How Do You Get Rid of Bacteria in Space Stations

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When astronauts go into space, they’re not always going alone.

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  1. ChipinDip

    In space, no one can hear you clean

  2. Charles 7

    i hope spacex in particular considers this when sending cargo, crew, and other variants of the starship to mars in 2024 and later

  3. Syed Ushher Ahmad

    Life tries to find a way

    Humans: I am sorry we don’t do that here

  4. Misanthropic Humanist

    Journey to the Microcosmos: Orbital Eddition!

  5. Herbsandflowers

    Your video interesting

  6. Joseph Henderson

    1:39 I’m pretty sure that blue spiky stuff on the wall is extreme soundproofing and I can’t be the only one who finds its location hilarious.

  7. Matthews Matthew's

    Being in space is super NASTY.
    BY NR

  8. FriedEgg

    I’m tempted to suggest ozone, but it also corrodes exposed metal, so maybe not.

  9. idraote

    Life as an astronaut is growing increasingly unappealing and unglamorous to my eyes.
    It’s like going to a camping trip with very basic facilities and you have to stay inside anyway because the outside is going to kill you.
    Thanks, but no thanks.

  10. Natural Power

    Just grab ’em and put em outside bruh

  11. Sonet

    There were blobs growing on the MIR station.

  12. null090909

    A giant leap for those microbes.

  13. null090909

    My first thought would be to remove humans, replace them with robots. Saves me a lot of money I can use on actual space exploration, beyond low earth orbit.

  14. Barry Dysert


    Edit: Even if astronauts use vacuum cleaners!:-)

  15. J N

    microbes on surfaces? dont they wear clothes until it’s crunchy af and then burn them?

  16. Merman

    What if life on Earth started when aliens visited and unknowingly left microbes behind?

    That would be freaking awesome!

  17. Marco Pohl

    my brother in law told me they have gold-eating bacteria up there, still not sure if that’s true (how do they eat something that’s chemically inactive?)

  18. Aaron Delgado

    Interesting video, however, there is the undeniable fact that Earth is the only habitation for mankind.

  19. Daniel Unzicker

    Do the astronauts use UV light to kill bacteria? At the hospital, whenever a terminal clean is performed after an MDRO patient discharges, a big UV lamp is used after standard cleaning protocols. We call it the bug zapper.

  20. Pep

    This is bringing up War of The Worlds visions.

  21. Crucisphinx

    Obviously through the bio filters.

  22. Mal-2 KSC

    SciShow: It’s hard to disinfect space stations.
    Russian military: Hold my vodka.

  23. Renaissance Man

    🤔Just don’t go to space and you dont have to work about “bacteria in space”

  24. Mort Share

    Any studies of dust mites on the ISS?

  25. Waterboard Fow Xi

    Being an astronaut sounds pretty good – ’til ya gotta poop.

  26. mason farnsworth

    Cant believe I disliked this video. How boring and repetitive. Sigh.

  27. BigMobe

    I though this was going to be about using gamma lasers to blast bacteria into oblivion.

  28. CyberiusT

    Breaking down the rubber seals, you say? So, the Andromeda Strain was a prophecy, then? Good to know.

  29. seasong

    3:20 Imagine we could be using these new microbes on earth for recycling tires or mining metals!

  30. D W

    Leave it out in space in direct sunlight.

  31. New Message

    Imagine getting bored, or even annoyed that you have to clean in micro gravity. Floating around at all angles, spinning, and zooming from one side to the other.. while muttering that it’s your day to do the dusting. I can’t. It MUST happen.. it’s a chore, right? But still… I just can’t imagine doing anything but smiling while doing it up there.

  32. Adrian Montero

    imagine all the new microbes we will find when we privatize space…yum

  33. Jorie Henrickson

    So, should we be concerned about Musk and Bezos personally infecting our planet?

  34. Andrés González

    The year: 2097. Humans have explored the solar system and colonized mars. The “life finds a way” reference still exists, Jeff Goldblum is still alive.

  35. Harvest

    So not my initial idea of spraying everything with bleach while everyone is in a eva suit?

  36. Bingle McCringle

    4:01 ive seen comments on videos on this subject talking about using microbes to fight microbes, since eventually theyll become resistant to the sanitization wipes, so “natural” “disinfectants” may have better effects in the long term ((affects? i always mix those up))

  37. Noah Spurrier

    Seems like they could seal off sections and vent them for a couple days.

  38. Mal

    It’s pretty incredible the lengths these little guys will go to just to find a way on the space station. I imagine if we let them go long enough they would eventually eat the whole thing and adapt to living in the debris field that litters low earth orbit. This is a problem without a solution, I think. Except maybe a bioship, but that’s outside of our ability for the time being

  39. IHateUniqueUsernames

    Very Mass Effect Quarian vibe

  40. Silvarillion

    my mind: “Oh, it’s like in that film, Gattaca”

  41. Ed RDnc

    Fascinating topic, but not actually addressed in the video. Just the existing and possible sources of such in space.
    No discussions on their remediation.

  42. Hape

    Open the door?

  43. Jons LG

    #CoolStoryBro, but can you now teach us how to do that to a play station instead? Or at least the controllers 😂

  44. Ty Andy

    Vent to space

  45. Abell Seyfu

    One is caught up playing the impassioned protagonist in one’s Subjective Narrative of Self 🎈

  46. Cass Leroux

    What a beautiful shift.

  47. Bradley Noneofyourbizz

    This sounds like a question on the British panel show, QI.

  48. Brent Wilbur

    Well… first you gotta stop taking all that smack. Once you’re off the sauce, then you can start to clean up.

  49. Steven Juhasz

    Okay if no one else is gonna say it?

    I love you Hank.

  50. r3con woo

    I once accidentally created a rubber eating bacteria with my ear wax that was left on some earbuds.

  51. Pup314

    Don’t astronauts use lysol spray on the ISS?

  52. Dominique Hamel

    Bacterias eating rubber around windows???? Reminds me of the novel The Andromeda Strain….

    It talks about a bacteria eating synthetic rubber and wreak havoc during a space flight……

  53. dijasom

    easy solution, is to just open the windows, and air them out from time to time.

  54. David Jameson

    Carefully, and diligently.

  55. Mr Snake Bitez

    I’ve never considered getting sick in space. That would suck!

  56. BobEckert56

    What about using controlled ultraviolet for surface disinfection in addition to disinfectant wipes which can’t be used everywhere.

  57. Steph S

    Open the hatch?

  58. Nen Master5

    I have the (arguably silly) hobby to recommend science-stuff
    to science-fans.
    Am i called a B0T for this sometimes? Fluff yeah. You can bet on it. Most dont even
    bother to check (…much scientific, huh…) but whatever.
    I dont care and i keep going, if not only for the few that say Yes Thanks and engage
    in some friendly recommending-each-other-stuff.

  59. Scrap & Pallet Man

    Microbiota? Different than microbiome?

  60. Ph03nix89

    Blow up one of your own satellites. Gets rid of bacteria, dust, astronauts, cosmonauts…

  61. chlodnia

    I don’t believe he’s an astronaut

  62. Osmosis Jones

    What about the Brain what about the heart

  63. Osmosis Jones

    Cells devide faster in lower gravity .
    This good Europa and Mars but unfortunately for rest of the Galaxy most planet have heavier gravity then earth

  64. marley

    What I’d like to know is how do you get rid of Russian satellite shrapnel in space stations.

  65. Osmosis Jones

    Rust blocks many forms of radiation

  66. SciShow Space

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  67. George Anderson

    If Russia try to test an anti-satellite weapon again, we might not have the International Space Station.

  68. notamartianspy

    You dont! The bacteria gets rid of you!

  69. NeonsStyle

    Why not just vent it to space? Do that once a year will kill anything in there.

  70. Sizukun

    How awful would it be to accidentally spread microbes to places like mars then we discover large bacteria and fungus colonies thriving later when we return?

  71. nothing grand

    Scishow is fabulous enough for me.

  72. IRri

    Space swiffer

  73. Jean Genet

    Very carefully

  74. Dakotathedoctor

    Imagine being a fuzzy worm in space then getting touched with a wet cloth then exploding.

  75. Hawkecrail

    Ask the bacteria to leave

  76. some person once weebed

    Space Poggers.

  77. StreamBecs

    first to say first?

  78. Nicholas Whitman

    With a title like that I’ll always insta click

  79. KAT

    u tel it not to come back

  80. Antonio Trav

    RADIATION !!!!!

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