Cruithne, the Asteroid With a Horseshoe Orbit

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There’s a small asteroid that appears to orbit Earth in a horseshoe shape. Sometimes referred to as Earth’s second moon, but it’s orbit is much weirder than that.

Host: Reid Reimers

  1. d k

    soo… nobody’s going to mention Reid’s pointy head in this vid?

  2. David Nash

    Nice one, never heard of this.

  3. flamencoprof

    Someone will probably shoot me down. I know, but I’m inclined to think that strangely resonant & fleeting orbital behaviour like this has a parallel in the strange world of sub-atomic particles.
    With enough time & (CERN) energy, space-time can fizz into what I’m tempted to think may be an extremely diverse multitude of exotic so-called “particles”.

  4. Onyxson Tramyer

    I think it’s Earth’s trojan

  5. -

    1:02 – B-b-b-but epicycles explain it so well…

  6. Hoe YY

    Cruithne would be a ploonet in the future!

  7. Joshua R

    This guy’s channeling NDG.

  8. Derkainer Sledgehammer Productions

    Alot of damage? Better call Phil swift

  9. TheCed

    What about 2016HO3 ?
    Is it still a mini earth satellite ?

  10. ShotgunLlama

    2:42 well we have flex tape, the dinosaurs didn’t

  11. William Flynn

    That’s no moon……its a space station

  12. niva zero

    if you talk to them they will try to kill me. then i canr protdc u. then they harvesr rth

  13. David Campos

    NordVPN has a lot of connection errors.

  14. Chelsey Abbott

    Ive never watched scishow space and even thought I knew it wouldn’t be anyone from regular scishow I was still shocked when his voice was much deeper than expected

  15. I love π

    Just like asteroid Jenny-8675309.

  16. GWN_ Abe

    its earth’s companion meteor(/comet/spacey rock)

  17. carultch

    That’s how you say it’s name? I’ve been calling it “CRUTH-nee”. What is the th doing in this word, if the pronunciation doesn’t use it?

  18. Stasznyi Bogdan Alexandru

    The Mistress of Earth !

  19. Sam Delaney

    Is there a scishow space video on 2010 TK7?

  20. Erin Meow

    Earth’s luck is out in space?

  21. DJBit-3

    Yes but no is all I heard

  22. Pat Pezzi

    Click bait.
    Next time describe the amazing orbit of Jupiter as seen from a stationary earth. As, if there were not enough flatearthers and geostationarians around.

  23. Lukas w.

    After getting 2 ads I luckily got a third integrated one as bonus. -_-

  24. Keith Gaughan

    Oh, yay. People who don’t understand that every language isn’t the same as English criticising Irish spelling even though they’ve no clue why it looks the way it does. Never gets tedious. /s

  25. Glen Romero

    Does this mean earth is now a dwarf planet? Eitjer earth hasn’t cleared orbit or we’re co-orbiting with it.

  26. Richard Sanchez

    So it could be a way point between planets in the future

  27. bobjobjoe

    Cruithne is gonna hit earth one day phat bet

  28. Dean Vine

    Space buddy with benefits?

  29. TAmari

    It won’t be temporary if 5000 years (or even sooner if you’re ambitious) from now we pull it in artificially and keep it forever :D

  30. Top Ramen

    Love this guy!!

  31. Paul Leisureman

    Here’s a sidebar, could spaceship energy shields absorb energy from laser/ plasa guns?

  32. DrD0000M

    Earth-chan: “Moon?…well, Cruithne and I have an open relationship.”

  33. Raid Prime

    2:02 “also because the earth is tugging on it; either speeding it up as it approaches from behind or slowing it down”

  34. Pedro Rubio

    TIL about horseshoe orbits. Thank you!

  35. Just Looking

    Screw you in the neck for using ‘horseshoe’ and ‘orbit’ in the same description. IN your title no less.

  36. Blue Sap

    Which horse left his shoe in space?

  37. maverickM249

    Another cheap way to get things further away from earth.

  38. AreaLabMen

    Damn, that man’s eyes are pretty.

  39. LaGuerre19

    Reid’s back, aaaaand there’s a second moon with a wonky horseshoe-shaped orbit. Life is good (for five and a half minutes at least)

  40. Izzy Long

    Hey Reid, I do not mean this to be offensive at all, but has anyone ever told you you look like the rapper Stitches, but without all the tattoos, and far more intelligent? :-)

  41. Steve


  42. batmanfanforever08

    I feel like if Cruithne does become a temporary moon of earth, it’ll be the first one to actually be visible from the surface with the unaided eye. That will certainly look neat for the short time it’s there.

  43. Existenceisillusion

    That embedded advert was a little too long

  44. Dorothy Isidro


  45. Musical Neptunian

    Cruithne, the founder of co orbital rock. An unstable music genre where every instrument is a horse shoe.

  46. Shufei

    Nice attempt at pronouncing the Irish. But it sounds more like “crwinnyeh”.

  47. andywolan

    “While Cruithne is no threat to us anytime soon, but weak security is. ” Nice segway.

  48. ShotgunLlama

    Epimetheus and Janus seem way more interesting honestly

  49. Lovecat Productions

    I got a 2 hour unskipable ad about how every liberal is actually a deep state plant from another dimension. I got this ad about 5 times, then a 15 second Jimmy Dean ad.
    What the hell..

  50. LEX Laisney

    Mining the mini moon. Sounds good

  51. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    His shining eyes make him look like a Terminator!

  52. Steven Perry

    Sweet Cruithne’, enjoy the journey.

  53. vulcanviper

    Everyone is always so worried it may hit the earth. What I want to know is will it hit our moon and send us back to the ice age? Then fragments of the moon would hit the planet… Lots of death.

  54. Vincent Gonzalez

    lets land drones on it
    and drop satalites in earths wake in a superposition that earth was once in and in the milky way
    so we can look at ourselves halfway across the galaxy milliins of years in the future

  55. Tonks Moriarty

    QI just got Klaxon’d!

  56. colin Paterson

    Hank: Reid when you make this presentation make sure that you use some scientific and technical terms.
    Reid: I got just the one!
    1:38 Wonky orbit.
    Well I guess that does it for me because I am familiar with that word.

  57. The Algorithm

    So what I’m hearing you say is that Cruithne is an evil Anti-Moon and we must nuke it to save Mankind. Cool.

  58. kyjo72682

    these vpn ads are getting annoyong AF.. good vid tho

  59. ichigo kurosaki

    Use orbort vpn for free

  60. SoS Legio Primus

    Wonky orbit.
    I bet the scientist who came up with that term was British

  61. Loren Z

    Wait, can we get a whole video on Janus and Epimetheus? Their orbits are a little more “wonky” than you let on…

  62. nomarp

    Close only counts for horse shoes and hand grenades and apparently orbits to

  63. Anker Peet

    “That’s no moon”

  64. MalcolmCooks

    *QI would like to:* know your location

  65. Ineke

    Yes, the guy with the great voice again. Seriously he needs to do all the videos. All the others suck!

  66. Herr Schmidt

    whatever happens – we definitely have to glue a pair of huge googly eyes on it.

  67. Yarrow M

    wow cant believe scishow is talking about horseshoe theory

  68. Sumio Ren Maseki

    So does that mean that 2nd moon thing might support life??? I dunno my mind is cray cray

  69. denelson83

    It sure looks to me like Cruithne is orbiting Sun-Earth L4.

  70. István Sipos

    astronomers in 3012 (who never heard of horses, let alone horse shoes):
    – yeah… this orbit definitely looks like… a… thingie- ish like something.

  71. godofallbums

    If the earth doesn’t clear all the stuff in it’s orbit then this isn’t a real planet

  72. Gajanan Nigade

    It’s like that stray pup that tries to follow you home after you fed it that one day.

  73. HojozVideos

    A lot of damage? Nothing Flex Tape can’t fix

  74. Intellectual Crocodile Motherfucker

    Jeez. This Cruithne is unloyal. With the sun then Earth then back to the sun.

  75. David Pirtle

    “Blue Moon I saw you standing alone, not with a small friend!”

  76. Vienna The Grill

    Damn I was just thinking about the Trojan Asteroid and you guys upload a video on it…
    Here’s to our to our little rock buddy which will be a little moon in 5000 years!

  77. A Leo X

    So Minmus isn’t real and we won’t get any free ice cream

  78. dojokonojo

    Stop trolling poor Alan Davies with all these moon questions D:

  79. capnazrael

    1:40 careful, Stephen Fry might lose it again

  80. Duncan Ellis

    ah, Gaelic pronunciation! Rules, schmules…

  81. Thomas Williams

    What would be the criteria for having a second moon o.o

  82. Kinga Kristóf

    If in several millenia Cruithne will orbit Earth and then in a few millenia it will orbit the sun again… could we assume it had already been Earth’s mini-moon in the past? That it’s a recurring orbit-change?

  83. gayatri devi govindarajula

    Cruithen, love you from earth.. ♥️

  84. Gediminas B

    So it’s a sort of a… Three Body Problem, huh ?

  85. Freeda Peeple

    Sure, but can Nord protect my device from asteroid strikes?

  86. christosvoskresye

    “That’s no moon!”
    “Oh, good. It must not be a threat, then.”

  87. David Brisbane

    Wow … if only it had the right orbit, it could explain eclipses on the flat earth.

  88. Jon V.

    Cruithne *hits earth*
    Phil swift : *THAT’S ALLOTA DAMAGE*

  89. Pixie Fairy

    “Bird’s-eye-view of the Solar system”
    I wouldn’t want to be that terrified (and very dead) bird.

  90. Dyl C

    The H is not silent in Cruithne.
    Something like Croo-ee-hne

  91. radagastwiz

    “Which moon are we talking about here?” – Rich Hall

  92. Jimmyinvictus

    Who else waited to see how he pronounced “Cruithne” because they weren’t sure how to pronounce it? (I had no idea…my Gaelic is awful)

  93. Alexis Welsh

    Mini moon? Don’t you mean Chibi Moon?

  94. Jack Bugden

    I was so ready and waiting for you to mispronounce Cruithne but *DAMN* you do your research!

  95. Christel Headington

    Cruithne: Not a moon, a loopy rock, making an asteroid of itself.

  96. Georg F

    Ah it’s named after an old Irish people? That explains why the spelling has little to do with the pronunciation.

  97. Patrick Reding

    Thumbnail: Earth’s Second Moon!?
    Video: No.

  98. Austin Arminio

    Somewhere, Alan Davis’ is screaming “Theres only one moon!”

  99. NefariousKoel

    1:38 “Wonky Orbit”
    I appreciate the very technical scientific terms. Learning new ones all the time!

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