Could You Get Pregnant in Space?

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Researchers are already trying to figure out if people can make space babies. If we need to live in space long-term, will our species be able to reproduce?,A2,3,5,x49523.pdf


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  1. A3Kr0n

    No I can’t, I’m a guy.

  2. ztwntyn8

    I will do a space girl ya know for the sake of science 😎😈

  3. The Mighty Punion

    How on earth do you choose to skip a period

  4. Mark Pendragon

    It would take some serious crowd funding. First to develop a viable full gender change. Then getting launched up to the ISS, or buying a Falcon Heavy, with a long term habitat module.

    Mmm … sounds painful. .. NO!

  5. radagastwiz

    So where did Reid film this? At his fully equipped home camera studio? (I know Hank has one, but…)

  6. Mic_Glow

    We will need rotating habitats for long travel/ space stations anyway. Problem solved.

  7. Drain Bamage

    I’m pretty sure I can’t get pregnant in space.

  8. TheSmokekoke

    Did you mean pregananant or pregernet?

  9. Snippy Cutwell

    Yeah. Some weird ass space monster lays it’s giant bug eggs in your eyes,
    yeah, you get pregnant. Really pregnant…

  10. mightyNosewings

    Thumbnail is a work of art.

  11. Beenadd Sebhat

    Scientist 1: I research new forms of energy to help limit our dependence on fossil fuels

    Scientist 2: I research better farming ways to get more crops to feed a growing population

    Scientist 3: I research what will happen when babies are born in space

  12. Ricardo Becerra

    I would be that yes, because they are mammals in the oceans, and that’s some what 0 G?

  13. Ken Colangelo

    Build a big ship and spin it. Who wants to even live in 0G for a year, much less try to have a kid like that?

  14. WingedRobot

    Someone get this video to Elon Musk so he can temper his sci-fi colonization fantasies.

  15. Delivery McGee

    On the other hand … sign me up for the orbital orgies.

  16. David Roddini

    Haven’t seen the video yet but since I am a guy I think that it is safe to say that no I can’t.

  17. Unluckyness

    *flashbacks to the Space Between Us*

  18. Paul imWald

    the video compression does weird thing to your beard. i think i uses the same colour as your shirt has..

  19. Jam the Ooze

    I need to listen. If I watch I think the host’s head is upside down.

  20. LeRoiJojo

    No gravity, no pregnancy… But one hell of a party!

  21. Slagon Drayer

    You need some space babies? Hold my beer…

  22. Squirrel ASMR

    They should make a pr0n0 in the ISS

  23. Pineapple

    Beard is epic, looking like vsauce

  24. MonkeyspankO

    Geez, the boys are really swimming upstream on this one….sorry, its all i got

  25. GWN_ Abe

    Couldnt they do the thing in artificial gravity?

  26. Artem

    That was one deep dive into pregnancy

  27. BladesWillxBleed

    Okay let’s just do this already. Just launch me and my mate up there & we’ll take it from there 😉. You can write it down, what happens. I’ll do it for free and save you a lot of time & money. I just ask in return you either terminate the pregnancy, or for the love of the gods adopt it to the highest bidding curious scientist!

  28. Kenny Carter

    Lets just say, reproduction is impossible without enough gravity and radiation protection

  29. Tom

    amazing content

  30. Robert T

    Seems like we should learn a lot more about biology and genetics before moving forward with human trials.

  31. masskilla469

    We are on the verge of understanding how to create Gravity and ounce we do we would be able to create our own on space craft with it..

  32. Amster Dam

    Getting pregnant is SUPER EASY, BARELY AN INCONVENIENCE, but giving birth on the other hand isn’t…
    requires Gravity :)

  33. Ramshackle Alex

    When he says “microgravity satellite”, what does that mean? A satellite designed for microgravity experiments, a satellite in a higher orbit than most, or something else?

  34. herranton1979

    Dear Science,
    If you need some help answering this conundrum, I would be willing to volunteer. Please send the following:
    1. Much food.
    2. Spaceship
    3. Multiple K-pop girl groups.
    I will be ready for peer review approximately 9 months and a few days after receiving the necessary supplies.
    Your friend,

  35. Buildings1772

    in guessing i cant given that im a guy..

  36. ekiouja

    I’m hoping I can’t. As a man that would raise many questions about the affects of space on the human body.

  37. Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández

    I guess we need to figure out artificial gravity in space along with better radiation shielding before making babies in space the old fashion way

  38. John Rinnier

    If so. I assure you as a man. I will not be going to space. 😂😆😆

  39. Think N Play

    I was asking this question myself like less then a week ago LOL, but thx for the awnser

  40. Synthetic Humanoid

    But these are short-term tests.
    What about prolonged exposure where their body has adapted to its new environment?

  41. Alex Waltman

    I feel the obvious solution to this problem is just artificial gravity by rotating space station to simulate earths gravity.

  42. null

    1:01 wait wait.. astronauts can just skip their periods?? how??

  43. stevemonkey6666

    I would like to answer the question posed in the title to this video. No I could not get pregnant in space


  44. Wes Tolson

    Uhhhhh…. yeah I want to know the answer to that question. Space sex sounds sweet!

  45. roy romano

    I’ve often thought that long term off world colonization would be reserved for Grandparents. People that already have progeny.

  46. AJ Blackwood

    I feel like we’d need something that could function as a permanent colony before we could successfully reproduce in space. Permanent artificial rotary gravity, radiation protection that limits exposure to equivalent to the Earth’s surface, means of growing food, the whole shebang. That covers every factor we think could hurt fetal development. If pregnancy can’t happen then, then there’s some other factor we’re missing.

  47. Dr. DJ Savato

    I thought they were actually going to make the first porn in space

  48. Venci Nacario

    As long as you bring your PP to space, then this question is solved.

  49. InnocentDoodles

    Wish I could skip my period on long missions….

  50. somerandomguy

    sign me up, i’ll test it thoroughly in your anti gravity chambers

  51. EyesOfByes

    2:28 BLASTOcyst. He he. Funny

  52. Daniel Jensen

    Framed another way, being in space might be great birth control.

  53. JAMES! Since the 70's

    It would probably be difficult, and you would want to keep anything from floating around when finished!

  54. William Thomas

    Basically everyone is trying to figure out if we can bang in space… god I love science

  55. Dragoninthewest

    I know I can’t but that’s I’m a dude. Now my lady, let’s hope.

  56. King of Dongles

    Anytime I hear about this, I always think about how badly space deteriorates adult bones and muscle. Imagine someone landing on a planet when their body has never known anything but weightlessness, especially a young kid.

  57. Kevin Gomolchak

    Just discover gravitons and create artificial gravity to ensure 1g at all times.

  58. Scribe13

    I’d say no…if I was trying to get some…in space

  59. Kyle Collins

    How do female astronauts choose to skip their periods for a longer missions?

  60. Julie P.

    Jokes on you, I cant even reproduce here on Earth

  61. Tatu Varvemaa


    Well I would be really confused, for one, Im a male. I think that sums it up pretty well…

  62. Aimless Savant

    Title prediction: not without assistance of technology.

  63. noxabellus

    When will I learn to turn my sound down before starting a scishow video

  64. ᠯᡠᠪᡵᡳ ᠮᠠᡳᠯᠠᠰᡠᠨ

    I can’t get pregnant anywhere. I’m a dude.

  65. Pineapple

    Well at least there’s one thing to keep us safe: no flat-earthers will ever exist on other colonies

  66. Stanley Tan

    I didn’t know birth control methods could get this expensive

  67. JMFC

    0:14 – “Babies… SNOT!!!”

  68. Zenn Exile

    Yep, you can bone in space.

  69. Kyle Clair

    At 2:27, the moment “BLASTOCYST” appeared on the screen, I thought it said “BLASTOISE.” I was all like “whaaaaaaaaat???” and then realized my mistake haha.

  70. Monty Cantsin

    “If I had a blacklight, this place would look like a Jackson Pollack painting.” – Starlord

  71. Rename To What U Want

    Lets hope that artificial gravity ring stations and good shielding will be there to make sure we can still live out our future among the stars!

  72. Aulu

    1:01 For those that are confused! Birth control pills, shots, implants, and IUDs can (but not always) stop periods while they’re being used. It depends person to person.

    I have personal experience with the shot (depo provera) and the arm implant (nexplanon).

  73. Seldom Prodigy

    This takes the “I swear this never happens to me!”* chagrin to a whole ‘nother lvl.

  74. Spade Kersey

    Hope you guys are well! Thanks for making this quarantine bearable. ❤️

  75. New Message

    Me? No.

    Unless you count xenomorph embryos….?

  76. Uzumakiboy55

    Ah I wondered this question for everyday of my life.

  77. fusionstar916

    Those gang of miceses in space making baby mouseses.

  78. Josue Cortez

    Two words: Artificial Gravity.
    That’s what we need.
    Suddenly the usage of big ships or O’Neill cylinder space colonies as suggested by Sci Fi shows such as Gundam or even by Jeff Bezos doesn’t sound that much of a bad idea.
    Of course, it’s not within our current technological reach as Elon Musk said, but that will have to be the way.

  79. Angl0sax0nknight

    O’Neil cylinders with spin gravity would be ideal solution. If we could ever build one

  80. Gordon Chin

    Don’t need to watch it to know the answer is, “we don’t know.”

  81. UberKrassMann

    where do i sign up to participate in the gathering of data on whether making space babies is possible?
    i’m asking for a friend.

  82. Hoopy Frood

    Sounds like just making a centrifugal ship would be way more practical. Would solve many other unrelated problems too.

  83. Ohm State

    Humans have developed and evolved on Earth where gravity has played a fundamental role in gestation. For us to ask nature to put aside millions of years of evolution isn’t just going to just happen. It’s a kool thing to ponder however.

  84. David

    1:03 wait what? Astronauts can choose to skip their periods? Someone please explain…

  85. sween187

    We do live in space, on a little planet called earth. 🙃

  86. Bitchute is better than Youtube

    I reckon at least half of mankind wont be able to get pregnant in space… call it a hunch

  87. Eugene InLaw

    Man, it would absolutely suck if it’s found that 1g of gravity is somehow essential to our reproduction

  88. Slordar

    “Could you get pregnant in space?”
    me a man-“No”

  89. クリス

    sounds like a lot of work when everyone knows a much more easy way to find the answer.

  90. Kaiser the Keyboard

    I’d be worried if I did since I’m a guy

  91. Jesse Ward

    Life..uhh…finds a way.

  92. -

    On the bright side, it seems that the sperm can find their way to their target without the female having to be spun around to centrifuge them to their goal. 🤷

  93. verystupidname

    Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids. In fact, it’s cold as hell….

  94. SaiyanGohan2000 DustiestPancake

    Oh, yes. All those “researchers” trying to get pregnant in space. Suuurre.

  95. Mattteus

    When he mentioned that the cells were absorbed back into the rat’s body, I thought of Color Out Of Space…

  96. Tundra1232

    It’s a hard problem.

  97. CL Melonshark

    Astronaut playing with their space baby outside their ship: *throws baby into the air*
    Astronaut: *realizes they’re in space*
    Baby: *drifts away for eternity*

  98. US

    Once isn’t enough. For it to be truest scientific, the results have to be *Reproducible*
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  99. Leo

    Short answer: maybe, but fetus development might be compromised.

    Long answer: Well, you see, when mama astronaut and papa astronaut love each other so much…

  100. Errant Venture

    Gives meaning to the meme phrase “for science.”

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