Buzzed By a Weird Blue Asteroid

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Asteroid 3200 Phaethon got closer than it will be until 2093, and the reflecting light has astronomers puzzled, and the relationship between black holes and magnetic fields is now a little more clear.

Correction: The writer for this episode was actually JD Voyek.

  1. Rockin BoBokkin


  2. Robot Zombie

    So its eating torus?

  3. Scorch428

    Black Holes are spheres, right? Hole implies 2d, always hated that

  4. PMW3

    3:19 I have some questions.

  5. Barry Lucas

    Perhaps it’s just terribly terribly sad.

  6. Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez

    Watch the Science Channel.

  7. chrixthegreat

    Question. How does electromagnetism escape the black holes gravity?

  8. Austin Obst

    it’s blue because if it was green, it would die

  9. Michkov

    Isn’t the Parker Solar Probe the named object that gets closest to the Sun?

  10. Hanif Huzairi

    I didn’t know about the Sofia telescope either, Hank.. You’re not alone in this, so don’t worry too much about it..

  11. maumastoks

    A separate video about that plane please.

  12. DABR

    @3:38 Galaxies*

  13. James Gentry

    Its orbit makes it a bit lonely. I would be blue too.

  14. Diamond Jub

    things that fall into black holes scream in ultraviolet

  15. Colin Roberts

    I’m confused on how can a black hole produce a magnetic field from inside it’s event horizon. Is the black hole creating the magnetic field or is it the ionized plasma trapped in orbit around the active galactic nucleus?

  16. Elaina Tillinghast

    They ate everything within range already

  17. Cody Dockerty

    I have had the lucky opportunity to watch SOFIA in action. The mission conducts its operations out the city I live near in New Zealand, and seeing it land and take off is such a sight to behold

  18. ResortDog

    The Black Prince is a weird space rock. Magnetism or the impossible to find dark matter, which is really the missing mass.

  19. ComradeWinston

    I’ve seen this before. #TheExpanse

  20. S C

    maybe its made of titanium and the suns heat is “bluing” it?

  21. David Forester

    I actually got to fly on a SOFIA mission, it is indeed one of the coolest telescopes out there. Fun fact, they had to add extra metal plates to the front for ballast, so that the plane flies level with all the equipments in the back.

  22. help me

    I’m a Gemini, but is anyone else here a torus?

  23. Queen Gabrielle Lavi Jahnsun

    Hank is the best

  24. Enrique López

    Hi SciShow! I’m the author of the Cygnus A results you show on this video. I do also work at SOFIA ;) Thanks a lot pick our research, the explanation is fantastic! I’ll take notes and explain it with those simple words on my talks.

  25. Robert Evans

    I am amazed that you didn’t know about the 747 mounted telescope. It has been on the internet for years and in science magazines and tv shows.

  26. 54kr1


  27. Lyri Metacurl

    Comet shards are blue so that’s why it’s blue

  28. HugoBDesigner

    If you’ve never heard of the Sofia telescope, then you probably haven’t been following the SETI Institute closely :P

  29. kuntamdc

    Do blackholes travel around the center of our universe?

  30. Redbeard357

    A blue asteroid named Phaethon? Are you sure it’s not one of those Phazon asteroids from the Metroid Prime games?

  31. Zes

    no such thing as relationx or not

  32. Robert Pruitt

    I assume Thanos is rolling around on the floor somewhere crying.

  33. LincolnTek

    How do we know the asteroid is blue ? Maybe it is a happy asteroid.

  34. Rus Clay

    Maybe it’s blue because it’s scorched Iron.

  35. Matt P

    FFS, stop putting text on the screen that says exactly what you’re saying. This is literally how NOT to do an engaging presentation design. It actually impedes transfer of information.

  36. Humble Tone

    Sulphuric acid heated. That’s your blue

  37. MrWombatty

    Most likely Asteroid 3200 Phaethon is the baked core of an old comet, which could explain its highly eccentric orbit as well as its colour!

  38. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    “Well, ah, well, ah. It’s obviously made uh…blue suede…like muh shoes. Thank you, thank you very much.”—Elvis.

  39. Omizuke

    Why did the asteroid turned blue? —————————— Cause it couldn’t breath! =D
    Get it? Cause its on the vacuum of space….. and there’s no oxygen…..
    I’ll see myself out…

  40. zetsumeinaito

    Yay~ It’s Hank!

  41. Daniel Jensen

    Sophia is great because it can go places other telescopes can’t, like over the middle of the Pacific ocean if that’s where the thing you’re interested in will be visible. It’s not so great because sticking out of the side of an airplane in flight is not exactly the most controlled environment. Lots of vibration and possibility for atmospheric disturbances that will be hard to account for.

  42. KY Mountain Man

    Wait is this an episode of the Thunderbolts Project space news?? New and still unexplained asteroid properties and possible galactic scale electromagnetism…?

  43. Weromano

    so when the last sun in the universe dies we could use the magnetic fields of black holes for an weromano sphere (giant electrical black hole motor) !?

  44. Vistico93

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and that solar probe will get a close pass at the asteroid at some point during its mission and get a better look

  45. nattyphysicist

    +1 for the electric Universe people.

  46. IlrysKadiatu

    My takeaway from this video: black holes are the ambush predators of the universe.

  47. Anthony Langgoy Jr.

    cobalt is blue right? maybe it is made of pure cobalt…

  48. Н. Павлов

    I love his style!

  49. tomkrzyt

    Cygnus A is not the closest active galaxy. For example, M87 lies much closer and it has jets too.

  50. Mike Emmons

    that is the sort of orbit I would program into a monitoring drone. just saying.

  51. capnazrael

    I’ve seen plenty of these in space engineers, it’s made up of a bucketload of cobalt

  52. fl00fydragon

    Oh crap, we found the protomolecule.

  53. Edward C Tullis

    Not hardly, my friend Karen is the hottest thing in the universe

  54. Ryan Mitchell

    You haven’t heard of SOFIA?

  55. joe momma

    Its probably metal base asteroid and the heat from the sun is heating the surface

  56. Jake Anderson

    Wow, the interplay of the black hole magnetic field with surrounding matter seems like a “well duh,” moment. Yet, I had never even thought about it, and I am the biggest cosmology/astrophysics geek I know. I had never given thought to the emphasis of gravity in pop-science descriptions of black holes, yet it seems so obvious that more forces than gravity would be at work.
    I am, by no means, trying to minimize the impact of these observations on greater understanding, but…wow. Here I am with a new spin (no pun intended) on my understanding. …mind slightly blown, though I feel silly for being taken aback. ~shrugz~

  57. Abdega


  58. killi mimes

    Blue is probably from Basalt.

  59. Ryanocerous

    I’ve seen The Expanse. I know what’s going on here

  60. William Cyparski

    Hank for President!

  61. chrixthegreat

    And as for the blue colour of the asteroid, could the high energy particles coming form the sun be responsible. I have seen metals change colour when bombarded by particles.

  62. Jon Bain

    You still believe in black holes? Mfft. Bwahahaha. !!!

  63. Robot Zombie

    Of course venus is the hottest on the solar system😁

  64. Nafrost

    Imagine how cool it would a SOFIA version of a super jumbo

  65. kefkaZZZ

    When glazing a piece of pottery you apply a mixture that includes oxides of various metals. When the piece is fired at high temperatures these oxides undergo chemical reactions and produce brilliant and vibrant colours, including many blues. Maybe this asteroid has an abundance of cobalt oxide and others.

  66. Louis Anthes

    I think anthropomorphising black holes by using the “feeding” metaphor is overplayed.

  67. Ian Schimnoski

    We should name that asteroid: Icarus

  68. m15granger

    Da fuq… a telescope plane. That’s awesome.

  69. W Covey

    So, magnetic force can reach out from a black hole.

  70. mihan2d

    Obvious Element Zero -rich asteroid. If only they could mine it…

  71. Craig Mckinney

    Blue asteroid? You need to bone up on your Marvel! The Blue Zone on the moon actually had an oxygen atmosphere. (look for Fantastic Four and Goliath in Marvel comics)

  72. Josh Guyette

    I suspect it’s a Nitrogen doped diamond (which are blue)… Considering how hot it gets, it’s possible.

  73. king james488

    maybe it has a high copper content?
    why is blue such a weird thing? blue isn’t that weird.
    if it were covered in equally spaced pokadots that would be weird… blue isn’t weird. it’s just a wavelength of light.

  74. Launch Pad Astronomy

    The blue asteroid is very strange indeed. Thanks for another excellent video!

  75. Len Arends

    4:12 I like how the subject title card retracts like a projector screen being pulled and released. Very “science classroom” detail.

  76. The Sapien

    What if there was no black hole and it was all electrical?
    I mean, we’re observing plasma, which is governed by EM, not gravity.

  77. Chip Kosboth

    What’s the theoretical upper size limit of SMBHs? And what weirdness could it inflict on the regular universe?

  78. TIlak Sevak

    Holly molly!! Why no-one told me about that cool NASA telescope!? 😂

  79. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    “I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, at your desire.”—Shocking Blue.

  80. OCT23JNR

    It’s actually Energon :P

  81. Divergent Evolution

    Scientists and researchers, bringing us no less of a dark age than religion did.

  82. Amira

    I love what you do for this channel it’s amazing your work

  83. philos4r

    The original Blue Moon more natural than our own.

  84. Graptopetalum

    Perhaps this asteroid has loads of sapphires like the one in “Moon Zero Two”.

  85. Ifti Haq

    Talk about the Parker solar probe

  86. Kevan808

    It’s blue because it’s a Smurf planet…geez figure you’d know that 😝

  87. Michael Johnson

    Phaethon 3200…an Interstellar space TOILET breakaway piece…TP NOT INCLUDED!!

  88. manifestgtr

    I knew about the Sofia telescope. I’m a nerd 😔

  89. quanti5

    I actually made some parts for SOFIA while I was working for the NASA Ames machine shop. Neat to see that thing still in use.

  90. Chewierulz

    Upon reading the title: “Protomolecule?”
    Upon watching the video: “Well it’s not confirmed to NOT be protomolecule.”

  91. PaleGhost69

    This asteroid must be where Eiffel 65 shot the music video for Blue (bah buh dee)

  92. Manuel James

    Protomolecule? #TheExpanse! Better be careful.

  93. Dubsteption 07

    Ok can we get a video about different weird telescopes

  94. bill baggins

    If Phaethon were mostly iron, then 700c would be about the right temperature to turn it blue. similar to tempering a piece of steel. the colour changes are relative to temperature

  95. Fred Ivory

    That 747 has been a thing for years.

  96. New Message

    I hope it feels better soon.

  97. biohazard724

    It’s blue because it didn’t listen to Willy Wonka

  98. Polaris 5

    I love that you guys include your sources! It’s so important to highlight to the researcher’s hard work. Also, listing sources is how combat “alternative facts” and misinformation!

  99. stevemonkey6666

    Yes. We need to know more about that 747 with a telescope in the side!

  100. Master Therion

    It’s blue because its circulation is cut off at the waist. It needs to loosen its asteroid belt.

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