5 Ways to Travel the Universe | Compilation

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There are a lot of ways to get around in space, from using plain old sunlight to making super-hot plasma. We’ve talked about a lot of propulsion methods over the years, and now, it’s time for some highlights!

Using Sunlight to Propel Spaceships

Thrusters That Eat Teflon! | Pulsed Plasma Thrusters

The Future of CubeSat Propulsion

The VASIMR Engine: How to Get to Mars in 40 Days

Photonic Propulsion: Mars in 3 Days?

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  2. Charles Hamilton

    Don’t ya just hate it when idiots use the term “universe” interchangeably with “galaxy?”

  3. Mark Hancock

    All of the propulsion systems you described are Newtonian. I know Non Newtonian propulsion is still more Science Fiction than Science Fact, they are theoretically possible. Maybe you should do an episode of “5 Better Ways to Travel the Universe – Maybe” that talks about Non Newtonian propulsion designs being looked at and their potential.

  4. tamenga88

    If you can’t break the lightspeed barrier DON’T EVEN BOTHER.

  5. sanjuansteve

    Photons act like waves because they´re caught in orbit with undetectable dark matter particles. They have mass IMO.

  6. DuBB Wire

    Why bring up Solar Sails and Not bring up the l.a.s.e.r. application in the same section? And why not bring up the topic of Ra, his Solar Boat, and him traveling from Digitara of the Sirius B star system, only 8 lys away. Yeah i had to through that in there, over-looked Good Science though, its all there in them ancient texts, they flippin called Sirius a Star System)

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    Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe and healthy 💯

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  8. Anarchy Antz

    That asteroid mission has not happened yet, maybe next year….

    Yeah right, like The James Webb Telescope is always “launching next year” and “Fusion power is only 20 years away”. Never going to happen, the Dems are now seeing to that, watch how many will be cancelled, as I said in the last year, watch your moon landings go bye bye! Put money on China if you want to advance into space as they bother and dont piss around with toy out out of pram politic tantrums.

  9. King Peter

    So primitive… my negative gravity drive, gets me to Andromeda in a week and with only 0.964 kg of hydrogen in my fusion reactor

  10. CS GO Coach

    Why Kaitlyn

  11. mayank doholiya

    Please make an video to explain does all planets are in one plane or is it like mars if we look up yhe northpole and neptune just doen the south pole

  12. Osmosis Jones

    If most of a ship’s mass is fluid then moving the fluid would move mass panels on wheels within a fluid with the walls. and combined with conventional rockets .

    instead of replacing conventional rockets I’d say aid conventional rockets. Even sending electron through the walls wouldn’t AF trust but push more if particles in certain detection.

  13. Existenceisillusion

    4:43 “Of all the scientific minds in history, they put beaker and a bow tie up against me? …”
    6:15 “…Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, except for when we both start rapping”

  14. Limeythekind

    Aren’t we always travelling the Universe?

  15. Osmosis Jones

    If galaxies are moving away faster then light if we figure out what dark energy is an how to use it could build star ships

  16. Squirrel ASMR

    *H A N K*

  17. bill baggins

    🤔 What about radioactive decay… eg a chunk of radioactive material (preferably waste) enclosed in a lead bow with a small hole. Surely this would produce a small ammount of thrust with the possible bonus of getting rid of nasty muclear byproducts.
    Also, Reid looks strange without the beard 😁

  18. Davie Shaw

    I think we better get used to the idea that we are trapped on this planet forever
    You dont spend a billion years evolving to conditions for one specific environment and then suddenly adapt to something completely different

    Compared to earth, Mars has basically no atmosphere…so we won’t be living there in any large numbers
    Space travel is deadly for us, even if it wasnt…traveling at kilometers per second speed for great distance without any way to avoid obstacles is not a very safe way to get anywhere

    Face it…we are stuck here for a loooong long time

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  20. DizzE

    Who gets notifications for videos and then dislikes them?? Like you chose to be here lol

  21. Paul C.

    Great video, but I’m disappointed that there was no mention of Nuclear Thermal Propulsion. Engines for such a system were built & tested in the 1960s ~ 70s. And they worked well.
    They also have about 8 or 10 times the Specific Impulse of chemical rockets. How about a video on that topic – I know you have already made one about Project Orion (nuclear bomb propulsion). I watched (and liked) it.

  22. Mark Chippendale

    That idea of photonic/laser propulsion for manned missions is only practical between locations already travelled to – to have another “braking” laser at the other end of the journey. Long distance missions of investigation to the nearest star systems, reaching maybe 25% of light speed, would need some equally ultra-high-speed sensors to do some “ultra-quick detecting” at the other end before they blast past in to the far distance!

  23. Derek Hendricks

    How comes it…
    I can only see a gigantic pile of pork quivering in front of me here ?
    The total cost of such a system is back- breakingly obscene , and the chances of a tiny wafer successfully sending messages across many lightyears , are absolutely laughable .
    Nobody wins with this scam , except rotten foreigners looking to gut starry- eyed idiots , and the corrupt politicos who want their palms greased !
    The mountain of money being sought after here , would be far better spent if it was put into giant telescopic-arrays . This at least , would pay the scientific community back for the mind-numbingly huge investment being discussed now !
    *Common-sense called for now ! .🤨

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  25. Daniel Leca

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  26. Sixstar Horizon

    What if laser was fired at the earth? I think many people would be against the technology being built.

  27. DizzE

    Hank the hunk

  28. NeonsStyle

    Before you go anywhere, you need to know how to navigate. So you’re going to need a telescope (big), a radio telescope (reasonably big). As the only way to navigate is by triangulating pulsars, nebulae and other objects. This is made difficult if you’re travelling very close to the speed of light, since you can only see in front and behind. Make a video about that!

  29. The_Milkman_Returns

    For those wondering about how photons have momentum, we need to look at e=mc^2

    That is the equation for finding the total energy of a stationary particle, or simply the energy that the particle itself contains, rather than the energy propelling it. However, when a particle is in motion, there is a slightly more complex equation to calculate it’s energy.

    e^2 = (ρ^2)(c^2) + (m^2)(c^4)

    As photons have no mass, we can remove the second half of the equation and simplify, leaving us with:

    e = ρc

    ρ, the Greek letter rho, is used for momentum. This can be rearranged to show that the momentum of a photon can be found by dividing its energy by the speed of light, c.

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    Good one!

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    Very interesting video thanks a lot

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    Where’s your beard???

  33. Colin MacLaughlanWeir

    Laser Drive is the way to go. A few big lasers can be used to speed up and slow down space craft over the whole Solar System and has the bonus of you can fry any Aliens how come over

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    Nice video I love watching Traveling the universe

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    Treasure planet solar sails ohhh yes!!

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    These highlight videos are great!

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    I sure love these videos! Thank you!

  41. Maximillian Robespierre

    Why not put giant batteries into space w/ solar panels to continuously charge?

  42. Alex Daigle

    Would De-star be viable for anti-ICBM application?

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    Reid had a baby face 5 yrs ago holy hell 😂

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    It’s easy we just wait for Zefram Cochrane do be born and invented the warp drive and then just wait for the Vulcans to initiate first contact which then forms the federation…See not that hard after all

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    Bearded Reid can beat up beardless Reid.

  46. Beardie McBeardface

    We all know Hyperspace is the best way

  47. Zenn Exile

    Propulsion is a waste. It’s far more efficient to pull on the space ahead of you.

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    staarrrr trekkin’ across the universe…

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  50. Rafal D

    Photons momentum is 0*0 only in classic physics equation. In general relativity equation it is 0/0.

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    Sometimes I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone before.

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    Damn I miss this host

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    we just need to invent gellar field generators and a warp drive, mount it on a huge cathedral in space and try to stay alive

  57. Patrick Doyle

    10:35 – A Rubik’s cube is 5.7 cm on a side. 10 cm on a side is much larger – over 5x the volume of a Rubik’s cube.

  58. Dubey

    There is one more more powerful and faster, the project orion nuclear propulsion

  59. MaxBrix

    The sun also emits solar wind. Solar wind is composed of ions. Ions have mass.

  60. Critter Keeper

    “If I live a long time
    And if mankind turns once more
    To dare a present danger
    To seek a distant shore
    Then I may yet see pictures
    From other foreign skies
    And know them for reflections
    In my childrens’ questing eyes

    And I have seen the harbors
    And the ships are proud and bold
    And the children born this morning
    May already be too old….”
    -‘Harbors’ by Anne Passovoy

  61. Azael Burr

    I’ve often wondered if when going to another star system via Solar sail if the photons of the incoming star would slow us down. For smaller trips such as to Mars perhaps we could use the atmospheric drag to slow us down.

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    Checks calendar

    I think they’re a bit late.

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    This video proves that Reid is even sexier now because of his luscious beard than he was a few years ago.

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    4:22 “well served”. It depends on who is serving it, myself, agassi, selena, federer?

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    “A Fire Extinguisher on a Office Chair” :-), I wonder how many bored office workers has actually tried this trick out.

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    We don’t nearly hear enough about VASIMR these days 😢

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