Does Mars Need “The Cloud”?

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Earlier this year, scientists pitched a mission to bring “the cloud” to Mars. While this proposal may seem expensive and risky, it’s a legitimate idea that could fundamentally change how we plan space missions!


  1. Steffan Shurkin

    The US just spent 4,000x more money to bail out Wall Street than it would cost to put the could on Mars. Let’s put the cloud on Mars and get some exploration done.

  2. Okidoki23

    To be honest, that doesn’t sound that expensive… Seems worth it.

  3. Steve Lenores

    Getting ahead of ourselves I think. Building that infrastructure is probably not cost effective for a couple of decades.

  4. EyesOfByes

    Oh how funny it’d be if they named the first computer launch *Hayden* or *Vega* 😆

  5. Admiral Nips

    Such a cool idea.

  6. esurfer26

    Are you saying NASA going to add sugar and salt to it atmosphere?

  7. Zac Howard

    all hail t h e c l o u d

  8. what else is on

    I like the premise but Mars is getting pretty played out imo. I think a Jovian or Saturniun cloud is the way to go to support the more far-flung missions we’re all hoping for. I need more pictures of Neptune. She’s so pretty.

  9. Dan W

    Come to think, a lunar cloud might be more useful and cheaper than a gateway.

  10. Dejay Rezme

    Does this make any sense at all? I mean what would be the advantage to have a separate computer in orbit instead of just transmitting the data back to earth?
    I mean you either need realtime feedback and a local computer or you don’t.

  11. David Murphy

    When the hell did North Dakota get Astrophysicists?

  12. Dlee645

    Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids.

  13. Michael Pope

    Computers suck up so much power & generate so much heat, I assumed this was going to be about warming Mars with servers mining Bitcoins or something.

  14. arville2020

    Well we will need something to put our porn files on once we get there so……..

  15. 52Hz Whale

    Liked just for Reid’s beard. Looking good!

  16. Jesse Lute

    This is a worthless and expensive failure if it goes thru….

  17. Dylan Block

    Why haven’t you guys talked about Comet Atlas yet?

  18. bkbug

    Vsauce, wheezy waiter, sci show space…

  19. Cujo

    Shouldn’t we be putting a mega super duper 3D Printer there instead? That way we can build what we need there. The designs would literally travel at the speed of light to Mars.

  20. SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing

    Wouldn’t this also save weight on transmitters too? I imagine a transmitter that is on a rover and capable of sending info back to earth would be pretty heavy, and they could use a smaller one if they are sending to a local cloud. Not to mention the power savings, the equipment for which could also possibly be toned down.

  21. Jenny B

    I mean servers in space are impressive, but that CGI beard 👌

  22. NeonsStyle

    No thanks, Betruga would use it to work out how to get to Earth! ;)

  23. Supgamer

    i mean, mars does need clouds and an atmosphere, but prob not THE cloud

  24. Thessalin

    Do you want Mag’ladroth the Void Dragon on Mars? Because this is how we get the Adeptus Mechanicus.
    I for one welcome our future C’tan overlord! All hail the Omnissiah!

  25. jm131719

    Happy April Fool’s Day to you too,

  26. TurboCMinusMinus

    Doom on Mars? We’re running Doom on Earth right now.

  27. Suvi-Tuuli Allan

    Nebulous hehe I see what you did there.

  28. Basketball Guru

    This selfisolation will made more people go to explore the space. At least when you are already closed in the box why not be useful for mankind and you will not have social distancing between the astronauts 😁

  29. Matthew Sermons

    I think it would be poetic to utilize this concept for Venus. Considering long term “Blimp” probes would be feasible atop the thick Venusian atmosphere.

  30. EOM Guel

    4:38 “We don’t need to go to Mars at all, but we want to,” he says. Who’s “we” exactly? This is a painful reminder of just how messed up humanity’s priorities are. While there are people working in these space agencies willing to spend billions of dollars on space missions, more than half of the world’s population struggles to get a meal every day.

  31. Notmy Realname

    i really thought this was a clickhole video when i clicked on it

  32. LOOT THE RICH Sarah

    Elon Musk could easily fund that himself

  33. Daniel M.

    What happens when they need someone to turn it off and turn it on again?

  34. toxicbagel

    Next Star Trek movie idea:
    We set up cloud storage on Mars. AI programs have worked their way onto the hard drives. As soon as the Martian network goes live the AI hacks the network to commandeer all of our vehicles and rovers all over Mars. It uses our own tech to build itself bigger and more capable. This is how the Borg Collective begins. They expand from our own fourth planet assimilating everything in their path.

    Nobody show this to Elon.

  35. Bob Frog

    As the self-proclaimed King of Mars, KEEP YOUR PORN OFF MY PLANET! Unless it’s good.

  36. Ja Ru

    I think It would be happy with any atmosphere at this point

  37. Yasser Kasim

    That beard is glorious man.

  38. Santa Clause

    So Mars could run crysis, sweet where do I send my money?

  39. Poes Law

    Dial up is cheap just need to lay some phone cables first… to mars

  40. Noahvader the Berserker Packin' Man and a Half

    Configure it to run Doom huh?

    Men and women of all kinds of culture I see.

  41. Nathaniel Hellerstein

    Terraforming step 1: Install a noosphere.

  42. Mark Guyton

    And here I thought they would make Curiosity run Curiosity Stream… or Animal Crossing.

  43. Faragar

    The video makes it sound like the cloud computers would be on the surface of Mars. Why not just have the computers be in orbit and send signals to the surface?

  44. Christel Headington

    I remember when you had to keep computers in dust free rooms………I’ll save you time…….”OK Boomer.”

  45. 77dreimaldie0

    Still not convinced this isn’t an April fool’s joke, but doubting enough to use the double negative…

  46. TimeAndChance

    I’ve looked at clouds
    from both sides now

    From up and down
    but still somehow

    I really don’t know clouds
    at all

  47. Randy James

    Perhaps at first it’ll be like MacLeod computing — There can only be one!

  48. Satoshi Matrix

    Please tell me I’m not alone when I saw the title and thumbnail and thought this video would be about nuking Mars.


    Ahhh yes the bearded fella, welcome back!

  50. MetaPlanet

    How can it use the cloud when it has very little atmosphere?

  51. Daxxon Jabiru

    It needs a strong magnetic field., first.

  52. Camilo Santana

    Focus on extracting heavy resources from asteroids. Build cloud cities on Venus.

    Mars is dumb.

  53. Peter Bonnema

    Nice beard! Is that what happens after staying at home for so long? :p

  54. omegadan

    I just keep thinking that this opens rovers open to hacking

  55. sef man

    Lmao, gotta save those penny’s, says superpower with 3 trillion dollar economy.

  56. gokucrazy22

    I swear, I thought that cloud in the thumbnail was a colon

  57. Brad Randell

    Just imagine what the Russians would try if we had networks on mars

  58. Kyle Osborne

    > Installs Doom on Curiosity
    > Curiosity opens portal to Hell on Mars

  59. SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing

    4:45 True, but also we don’t know if we need to go to Mars, we may do in the future, and if we don’t start doing it now it may be too late by the time we realise we need to.

  60. Eadgyt Adba

    That’s gonna be an interesting job for the cable guy..

  61. pirsqed

    When is the Binging with Babish crossover episode happening? ;)

  62. fanOmry

    Just make sure they’re satellites.

    It will actually be easier to keep them going

  63. Lord Zephyros

    Why not build them underground.??🤔🤔

    On caves? Then they could be protected

  64. Spinobreaker

    Which is why in my second book, i had an orbital station, called Minerva Station, orbiting mars, and it had its own magnetic field shield powered by a small reactor. The main systems ran on solar.
    It acted as a buffer, and did several data dumps a day from all the probes and things. The cloud itself was called Athena.

  65. Nafrost

    Well if it’s so good and all, how come no one had already thought of this idea?

  66. Cameron Ellis

    Your beard is so smooth it almost looks computer generated.

  67. Element118 _

    Researchers: We can spend $1.5 billion to put computers on mars.

  68. John Opalko

    If they need a sysadmin out there, I’ll go.

  69. FutbolVinotinto21

    For a second I thought it said “Does Mars Need Clout?”

  70. killernat1234

    I’m surprised AT&T and Verizon haven’t already done this, they are all for terrible signal quality for high prices, so basically like getting a single HD picture from a server on mars, slow as hell and expensive

  71. Trag 1804

    Do WE really want to go to Mars. We the scientists or we the people.

  72. Dark Knighte Apologeticz

    This could be fun. I can’t wait for this to make something go wrong. Let’s send the cloud to Mars, so that something can go wrong. I think tech is designed to break. lol

  73. Greedy Baron

    lol and then some highly trained commando Alien sneaks in from long where ever he came, and takes a copy of the cloud, or manipulates it.
    gg wp nasa :P

  74. Scribe13

    Yeah Mars totally needs the cloud…make it so number 1

  75. JackTradesman

    Send the rover OS source to Modern Vintage Gamer. He’ll have Doom running on it in 12 hours.

  76. Jim.Missy Wyant.Kennedy

    Impossible. You’ll never beat the Cable Companies. Can you imagine having that access contract though?

  77. Juma Nji

    Oh…the other ‘cloud’

  78. Kenneth B

    The Cloud is an operating model, not necessarily someone else’s computer.

  79. Lowes gameing

    You had me at configuring curiosity to run Doom.

  80. Coldoikz1

    Your camera isnt compatible with your beard. Looks great though :)

  81. Alfi Aflahal Muflih

    hm, but a “cloud” need an internet connection. so, if we want to put a real computational cloud on Mars, first we need to establishing our martian internet connection.

  82. daniel_960_

    When people will live there a backup copy of the earth internet will be definitely needed in a cloud on mars. So people can use the internet without a delay.

  83. Matthew Scandura

    How many times do we have to go over this?

    Mars. Needs. Moms.

  84. LeMAD22

    We need a solar system relay network much more than that though.

  85. Sean O'Brien

    Holy crap his beard has really grown a lot since I last saw him 😂

  86. Elani Aniyvwia

    But the cost is only that time of getting the computers there. Then the smaller costs of maintaining them. So it’s worth it

  87. Dragoninthewest

    I can imagine SpaceX sending Starlink satellites ahead to Mars. I think we should do this on Luna first so we can expand Communications and also test it out

  88. _B -Lowe_

    Going into this I thought “the cloud” was supposed to be a mushroom one.

  89. Robert Stuckey

    “The cloud” ALL HAIL

  90. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    It’s strange to imagine that in a few thousand years there will be 1000s of people living on Mars and the Moon etc. 😱

  91. Breanna Thompson

    Ok but seriously, how does one make a beard appear so perfect that it looks CGI 😂

  92. Miarew Fealow

    -First thing we need to start colonising mars?
    – no, WiFi!

  93. DoctorX17

    The “cloud of sensors” thing reminds me of the movie Twister, where they send a cloud of little sensor probes into a tornado to study it

  94. Jeff McNally

    This actually makes a lot of sense. However I don’t envy the network admin who has to diagnose connection issues from over 33 million miles away!

  95. PetrSojnek

    Next thing: “Ehm…. guys, can we send someone to Mars to turn the thing off and on again?”

  96. Nhi The Pumpkin

    “The CLAW” (sorry that’s all I heard)

  97. Essigautomat

    Additional benefit: You could sell storage on mars as backup storage for “Doomsday Scenarios”

  98. Nave Tal

    When they said “We need to create clouds on mars in order to terraform it”, I don’t think that’s what they meant

  99. Lost Melody

    “It’s only a matter of time before someone configures Curiosity to run… Doom”
    You’re damn right. They’ll get that old thing running on _anything._

  100. Leo Segredos

    “Breaking News. The curiosity rover has been hacked and is now useless as a scientific instrument. On the bright side, NASA staff are enjoying DOOM in a more fitting environment.”

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