First Results from the Probe That Went to the Sun

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Scientists have revealed the results of the Parker Solar Probe’s first two flybys of the Sun, and LIGO has a new instrument called the quantum vacuum squeezer!

Kevin Carpentier, Eric Jensen, Matt Curls, Sam Buck, Christopher R Boucher, Avi Yashchin, Adam Brainard, Greg, Alex Hackman, Sam Lutfi, D.A. Noe, Piya Shedden, Scott Satovsky Jr, Charles Southerland, Patrick D. Ashmore, charles george, Kevin Bealer, Chris Peters

  1. David Durant

    PBS Space Time – an episode on how the Vacuum Squeezer works please.

  2. commentator

    So, dust may vaporize as it nears the Sun. Is that some useful and valuable discovery that scientists are going to jump up and down about? Sorry, just being a little sarcastic.

  3. Flame

    How hot is the probe? I really want to know lol

  4. sid g

    your enthusiasm is refreshing and you are a wonderful presenter many many thanks…since it distorts space does that also mean that it can distort time??

  5. Donkey Lady is WATCHING.

    I think Uncle had Ligo…

  6. Mike Lentsch

    Wow – you’re still pitching that antiquated bunk?

  7. itsYeoj

    Some 1 from future help me

  8. JJ Barajas

    Isn’t it the conservation of angular momentum and not the third law? :/

  9. Vinicius Ceccon

    Title of the video: Results of the solar probe
    And then the only result is one phrase: the magnetic field varies more than we thought.
    Everything else wasn’t about Parker’s discoveries, but general knowledge already known about the sun

  10. Tyler

    the solar wind has eddies

  11. keedoopop

    How do thet know the makebup of the sun? Collecting fumes in space?

  12. Randy James

    Did I get my math right — a 15% increase in radius detection for LIGO would be about a 50% increase in the volume of space?

  13. Jun Jon

    if you cut your hair short … you will look amazing …


    She seems to be too much excited…

  15. Mamata Shetty

    Sun energy Dyson sphere transfer solar system terraforming all the solar system planets

  16. viperstrike0

    was the name icarus already taken by a satellite?

  17. Yan Akatsuki EA Benitez

    Finally… came late

  18. Supreme Champion

    I like how even female astronomers can’t show us a picture of the sun without forcing their visage onto it.

  19. From Scratch Aunty Bindy

    I don’t really get the math tbh, but I am stunned about what temps this machine has to contend with!
    I need to build my Tiny House out of it so it won’t burn down during bushfire season!

  20. bbpetrov

    Does the gravitational waves redshift?

  21. keala hau

    Why I am having a hard time beleiving we sent a probe close to the sun in 2018 and it s super close already???

  22. Brenda Krieger


  23. Xander Zimmermann

    North Korea sent a man to the sun.

  24. Monteiro


  25. עפרה ראובן

    Thank you love your video, Can I please have one question thank you.
    I don’t understand how we conclude that the speed of light is constant throughout the all universe?
    When we only checked in one place! It just doesn’t make any sense!

  26. The republic of everland

    ah I see

  27. Piguyalamode

    The quantum vacuum squeezer sounds like a lame super weapon

  28. Harry miles

    Her hair needs some science

  29. Sian Sargesson

    How close is it going to get I assume it will need to stay outside the Roche limit

  30. John Shilling

    Thank you so much for two things. Admitting that there is such as thing as “what scientists think” and then comparing that “think” to observations. Secondly not saying, “Now we know.” Nothing destroys the credibility of scientists in general, than constantly saying, “We used to think (or believe)… but now we know.” Reporters are notorious for latching onto any wild speculation or possibility…, and running with it. Too many “scientists” with the education, but not the experience and discipline of performing actual science, let their opinions and beliefs, (often what they wish to be true) — to be presented as fact. Wishing it so does not “Make it so….. Number One.” Very refreshing to hear science presented as a discipline, and not an entity with implied life. The Deity named Science. You know, “Science says this. Science says that. Science tells us…. Science believes….” So much better to present discoveries as “What we have learned through (the PROCESS of) science.”

  31. Andre Milani Martin

    what was that flashing blue light in the screen?

  32. Polyarthus

    It might be a stupid question but here I go :
    Could the sun magnetic field affect the parker probe trajectory?

  33. SAiKA


  34. Zeldas Champion

    Gravitational waves come in a photon form from a weird quantum physics event? Could these be the theoretical graviton?

  35. pres

    Great, more CGI footage.

  36. James MacPherson

    I have to say – your enthusiasm is infectious, both to someone already extremely enthusiastic about astrophysics and those who find it boring (looking at my friend here!). We need more people like you shining a light on the wonders of the universe both far and (astronomically) near!

  37. Riad Gaming

    I like that the girl is so exited

  38. East coast And love it

    Thank you!

  39. Memes n Shet

    Spoiler: *Hot*

  40. Paul Ste. Marie

    The corona isn’t thin in the geometric sense—it’s what? 2–3 times the diameter of the photosphere? It is thin in the sense that it’s a pretty close to being a vacuum.

  41. vishnu hi


  42. Chan Polatis

    Are there actual pictures of the sun? Thats the whole reason i watched. Maybe it was in there but it doesnt seam like it

  43. Darth

    I am curious to know what happens if a star stopped spinning now.

  44. The Exoplanets Channel

    It’s mind-blowing that the same thing that enabled life on Earth, it will eventually destroy it

  45. TheoQuazar

    Please do that follow up on quantum noise, I’ve heard about the casimir effect by having two flat plates arbitrarily close and that affects possible quantum fluctuations. But how is it that mirrors are altering that, are they only messing with the laser beam itself?

  46. Harold Henderson

    The source of the gravitational waves might be 400 million light-years away. LIGO can only detect waves that are coincident with the detector (0.00000 nm).

  47. C00kii0

    Welp. I learned a lot today lol

  48. king james488

    I love how science loves great names… only a matter of time til we have a flux capacitor.

  49. daemn42

    If the Quantum Vacuum Squeezer increased the range by 15%, then it can see about 50% greater volume of space. I wonder how that results in a 4x increase in detection rate. I guess it increases the overall sensitivity within the volume it could see before as well.

  50. Sonal Shekhar Bhoi

    You’re cute though.

  51. The Sovereign

    Bitchin’ vid. Great presentation!

  52. Ancyent Fathoms

    When Superman IV?

  53. Moonbeam

    I’m now brighter for watching this video. 🌞

  54. Lukeamania

    Can I sprinkle surface plasma on my hard shell taco? ☀️🌮

  55. Steven

    Ahhh science has come so far in these modern times. Imaging what it will be like a century from now?!

  56. LaGuerre19

    The Sun: *_it’s a pretty big deal._*

  57. freddy santiago

    But why dont we see the real footage why do we gotta belive with special effects that dont look realistic.

  58. Adrian Constantin

    0:45 Millions of degrees Celsius in the corona ?

  59. John Rettig

    OK so you don’t know how Ligo works .
    Here’s what you do …
    Step 1 : Open the box of the theme of your choice .
    Ligo City , Ligo Star Wars or other .
    Step 2. If parts are in bags open those also . Now once you have all of the parts out .
    Study each color and shape .
    You will notice that each shape has one side that’s bumpy to place into the open end of the next block or shape .
    Step 3 . Press firmly until you hear a snap .
    Congratulations you’ve started to build with your New Ligo set .
    Have Fun and Adventures with
    Ligo play set .
    And with that Boys and Girls is how your Ligo set works .

  60. Milan Stevanovic

    Did the probe fly to the sun at night ? 🤣🤣🤣

  61. Greg Geo

    Quantum Vacuum Sneezer? What? Oh, okay, I got my glasses.

  62. Mam Amheus

    It’s incredible how close to the sun that little (relatively speaking) probe is getting. Engineering levels are probably way higher than most people think.

  63. Eduard Qualls

    QVS: oooh! _Magick crystals_ help you see the aura of universal gravitation!
    Now, if they could just be set to repel crystal-freaks and anti-vaxxers!

  64. Dean Tilling

    1:24 “Thanks to Hamilton, our cabinets fractured into factions”

  65. eM Cee

    They never tell you the one thing that is on everyone’s mind: How hot is it in the immiediate vicinity of the probe along its orbit closest to the Sun?! Is there not a temperature sensor included in its instrument package or is this knowledge classified Top Secret?! Can anyone who might know please respond?

  66. Random Dog

    3:34 Yes

  67. Warmage Two Crows

    A whole series of videos to explain how it works. You make that sound like it’s a bad thing. I’d watch it.

  68. uNstructured U.ndersTanding

    LIGO includes more locations on the globe, Italy was a partner with Hanford while the southern site was being built.

  69. Rouverius

    What’s even more amazing is that scientific achievement can be done anywhere; even in Livingston, LA.

  70. Kenny Houghton

    Do the Whole series on the quantum squeeze her!

  71. Seth

    “more than twice as close as the orbit of Mercury”?
    What thats supposed to mean? Is it half the orbit of Mercury? Is that really how you say that?

  72. jamesklr1

    I wonder if she swallows

  73. καμιά ψυχή

    “twice as close”…..

  74. mohawkade

    LIGO Simulator:
    Add upgrade Mod – Quantum Vacuum Squeezer +15% Range

  75. skaindu

    Define “twice as close”

  76. Riko J. Amado

    Yay! Caitlin’s back!

  77. Kenny Taylor

    Ligo my Eggo!

  78. Dr Sound - Speaker Repairs Melbourne

    Where is the proof of all mthese. Where is the video to show the sun?
    All you show is animated stuff.

  79. Joseph Ybarra

    “Its hot”

  80. Jaakko Pöntinen

    Summary: “Corona is turbulent. Now in 5 years…”

  81. Christopher Noel

    When I read _”quantum vacuum squeezer”_ I thought it was one of the theories about what caused the Big Bang.

  82. RedLeader327

    PRAISE THE SUN 🌞 \[T]/

  83. Spike20101000

    HANDS UP, who wants a whole series about LIGO and the Quantum Vacuum Squeezer?

  84. Steve Conor

    Just listening to the explanation about the quantum squeezer made me feel like I needed a university degree, but I love it. And her enthusiasm is amazing. She gets how awesome this is

  85. CreativeYousername

    “It’s really hot”

  86. Godless Voice

    Well now I’m super curious about what happens in binary star systems

  87. Rachel Falder

    id definitely watch a series on the quantum vacuum squeezer that sounds fascinating

  88. yourmouse

    Visuals in this ep were v nice & helpful! The solar wind rotating 180 degrees one really helped me see how that would be possible. Thanks scishow!

  89. The Rogue Wolf

    “Quantum vacuum squeezer” sounds like something that Billy Mays would be hawking in an infomercial.

  90. John Rettig

    Gravitational wave .

  91. Gu1tarJohn

    “Quantum Vacuum Squeezer” is also the name of my polka-metal supergroup.

  92. acid

    “And when you think about it, it’s really pretty cool that we can only detect some of the universe’s biggest events once we know what’s going on at the tiniest scales.”
    That’s a really good quote! And a beautiful fact. :)

  93. Peter Bonnema

    “The Quantum Vacuum Squeezer”. Any writer would get roasted for writing such cheesy SciFy

  94. Chinedu Opara

    This presenter/narrator face looks like an animated cartoon lady. A rosy-cheeked, bright-eyed, *enthusiastic* cartoon science lady. *I dig it* .

  95. Apache101

    Ligo reminds me of the joke on Futurama with the horse racing “No fair! You changed the out come by measuring it”

  96. nderitos

    Scientists: So Parker, what’s the sun like?
    Parker: IT’S HOT

  97. Chris Miles

    “You can’t just jamb a bunch of science words together, Morty.”

  98. J B

    Immediate thought: “it better be called Icarus”

  99. मयंक

    We are down for a series explaining everything about the quantum vacuum squeezer

  100. I really hate making up names for this kind of stuff

    The fact that this probe that’s meant to fall into the sun isn’t called Icarus makes me re think NASA’s naming ability

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