How Slime Mold Is Tackling Mysteries of Cosmology | SciShow News

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We might be able to use slime molds to help predict the shape of matter in the universe, and the Rosetta mission may have figured out why many comets seem to be missing a bunch of nitrogen.

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  1. Young Han

    H.p.lovecraft was right?!?

  2. Azula-

    the web thing was so mindboggling. There has to be a mechanism that the slime mold and cosmic web somehow share and thats just soo strange to think about

  3. Blueis Notgreen

    hey maybe you should reassess your position on vaping? i know this isnt the same channel or subject but it surprised me how you all played right into drug panic on that one. dissapointing.

  4. Roland Deschain

    Mystery???? The Universe is ELECTRIC. Do you even Velikofsky? Bierkland wasn’t last week either. Mold indeed. You must be eating it.

  5. markovcd

    But we are the same thing tho

  6. Anton Goodchild

    We are all part of the same thing if that thing is the universe.

  7. OptimusWombat

    Mycelial Network.

  8. Kirill P.

    Mystery goo from KSP?

  9. Georg Anatoly

    It makes me wonder how such massive objects like galaxies got far enough away from each other to not fall back in on itself in the first place. I know space was thought to have been hot and diffuse and then recombination happened but even still, matter must have been a really diffuse for the mass of the universe to not collapse back in on itself.

  10. Michael Clark

    Very cool, but to me, it looks more like the neural connections in a brain.

  11. The Whyzard In Black

    This is very Earthseed

  12. daniel aguayo

    Do you even psilocybin. Brrrruuuuhhhh.

  13. Pat C

    Star Trek is Real

  14. Murray Lewis

    You need a brain to understand the laws of physics but, brain or not, you will always follow them!

  15. I-

    Well, you could say that slime mold movement is determined by the same laws of nature that affect the movements of galaxies or gas clusters, simply on a grander scale. Think of it like fractals in smaller and larger scales.

  16. Wretch Gunk

    As above so Below, fractals are fantastic

  17. Damien

    Cosmic Web? Do you want Inheritors? Because that’s how you get Inheritors.

  18. Chris Dale

    The universe is an organism.

  19. JJ Barajas

    Cruising through the universe on a highway made of mushrooms

  20. JackTradesman

    Didn’t Japanese use slime molds for figuring out railways on a map? Few years ago?

  21. Tyler Shrouder

    Lol. Some doctoral candidate ate some shrooms. Thought up a cool idea, sci show makes it seem like it’s the next big thing. Therefore, shrooms=next big thing ideas.

  22. Nelson Swanberg

    Do slime molds always have to grow on a surface?

  23. Louis MacLeod

    aww, cool! I Live for inert gas. great stuff

  24. Kris F

    I had a white slime mold develop in a fish tank a few years ago. It was weird and awesome!

  25. Matthew Taylor

    crossover with Journey to the Microcosmos?

  26. Kyles Isler

    This is why I love science.

  27. Phil Boswell

    Why does “67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko
    ” not have a snappier nickname by now?

  28. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if they if it is a brain. Or your brain wasn’t A computer but a network of computers and your neurons and other cells are computers. You keep talking a chemicals maybe protiens are the circuits

  29. Dennis Tucker

    I already knew that slime mold was smarter than my boss.

  30. Joshua Jarvis

    Slime mold absorbs astronomical data through cosmosis. :)

  31. Timo Kyyrö

    So the simulation we are in is using the same algorithm for the universe and the slime mold.

  32. David H Lopez

    🤯 That’s amazing for sure. Thank you!

  33. When you realize Bill the Butcher was the good guy

    Weird, both you and Anton Petrov released a slime mold video at the same time.

  34. Mohamed GADHI

    WOW and all this happened by pure chance, thank you science.

  35. R Dreher

    You pronounced Churyumov-Gerasimenko correctly ❤(^o^)/❤ I thought this day would never come! It’s so wonderful, I’ve been listening to you say it over and over and over, hahahaha.

  36. Mr Son

    The editing on this is WAY too bloody tight. Where’s the space between sentences? I can’t listen to this.

  37. Whistler Trainer

    Hank are you saying “brainless organism” like trump supporters may also be useful?

  38. The Rick

    Didn’t they use that slime to map London Underground

  39. HeyNowLookHere

    We’re after all fungi from startdust.

  40. Morbus Bahlsen

    I just watched a documentary on slime mold and it was really damn fascinating. Quite an interesting creature.

  41. Substance N

    Star Trek was right

  42. Raul M.

    3:10 moment ftw😌👍 We Are!!(*?)👀

  43. Dries du Preez

    Got this video as a recommendation, which I was happy for as it seems the yt algorithm is somewhat accurate. But at 0:03 I recalled why I never subscribed to this channel 😏

  44. Tumbled Dry

    Wonder if we can tap slime molds for a better way to run our world…..; Very cool connections!!!!!

  45. General Durandal

    Wait, scientists are just NOW, finding out hydrogen from comets helped create Earth’s air?
    Where else woulds it come from? Planets start as airless wastelands of rolling molten rock.
    The hydrogen already there would evaporate and leave the planet, which would freeze in space,
    turning into comets that eventually will crash into a cooled planet.

  46. Br3ttM

    Slime molds want efficiency without centralized organization. Gravity acts to concentrate without centralized organization. Connecting the two is seeing how two things on completely different scales are working on a fundamentally similar premise.

  47. Aaron Decker

    Could this also prove (suggest might be a better word) that an impact started the moon… or that an impact killed the lizards that dominated the world?>?

  48. Gary Lee

    A brainless organism I thought this was a political free site.

  49. colin Paterson

    Will whoever took the nitrogen please put it back and no further action will be taken.

  50. \Hugh M Janus//

    Don’t let Cletus near that slime mold!

  51. The Real Estate Whisperer

    I’m not sure if this has been pointed out before, but it just hit me what great science journalism this show has turned into. If I see an article in Popular Science or Smithsonian Magazine, chances are I heard the subject MONTHS before on SciShow. While other science journalists tend to sensationalize, SciShow always reports with rational temperance. Again, great journalism all around.

  52. T A

    Man, scientists must really be struggling for ideas

  53. Louis Anthes

    Simulation sounds like an experiment for the ISS

  54. New Message

    Ohhhh… I thought that ‘Slime Mold’ was just what they were calling Grad Students nowadays.

  55. Evan Fields

    Hey look, that old chinese food in the fridge spawned a new universe.

  56. Moonbeam

    “Trust the fungus”-Mario

  57. Questionable 42

    In similar systems, with forces of similar scales and numbers, the same patterns arise, especially if efficiency is required, as is often so with life. Those two systems are just similar for some reason

  58. First Cynic

    Oh ffs… “comets delivered water”, “comets delivered air”, “comets delivered life”…
    Do these people think NOTHING was on Earth? That it was just a complete void in space ?

    Everything that was needed was on the Earth.

  59. crahdol

    Ammonium salts, huh? So what you’re saying is, we should go there and set up salmiak-mines?

  60. Unknown XJ

    Nature hasn’t stopped amazing me…. Like how honey bees solved to “traveling salesman” problem in no time

  61. nie podam

    and I come to you straight from the channel
    “Anton Petrov”

  62. YCCCm7

    Slime molds: So primitive they represent the laws of the universe more than an individual identity.

  63. atlmyk

    The mycelial network is real bruh🤯

  64. New Mateo

    I guess you could apply the same thinking to Neurons pathways thorough the brain. Whatever efficient just works.

  65. Muchi Doopalot

    I knew space-slime-tentacle-monster-overlord existed all this time

  66. gEchochamber

    So Star Trek: Discovery was right? ^^

  67. ForestDew

    *Falls asleep*
    *Having the hand on the mouse*
    *Get a twitch in the finger*
    *Hears the music of the intro*
    -Whaaat happened? Ooh.

  68. Wilderbeast

    Everyone commenting about placement, being early and the like, get a life.

  69. Bri-Z Ari K

    Anyone else wonder if this is where they got the mycellial network idea for Star Trek: Discovery??! So cool. They even said on the show that there was practically no difference between biology and physics (or something similar). Wonder how predictive that was…

  70. Gary Mcleod

    In Philip K Dicks Clans of the Alphane Moon there is a sentient slime mould called Chief Running Clam.

  71. Yora

    “ten times less”
    “10 x” is a multiplication. “10 x less” is a nonsensical statement.

  72. NaoTa MF

    maybe: what food is to slime mold, dark matter is to matter.

  73. Alex Hutcheson

    I, for one, am willing to devote myself to my new slime mold overlord

  74. Big Lumpy Beetle

    3:11 *slime mold holy chanting stops*

  75. The Rogue Wolf

    I remember seeing a while back a picture comparing a simulation of the known universe to a picture of neurons from a mouse’s brain. They looked eerily similar.

  76. Caribbean Man

    Star Trek: Discovery, anyone?

  77. N Squared

    So somebody took Star Trek: Discovery to seriously

  78. Bryan Cardenas

    AI-people have been using slime mold models for ages now, nothing new

  79. TigerHawk709

    Humans: Why are all these comets missing so much nitrogen?


  80. Eduard Qualls

    In the slime mold introduction, I was certain there was going to be a mention of _The Journal of Irreproducible Results._

  81. Deady4u


  82. Michael Elbert

    Y’all were looking at slim mold with the Hubble telescope, bless your heart.

  83. Durand Miller

    Can’t wait for the mycelial network and spore drive

  84. Robert Pruitt

    Slime molds can remember and communicate with no brain?

    I think we’ve figured out anti-vaxxers.

  85. Osmosis Jones

    Isn’t logic a chemical reaction

  86. Time Warped

    SOoo, Our universe is in another beings moldy fridge?

  87. TheCiroth

    The last time I was this early, the Black Death was just appearing

  88. amazedsatsuma

    Love to all the Trekkies who connected the first story with Discovery’s mycelial network XD

  89. SirChocula

    Time to activate the Spore drive.

  90. DragoniteSpam

    Slime molds are probably my favorite organism from the “how on earth are they doing that” point of view.

  91. ZoidFile

    I swear if it turns out that fungi are the key to faster than light travel, I jump of the carousel!

  92. Aaron Decker

    This made being “dense” take on a whole new meaning for me… and for that… I thank you :)

  93. Bryan Vaughan Duke

    I’d like to see what it does in zero gravity….

  94. Dominique Laflamme

    And so slime mold was the secret to Life, the Universe and Everything all along.

  95. Ian Grams

    “So does that mean that slime molds and galaxies actually are connected and that we’re all just the same thing…No, not exactly.”

    I was in need of a good chuckle, thanks for that perfect delivery Hank 😁

  96. Christel Headington

    Woodstock era: “We are stardust.” Covid 19 era:”We are slime mold.”

  97. The Dog Botherer

    Who’s the flat earther who gives the thumbs down?

    Why you do dis?

  98. Peter Gray

    Next Week: Giant Tardigrades, the indestructible overlords of our universe.

  99. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    Mom: Yes dear?

    Daughter: Mom, are we inside a big slime mold thing?

    Mom: Don’t be silly my dear, we are ofcourse in a big mouse’s brain.

    Daughter: I knew it!

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