Can You Build Homes in Space With Blood?

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If we hope to someday live on other worlds we need to figure out where we’re gonna lay our heads at “night.” But who would have thought we could use our own bodies as ingredients for our homes?!

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  1. kwanarchive

    Surely if we have astronauts ON Mars, it makes more sense just to have them dig out a base rather than build one..

  2. Derek Floyd

    “You can’t live inside a single brick.”

    Hank, don’t give real estate developers ideas!

  3. Adam Tehranchi

    Well … that’s a new kind of Adobe, hope they work out the kinks

  4. ΔΕΛΤΑ

    Yes, I would love to live in a damn scab situated on a foreign planet.

  5. boomstick457

    I think it was the Roman’s who utilized blood in their concrete? Interesting thought by this team 👍

  6. Lastings

    May be a 100kph, but the Martian atmosphere is very thin, so you probably wouldn’t feel it too much

  7. M.J

    how about they try to make bricks out of regolith mixed with poop.. all astronauts can donate a good amount on a daily bases without risk XD

  8. Absentee

    When I grow up I’m gonna be living in a house made of blood, pee, and moon dust

  9. Martin Houde

    Albumin is perhaps the easiest protein to gather from living animals, including humans, while keeping these animals alive. And it binds a ton of stuff, as do other plasma proteins. In fact, depending on how much protein and water is need for a brick of regolith, it might be easier to ship whole plasma from Earth, which contains even stronger components (in lesser quantities) and brings some water as well. Both bovine albumin and urea are easy to purchase, and shipping to the Moon would be much easier and much faster than to send colonizers who would harvest themselves to build a house in 6 years.

    It has to be said that further refinement is needed. The study uses 3g of albumin, 7g of urea and 7ml of water for 4g of regolith. That means half the brick would need to be shipped from Earth or harvested from colonists, assuming the water is collected from the Moon itself. Not very practical.

  10. General Durandal

    On birth, God gives the Breath of Life.
    On birth, out first breath vacuum seals some air in our lungs.
    The lungs are the anchor of the soul.

    You’re life’s blood.
    Blood is life.

    Spilling innocent blood curses the ground.

    The heart is the cradle of the soul.

    The veins are the highway of the soul.

    Hydrogen and Oxygen are part of your soul.

    To build with Blood is to build with a part of your soul.
    You should not do this.
    Everything you build could be cursed.

  11. EnraEnerato

    So instead of harvesting blood plasma, send two bioreactors one for bacteria which produce the serum and one for the urea? Should give you a way better yield as well, or so I would reason.

  12. Drumkommandr

    I call multiple counts of BS on this statement. We have viable technology, methodology, and lots and LOTS of willing people to try.

  13. Derian le Breton

    Capitalism runs on blood, sometimes literally.

  14. TheElusiveReality

    Don’t let Elon musk hear this, he’ll suggest a blood farm on Mars

  15. ThirteenthAndy

    I thought after The Martian we were done pretending there are hurricane-force winds on Mars.

  16. daniel280456

    Unfortunately, the blood would awaken the Old One, slumbering in the catacombs of Mars, waiting for sentient life to unleash him unto the universe once again.

  17. Angus Fairtheoir

    “Human serum albumin” reminded me that there are some centuries-old buildings in the Philippines that were built with mortar made with egg whites.

  18. Tyler Harry

    “You can’t live in a single brick.” Well not with that attitude, Hank. It just has to be a really big brick, then dig out your home.

  19. Tragoudistros.MPH

    0:53 Billionaire: I can build a house with spare change?!?
    Us: 😒
    Billionaire: *Finishes video* Oh, good, the blood of the poor is cheaper.
    Us: …

  20. Tragoudistros.MPH

    If it weren’t scishow, I’d have ignored this as clickbait.

  21. omegajynx

    I knew billionaires would literally bleed us all, but I would never think it would be like that

  22. TigerHawk709

    Wouldn’t it also be an issue that none of these structures would be air tight? It seems like this is more of a possible feature to build around your existing structures, that are brought with us, to make them more shielded. Not as stand alones.

  23. David Bodor

    Question – Would it be possible to do a mixed space elevator with hydrogen or helium balloons bringing materials high up and then using orbital installations to grab said material from there and pull it up? Kind of a mix between the orbital slingshot and space elevator concepts.

  24. PafMedic,Jan

    So Thats Why The Aliens Have Been Draining The Blood Of Cattle In Varies Fields..🤨😂😂

  25. H Odor

    Great premise for a scifi horror.

  26. Mathew Hasty

    This just sounds like the setup for a dystopian horror scifi movie, where the poorer citizens are sacrificed to build homes for the richer class.

  27. Donnie Dreadful

    Yes, lets build space colonies with blood magic!

  28. Pooolj

    you can always engineer yeast to make spider silk like The Thought Emporium showed on one of his experiments xD

  29. Gina Woolsey

    I heard about this headline from a talk show before scishow covered it. What a wild timeline we live in.

  30. Mr Joe

    Ah yes, science that sounds like old forgotten dark magic. My favorite kind of science

  31. Guillermo Melendez

    This sounds like something Alex Jones might have said and he would have been right again….

  32. Max Musterman

    Why not like this: engineered microorganism to produce any protein + energy from sun -> binder and other needed components

  33. Existenceisillusion

    Gives new meaning to “I’ll pave roads with the bones of your goat herding a – -“

  34. Aromatic Snail

    if human history taught us anything, it’s definitely happening

  35. JonnesTT

    Is it really more efficient to transport food than concrete?

    Also “Of Blood and Dust we are.” is now a dystopian sci-fi setting in one sentence and I kinda love it.

  36. insertswear

    Ah yes, building our castles and temples out of blood on dead worlds. Nyarlathotep approves.

  37. Oucyan

    this sounds more metal than it actually is

  38. Glenn Babić

    This topic was just done by Anton Petrov. So many of SciShow’s videos feel like belated copies of other channels.

  39. Angel Marin

    The alternative would be shipping genetically modified bacteria that feed from waste and segregate the blood or the silk protein.

  40. New Message

    Well… can’t the cows just jump there? They jump over the moon all the time, if I recall.

  41. New Message

    This is gonna make a great movie.

  42. Nathan Hale

    Sounds like the beginning of a great scyfi murder movie. Bring new meaning to the phrase “blood sweat and tears” ….. Um well uh…… Pee. I wonder how long the bricks made this way would stink?

  43. Guilherme Martin Somlo

    *Martian parents will have an unfair advantage at emotionally guilting their kids!*

  44. T B

    This paints a very grim picture for the first indentured servants trapped on mars paying off their trips….

  45. 11thNite

    Dang, a single brick on the moon would cost almost as much as a 4 bedroom house in Southern California

  46. bergonius

    Mars, the god of war, requires blood for the greater good.

  47. Sanica Nadkarni

    We are now going to need blood donation camps for ……… living on Mars

  48. lam delmundo

    “Long ago, this structure was built with the blood of thousands of explorers…”
    -some dude in the future

  49. ArtistAnthony

    I guess if I’m stuck on like Mars and have only a Day left of Survival, I’ll use up the stuff in my body to maintain an existing structure or patch up a leak because I’d choose dying inside and after weakness while preventing any part of my rotting corpse like the nasty stench from escaping out so nothing happens to anyone who arrives to my home.

  50. Karimba Leofasa

    This would be the coolest idea if it gets implemented.

    “Blood sacrifices were required for these structures to exist”

  51. Militant Pacifist

    This sounds like something Elon Musk would make up just because he got high.

  52. DragoNate

    Oh, so THAT’S how bricks get their red color!!

  53. FvckYoutube'sCensorshipAn

    We should probably just forget about colonizing anything until we are a post-scarcity society (where virtually everything made of atoms and even energy is virtually free for the taking by anyone that wants it due to unlimted supply, it’s why no one is selling air at $1 per liter in 2021). As long as $ are tied to things like fuel the cost, risk and bragging rights just isn’t worth it.

  54. khadija nadeem

    I really wanna see what the world would be like in a couple hundred years, I don’t fear death but it kinda makes me sad that I wouldn’t be able to see all that.

  55. Fay Anne Aura Arts

    The easiest thing to do would be to burrow down into the rock. Sure you gotta pay for the mining tech to get up there, but it would be useful for taking samples and stuff as well.

  56. Neil Kunz

    I love it when Anton’s been there 4 days ago

  57. Christopher Parsons

    I’m shocked there was no mention of the oxblood concrete we used to use only just over 100 years ago, and that stuff is damn near indestructible, blood makes leather feel like steel sheet too, and that is straight from the horses mouth, well left leg

  58. david bass

    Literal blood, sweat and tears would go into the building.

    Which, may actually be a good thing.

  59. Thomas Davis

    I am still thinking “mushgloo” and bury it think Apollo13 meets Unexpected Journey. Truthfully though, they are doing amazing things with mycelium.

  60. yungo

    That is a very metal way to build a settlement.

  61. Local grandparent

    When I first saw the title I thought it was talking about billionaires sacrificing poor people’s lives

  62. Maniac Bob

    I was laughing my butt off through this whole segment.

  63. Jessica P

    Just generically modify some bacteria to make the protein. Preserve a few bacteria and the extraction equipment, take them with you, grow buckets of bacteria.

  64. OrdovicianAphelion

    martian spider ranching for bricks sounds like an excellent idea to me


    So, we’d essentially be space Vampires?

  66. alkafrazin

    how effective would menstrual blood be?

  67. Hey, Folks!

    We’ve done it. We’ve witnessed the greatest title to a YouTube video. Pack it in.

  68. Irvine Spiegel

    “Can you build homes in space with blood?”


  69. Jarrett Benning

    While harvesting the required proteins from people would be practically implausible, I like the general idea.
    Perhaps we can invent a better solution using genetically engineered bacteria. I’m not sure of the logistical challenges involved in creating and supporting a bacteria farm on the moon would be, but it seems more realistic than harvesting from astronauts.
    It’s also very possible that, during the development, we could discover a more effective protein to use as a binder.

  70. KR P

    From a basic science POV; this research is good and may have a future spinoff application, but pushing the notion that this specific use-case is even an option is disappointing and frankly embarrassing.

  71. ChasedGoat

    This really changes the meaning of “I built this home with my own blood sweat and tears”

  72. Sam Wildstein

    1800 bricks from 6 people in 6 years is 50 bricks per person per year. That doesn’t sounds very practical, especially when you’re likely to need supplements of some kind to help the astronauts replace that blood.

  73. John Wilkinson

    If Matt Damon had this technology, the plot of the movie, “The Martian” would have been much different.

  74. K Tyler

    Because why just makes homes in space? Let’s make it out of the blood of our enemies, that’ll REALLY send a message to aliens not to mess with us. This is why people say scientists are extra 🙄

  75. Lucid Moses

    Talk about pouring your blood, sweat and tears into a project.

  76. Zarkonem

    So homes in the future might literally be made with our blood, sweat and tears.

  77. Stuart Reed

    This is awesome and also please do not ever tell the AI overlord!!! 🙅‍♂️🚫🤖

  78. Julio Chao

    I never excepted the day to learn that we might want to fly spiders to Mars for building houses with their help xD Spiders in SPACE!? But the alternative of living in blood-donated houses is also insane. I’d like both :D

  79. Tymeshifter

    The astronauts will literally build colony with blood, sweat and tear.

  80. Scribe13

    The concensus seems to be that this is not a good development

  81. Combat King 0

    “Centuries ago, this martian colony was literally constructed from blood, sweat and tears.”
    – A historian, 2741.

  82. Dilon Moodley

    Putting your BLOOD, sweat and tears into it. Litterally blood!

  83. Ben Lyons

    I feel like these bricks are just a few steps away from AI machine’s farming humans for building materials.

  84. Sapele Steve

    This has got to fall under the “Stupid Ideas” category! LMAO 😂😂😂😂

  85. Fernando M. Sumiya

    They may literally build houses with sweat and blood.

  86. Imię Nazwisko

    It brings a question.
    Would things like cannibalism (or something similar) be a thing on extraterrestrial colonies?

    After all that’s a lot of stuff that would be wasted (it could be used in other way, like producing fertilizer).

  87. Feeble Reptilian

    In the words of Nathan Explosion “Oh yeah… that’s pretty Brutal.”

  88. John Stevenson

    Studies must begin immediately on weightless cows.

  89. Glorywhole

    Let’s build stuff with blood on the red planet. Checks out.

  90. Neferpeko

    When you put your blood, sweat, and tears in to building your moon house.

  91. Macchinario Straussberg

    For fracks sake people, I’m pretty sure this is how Doom happened.

  92. jed lath

    For the love of god, nobody tell Elon!

  93. BE C

    Wow, puts new meaning to I put my blood into this.

  94. Technopagan

    Sorry Bob we need a new building and you drew the short straw to give your blood

  95. Erik

    Now that’s a title.
    Quality legitbait.

  96. Jansen Art

    Oh, great. Let’s farm poor astronauts for their blood to build the Martian palaces of Lunar billionaires. What book of Dune is this from?

  97. Michael Child

    This is the best title for a video I’ve EVER seen L M F A O

  98. ThePhantom

    Well you don’t need a home for astronauts if you bleed them to death

  99. Falcon Heavy

    I love when Hank hosts scishow space!

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