Dark Matter May Have Come Before the Big Bang?! | SciShow News

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A new study provides mathematical evidence that dark matter could be much older than we thought and we’ve found a weird glitch in a neutron star.

Host: Hank Green

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  1. Walter 1408

    Anybody read Dragon’s Egg? Life on a neutron star.

  2. tusharip

    The answer is there are 5 dimentions who fold out to be 10.
    Iron has the answers.
    Be a good person, help others, treat the environment with care, look for similarities 1/137 is where you should look next.
    ק ב ל ה
    God is real creation happened.

  3. Humble Soldier

    Wish I could be alive to see the new text books when scientist can do an actually up close observation of these celestial objects.

  4. ynot tony

    maybe dark matter is our version of code can Jim Marston or Mario see the code,sure does seem like, maybe Jim Morrison

  5. photondance

    How could you not be curious about why things are, the way they are?

  6. Thelma Lynne

    Put a pair of shoes into a box and then put that box into a dark closet and you will have dark matter.

  7. Nicole Pickle

    Lowkey want to know what religious people are thinking after watching this vid.

  8. Valance

    I’ve always kinda wondered if there was a big bang, it needed something to explode in…..what was THAT universe called?!

  9. Exzotic c

    If we make a black ball, because evrything is made of matter but since its black it’s dark mattet

  10. Junior Balls

    Penrose speculates that dark matter comes from hawking points – dissipated black holes from a previous epoch (or aeon). For a moment I thought this was that 😆

  11. Rob McDiarmid

    Dark Matter May Have Come Before The Big Bang…if we redefine “The Big Bang” as something that came after The Big Bang

  12. Comment Highlighted

    Bosons with a zero spin means everything to me 🙃

  13. Tanner Animation

    where else can you natural superconductors? other than in neutron stars?

  14. liamarnold94

    Love SciShow. Love Tangents. Love love love!!

  15. rxg9er

    How do we know dark matter isn’t super massive black holes?

  16. NewGoldStandard

    It will be nice when we finally understand ourselves.

  17. Alexander Hugestrand

    No, the big bang was invented before dark matter. And dark matter is only there because astronomers don’t know math.

  18. batmanfanforever08

    Well that was a video that only understood half of what he was talking about. I’m kidding, I understood 100% of what he said, but I wouldn’t have understood the peer reviewed papers, that’s for sure. lol I’m good at science, no really I’m good at science.

  19. Howard S

    Maybe…maybe not
    Because science LMAO

  20. jmart1234567890

    Stop trying to prove my crack pot theory! That the big bang was just an alien universe inducing nuke.

  21. thebubbler

    or from the other dimensions. 4th 2nd 5th blajblah

  22. Benny Hess

    If the Big Bang was hot does that mean the dark matter is cold and if so wouldn’t that mean we’d be in the Big Crunch instead of the great expansion … Reminds me of Half full half empty senerio u decide

  23. Dondatta Ford

    Sometimes the answer is right in front of you dark matter is the same force or influence that hold clouds together

  24. Chareidos

    80% Dark Matter? Isn’t that the amount of Dark Energy?
    You mean Mass! My Bad. But interesting Figure.
    It’s near the Ratio of Dark Energy to the total amount the Universe Energy.
    Could there be a correlation of some sort?

  25. Robert T

    Maybe dark matter is the residue of large scale matter/antimatter annihilation?

  26. ynot tony

    Homie we don’t know s*** about dark matter. SHERLOCK HOLMES I mean I’m quoting Sherlock,not calling you sherlock holmes

  27. Philip Fontaine

    Believe the big bang theory if you want but don’t assume it is fact.

  28. Anthony West

    Entergy from star attraction is wt holds everything together ..sorry no dark matter

  29. StrangeLove

    I’d say to look to Roger Penrose for some answers. He might not have an all inclusive theory yet, but CCC is the closest thing we’ve gotten to a coherent, hyperbolic model of the cosmos.

  30. BakedPhoria

    0:43 Darn you Zipf!🤣

  31. kdragon7

    He says the neutrons are cold and dense under the crust. I believe the dense part, but cold…??

  32. robinchwan

    i still think dark matter is invisible cosmic glue :P

  33. CelesteofOz

    It would be great to see some visualisation of the huge number & network of scientists – and cumulative hours (or years) of research – required to make these incremental steps forward. We really don’t grasp that.

  34. Pax Webb

    “Dark matter existed before the Big Bang and was created during Cosmic Inflation”… umm, what?

  35. MaestroRigale

    The theoretical graviton is thought to be a scalar particle, isn’t it?

  36. ZeFellowBud

    Id like to imagine that dark energy and the cosmic inflation is much like agar.io but instead of the sphere growing mass wise it grows in surface area and we are just vibrations on the surface of this bubble cosmic inflation is just the universe absorbing droplets of space fluid from a higher dimension

  37. Denizali Duru

    You just clickbaited me using my knowledge of physics I don’t know if I’m impressed or disgusted

  38. Flightgamer

    Sounds like the neutron star shifts from spinning like a hard boiled egg to occasionally a raw egg then back again. Because superfluids are weird this seems reasonable.

  39. Shart Bake

    Reminds me of spinning an egg, it will quickly lose balance and slow down.

  40. Will S.

    Dark matter comes from Nibbler and other nibblonians. Who doesn’t know this?

  41. Lord Zephyros

    Darkmatter is the remains of the previous universe before this one.
    Who knows how many times we reincarnated

  42. lordundeadrat

    Oh.. Good. Neutron stars are even scarier than we already knew.
    Just remember, kids. You are always too close to a neutron star.

  43. PapaHeel

    Yay, science! I don’t understand you but I like what you’re doing out there!

  44. TheCimbrianBull

    Avocado toast for breakfast, Hank?! Dude, eggs and bacon is the only acceptable option! 🍳🥓👍

  45. Chris F

    I assume Rotation would slow if something expanded since it speeds up when it contracts (ice skater effect)

  46. Doc Holiday

    Read Michio Kaku “Beyond Einstein”
    Dark matter didn’t exist before the big bang. The 10 dimensional universe that preceded the big bang didn’t have inverted gravity strings, AKA dark matter

  47. Ice Karma

    6:21 “You can listen wherever you get your podcasts […]”—I don’t currently get any podcasts. Where should I go to get them that helps SciShow the best financially?

  48. ADRIAAN1007

    It just boggles my mind that there was literally nothing. Then BOOM! out of nothing suddenly something, everything we know just *appeared*.

  49. Murftopia

    It’s a electric universe. This search for dark matter is nothing new neither is the math that goes with it. Over and over they fail to find anything exciting. Might want to look into electric universe theory.

  50. Stark M

    If there’s a boson with infinite spin discovered can we call it the GYRO BOSON

  51. Ronnie Halonen

    The universe formed IN the dark matter! Like a drop of milk in a cup of coffee

  52. Nerine

    I love your enthusiasm for your topics Hank. No matter the subject, you always stir the nerd in me!🤪

  53. Illjay

    So wait, was that “before the big bang” stuff just clickbait?

  54. Infectedstyles_Chris

    What if dark matter doesn’t actually exist?

  55. T.C. Bramblett

    Another day, another collapse of my conceptual framework of reality as I know it

  56. Łukasz Kucharski

    I guess our simulation overlords have their own FDIV bugs causing glitches.

  57. New Message

    ‘Neutron Glitch’ isn’t as catchy as ‘Neutron Dance’, though.

  58. Scott B

    A universe farting pixie may have come before as well. Let’s not throw around to many mays

  59. Mike Lombardi

    How can MATH tell that this is a realistic hypothesis??? It’s all simple opinion and crazy conjecture!?!?!

  60. OriginalTharios

    There is no dark matter. Your model is just wrong.

  61. semicell

    Are neutron star cores cold because they are so dense the neutrons dont have room to vibrate? How can something be a fluid with such extreme density. Im confused

  62. No Subs

    Is it possible to do physics clickbait?
    I think it’s happening here.

  63. W S

    Dark matters a joke, science has been looking for many years, none found.Billions spent, math reworked, no dark matter.One very expensive empty rabbit hole.

  64. Clement Wong

    Dark Matter May Have “CAME”CAME”CAME” Before The Big Bang

  65. joe humphrey

    Please, can these endless extrapolations of impossibilities ever just be left behind and an actual science become normalized?
    Rotating neutron stars? Really? Glitching explained by yet another impossible process? In an impossible entity?
    Can’t find dark matter after trillions spent? Starting to sound like WMDs. It’s never going to be ‘found’ because it doesn’t exist.
    It’s fake science and everyone knows it, well everyone not plugged directly into a propaganda box.

  66. Daily D

    Anyone wanting real science can check out the Electric Universe and Suspicious Observers. They wont give you a mainstream narrative..

  67. Courtney Whiteside

    In case anyone is wondering the Podcast is AMAZING!! It’s my favorite part of the week! ❤️

  68. John Raymond

    Assuming dark matter exists…though I hear there’s a new theory that it doesn’t.

  69. dokkiro

    Dark matter might not even exist. That’s the new theory almost proven right now at this moment.

  70. Dan Ryan

    If time started with the big bang does it even make sense to talk about a before?

  71. Brandon S

    How about proving dark matter actually exists first?

  72. DSC

    Dark matter is a place holder, so if it exists at all is simply conjecture.


    Update: Thor was pictured making his third weapon during the neutron star study

  74. dowingba

    Dark matter, each pound of which weighs over 10,000 pounds!

  75. Vitreo

    What evidence is there that dark matter exerts any force on any matter? Besides simulations, what real tangible evidence exists?

  76. Aaron Roberts

    There was never a big bang. Dark matter isn’t hard to find. Just look around.

  77. playgroundchooser

    Wait… the innards of a Neutron Star are…. “cold?” 🤯🤯😱
    Neutrons packed so tightly they can’t wiggle, so have no “heat?”

  78. Vladislav

    Inflation was after BB. Whatever one defines it.
    So, the title is completely misleading.

  79. Neoh

    Dark matter and dark energy are fairy tales, as well as the Big Bang for that matter, no pun intended. #plasmauniverse

  80. keefwimz

    Still grasping for those imaginary dark straws, eh?

  81. Qxeen of Hearts

    me: *hears that neutron stars glitch*
    me: “so we are living in a simulation!”

  82. Gokulkrishnan S

    My Brain: its 3:43 AM sleeep…..
    Me: One more video

  83. CG Account

    So clickbait? Dark Matter in the new hypothesis simply formed earlier but not before the actual start of things.

  84. MercifulMaster

    Hearing about news like this makes me feel that sometime in my lifetime, a breakthrough discovery will be made that shifts our understanding of the universe, so as to make everything fit into a single congruent theory. Or what do I know, maybe more questions then answers will be made. Either way, it is exciting stuff.

  85. Abraxis86

    Imagine being a boson with zero spin in this day and age.

  86. NefariousKoel

    Dark Matter: The extra-dimensional ballistic gel we exploded into.
    Edit: Sounds like secret code for something sexually obscure, now that I look back.

  87. Greg Hartwick

    I was at the laundromat today and ran out of quarters—my dryer had ‘zero spin’ .🤣

  88. Ryan Bernard

    What if dark matter is matter in our universe’s parallel sister universe and gravity actually translates between universes

  89. Yora

    “Dark Matter may have come during the Big Bang.”
    Hm, not as catchy.

  90. IceMetalPunk

    Obviously, the neutron star slowed down because Thor removed some of its mass to make a hammer.

  91. Steve O'Brien

    you’ve repeated the clickbait. great job awesome show

  92. Master Therion

    Once, after a physics lecture, I asked my professor, “What happened before The Big Bang?”
    He said, “Sorry. No time.”

  93. SpaYco

    “because we’re humans and that’s what we do”
    okay then it’s the universe and that’s what it does ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  94. D Gray

    The milky way is 80% goth and likes clove cigarettes.

  95. Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber

    I think spinning black holes are crazy. They can spin enough mass fast enough to spin SPACE ITSELF.

  96. V is for Void

    Glitches happen when the grad student monitoring our universe simulation accidentally moves the mouse cursor.

  97. Sandrosian

    You can’t smell dark matter? Never been to a public bathroom have you…

  98. Hans Anitiser

    Has our creator really not patched the neutron star glitch yet? Theres probably somebody exploiting the acceleration glitch right now… this dev sucks

  99. Technolocic

    Why yes of course a boson with a zero spin
    _twirls my ignorance mustache_

  100. Cole Dedhand

    Somewhere in the Upside Down there is a group of Demogorgon scientists trying to figure out where the missing 20% of matter is.

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