How Long Will the Curiosity Rover Last?

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Curiosity’s 23-month-long mission is already approaching the 5-year-mark! How much longer can we hope it will last?

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Broken tread on Curiosity’s wheels (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS):
Curiosity self-portrait on Mars (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS):
Voyager 2:
Curiosity Self-Portrait at ‘Big Sky’ Drilling Site:
Mars Duststorm:
Windows BSOD:
Basaltic Rocks:

  1. zanshibumi

    “On the inside”

  2. Patrick Roelant

    i honestly didnt realize that opportunity was still operational, wow its like NASA knows what they are doing

  3. Dead Channels Collector

    Do you know what to called an immobilized rover? It’s over.

  4. Gigavolt

    Oh hey, Opportunity is the same age as me! :D

  5. A Potato

    Curiosity should go to meet Opportunity each birthday and celebrate together ;-;

  6. BlackEpyon

    Gotta hand it to the engineers at JPL. They’ve got quite a track record of their craft being able to last far longer than their mission. Either you get a lemon and they break right out of the box, or they far, FAR outlast their warranty.

  7. koimaxx

    I’d just reimaged my system after it was BSOD’ing like crazy, I actually flinched when I saw 2:59. Thanks SciShow.

  8. Corallia

    my excitement will be endless when the colonists of mars collect the rovers/build monuments around them to celebrate these machines

  9. Toad

    RIP Spirit.

  10. eustacia03

    I am not ok with the thought of Curiosity breaking down.

  11. KamatsuKyoto

    Reid’s head is especially shiny on this episode.

  12. wv9mm

    The rover Opportunity is such a big inspiration, I really wish you would do a video on it soon.

  13. Dennis Vance

    NASA didn’t go for the extended warranty. No charge for replacement parts, but they ding you for the repair technician just _showing up._

  14. JackTradesman

    so i take it the computer doesn’t have 3 processors to eliminate the possibility of parity error?

  15. From Scratch Aunty Bindy

    We can keep dust out of Curiosity – but we can’t keep the red dirt n dust out of homes in outback Australia? Sigh
    Great episode guys 😊

  16. Michael Richardson

    Oh my god, these things are SOOOOOOOOO cute! :3

  17. Slam Jamz

    hmmm sometime in February 2019.

  18. Mike Levi

    After learning it sang happy birthday its first year. I imagined it driving around collecting samples singing to itself with the voice of GLaDOS.

  19. iinRez

    We’re the Human species. We launch robots on rockets into outer space and land them onto other planets with math. No biggie.

  20. LexieAssassin

    Isn’t Spirit the rover that’s still (mostly) working but can’t move?

  21. photosinensis

    Well, Opportunity is still in the mission extension. A 92 day tour. And here we are, 13 years later, and it’s still doing science.

  22. Rusty Keys

    Reid Reimers is an excellent presenter. More Reid would be great!

  23. anh bui

    I am very cold and my wheels are heavily damaged. Humans come and save me please. -Curiosity 2025

  24. The Eh Team

    That RTG will last just as long as the robots in Fallout :)

  25. Nicholas Wilson

    Matt Damon should have solved these issues while he was there

  26. Cry Whit

    Wall-e was able to fix his own wheels…

  27. Aerinna

    It lasting so many years gave us the opportunity to satisfy our curiosity.

  28. charles pichler

    It might be a good time for a Opportunity update.

  29. stuknda80z

    me thinks the radiation they claim is not as bad as we are led to believe

  30. A_F_S_G

    Now the only friend of curiosity is oppurtunity and now its dead. Rip

  31. Sheldon Robertson

    a real life wall-e

  32. Jeff Wang

    RIP Spirit, the lost rover.

  33. sergio7D

    T H I C C G L A S S

  34. Helge Moulding

    Should have gone with steel belted! 😊

  35. *Thedeadlykitten6 *

    Curiosity needs a friend to sing with 🙂

  36. Chaitanya Singh

    Curiosity is a sole survivor a real Hero

  37. ronnie collum

    could the rover find the Russian craft that made a soft landing on mars in the 1970s ?

  38. Mary42877

    so happy that you list all your sources!

  39. shaik azas

    I really love these videos! plzz continue making these videos! it’s the best YouTube channel ever encounterd! and sir hank green u r fantabulous☺☺

  40. Giorno giovanna

    aint that ironic

  41. nagualdesign

    “The lenses are made of thick glass to keep the dust out.” **facepalm**

  42. Gigavolt

    It is a bit sad how it sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to itself.
    Not in the ‘Oh God’ way, in the crying way.

  43. Martin Kunev

    2:58 If curiosity was running Windows, it wouldn’t have lasted that long :)

  44. Will Dean

    No mention of Spirit? (tear)

  45. starkiller187

    Whatever happened to Spirit? Is that one dead? What about Pheonix?

  46. LarWingz

    send him a friend :(

  47. Aquatic Pears

    It’s strange how we personify these little rovers but I love the idea of that little thing moving around on it’s own for years, exploring.
    Go Curiosity!!

  48. tripzero

    the rtg likely keeps it warmer than otherwise so the -125C isn’t so harsh.

  49. obesepenguin 69

    RIP opportunity 💔


    One more year

  51. retroparkers


  52. Tushar Chowdhury

    Wow Happy 14th bday Oppurtunity (From when I commented)

  53. Ronald McDonald Trump

    it already lasted longer than my sex life,
    good for you curiosity

  54. olov244

    these rovers are so cool, I love that they just keep going, proving NASA knows what they’re doing

  55. David D. Allen

    The Chinese moon rover can make it to apppllo site for factual evidence. It surely has enough battery life. Newest technology.

  56. Pabu The Dumb Nerd

    What if opportunity and Curiosity encountered each other *_SOMEHOW_*

  57. klosterdev


  58. silver Harloe

    Curiosity must’ve assumed you wanted 2 Martian years.
    (yeah, yeah, I know, that’s only 3.764 years, not 4.5 or more)

  59. István Sipos

    OK, NASA. I’m here. just teach me some electronix and I gladly maintain these rovers. I catch a ride back with Musk and friends

  60. CapitanOdisseo

    Threehundredeightyfourth comment!!1!!1!
    Nice video, keep us updated on what happens in the Skies!

  61. Wells Harris

    Why not put a giant circle shape magnetic donut around each martian pole one with a positive charge and one with a negative charge

  62. The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+

    Didn’t Opportunity have a twin prove called Spirit?

  63. Kenneth Ferrer

    there’s the possibility that even if the robot conks out, it can still be fixed. just send Matt Damon to Mars

  64. Abdullah Rizvi

    Please do a similar Detailed Episode on Opportunity and Spirit Rovers

  65. Yogward

    RIP Mars Land Rover 😭😭

  66. hater De

    20°C? Woah!

  67. Ameen Elshaalia

    I’m from Libya and I’m glad you got to use that photo 3:30

  68. LMacNeill

    It always amazes me how wonderfully-engineered these space-probes are. They almost always outlive their “useful” life by many years, and we gain so much more knowledge as a result. Really amazing!

  69. Von Neely

    Eventually it will get stolen by Jawas.

  70. yomi001

    I love this guy’s voice.

  71. Tarun Ram Kanuri

    Opportunity’s mission on mars has ended today.

  72. Ali107

    May Curiosity live longer!

  73. Azivegu

    One reason that Opportunity is still going at it is because of Martian tornadoes. They help keep the solar panels clean.

  74. Red Shift

    This guy is the best presenter, he makes it so exiting

  75. Joan of Arc Alter

    Could the two rovers ever meet? it seems like something that could help diagnose damage…

  76. Abdel Albakri

    I too, was *curious* how the long the *curiosity* rover would last.

  77. Yoite

    I think everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for Curiosity. Long live our martian robot friend ❤️

  78. MetalPcAngel

    In a sad way, Curiosity will carry on Spirit’s will.

  79. Davido

    My CURIOSITY of this video is insane!

  80. Travis Dunningham

    Nasa rovers never die when they’re supposed to. xD

  81. Michael Collins


  82. Bobby Winters

    “Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids
    In fact it’s cold as hell
    And there’s no one there to raise them if you did”

  83. AluminumHaste

    the comments about Opportunity are not entirely correct. For example, NASA is no longer using the non-volatile storage on the rover since 2015:
    In December 2014, NASA reported that Opportunity was suffering from “amnesia” events in which the rover fails to write data, e.g. telemetry information, to non-volatile memory.
    The hardware failure is believed to be due to an age-related fault in
    one of the rover’s seven memory banks. As a result, NASA had aimed to
    force the rover’s software to ignore the failed memory bank,[14]
    however amnesia events continued to occur which eventually resulted in
    vehicle resets. In light of this, on Sol 4027 (May 23, 2015), the rover
    was configured to operate in RAM-only mode, completely avoiding the use
    of non-volatile memory for storage.[15]

  84. GG2K7AU05

    we’ll be there soon enough for repairs.

  85. GothBoyClique GBC

    My battery is low and it’s getting dark.

  86. ElectricPyroclast

    And our condolences to Spirit. Sorry you couldn’t make it, Spirit :/

  87. Pikapetey Animations

    i remember watching the rover land live

  88. zere

    “My battery is getting low and it’s getting dark”
    We miss you.

  89. Misses Witch

    These rovers are so cute. I see them them as cute little tortoises or something, Even more cute than that! It’s so sweet opportunity has lasted this long, It has a secret it hasn’t been telling us! <3

  90. P K

    I think a strange Kind of happyness for those two little rovers there. They are like little Wall-Es, but unfortunatly they will never find true love, before they die.

  91. George_The_Georgian

    Cant wait to see that sucker in a museum once we retrieve it.

  92. First Name Last Name

    Can the curiosity rover get taken back to earth and retire in the deserts of arizona?
    Or we could go to the volcanoes and mountains of hawaii. They got red sand that looks mars like. And probably at the same location where those people did a ‘mars’ mission for a year.

  93. leoselios778

    In the future when robots take over out planet, I wonder if they’ll look back on Curiosity as their interplanetary space daddy.

  94. s'wit

    Damn, 5 years!? Time moves so fast!

  95. Meghan Dawson

    Curiosity only sang happy birthday to itself its first year on mars.

  96. Benjamin Keslar

    Maybe we should just make the lifetime of all our mars rovers be “until highly damaged enough to be permanently disabled” because most of the recent mars rovers stayed operational way longer than planned.(fifth)

  97. John Daker

    just imagine. one day we will have colonized Mars and we will safe curiosity. it will be in the national history museum of fucking Mars. there will be replica-toys for children etc and everybody will remember it like today we remember things like “Sputnik”.

  98. Bobalob93

    Clearly, the Martians found the Opportunity Rover and have been doing maintenance on it.

  99. George_The_Georgian

    Curiosity: i love humans. they are my friends. One day they will come for me. i will survive until then.
    Curiosity: Cant wait for the humans
    Curiosity: Humans? :(

  100. BMBirdsong

    It pleases my inner 14 year old that there is a planet in our solar system which is entirely populated by alien robots.

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