How Doctors on Earth Stopped a Medical Emergency in Space

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There was a medical incident on the ISS which required NASA to treat an astronaut from Earth. And astronomers have discovered what might be some of the universe’s earliest stars.

  1. Infectedstyles_Chris

    There is no such thing as dark matter…

  2. Space Catboy

    James Irwin had a heart attack on the moon

  3. Junior Balls

    Redshift and Blueshift. Why isn’t there a slightly more extreme Purple Shift? ROYGBIV after all?? Anyone know?

  4. cyrilio

    That’s why a 3D printer for meds would be a utopia.

  5. Veronika, Questioning Things

    That sounds as a major emergency. Nice vid!

  6. Ian Fulton

    Colour has a U in in.

  7. Spade Kersey

    Love you guys and what you do! :)

  8. Osmosis Jones

    One way to safely accelerate Rocks ships. Is when already in motion. Accelerate some more. And push more then just then back but also along the sides . . And what we Vibrated the atoms with Electrical current in sertian Direction. Pushing the ships mass

  9. General Durandal

    I love space and all, but some of these studies seem to not really be very important.
    What we really need are as many scientists working on finding clean energy,
    and more/better ways to clean air pollution.

  10. Nicholas Heimann

    Responded to “Some sudden change in cosmic conditions”, “And God said let there be light”.

  11. Junior Balls

    Video makes me nervous! Most monitored individuals in order to get into space, then diagnosed by accident! What chance do the rest of us have!!!!

  12. MrEnjoivolcom1

    *HOW* was this not _seen_ nor captured prior to leaving Earth, during all the strenuous and incredibly thorough medical examinations?! Was the Chief Doctor _off_ that day or did the exam simply consist of the singular proposed question of “Do you feel well enough to travel into space, astronaut?” Lol. My gosh!

  13. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    People just don’t understand the gravity of the situation when there’s a medical emergency in space.

  14. Edi Fišer

    SPACE IS FAKE! … But it still costs Amarican people 60 MILLION … A DAY!!! … Maybe that is the reason … Google FLAT EARTH! … Peace! :D

  15. Stay Frosty

    The astronaut was a female named Stephan Moll and she was aboard the ISS.

  16. Synonymous

    Don’t stars tend to start dim and redder and get brighter and bluer as they age, not the other way around? I know that’s true of red dwarfs at least, but maybe the very large ones are different?

  17. Robert Pruitt

    While I’m actually surprised they even had a blood thinner onboard, why would they go to the trouble of having it, and not have enough to use for how far apart the resupply missions are without having to ration?
    “A little bit of everything” is not an intelligent strategy for most things.

  18. Jason Webb

    I don’t know if this every school but I do know they are still teaching this. My youngest son came home and told me that I was wrong about what color the SUN is. I said let me guess buddy. The text book and you teacher said the Sun is a mid sized yellow start? He said he and if I knew that it was a yellow star, why am i teaching them the sun is a white star? I said please ask your teacher to look it up on this device called a computer.

  19. Carn Soaks

    The CMB tells us the state of the cosmos was very uniform. So much so that any evolution would happen at very similar rates in many many many places. It seems quite reasonable to find stars & galaxies forming simultaneously all over the sky. To find a single standout would be the oddity, not the norm.

  20. Top Weeb

    I need healing.

  21. johnny chang

    Time for a Medical Emergency Hologram, The Doctor 👨‍⚕️ On the serious side, is there any provision for a sickbay module in the ISS?

  22. Matt Kelly

    I feel this has highlighted a serious Gap in our ability or capability in space, we train these astronaut’s to very fine point but once they are in orbit there alone no help is even objectively close, maybe a medical pod is needed to be able to do Basic things with maybe even small or “same day surgery”

  23. LanDi3000

    What a clot.

  24. struggler 87

    Who will be the first person to die on Mars?

  25. Pup314

    Why ot send up medicinal plant seeds/cuttings to grow in space and on Mars in habitats? After all that is how medicines began in the first place. From a Farm-acopia.

  26. Zex Maxwell

    Dude got lucky.

  27. Dustin V

    Writing a prescription for medication would be a truer title. But then no one would watch it, you say? Exactly. This is almost clickbait as i’m sure most people assume some type of surgery or something was done, by the title.

  28. Milky Wayan

    Could I have a bloodclot????? *faints*

  29. thekaxmax

    They just need a box of essential oils for a Mars trip, right?

  30. Akash Shaw

    Sir please explain the concept of scientist MR. ABHAAS MITRA about black holes…pls

  31. Steven Utter

    All I know is the first thing getting pilfered from the spacecrafts medical supplies after a crash landing is the morphine. Then somebody will get bored and use the adrenaline. Then they’ll regret that and see if there’s any morphine left. At least that’s what sci-fi has taught me.

  32. AFNacapella

    I see a market for small-payload-insane-dV-interplanetary-express-delivery-spaceships.

  33. Akiek Deshmukh

    Unfortunately bro what is wrong with you


    maybe they take blood thinners ?

  35. Andrew Jacobs


  36. Lorax Dave Walters

    *in the observable universe

  37. Android Kenobi

    RIP InControL :(

  38. DoctorX17

    I wonder if that clot ended up in the jugular because of the lack of gravity
    Also, it’s kinda crazy to think that those first stars that we’re just seeing now, and look so young, are long, long, LONG gone, probably replaced by generations of stars by now

  39. Roman Nardone

    As an ultrasound tech Im fascinated

  40. Gary Palmer

    You’re wrong on the age of the universe. New studies have shown the age of the universe may be up to 2 billion years younger. This was caused by different hubble and planck constant measurements. You need to correct this video or take it down t make sure you’re not giving out false information.
    Here are some articles on it.

  41. Vasile Sulica

    Smart thing would be to figure how to make medicines on demand, some kind of molecular asambing device that can make any type of farmaceutical substances from raw materials on a spaceship or stations.

  42. himssendol

    We need to develop emergency escape pods…

  43. Flynn Rider

    …like a centrifugal space station that spins at a constant speed simulating gravity.

  44. alex-michael Skott

    Sorry hank not a radio telescope, x-ray multi mirror telescope.

  45. Samu Kis

    Anticoagulants, not blood thinners. You’d think a science channel would get the terminology right. That said, good vid!

  46. Leo

    Not rlly that impressive

  47. Catania Lipuzic Panitz

    Schary but interesting future!

  48. Bond James

    why was this irrelevant

  49. MisterJackTheAttack

    “They found a clot by chance, and a guy took some pills”. This is one of the few times I was disappointed watching this. I was imagining Doctors shooting lasers from Earth to an astronaut who has his/her face pushed up against the glass or something ridiculous awesome like that.

  50. mjkp jjkl

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  51. Ryan BD

    @SciShow Space, does the ISS have any surgical equipment on board. Telemetric surgery has emerged in the past few years and I’m very surprised NASA does not leverage this

  52. Melias Clarkson

    Won’t we be able to work out when this was based on when the blood flow in microgravity study happened?

  53. H3NRYum

    The future of space travel should be to develop a plan for a large ship, made up of modules that can be sent into space, using newer rockets each time that then add to the power and efficiency of the main ship and bring fuel.
    Each ship adds storage and supplies, power generation and crew, entertainment

  54. Ray Miller

    Should be “if the James Web telescope ever launches”…..Nasa seems to delay it as often as Nancy Pelosi says “impeach”….. .

  55. Major Asshole

    Amazing, now try to get your lab results over the phone…

  56. T3MP0

    It’s like that House episode where they treat the scientist in Antarctica… without drilling through anyone’s skull

  57. Johnston Steiner

    Wasn’t the the plot of a house episode

  58. cosmo

    Why not educate a surgeon in the art of astronautics.

  59. Kevin Green

    Just got over a similar clot myself thank god for the blood thinner or I wouldn’t be writing this

  60. -

    • 0:39 – Deep-vein thrombosis is actually a rising health concern these days thanks to our ever-increasingly sedentary lifestyles, especially for office-workers and computer-workers.
    • 2:23 – The first star is Lawrence-Linder-1.
    • 5:05 – That felt like an awkward cut, like Hank was mid-sentence.

  61. The Exoplanets Channel

    Did anybody watch a Chris Hadfield advert before this video started?

  62. Alexandre St-Laurent

    If the patient die, could the doctor say he stopped the medical emergency? cause you know.. he stopped it.

  63. AmyX

    Elon Musk! We need quick emergency med pods!!!

  64. Stefan Veenstra

    Any Martian mission needs to be self-sustainable.
    How to grow food.
    How to harvest water.
    How to manufacture medicine.
    How to apply treatment on a totally different planet. (It’s ignorant to assume the reaction of medicine and the result of treatment is unaffected by difference in planet)
    How to manage livestock.
    How to mine resources.
    How to generate electricity.
    The very basics.
    And if we plan long term stay, as in multiple generations, we need a big enough en genetically diverse enough crew to avoid inbreeding or extinction of the colony.
    Speaking of basics, one would assume a doctor and general medical equipment should be standard part of any crew.

  65. hazy_thoughts

    Truck drivers are also a high risk group for these types of blood clots. My mom recently treated a trucker who had to pull his big rig in to the hospital.

  66. Goos

    Weird that I had not at all thought about healthcare in space up until now

  67. Terry Jackson

    “We’ve been going to space for ages and we’ve seen some stuff” – Hank
    “I’ve been on earth for 22 years and I’ve also seen some stuff” – Me

  68. Dominic H.

    Metuselah in the neighborhood: “Those are rookie numbers!”

  69. charmaine poynter

    the replicator, from Star Trek, could totally solve this problem, lol.

  70. tinkmarshino

    what about the red shift.. when stars are moving toward or away from us giving them the appearance of red or blue? How do they compensate for that in their observations?

  71. Disiam Theillusion

    Did NASA explain how rats were seen on iss live feed external cameras yet ? How about all the mosquitoes and flies that seem to be on alot of external window surfaces

  72. Thomas Chow

    we have rocket medicine, rocket surgery is just a matter of when

  73. SuicideBunny6

    4:30 “Dating by colour is pretty imprecise” So you say I shouldn’t date an Asian, African or Latina girl?

  74. Black Tim Howard

    Oh hell no I can’t watch videos about blood clots, my legs always feel funny after

  75. Edward Nygma

    Hey, I think I’ve seen this episode of House before.

  76. New Message

    Just one more reason to call those folks up there heroes.

  77. MyHerpes Itch

    Drs treated the astronaut from space!!!

    The ISS had blood thinner on board and used it.
    That’s it.

  78. Georg F

    1:03 So 2/3 of them live forever?

  79. Gustav Gnöttgen

    Please tell me that the connection was via internet.
    “Internet medical advice rescues life – IN FRICKING SPACE!”

  80. wieldwords

    And here I thought surviving 17 clots in both lungs (four simultaneously), both legs and my brain was impressive. I have this aggressive, incurable blood clotting disorder, rife with unpredictability and major complications — including clotting on every blood thinner I’ve ever been prescribed. And then NASA goes and saves this dude or dudette’s life from the same thing that’s nearly killed me a dozen times over, does it with ONE anticoagulant and IN FREAKING SPACE like it’s no big deal. Like Hank said, in 30% of cases, the first symptom of a DVT or PE is sudden death, so the response time literally means the difference between life and death. I don’t think one can overstate the amount of danger the astronaut was in, and NASA’s just, we got this, thank you, next. Absolutely amazing. Sorry you had to join the blood clot club, sir or madam, but you’re definitely one of our coolest members now.

  81. Anarchy Antz

    Ah again the hope on here for James Webb. Seems every year for the last 5 or more the comments are “when the James Webb is up”. 2020 and still no end in sight for its launch.

  82. Hafiz Aji Aziz

    It’s amazing how Hubble Space Telescope can still provides data for new discovery despite its age.

  83. Everything Science

    Kind of crazy how they probably have thousands of protocols for nearly every situation imaginable for the ISS

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