Dark Matter Is Even Stranger Than We Thought | SciShow News

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Scientists can see how dark matter is distributed based on how its gravity affects light, but when astronomers compared recent data from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Very Large Telescope to current models, something didn’t add up. Does this mean our current assumptions about dark matter physics are wrong?




  1. Wanderson Roland

    Whaaaaaaat? If dark matter Interacts… can it form black holes?

  2. Lord Odysseus

    Never been so early that the title is wrong.

  3. Essero Eson

    I’m pretty sure at this point that Dark Matter is gravity from matter in other universes leaking through into our universe.

  4. NGC 7635

    Have they tried setting the telescope to Wumbo?

  5. #1 Tako

    Interesting how often the idea of “something’s wrong with our current physical model of the universe,” as well as no simulation of dark matter accurately reflecting our current observations of the universe.

    We keep coming back to it time after time which seems to indicate that something is wrong but it’s so subtle that it could very well take hundreds of years for some physicist to conceive of a more accurate model.

  6. NEY Industries

    Or maybe there’s just no dark matter. :)

  7. Mr Joe

    I think we should rename dark matter as WTF stuff

  8. Dragrath1

    Hearing this I can think of a few other anomalies not fully explained by the current model first off you have the abnormally cool matter in the early universe suggesting heat exchange when dark matter would be the only thing they could think of that would be cooler.

    Then there is the relatively isolated galaxy rotation curves observed as the basis for what would become MOND that do seem to behave differently from the dark matter models used to fit clusters and the differences in isolated galaxy rotation curves with the additional MOND factors sharing characteristics for the dynamical equations of a super fluid in this case perhaps as a Bose Einstein condensate. Perhaps phase transformations or something like that are at play?
    And it could be you have several types of Dark matter say Sterile Neutrinos and Axions which segregate differently due to their very different masses?

  9. Mike Dolce

    Love you nerds! Keep up the good work!

  10. Stanislav Morozov

    Dark matter is nowhere near 85%. 5% ordinary matter, 27% dark matter, everything else is dark energy

  11. illesizs

    If the multiverse there is true, and gravity bleeds out into parallel universes, that would explain why dark matter would interact with itself, as it was just regular matter, but from a different reality.
    If that’s the case, I would also expect dark matter to only interact with itself some of the time, since that excess gravity could come from many different universes, that do not directly influence eachother.

  12. Andrew A

    You mean D.A.R.K. matter?

  13. brent butler

    The notion of Dark Matter has never sat well with me for many reasons. I’m curious though if we do indeed see a possible lensing effect from DM on distance objects shouldn’t it be possible to then(in the right scenario) start measuring the amount of said DM(roughly) and then see if any local matter in that area reacts the way we expect it to with the DM quantity that is there? Also, if DM exhibits gravity and is interacting with itself, could it be possible to one lucky day measure a DM “collision” with LIGO?

  14. Hactar Davros Blinkenligh

    yes, yes, and ze planets and sun are orbiting ze earth.

  15. Hal A

    Anton suggested that dark matter is geodes. and it matches what we observe spot in…. js

  16. Chandini Writes

    good on them for taking time with venus

  17. cmilkau

    Hmm but I guess that self interaction was very minute? We know that self interaction increases clumpiness via momentum exchange. But, from what we know about dark matter distribution, its clumpiness is largely consistent with no self-interaction at all.

  18. Emerson Hawks

    They can study dark matter but not have a better name than “the very large telescope” 😂 I’m sorry I heard it and I was like…what???

  19. jeremiah milazzo

    Dark matter is the result of the programmer’s

  20. Avery the Cuban-American

    We’re no strangers to love

  21. Sunny Jansen

    Light-travel? ;)

  22. Tom F

    All that hype for some phosphine. Bet it’s some unexpected photochemical reaction in the atmosphere.

  23. john wolf

    1:07 could there be something out there that does not “responds”
    to gravity and we would never know it exist ? :p

  24. Mark Heap

    Hmm dark matter could be like multi dimensional and exist in other universes at the same time hence not being able to truly measure it.(there,ive solved it.ill have my nobel prize now thanks)

  25. I Rr i

    Venus might be alive /life. First we prove there are no Mars men. And wham-o.! Venus has smoke’n hot women of death. We ‘are screwed.

  26. h7opolo

    that’s some excellent sciencing.

  27. jeremiah milazzo

    What the hell is stranger than awareness and consciousness and dreaming nothing surprises me anymore lol

  28. Richard Deese

    Thanks. This is very interesting & exciting news! Now… @3:00 – I’m fairly certain that *_both_* 1 & 2 would have to be true; they very much go hand in hand. After all, if there’s something you don’t understand about the phenomenon, you can’t get the model right. And if there’s something you’re consistently getting wrong about your model, then there’s probably something you don’t understand about the phenomenon in question. [But if you’re consistently getting your model wrong – even though you understand the phenomenon pretty well – then that’s just a big “DUH!”] Anyway, I’d love to know what scientists think about how dark matter interacted with – and affected – the very early universe (pertaining to the first stars, etc.). Thanks again. tavi.

  29. Adil Hussain

    Hey sci show team, just wondering what where your Sources??

  30. Recon WB

    3:25 wait wait wait wait, if dark matter cant collide with itself, would that mean it’s possible to have thousands, or more, of dark matter particles occupying the same exact space?

  31. Troy Graham

    Sr Foxley is the man/woman/whatever! So many years, thanks!

  32. Jero Toro

    Probably, the universe has 4 spatial dimensions, and “dark matter” is just the gravitational effect of ordinary matter in different areas of this 4th dimension. Maybe gravity has an effect across the 4th dimension, while matter and energy are locked in 3-dimensional “layers”, so it can never move through the 4th. It’s like a drop of liquid on a stack of paper… it wets all the sheets all the way down, even though only the top one got hit with the drop.

  33. ImmortalHerpDerp

    Scishow New, Venus New, Dark Matter New. Cant wait to see what humans will discover new next.

  34. Mark Hancock

    Does this new data provide a test case for the possibility that Dark Matter is mostly Intermediate Black Holes?

  35. Le Quasar

    Dark matter is the soul of the dead

  36. Azael Burr

    “These two galaxies don’t appear to have nearly as much dark matter as models predict, given the amount of light they emit.”
    How is the amount of dark matter related to the amount of light?

  37. Black Tim Howard

    “Either something’s wrong with our models on galactic scales”

    Wait, I thought we were in agreement that this is true. Isn’t General Relativity inherently incomplete because of black holes or something like that?

    *calls Matt O’Dowd*

  38. Davy Ro

    I bet his ring is a really massive one as well

  39. ZappaBlues

    Another example of Q screwing around with our heads for a chuckle. ;)

  40. rbesfe

    OMG Scishow is new? Still looks the same to me :P

  41. Jose Pineda

    Did any of these scientists bother comparing their results to simulations of the same galaxy clusters but using MOND, Tess or quantized inertia instead of dark matter???

  42. FourSided Hexagon

    I’ve never seen Hank so excited.
    This Venus news better blow me to Venus itself.

  43. Louis napolitano

    This can’t be played in the background ?

  44. Tiparium

    It’s angels guys. I’m calling it now.

  45. Karolis Stropus

    Dark matter is actually just cloaked advanced alien worlds 🤔

  46. Phill M156

    It’s gravity from the subspace warp fields.

  47. Deep State

    If we understood it, it wouldn’t be called “Dark”.

  48. RickySTT

    That’s our SciShow! Waiting until we get more information about Venus instead of reporting things we don’t know yet. (You’d never make it on CNN.)

  49. ExaltedVanguard

    Two waves of light that negatively interfere with each other cancel each other out and interact with nothing. However energy is not destroyed. The energy still exists.

    And energy has gravity. Thanks Einstein. Also Kugelblitz’s should be called Cool-gel… Nevermind.

    Anyway, if you have enough energy in a single location you get significant gravity. It’d be weird to get that much negatively interfering energy in a single place tho. You’d need like trillions of stars of light or something.

    And you’d see much stronger effects in the middle of all those light bulbs than you would at the edges….

    Anyway, I’m in love with the idea that dark matter is actually light energy. The irony tickles me. But I’m just some random jackass who took physics 2 in community college and has had slightly too much rum.

    Where did I leave my rum?

  50. airlink2142

    So the moral of the story is…. “We have no clue…..” , well back to the drawing board!

  51. NeonsStyle

    Gravity attracts, Dark Matter repels. – Dark Matter Drive :)

  52. FrighteningSpoon

    I’m pretty sure we simply don’t understand GRAVITY as much as we thought.

  53. Michael Harig Jr

    Question? Could we land the Hubble telescope on the moon & use it as a “land based” telescope, when it is decommissioned?

  54. Aadil Shah

    I’m glad you called that. I also think that dark matter interacting with itself seems less weird.

  55. Viper_FPV

    What if dark matter is what’s behind the event horizon?

  56. Andrew D

    The more I think about dark matter the more my brain implodes.

  57. Charles Ersimoen

    I love you for not confusing the possesive pronoun of “it” with present tense of “it be”. <3

  58. Monty22001

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say the models are wrong, much like with global warming.

  59. EyesOfByes

    I find it so cool that there is pre-Interstellar animations and post-Interstellar animations ☺️

  60. jeremiah milazzo

    So dark matter interacting with itself is causing the effects

  61. SunnyD

    I want some a’ that in a jar. Itll be mine, no one elses. Just me.

  62. Dean

    Why would we assume dark matter doesn’t interact with itself, when we know it forms clusters of itself? Seems pretty clear to me it can attract itself???

  63. SobeCrunkMonster

    uhhh, when did we discover that dark matter is matter? i think you made a mistake in the first sentence of the presentation lol 😂💀

  64. Niko Nissinen

    holy crap I got almost anxiety for hank just starts talking without intro first

  65. Outta Breth

    I first read the thumbnail as “Dark Lives Matter”.

  66. Deep Recce

    In the most optimistic senario we are desperately trying to fight a straw man, though there isn’t a straw man in sight yet..keep looking!!

  67. Marisa Nya

    Oh. I was under the impression there was always an assumption Dark Matter interacted with itself. But some evidence for it is fine too

  68. arci

    1 is a subset of 2. If there is something about it you don’t understand it’s nigh impossible to create an adequate model or simulation thereof.

  69. John Coffey

    I wonder if the extra gravity could be related to the Higgs field or some as of yet undiscovered field?

  70. Ardrich Keybus

    If it can interact with other Dark Matter, would it then be possible to have a Dark Matter singularity, I wonder?

  71. Cujo

    It’s amazing how little we know, about everything.

  72. MrDaftig

    I feel like Dark Matter is something like bubble of gravity fiel that exists mix with each other the same way like the pole on the sun.

  73. Little Forest

    Just a little nitpicking: dark matter bending the path of light is an interaction between dark matter and light ;)

  74. Mikkel Højbak

    To be honest, I find this much more interesting than the Venus thing. I very much suspect that it’s just some other undiscovered (not biological) process happening there.

  75. Red Dancer

    Now, some dark recess of my mind is recalling watching a documentary about something like string theory or just alternate realities and multiverse theory, and I clearly remember some scientist suggesting that if one given model multiverse were true then we might expect to see the effects of gravity from those other universes on ours.
    Obviously I am not an astrophysicist, so I have mostly no idea what I’m talking about, but this kind of sounds like that…

  76. Please help me get 100,00

    Me no longer being socially awkward, is like dark matter, it theoretically exists

  77. B B64

    We’ve known for a long time that we don’t know.

  78. Reventure Is A Good Game

    Look at the background : P Hank has been bit by a werespider.

  79. Shruti Khandelwal

    No one
    Literally no one
    Le me: hand in hand thinkin bout dark matter in our CNS and PNS

  80. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Dark matter: could be anything. Could be nothing. Could be mysterious. Could be obvious. Could be, start over, Physics.

  81. Bruno Falcon

    Last time I was this early, Hank looked and sounded sleep deprived

  82. Avitymist

    Damn that’s a fascinating discovery.
    Can’t wait to hear more.

  83. D G

    For something called *Space* there sure is a heck of a lot going on in it.

  84. Blabla130

    “It made their halos fluffier” is not a sentence I thought I would hear a scientist say

  85. Sheila McCabe

    The takeaway: Dark matter interacts with fluffy things

  86. Question Everything — Tho

    “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.”
    ― Arthur C. Clarke

  87. Diseasel

    Hank loves the venus.

  88. What's Next?

    My love life is like dark matter….

    It theoretically exists.

  89. Chris Smith

    2)There’s something about dark matter that we don’t yet understand.

    Sounds like a pretty solid option.

  90. Shef

    Make “SciShow New” a recurring show.

  91. The Yangem


    Venus: sup

  92. Mazaroth

    “Dark Matter is even stranger that we thought”.

    It isn’t made by Niblonians?

  93. New Message

    Really thought this was gonna be about ‘Strange Quark Matter’.

  94. biggus dingus

    ah yes, “scishow new”

  95. The Captain

    “Dark matter is theorized to be even stranger than we previously theorized”

    Fixed it for you.

  96. Gene

    “We don’t understand dark matter as well as we think”

    Great, so, we used to know exactly zero things about dark matter, and now we know even less than that!

  97. Pedro Scoponi

    I am very excited about dark matter news, and about the whole venus thing, but
    Did anyone else notice that that shirt hank is wearing has button nipples?

  98. Roman Mccoy

    Could dark matter be a whole class of different particles of differing masses in differing concentrations accounting for some of the inconsistencies?

  99. Chase Allen

    Seeker also did a video on this, it was not as good. This video was so mich clearer, you guys present your infromation so well.

  100. Scribe13

    When it ceases to be strange it will no longer matter

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