How to Find Dark Matter with a Billion Pendulums | SciShow News

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Are you there Dark Matter? It’s me, a billion pendulums.‘eyes’
  1. Vicent Beltran

    So that’s why our hischool experiments with pendulums did not work…

  2. Pedro Fortuna

    If you humans were capable of manipulating dark matter will it be possible to transform the dark matter in ordinary matter?

  3. Mike Felber

    Science girls are so cute. #GreatVideo

  4. sanjuansteve

    #WaveParticleDuality: When electrons orbit atomic nuclei, moons orbit planets, planets orbit stars and solar systems orbit galactic centers, and given that we know there’s 5 times more undetectable dark matter all around us than baryonic matter but we don’t know where it’s distributed, it seems the obvious (Occam’s) reason light behaves as a particle sometimes but also as a wave sometimes might be that every particle is in orbit with a dark matter particle pulling it into a polarizable axial or helical apparent wave as it travels.

  5. Intrepid Nick

    No wonder I couldn’t find any dark matter in No Man’s Sky…

    This video wasn’t released until now. :P

  6. P P

    0:07 – if nobody knows what “dark matter” is, you cannot say “it’s a kind of particle”…


    *SciShow Space* Love it !!

  8. Sutairn

    gravitational waves are a lot smaller then a proton, what? A gravitation wave could be as large as the visible universe, I think you meant the effect on a laser 2.5 miles long would be smaller then a proton. But a gravitational wave on it’s own is the fibric of spacetime and space is pretty big.

  9. Shannon Love

    Not sure I want blow several tens or hundreds of millions of dollars eliminating one out of dozens of hypothesis about dark matter.

    I think the money would be better spent on more detailed and precise astronomical observations.

  10. Chris Larson

    An issue I see with this is that since dark matter interacts with gravity, any dark matter near by would be attracted to, and collide with, any gravitationally significant body nearby (like the one we live on)

  11. Ivan Romanov

    What would happen if a space ship became attracted to the gravity of a dark matter area? Would it get pulled in? Into what? Would it be a danger to space flight?

  12. Whippet Good

    Someone needs to find the physicists who decided it was okay to bully that poor particle and give them a hug 🤣 calling my boy a wimp!

  13. Will Smith

    Ugh I can’t stand this woman’s blood curdling voice. Makes me hurt. Cool topic though.

  14. Lyndsay Brown

    One more pendulum and you summon a demon.

  15. Osmosis Jones

    If we figure out what dark energy is could that enable faster then light travel.
    . and what you could only travel as far back in time as far back as time is already moving. And at a distance

  16. di nf

    good luck with that.. well, i suppose its a step up from carved animal bones at least

  17. Frankie Vos

    i like to compare matter to popcorn, in the early universe everything was just kernels, then the big bang happened and popcorn came into existence, but the conditions to make the popcorn only existed for so long, too short to pop all the kernels. the ones that popped became matter, the unlucky rest became dark matter. an unlucky soup of quarks, protons and neutrons that never made it to become a full proud popped atom.

  18. Lord Odysseus

    The person who came up with WIMPS was either a linguistic genius or an angry Chad.

  19. Robert Colin Shepherd

    Great video. Just can’t understand why you used the word ‘pendulums’ on the title when motion sensors would be utilized. Electronics with fluidic mediums.

  20. Red Dragon

    *I love you and love your hair.*
    *Love you too sci show space.*
    Keep up the excellent everything.
    You are all making the collective consciousness of our universe smarter, video by video.

  21. King Peter

    Dark matter, the PseudoScience of Physics

  22. Michael Meyers

    It’ll turn out dark matter is just the magic energy Harry Potter uses. We muggles cannot detect that energy scientifically.

  23. Chad

    There isn’t any. Stop wasting our money.

  24. BLW BebopKid

    I love how scientists keep trying to find a way to interact with something that by definition doesn’t interact with anything else.

  25. Tilak Thapa

    i can help finding dark matter ! because i am playing roles of a great pendulum right now ! 🤭😅

  26. etatwell1229

    If we were in a simulation the dark matter would just be the edges of the map lmao

  27. robotempire

    dank matter

  28. Hunter Haubrich


  29. James Schriever

    Why not just use LIGO itself to see if there are varying densities of dark matter effecting spacetime as it travels through the earth? Also wouldn’t the Earth itself slightly contract and expand too over time? This also should produce an overall heating effect on the earth.

  30. Roger Froud

    Can I ask a really stupid question… why does Dark Matter have to be a ‘Particle’? Can’t something else exist other than by way of ‘Particles’.

  31. Duran

    Light BLINDS us 🤏
    To reveal the secrets of the universe we must join the dark side 🤟🦾🤟

  32. Frank Page

    Said it before. I’ll say it again. Dark matter does not exist. Same goes for dark energy. Prove me wrong. I’ll bet you can’t.

  33. Shall NotWither

    Finally, a way to reach out and touch in the invisible hand!

  34. Franklin Allen

    There is also the possibility that dark matter doesn’t exist.

  35. patrick boyle

    Try looking out where planet 9 is believed to be located. I’d bet that’s what is out there.

  36. Илья Найдов

    Why do we think dark matter particles are supermassive???

  37. Yathish s

    But, dark matter don’t interact with electromagnetic waves.. end of story, they can’t interact with any pendulum sensor of any material made of electrons…
    Remember all physical interactions are between the electron clouds of matter.

  38. phonzy

    Gravity isn’t a force…. Why oh why do you guys repeatedly do this?
    I truly love this channel but you have a terrible habit of pendering to common knowledge even when this knowledge has been refutted or outdated.
    This isn’t right sci show…

  39. handsome kreep

    Dark matter cant be detected because its not made out of particles… particles are only the building blocks of this universe, gravity and electricity are the glue that keeps them together. “Dark matter” is like the will or soul of the universe and our primitive instruments are far from even telling us how it works

  40. Mountain Whale

    Nice sweater.

  41. Zoyx

    Gravity isn’t a force.

  42. Organon

    So they’re trying to find a disturbance in the force?

  43. Viryl Lucas

    In 1 cubic meter we need 1billion sensors?
    1billion = s^3 (volume of a cube)
    Cube root of 1 billion = ~465 (per cube edge length)

    The sensors could be 2mm in size and still have space for wiring and stuff

    Phone accelerometers are <1mm^3

    *Yes I see how it is possible*

  44. María Martínez


  45. Macs Life

    Play it at half speed. Trust me is worth it. ; )

  46. Cady Kyst The-Artist

    Electric Universe theory explains this without needing the invention of dark matter. Any science that accepts ONLY a traditional explanation, even with other just as strong evidence that contradicts it, and is persecutive of others who disagree, is not really a science, but a type of religion.Science is supposed to be open to new ideas. It is not. So this video might be taken as entertainment. I still enjoy it.

  47. Le Quasar

    Darkmatter is soul of the other world

  48. Q T

    did u tell about what happenedto the Sun ? did u tell bout new stars and planets IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM found with OCLE and Oracle program ??,

  49. Christopher McKenna

    Watch dark matter and dark energy not be real lol

  50. Bernulf Cornelius Tebbe

    The dark matter problem is solved…

    It is only the result of the time dilation of Albert Einstein…!
    From the center of a galaxy with a supermassive black hole in it, the time goes faster if you move away from the center. Gravitation is decreasing and time is rising… so suns away from the center move in „faster moving“ time. So the suns still move normal – like Kepler describes, but we use the light of these suns to calculate their speed. And here is the mistake that is made by the experts…!
    Because the suns move in „faster moving“ time, their processes inside of them move faster – so if you get away from the center of the galaxy, the frequence of the sun rises….! We know this effekt – GPS satellites move also like Kepler says but their atom-watches inside move faster then the watches on earth. So the time must be corrected all the time…
    So the production of light moves faster and faster the more you get away from the center and the black hole in it…!
    So if we calculate the speed of the suns by using the „redshift“ (German: Dopplerverschiebung oder Rotverschiebung) than you think that the speed stays the same but only the frequences of the suns grow up…but the speed of the suns goes down like Kepler says…!
    The growing frequences let us think, that the speed is much to high…
    And this is the reason why we did the mistake to think we need more mass to hold the suns in the orbit of a galaxy.
    We need no dark matter – it is just a big time delation, which is a new proof that Einstein was right.

    Nice greatings from Germany

    Bernulf Cornelius Tebbe

  51. Robert Garvey

    Neil deGrasse Tyson once said he preferred the term “Dark Gravity” to “Dark Matter” because the latter presumes we know what is causing the gravitational effects, which is all we have actually observed. I think he makes a good point. I am not suggesting we stop looking for a particle, because we may find one eventually. But … cosmology is in crisis (Hubble constant measurement inconsistencies being one big example of that). I think it unwise to presume we know more than we actually know. It may be possible to derive models which explain Dark Gravity without a particle as such. Maybe spacetime is more irregular in the absence of matter and energy than we assume … I’m reaching blindly. It just feels like we’re missing some fundamental pieces to the puzzle.

  52. Energy Falcon

    I have always been a lil skeptical of dark matter. It kinda feels scientists and researchers are going down the path of the Troll Hunters or Paranormal Ghost Finding folk. Dont get me wrong, I think it merits research but if we find out its just aliens punking us I won’t be shocked 🤣

  53. Silvio Francisco

    Oh!! Couldn’t you speak a little bit slowly?

  54. Simon Sozzi

    Just set up a Billion Pendulums in a room and….wait.

  55. Dennis Haupt

    shouldn’t we be seeing effects of dark matter on the orbits of our planets? shouldn’t the sun be 5 times as heavy as it is?

  56. ekstrajohn

    Coolest video of the year!

  57. Z Z

    I <3 Caitlin

  58. R. Rod.

    Wasn’t dark matter found, axioms

  59. Larry Pete

    Is there also a Strongly-Interacting Massive Particle?

  60. space birb

    Finally I have a use for my one billion pendulums

  61. Q T

    wtf dark matter doesnt exist WUM model , yes its a hypersphere ,,, we knew since carrington event , btw u sound quit hectic

  62. Infected_Chris

    I don’t expect this to work either.

  63. Prescriptive Reasoning

    Does the Coriolis Force affect pendula?

    The correct answer: Yes.
    Oh, and “dark matter” is just unobserved particles integrating and disintegrating.
    Read MY eBook, “Irreducible Space to the Infinite Expanse”.

  64. TR33H3RD3R

    Gravity is not a force it’s the curvature of space and time

  65. New Message

    It checks out.. the wimps in high school were pretty good at avoiding detection too.

    Have we checked the Universe’s AV room? That’s where we eventually found ours.

  66. steve honeybadger

    How can a particle be that massive

  67. Jack Wilkins

    Honest question, why are we so sure Dark matter is indeed a classical “particle” that can be detected?
    As opposed to a miscalculation in our modern understanding of gravity, or the interaction of (quantum) fields that we do not fully understand yet?

  68. Emm Kay

    4:13 I’m not saying that I think dark matter is not real, but if I was running a show called duck Hunter or something, and in a hundred years or whatever I never once showed you a picture of a duck or a duck feather or anything I might get a little bit suspicious… How is it it’s so hard to find? This is one of those great puzzles…

  69. Martin Stringer

    we’re having issues detecting dark mater and dark energy because it’s 5th dimensional material.

  70. Scribe13

    That sounds really exciting

  71. Alacorn

    Since Dark Matter is undetectable, it could propagate as a wave function without a collapse – making it undetectable on a small scale, but still be visible in a large formations in the space.

  72. Deacon The Beacon

    I found my soul-particle. The Wimp

  73. Neal Hoffman

    I love the impact of pendulums in physics…

  74. JubilantJerry

    Must be hard to make a billion LIGO’s.

    What is the theory that claims dark matter comes in salt grain sized clusters anyway?

  75. Matilda Taube

    Its like looking for ghosts :D

  76. ScionStorm

    No joke, I thought this was a Yu-Gi-Oh video when I saw the title.

  77. trumpetpunk42

    Simple enough: 2 parts plutonic quarks, 1 part cesium, …

  78. hellcat1988

    Dark matter not interacting with any form of the em spectrum could imply that there are more than the 4 fundamental forces we know about.

  79. Yiglic Persfactious

    But doesn’t quantum mechanics prove that there are no “particles” at all, just standing waves in fields?

  80. Micha El

    Do we even know for sure that dark matter consists of particles of any kind?

  81. Allen Russell

    Dark matter: the Sasquatch of astrophysics.

  82. Frank Pitts

    I love this girl. She’s always so happy :)

  83. Sujit Sadhnani

    Someone just build this already, it’s soo within grasp

  84. R WM

    Dont care what anybody says, Einstein has yet to be proven wrong about anything. Gravity is not a force.

  85. BnORailFan

    I just read an article the other day of another dark matter experiment almost a mile underground in a mine where they are using liquid xenon. The project is called LUX-ZEPLIN:

  86. CaliforniaMISC

    Wimps, sterile neutrinos and axions

  87. Cracked Emerald

    these sensors sound like they could be Mers to fit inside a block. maybe not, i’m not sure how much space you’re left with

  88. Skunk Ape

    Um, that’s not a pendulum in the thumbnail, that’s a plumbob.

  89. Jinx La'rue

    Love her enthusiasm!

  90. Thomas Coolidge

    This relies on dark matter being as massive as grains of salt… yeah that’s pretty massive and I think if they were that big we probably already would have detected their influence in LIGO/VIRGO… the gravities distortion of a grain of salt should be much stronger than waves from billions of light years away. Interesting thought experiment but for dark matter to be that big would be insane I think… I do favor using space based LIGO like observatories to try and narrow down dark matter though.

  91. N S

    I absolutely LOVE how enthusiastic and excited Caitlin is whenever she hosts an episode of SciShow Space! Regardless of the topic, she is clearly enjoying sharing new discoveries and know,edge with us! THANK YOU CAITLIN! (and Thank You the whole production staff for making such interesting and compelling content — I always look forward to watching your vids!).

    I don’t know about Caitlin’s background, but I believe she would make an AMAZING science teacher (and she would impart her enthusiasm for science, and for generally cool stuff, to all the young minds that are just figuring out what they want to do with their lives). Hopefully a lot of those young minds watch this channel, and maybe even want to become scientists … I hope they get as much out of it as I do, and as Caitlin seems to!

    Thanks again SciShow & SciShow Soace Teams!

  92. EyesOfByes

    Pendulums and Dark Matter? Sounds like a BBC-show.

  93. Robbie Mensonides

    All the OCD scientists going insane because the pendulums aren’t moving in perfect synch.

  94. TimeAndChance

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Dark Matter
    Dark Matter who?
    [13.8 billion years later]
    Found…with a billion pendulums

  95. Jehmarxx Bañaga

    They’re trying to pendulum summon the dark matter.

    Totally unscientific comment, but I can’t help it.

  96. Rene Belmontez

    So does that mean our cellphones measure medichlorian, since they’re tiny force sensors? 😝

  97. SaiyanGohan

    Gonna start salting my eggs with dark matter

  98. आदित्य Aditya मेहेंदळे Me

    To be fair, what you describe are a billion seismic masses. “Pendulums” have an additional property that they have a natural frequency, and a Q-factor, enabling them to integrate (sum-up) energy-packets from stimuli that are periodic in nature. The WIMP detectors do not use the “natural frequency” property in any way, as the WIMPS do not arrive periodically.

    If the WIMPS were detectable in the manner described here, I am surprised that they have not already been observed as “spook” trains in cloud-chambers/scintillation-chambers.

    Speaking of which – a vapor-train in a cloud-chamber (recorded by an overhead camera) may be a good stand-in for an array of seismometers for looking for clues of WIMPS :)

  99. Christel Headington

    When you can’t find anything, there it is.

  100. Liam Becker

    Physicist: Let’s name this new particle DMP for “Dark Matter Particle” once we find it
    Dark Matter Particle: *doesn’t get observed*
    Physicist: OK WE’RE NAMING IT WIMP

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