Future Space News of 2020

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2020 is going to be an exciting year for space exploration, if everything goes according to plan. Humans are heading to space in new spacecraft, multiple Mars missions are on the horizon, and scientists are getting a new perspective on our Sun!

Kevin Carpentier, Eric Jensen, Matt Curls, Sam Buck, Christopher R Boucher, Avi Yashchin, Adam Brainard, Greg , Alex Hackman, Sam Lutfi, D.A. Noe, Piya Shedden, Scott Satovsky Jr.Charles Southerland, Patrick D. Ashmore, charles george, Kevin Bealer, Chris Peters








  1. okphilly

    Crew dragon was designed to land on land — propulsively

  2. GroovyVideo2

    crude lander ?

  3. Nightfury Game-Hub

    2 things u forgot to mention in the list:-
    1. ISRO’s Solar Orbiter named ADITYA-L1 to study the Sun.
    2. ISRO’s First Unmanned Test Flight for the later Human Flight ‘GAGANYAAN’ Mission.

  4. owen mccall

    Just a continuous monologue.no Pratt skill ruined a good docu

  5. Anarchy Antz

    And again no James Webb. Is it like fusion power where every year we say “only 30 years till it happens”?
    Boeing will likely get the green light due to all those wonderfully large brown envelopes stuffed with cash passing hands in congress. They got lost getting to orbit, their planes are a major death trap yet still fly yet “somehow” they always are the go to guys where as Space X are pretty much tried and tested though cant be brought I guess.

  6. Boruba

    woah *three* news points

  7. Precision Flooring

    Why rush humans to space if we got nothing up there 🤔

  8. LeeroyGankns

    Would a practice crewed launch be called a Crude Crewed Launch?

  9. Evan Lang

    We’ve done parachutes to mars before right? What makes this one so difficult?

  10. americanwillow

    SpaceX works its employees into relentless submission. Musk has them working extraordinarily long work weeks, and many leave the company out of frustration or better working environments. They aren’t unionized, which means Musk works them as much as he can. He exhausts them and looks for the next naive batch of kids who are bright enough yet naive enough to think that this job is a dream job. Thos must be replaced with better working conditions. People don’t deserve to be treated like digits.

  11. Wejaru

    I think people are gonna go to Jupiters moon Europa, to see if there is life.

  12. HOD0R

    James Watson rover. gotcha.

  13. William Cyparski

    Hank for President!

  14. Osmosis Jones

    How about a tube in space a ship can fly through and Accelerate. When already in motion accelerations are less drastically sudden

  15. Greg Sova

    Hey Sci Show/Sci Show Space, any thoughts on covering the NASA Earth Science projects this year? Between IMPACTS flying through snowstorms, DCOTTS flying through the summer stratosphere, and SMODE taking airborne and waterborne platforms to study the ocean, that seems like it could be an interesting video topic.
    In fact, January 14th is the Media Day for the IMPACTS project if anyone would like to learn more!

  16. Dan Saber

    Warp drive now!

  17. Dr. Omnicron E

    yea and 4 views..

  18. Ofizerik

    What about the mouse that was send to space by SpaceX and survived in vacuum?

  19. gus bisbal

    1:35 “Those channels that have organic matter are covered by lava from ancient volcanoes….” really??? do you know what happens to organic mater when it is hit by lava? Do ya?
    Whats that? the ones under the immediate surface? Well if its not on the surface then the sun would not have hit them in the first place.
    Please explain the logic of this….. if there is any

  20. Pumpkin Pie


  21. Chris Delaney

    Let’s just call the rover ’20 20′ that’s a cool name.

  22. Ben Campbell

    Russian made rover
    ha ha!

  23. Black Beard

    The rovers name is rover

  24. Gahmuret

    Ummm…didn’t Ulysses give us our first look at the sun’s poles?

  25. Z8888 Coll

    Thank you

  26. B P

    I will be on SOLO launch! Can’t be more excited!

  27. David Klein

    If they don’t want to know forget them

  28. John Barber

    Andrew Ryan is a dink. Andrew Ryan eats his own poop. Andrew Ryan lives in his mommy’s basement@ age 34.

  29. 12345 678910

    please can you joke about indian space missions?

  30. Kevork Manoukian

    Pretty sure everything is going to get postponed like it always does

  31. mynameismatt2010

    No mention of Starship?

  32. ivan smyk

    Український телеграм канал про космос.

  33. This freakin Guy

    At this rate, humans won’t be on mars for another fifty years

  34. sakuraslight

    DreamChaser Cough..

  35. kirby march barcena

    So many exciting events to anticipate this year and decade

  36. Bob

    You said “this march” when that is impossible


    Is it just me thinking that or is NASA critically underfunded

  38. NomadUniverse

    2023: International rover missions cut to an embarassing early finish as it’s revealed the rival rover operators had been drag racing each other bi-monthly for international bragging rights.

  39. Cincin 07

    Future space news is dark

  40. kav nag

    What about Chandrayaan 3 or Aditya L1 of ISRO???

  41. Glitzerndes Glaziola

    I am mostly exited for TandEM

  42. Charlie Clark

    So we need to make skyrim selfaware ok

  43. Andrew the entrepreneur

    So the second one is a new space race

  44. Wade Pedersen

    RFR aka WALL-E

  45. Andrew Ryan

    Together to privatize space

  46. Jay Jones

    Thinks 👍

  47. harry Couwenberg

    will some day galaxys be formed that will move to the center of the big bang?

  48. Ravi Tank

    I’m more excited for JWST

  49. Shai Naamat

    Material for years and years of research and discoveries… and years and yeas of SciShow

  50. Sai Skanda

    Why does the European rover’s image look like it has a dslr mounted on the front…?

  51. Massimo O'Kissed

    1:58 …can probe two whole centimetres into Mars’ crust, then spend a year trying to fix the drill problem.

  52. Alex Landherr

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the rover is named “Barbra Walters”…

  53. stopscammingman

    Very impressive, especially given we are living in the 20s!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Robert Sparkman

    Rosey the Rover, cool!!!!

  55. Jyps Ridic

    Every time the Parker Solar Probe gets mentioned I start wondering how long it will be before the small mistake gets found. I hope there isn’t one, but it does have Parker in the name.

  56. dajosh42069

    C’mon SpaceX!! We want a “Crewed” launch!! Not a “crude” launch!!!
    I’ll see myself out.

  57. Spasserboy

    Hell Yeah!!! Trump 2020 here we come!!!

  58. Ron Schlorff

    “Rosalind Franklin Mars Rover”, eh? Catchy woke name! LOL. I predict it will be called “Rosie” (hopefully nor confused with Rosie O’ Donnell) for short, if successful. Fingers crossed!! :D

  59. staydeadly

    I wish there would be this much international teamwork in politics as in space. Much greater achievements could be made ❤️

  60. Don Schilling

    What’s up with all the dislikes? Too many religious fanatics who won’t accept the truth?

  61. AirgiodFeochadan

    New rover name: Star Bug

  62. Chris Miller

    We live in the future

  63. Walt F.

    I had a joint mission this morning, and then I felt much better! LOL

  64. Tim

    Please use Mars’ without the extra ‘s’ to denote possessive case.

  65. TankUni

    All these different countries sending probes to Mars – it’s getting a little bit Expanse-y out there.

  66. alex3261

    3:05 What about the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser? That is probably the most exciting vehicle.

  67. Gmode Mass

    Why did he sounded so weird? 2:45 😜

  68. AvangionQ

    I’m looking forward to seeing if life in our solar system began on Mars then came to Earth, as well as what our sun’s North/South poles look like.
    PS, every time you say crewed, I hear crude.

  69. Paul Paulson

    1:36 Mawrth Vallis sounds like someone thought it was a good idea to let the internet name things and started a public poll

  70. NWTexas Veggies

    I wonder what kind of mineral and Crystal deposits may be there…

  71. Sharon Tackett

    Get the green light by merging companies!!!!

  72. Spooky

    It’s wonderful to see science move forward in a positive direction. It’s a shame geopolitics is going in the opposite direction:(

  73. Victor Tobiasson

    Upcoming mission: Survive WW III

  74. David Skaliczky

    This was awesome! Thank you!

  75. Red Dragon

    *Skynet has entered the chat.*
    *Umbrella Corp has entered the chat.*
    *North Korea still has not entered the chat.*

  76. MadSpacePig

    Don’t bother mentioning Starliner just not making it to orbit last week then. Not an important detail at all.

  77. MusicalRaichu

    3:16 “a crude launch”? oh dear.

  78. AHAM Choudhary

    I add one mission to sun
    India will also launch this year a solar orbiter (aditya L1)

  79. Jose Rivera

    When is Neil gonna come host an episode?

  80. kakarroto007

    The space news just keeps getting better every day.

  81. Ferrer Mihkael

    SciShow: For the first time, we will get to see the Sun’s North and South Poles.
    Ulysses probe: Am I a joke to you?

  82. R'mur

    What a time to be alive! I’m not old enough to have seen the first space race but I’m so glad I’ll be here for this one!

  83. Amaar Quadri

    1:57, I heard 2 hole meters and thought you meant 2 meter holes. But then I realized you were saying 2 whole meters 😂

  84. Space Intelligence

    First off I just want to say I love the show it’s my first time seeing one of your videos! But I would like to say that when you were talking about SpaceX’s Crew Dragon and how the craft “Exploded on the Launchpad” is incorrect. The Demo 1 mission “Crew Dragon’s first orbital flight” Went as planned and successfully docked to the ISS and made it back home down on earth picture-perfect. But you made it sound as if it Exploded on while on the pad and was unsuccessful, that’s all. I was just hoping you would clear that up with people who are watching. They were testing the Crew Dragon about a whole month later and it ended up exploding due to a faulty valve. However, this is why we test and now the problem is solved and fixed with a one-way valve so the fuel won’t mix as it did before without it exploding.

  85. L Dewey

    Interesting summary of great space missions coming up in 2020! Thanks for the heads up!

  86. ADHAiiN7

    Knowing Nasa, everything will be fine but every mission will still be delayed

  87. Ribas Daniel

    Saying that things will happen “this summer” is kind of confusing for people watching in the southern hemisphere…

  88. Pre-Phikz42

    2020 For The Win 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  89. Shans Tale

    The first thing I thought when I saw The Rosalind Franklin rover was that it looks like Johnny 5 from the 80s movie Short Circut.

  90. Bear Lemley

    SpaceX has already completed all the requirements that Boeing is required to perform. SpaceX is going to extra step of the In Flight Abort this Saturday that Boeing will not do.

  91. IWhammyLikeCrazy

    “Damn girl? Are you the CST-100 Starliner? Cuz you got a bottom full of airbags”

  92. Jem Adamson

    You know you live in usa when you hear the word “crewed” and your mind goes straight to oil.

  93. Alex Landherr

    “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of launching the James Webb Space Telescope. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important in the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.”

  94. István Sipos

    name that rig “Hindsight”. That is 2020 (20/20)

  95. arrow in my gluteus maximus

    still no James Webb telescope…

  96. UnicornStalkR Gaming

    The 83 dislikes are the only flat earthers left.

  97. Theresa Schluchter

    Rosalind Franklin Rover! That is so sweet! My heart is melting.

  98. The Exoplanets Channel

    Happy new year to the SciShow Space team!

  99. Sath Animations

    0:34 ‘”still unnamed 2020 rover” Why don’t they just call it HINDSIGHT?


    Im still waiting the most for the JAMES WEBB ST to finally launch…

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