3 Weird Meteorites (Whose Weirdness Was Instructive)

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Meteorites are extraterrestrial rocks that have ended up on earth. All of them are literally ‘out of this world,’ but here are three of the strangest of these aliens.

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https://cneos.jpl.nasa.gov/news/2008tc3.html, https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-03808-6, https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/diamonds-trapped-strange-meteorite-came-solar-systems-earliest-planets-180968821/



  1. God

    Yes big daddy. Tell me more about space

  2. Huntyr Lyons

    Who wants to bet that one of the scientists tried to sell those space diamonds.

  3. Argamis (SilverComet)

    What about that meteorite found near Egypt that MAY be older than the Sun?

  4. Detective Holmes

    Just a thought, but instead of a primordial planet would it not be more plausible to be the object that hit the earth and created our moon?

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    Woah only 12 comments, hey guys keep up the great work!

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  8. Osmosis Jones

    Mars might have been larger in past. Eliments like sulfur carbon and and hydrogen bonds burn and vaporize. Solar winds takes the away with the rest of the atmosphere. So burning carbon would reduce matterials on Mars making matters worse . Maybe that what the native martians might have done.
    And why they dicect those possible bacteria Fossils in Mars meteor

  9. BMTroubleU

    This guy has gotten a lot better at narrating and presenting these videos compared to when he started

  10. Azula-

    4th one was the one Sokka used to forge his sword

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    Meteorites are much better than plain meaty-ites.

  12. LordInsane100

    Hearing Anglophones try to say Ö is weird, I have to say.

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  14. Joseph Hargrove

    I know. Almahata Sitta is a remnant of Planet 9. The reason we can’t find planet 9 is that it was destroyed in a collision but its gravitational effects remain until something equally big rolls through the Kuiper Belt and rearranges things again. Whatever collided with Planet 9 must have been similar in size and they collided in a way that obliterated them both, creating a large number of the small objects that make up the Kuiper Belt.
    Speculatin’ with the best of ’em,
    richard hargrove

    “No silicon heaven?! Of course there is a silicon heaven! If there weren’t, where would the calculators go when they die?”
    – Kryten, in “Red Dwarf”

  15. Rick SanchezC137

    What happens is a “normal matter” black whole absorbs antimatter? Would it annialate or would the immense forces cancel out that reaction?

  16. Korstmahler

    Wait so it took a full experiment to tell you the bullet shaped meteors(and those pushed into that shape by atmospheric erosion) fall in straight, bullet like lines?
    Next you’ll be telling me spinning them increases their stability.

  17. Mathieu Leader

    Idiosyncratic meteorites

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    what is up with nature and phallic shapes?

  23. Super Loops

    Ive got a little piece of meteorite its a campo cielo from south america its so amazing to be able to hold something thats soooooo old

  24. Shyni

    Even if they don’t contain diamonds, meteorites can still be fascinating little gems.

  25. ArchEnema 67

    I’ve got a glowing meteorite in a crater it my backyard. It talks to me, and it told me to build a shed around it so no one could see it.
    It tells me it’s got BIG plans! But I think my dog is getting sick.

  26. ZipDDragon

    BTW. Everything is at least as old as Earth itself.

  27. AllMyLettuce

    was there aliens tho????????????

  28. tim smith

    What do they call a rock not a meteorite? A meteorwrong. I know that’s lame. Lol.

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    Sounds all common sense

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    you got dry red eyes clear eyes is awesome……….

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    Those meteorites are a weird flex but ok

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    Is it possible to buy a diamond that came in from a meteorite?

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    Weird but not more than our English lecturer

  35. christosvoskresye

    What about that meteorite from near Glen Canyon, Arizona that Kane and Block discovered?

  36. wowiezowiepowie

    the almahata sitta came from Phaeton the planet that was just past mars now
    the asteroid belt

  37. Isaid Romero Gaviño

    wait, so it isn’t clear why some meteorites present a cone-form, yet. Is that right? Since the experiment assumed the aluminum to be shaped that way.

  38. Addil

    thats weird

  39. Janimation

    Lets make a giant disc and throw it at earth from space and call it a 4th weird meteorite to see the flat earth society reacting to it

  40. KiddPenn

    Is it possible the last one came from the moon? Or do moon rocks have the wrong ingredients?

  41. M T

    Is it just more or do some of these “oriented” meteorites look a little… ahem… Phallic.

  42. veggiet2009

    Explain the difference between a rock that is as old as the Earth vs one that isn’t.
    Mightn’t all rocks be as old as the Earth, but some were at the outside of a primordial planet, and therefore not forming crystalline structures?

  43. srayes1001

    Nice voice. I like your voice haha

  44. D H

    I think i bought drugs off this guy before

  45. TMA1

    Technically everything we touch is made of star stuff as Sagan liked to say.
    But yes, meteorites as pieces from a time after everything had condensed out, are ‘out of this world’ in that sense.

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    we talkin about media rights??

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    this guys voice sounds JUST like bryan shaw.

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    Oh, space diamonds.

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    Have I been missing your videos Reid?
    Great topic

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    1 – A plane? Really?
    They look like bullets.

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    Ballistic trajectory 🤔

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    Basicly when scientists don’ t know about the origin of something in space, just say they smashed into each other until you find evidence of something better. LOL

  56. AeroSpaceNews.com

    Great episode. Crazy that they were able to predict where that one meteor was going to hit accurately enough to find bits and pieces!

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    disoriented meteorite tumbling aimlessly through the atmosphere

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  60. Carlos C3rd

    Diamond grows different in space. Some studies have found that diamonds grow bigger and faster in a vacuum

  61. Rishav Sarkar

    Could have the Meteorite with the Diamond fragments originated from Thea, the proto-planet that collided with the Earth?

  62. Ninjaznexx

    Damn, that was the best pronounciation of ö I’ve ever heard from a non-swede

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    Good pronunciation of Ö there : )

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    “Formed under a pressure of at least 20 gigapascal … which is really high!”
    can you give us a comparison of how high it is? kinda expecting it.

  65. my back HURTS

    36 years old I have been looking for meteorites for years! I recently found one in all places my backyard LOL so for everybody out there just keep looking you can find it anywhere

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    I remember when me and a friend could hear a meteor hiss one night, tripped me out for the longest time till i found out that they can sometimes put out a radio wave of some sort, causing everything around you pretty much vibrate. Still don’t entirely understand it.

  74. Vulcano

    I have to disagree here. They don’t form at different pressure/temperature conditions due to their chemical composition but rather the pressure/temp. conditions let them form in a certain crystaline structure.
    It’s why you have quarz at lower pressure and coesite at high pressure conditions – both made out of SiO2.

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    03:44 “almahata sitta” literally means station 6 in Arabic ” المحطة ستة ”
    & yeh ” Wake me up when September ends”!

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    never seen a grown man cry from talking about meteorites. have now.

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    “Coned” meteorites have a perpendicular rotation to our atmosphere when entering. 👌

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    Hey, that’s a pretty decent attempt at proper Swedish pronunciation! Good job and thanks for not just assuming Ö = O like most others! =D

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    That embedded meteorite would have been super easy to miss if people werent looking for it. Wonder how many potentially valuable meteorites were inadvertently turned to construction material

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    Hello!!! Perfect timing for this episode! I’m doing a project for school about meteorites!!!

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    If I had been shown the first one without context then I would have thought it was a sculpture.

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    “Only to rest in peace together, here on earth.”
    Well, in pieces, anyway.

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    Any chance Almahata Sitta came from Theia?

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    I’ve always wondered something.
    Theoretically, can a star become denser than the normal point it would take to collapse into a black hole, but still survive as a somewhat normal star?
    If so, what conditions would it take?

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    5:07 “20 gigapascals is really high”.
    200 000 atmospheres, specifically.

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    Great video. Fyi, the *next meteor shower* will be the Draconids, well visible the 8th and 9th of october from the Northern Hemisphere.

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