One of the best ways is to get a magnet on a stick and go to the beach to look for them.

  60. Myron V

    I have rain barrels that always have lots of stuff from the roof. I’m so going to check it out in the summer. Thx for that. I’ll let you know.

  61. Frank Pitts

    I found some on a frozen lake once.

  62. Greg Davila

    Good talk, but his S’s and P’s were super hard on my ears and I had to turn it down and point my speaker away from me. Just to let you know.

  63. Skylark Murphy

    I once set up a white bedsheet during the summer and collected an asortment of micrometeorites (and also some sand I removed)

  64. Almond Trees

    be humble because you’re made of earth dust, be noble because you’re made of stardust.

  65. FIRE STORM 3692


    Just kidding BUT
    80% of earth its water so that’s a 20% chance it falls on land, so if you find it.

  66. Leanandre

    Cats can have a little meteor, as a treat

  67. Justin Ra

    I love you, Space-man. You always bring news of things I enjoy. Keep it up, love the channel. Teach us anything and everything you can.

  68. Michael500ca

    I have a piece of the Brahin meteorite. A piece of the universe like me.

  69. Joy L

    is “teeny” becoming the replacement for “tiny” now?
    Both of today’s new video’s are using it.. It sounds weird.

  70. Daniel Bray

    4:40 Micrometerorite

  71. Andrew Wilson

    “Project Stardust”? Okay Jo Jo

  72. DrB1900

    Darn it, I just got rid of my electron microscope. I knew I would need it as soon as I did.

  73. Bestowic Primer

    Found plenty already hey nice dark unicorn poo mentioned haha

  74. Phil Green

    We are stardust
    We are golden
    And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden!
    And now my Sally’s dead
    Space junk
    She was hit by
    Space junk

  75. P DaPhuuLz

    if they’re smaller than that we’ve probably already inhale some.

  76. Leo5191 WR

    I bought a small iron meteorite for like 20$

  77. Eric Sowder

    I got a meteor slice from the meteor some relative found in there farm in Canada was like 20 pounds or so before It was cut up

  78. Vennom Scandi

    oh just play sburb and remember to throw something nice in the flashing light orb, youll get meteorites in no time at all.

  79. Sentinel Vortex

    Cool, now I can make my space sword

  80. tinkmarshino

    I have a nice meteor here on my desk right now.. also when I was a lad in the late 50’s we used to use the magnet out of phones to collect the iron in the soil in colorado because a teacher told us they might be small meteors.. that was the 2nd grade.. I do not know what happened to my collection from back then.. But wish I still had it today.. This was a good one guys.. I am gonna go collect iron like I did then as soon as spring arrives and the mud turns back to dirt.. Carry on..

  81. Jose Gallegos

    I’m made of micrometeorites.

  82. Stoffers

    Gutters get cleaned fairly regularly.
    I mean relatively.

  83. Michele Cunningham

    You’re facial hair game is so on point, it has me contemplating climbing on my roof to look for tiny, metallic spheres.

  84. ipissed

    When you get that desperate to find a rock you need to check yourself in. ❄️

  85. maxcap60

    “in search of stardust – Amazing Micrometeorites and Their Terrestrial Imposters” by Jon Larson is a good book to have alongside when you go hunting. Great information and photos in the book.

  86. PocketBoop

    Charlie Brown grew up to be so handsome!

  87. Christopher Noel

    I can imagine “Beaver” Cleaver looking for meteorites, and getting into trouble in the process.

  88. Defrance Baptiste

    legend : Even in jail, he continued filming scishow space ^^

  89. Valorn

    My new business model: Sell gutter cleaning service to neighbors, keep goop and sift for micrometeorites, sell micrometeorites.

  90. Game Gurl

    I often discuss astronomy with one of my lecturers. He’s an avid amateur astronomer, and once bought a piece of a mars meteorite found in Morocco. It’s only the size of a pebble, but it’s worth 800 dollars. I’ve had the opportunity to hold it in my hands, and it felt so weird, holding a piece of a world millions of kilometers away that we haven’t yet seen with our own eyes. You could see with which side it entered the atmosphere and you could see the slight hint of red inside as well. Really interesting and special!

  91. Todd Ross

    In the 1980’s when we passed through Hallies(sp) Comet field, i sat out a large bole of water and the next morning ran a magnet through it and was able to pick up the pieces. Very cool!

  92. Fishby

    honestly amazed by the fact that this is what Jon Larsen
    does outside music

  93. Funky Sagan Cat

    I’ve seen very small meteor pieces being sold for very high prices in a rock fair promoted by the university’s geology institute

  94. Limi V

    Mom: Clean your shelf, it’s dirty
    Me: That’s my micrometeorite collection!

  95. Phoenix Uprising

    I have all the tools needed to do this project except motivation. Curse you, will power.

  96. Ashe Darkfire

    “Project Stardust”? Ok, we’re building the Deathstar!!

  97. Sertan Kaçar

    One of my relatives found a 3 or 4 kgs meteorite. That is quite heavy and big. It has a very dark color and scars due to melting. I love petting it

  98. SomeBigFatGuy

    I’m holding out for a macrometeorite.
    I got my wheelbarrow ready! 😂

  99. Chris2008

    We are all made of stardust. Or: I consist of gutter goo.

  100. Susse Kind

    I once found a meteorite in a stream bed when I was a kid. I suspected it might be a meteorite and living a few blocks from Bradley college, I decided to bring it in and have them give it a look see, and they confirmed my suspicions.
    About a year later I was cleaning up one of my neighbor’s yards for a few dollars, when I found another piece that looked almost exactly like it. I brought it home and put it against my other meteorite and my mind was blown as I saw that the 2 pieces fit together almost exactly. A few pieces were missing, but it was obvious that at one time they were together.

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