How Long Will the Voyager Spacecraft Last?

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For more than 40 years, the Voyager probes have traveled through space sending back all kinds of fascinating data. But these probes were never meant to send us data forever – so how much longer will these amazing probes last?


  1. Andre Souza

    How long can Voyager last?
    – Yes

  2. Steve B

    1977 to 2019 is 42 years.

  3. RockTheSix

    When is their oil change due? 🤔

  4. Clare Degroff

    We should be launching lots of interstellar craft with today’s technology. Let’s send onto to our nearest star. Sure none of us will be here to see the results. So what

  5. Snippy Cutwell

    Yeah, it’ll last long enough for some stupid Klingon to use it for target practice

  6. Docktor Jim

    His voice is so beautiful and soothing, l want him to read books to me.

  7. Randy Owens

    Welp, somebody’s never seen the documentary Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

  8. Titus Tucker

    I too remember when launched (Carl Sagan R.I.P). There’s something romantic about the fact they will still be traveling perhaps long after our planet has been consumed by our expanding Sun. BTW- you hybrids and electric vehicles, you’re not even close.

  9. Super Fan Trailers

    Salute to the Voyagers, we have learnt so much from them!

  10. The Ghost 62

    I hope they are captured by ET and they study them and find out where they came from ?

  11. Phyuck Yiu

    How ever they last if there is alien life out there I hope they find it and know they’re not alone

  12. Pup314

    “Not for very much longer.” – Rocky Horror Picture Show

  13. Frank Gutowski

    I was at MIT in the 70’s, where the Voyager’s mass spec, the size of a briefcase, was developed. A postdoc friend in Klaus Biemann’s mass spec lab showed it to me. They operated in the vacuum of space, thus enabling simplification.

  14. Quball Productions

    Anyone else think this guy sounds/looks like Dave Bautista’s brother?

  15. Enrico Sarmeinto

    Wait why am I emotional over these probes???

  16. Michael Horning

    The people who built and launched the Voyagers should get the Nobel Prize in physics.

  17. Nightweaver20xx

    Or sometime in the late 23rd century, a huge, green alien starship will encounter one and use it for target practice.

  18. Fred Heigl

    Don’t worry…Kirk will find it.😁
    “Veger has the information”…

  19. MegaStan316

    Can’t we just ask Scotty to fix them 😜

  20. OMG 420

    Imagine doing this today with our technology…. would be worth it!

  21. Ike Stewart

    Way too many technical mistakes, and half correct statements in this video, I had to give it a thumbs down, and was barely able to force myself to watch it to the end.

  22. Sonja Johnson

    All I can think of is the line from 2001. “I can feel my mind going.”
    Obviously these probes are not even as “aware” as Opportunity, but it’s still rather sad to think about them floating alone out there. And yet, it’s not like we can make them turn around and come home, or go out there to refuel them. If we could do THAT then, well, we wouldn’t need to bother.
    Maybe one day humans will also leave the heliopause, and maybe even find one of these noble old fellows. Wouldn’t that be a great thing for a museum piece?

  23. Jupiter Skies

    Well I’ll be damned, I always thought they ran off of solar power. :/

  24. Missy Wilson

    I thought RTGs only lasted 10 years.
    I used to love NASA but at this point nothing they say is even remotely believable. They give us cartoons and wild claims.

  25. David Petri

    50 years later. They return with a note attached to them reading; “Stop sending your crap into our solar system!”

  26. quest 77051

    i’ve seen this movie. it comes back mad as hell lol.

  27. crappo zappo

    In 1977,
    High atop a rocket ship
    A little spacecraft lifted off of the Earth
    And began a very, very long trip

  28. John Boulding

    Don’t forget they become the giant entity called “veeger “….

  29. Starfals

    Love the show and love the host :) Happy new year all btw :)

  30. austin1839

    So one, or both, reach aliens and when they detect the Uranium they believe humanity is trying to kill them and declare war against Earth.

  31. rrios283s73

    Its unbelievable that they are still transmitting information. The men and women that created them , thank you

  32. Bonus Baby

    The Voyager probes are what made me fall in love with space, science & all they entail. God speed, my friends. May you live long & prosper.

  33. Razian Amira

    I remember the documentary “Life After People”. One of the remains of humanity is the footprints on the Moon, which will remain for millions of years. This two Voyagers are the evidences that the documentary had missed.

  34. Niels Daemen

    2:03 That fuel economy must be taking into account all the fuel used at launch. It has nothing to do with the hydroyzene!
    If it used a liter of hydrozene every 13000 km it would run out in no time at all!

  35. Monteiro

    “To infinity and beyond!”

  36. Crypto Monkey

    Love the Voyager probes, they have been part of our lives for so long it will be a very sad day when they finally fall silent. They may be just machines, but somehow it almost feel that they are sentient beings that we have established an emotional bond with. Safe journey Voyager 1 & 2, thank you for everything you have given us, continue your paths, taking part of Earth and humanity into the universe.

  37. Brian B

    Theoretically, that manhole cover that got shot into space by an atomic explosion probably has travel farther and been in space longer than the Voyagers but there is no way to prove that.

  38. Jeff Naslund

    These were launched during my senior year of high school. I’m glad I got to see them to this point

  39. Goblin Bride

    Ummmm “Vger needs the information “ 😆

  40. ReddSouljah

    It just blows my mind thinking about how far these are out there right now… I can’t even….

  41. Michaell Stone


  42. Jan Tschierschky

    I remember when they launched, the vibe and excitement, the predictions. Can’t remember the predictions, think was 20 years, but now 40+ years and we still receiving the signals is amazing

  43. ynnivtaf

    They’re made in the USA. They could last another 40 years.

  44. Tina Corbett

    Following this in the 70s gave me my love of astronomy, and pushed me to pursue my Masters and then doctorate in that field.

  45. Bill Marden

    I wish they didn’t use kilometers and kilograms. Use mileage and weight

  46. SuicideBunny6

    Question though: Will there ever be a Voyager 3 to explore outside the solar system further?

  47. 7s29

    It’ll last as long as one’s imagination allows.

  48. Jeff McNally

    For some reason whenever I see a render of voyager the Star Trek: Voyager theme song plays in my head. 🛰

  49. Toucan SonofSam

    The dislikes are from the European space agency

  50. Leon thecat

    “Interstellar journey”…sounds pretty exciting, huh?
    At the speed they are going, and if they don’t hit anything, Voyager II will encounter it’s first star in 40,000 years.
    Don’t wait up…

  51. Ray Kehr

    We prolly have equipment here and now that gives better readings lol. Pretty cool how far they have traveled and how fast they move.

  52. ugluwuglu

    13000km/l? They have traveled 20 *billion*km (I believe) and they started with 104kg. Either their hydrazine has a very exotic density or these numbers don’t add up at all.

  53. MewtwoExMasterMusic

    We are just a pale blue dot in the black emptiness of space.

  54. Tim Steffen

    All right so these probes have been roaming space since 1979 and we still have not launched an upgraded version what the hell. The Cassini probe launched to Saturn is it seriously?

  55. Vejur9000

    These spacecraft are like holy relics. Iconic technology that could.

  56. Duran

    ✨ I wish I get to drift in peace between stars until I die ✨

  57. delancyj67

    It was pure genius in their design that has allowed them to last so long. Thank you NASA and JPL.

  58. Lenard Segnitz

    13,000 km/litre !? I think someone dropped a few zeros. The Voyagers have covered at least 13 BILLION km, such shabby mileage would have demanded 1 MILLION litres of hydrazine.

  59. elise balk

    It’s weird that they’ve entered interstellar space
    But ar still 3 centuries from entering our solar system’s oort cloud, and 30 centuries from exiting it

  60. Ex Member

    I don’t know about voyager, but I can last a solid 2 minutes…

  61. suzi perret

    Carl Sagan dreamed they would keep going long after he departed. It’s amazing to witness their flight into the unknown.

  62. Heinrick Gonneville

    3:16 more like:”like all of my exes, the stuff is unstable”

  63. Kid Mohair

    while the opportunity is here:
    in the hope, perhaps vain, that it will be
    I wish a happy new year
    to all who run across this

  64. Rosman

    The universe the playground of the imagination

  65. Anthony Ciccariello

    Thank you for the many years of valuable entertaining and educational content. See you next year

  66. Steve Wright

    The first Voyager end up in star trek it would be wild it become living collect all one there to answer it.its only fiction.

  67. Ojama Black

    Definitely got the most bang for the buck with the Voyagers.

  68. Rob T

    It kinda makes you feel like we are alone.

  69. Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

    “Attitude Control Propellant” sounds like something I needed when I was a middle school teacher.

  70. AgentXRifle

    Q: How Long Will the Voyager Spacecraft Last?
    A: Klingons

  71. AbidesDudeThe

    The engineering put into these is just completely amazing

  72. HeyItsMeDaisy

    Its still amazing that the voyagers are still around since ’77

  73. J G

    Imagine voyage came round and hit us on the back of the head, as we watched it dissapear

  74. Steve Wright

    Voyager end up in aliens hands what will they know where their from.

  75. Jessica P

    We only know as much as we do, because we are standing o the shoulders of giants- like Voyagers 1 and 2.

  76. Coltafanan Studios

    I like thinking about the fact that they still have momentum from their 70’s launch

  77. tracey adkins

    I remember staying up and watching when the Neptune fly-by happened, not realizing that there would not be any pictures yet. Lol

  78. Hite.

    Somewhere between a planck second and ’till the universe ends

  79. Vili Vilenius

    “Hosted by: Hank Green” Hank has a new haircut?

  80. aaron faucett

    What if they achieve sentience like in the first Star Trek movie?? 😂

  81. Chrissy B

    I’m probably going to cry when we lose contact with the Voyagers 1 and 2 lol

  82. KingsleyIII

    I like that Voyager “2” was launched before Voyager 1.

  83. Wyatt Brownell

    Aliens come back to a barren earth with no more humans
    “Hey, did someone drop this thing?!?”

  84. The Exoplanets Channel

    It would be funny and scary if an *alien civilization* finds it and returns it back.
    Btw Happy New Year to all!

  85. Brent Geery

    I watched them launch when I was six, and the Voyagers will always be my fav space probes.

  86. hoktauri

    Eventually we’ll get V’ger

  87. Qwerty and Azerty

    It’s amazing how emotional I can get about two hunks of metal that will be drifting alone through space for the rest of eternity…..

  88. Diamond Yoshi101

    “Starting in 2020”
    Oh crap…

  89. 정지호

    Hope it drifts in peace, and who knows? Maybe our descendants will run across them and remember how the entire space exploration started.

  90. Michael Chamberlain

    I was a sophomore in high school when these two spacecraft were launched now I’m 59 years old JUST WOW

  91. Citizen Se7en

    The fact that they’re still functioning and transmitting data we can receive still blows my mind. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.

  92. Penis

    Imagine the Voyager coming back to Earth one day with a note that says “please don’t litter space with your garbage technology”

  93. Admiral Crunch

    I remember when they were launched.
    10 billion miles
    Thats good mpg.

  94. Bob Young

    Voyager will fail completely, one week after the warrany expires.

  95. SteakJuice

    I would turn a camera back on near the end of the fuel so that we could get the last images of space outside of our current solar system.

  96. Frank Pitts

    I remember when they were launched and the comments made about how far they would go and the years they expected them to last. It’s amazing how fast those years went by.


    Imagine the day we create something fast enough to catch up to the Voyagers and bring them back home.

  98. alienxyt

    My Dad built a tape recorder that went up in one of the Voyagers when he worked at Lockheed when I was a kid. I’m going to send him this video. Proud of my Dad!!

  99. Ice Hole

    God speed Voyagers. You are the remnant of humanity when we are all long gone.

  100. Just Jake

    The fact that they’ve traveled 20+ billion miles combined and haven’t hit any kind of debris really says a lot about how empty space is.

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