3 Times We Intentionally Crashed into Other Worlds

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Most of the time, it’s not great when an expensive spacecraft slams into an extraterrestrial body. But now and then mission control intentionally crashes a spacecraft for science!



  1. Matlauk

    I vote that we send as many microbes and organisms to Europa as possible.

  2. The Shades

    Random fact

    There’s a rare mental disorder where people imagine that they are decomposing, dead or non-existent.

    -The Shades

  3. criticalhard

    What they did to Galileo and Cassini was dumb, why not sending them somewhere else or even back to us, those 2 machines deserved more, and to think they want to do that with the ISS and Hubble W T F

  4. I really hate making up n

    If Columbus isn’t number 1 I’m gonna riot

  5. Bugb

    I don’t believe that the Apollo 13 crew made orbit around the moon

  6. TimeAndChance

    R u gonna make LOTS of vids about all the times we UNINTENTIONALLY crashed into other worlds?

  7. Alan Bendi

    I am surprised that he did not mention Cassini’s crash into Uranus.

  8. Osmosis Jones

    I think they should examine those possible bones and plant impression or petrified animals spotted on mars instead of just writing everything off as pareidolia.
    . I mean Mars could never have time to develop advanced life😒. How often do predictions about space get disproven.

  9. Osmosis Jones

    Ever heard of one crash . Made the moon ring like a Bell.
    Sudgesting the moon is hallow. Earth could hallow like swiss cheese. But that Ring sudgest the moon might hallow like a Russian doll

  10. Osmosis Jones

    Diffinatly no microbial survivors. Maybe that phosfine begs to differ

  11. Jon S

    I wonder if scishow purposely altered the contrast of the host to make his race ambitious

  12. Nirbhay Bahir

    But now we now know more about moon then earth.

  13. David Lama

    I am a high school student looking for a mentee in Physics before I got college to advance my studies. I hope someone in this comment thread can help me out.

  14. Paul Elramis

    This video should probably be rather named : “3 Times We Intentionally Crashed into Other Worlds… except the most famous and recent one”

  15. Brainstorming Plus


  16. Aurora_ 993_650


  17. saucerjess


  18. Ethan Herrera

    Wow I Thought the Moon was just rock 😄 Thanks!

  19. Reflex arc

    I want to go to Venus

  20. Nirbhay Bahir

    I want to go to Mars

  21. Robert Emerson

    I’m not any kind of activist but I AM completely against us crashing things into other worlds, just as I hate us just abandoning our equipment on earth. First, we contaminate other worlds with our bacteria and sea life (as seen on the space station and rockets. Secondly, littering worlds with our equipment is a terrible thing to teach newbies in the field and our youth. If the technology doesn’t exist yet to perform a task correctly, develop it! I doubt people just crashed the first vehicles without brakes or proper steering.

  22. Moldy Space Industries

    Haha lithobreaking go brrrrrr

  23. A Youtube Channel

    Talk about a surprise visit.

  24. Julio Jimenez

    The filter for this video is better than the two previous episodes. Reid you truly look so handsome today.

  25. Paul Byers

    I can’t believe they showed an artist’s rendering of the Galileo probe with it’s main dish deployed. Poor bastard never could get it open. Showing the probe as it should have looked, not how it actually looked, is a disservice to facts. IMHO. YMMV.

  26. Robert Bobbob

    Apollo 13 had to slingshot around the moon. Not orbit.

  27. Davy Erni

    what if i did that intentionally ? would humanity survive a scar as big as on mars . guess they will find out soon enough 3 times was more than enough . stop messing with planets that aren’t yours to begin with or suffer the cost it will bear . and no i am not talking about a frikking teddy bear . signed 3333

  28. Zeta Belotto

    So… CRASH course space?

  29. Zwrpy

    Wtf 7 seconds ago

  30. David Gustavsson

    Lol, Gill Sans.

  31. Nirbhay Bahir

    It’s night
    Science here

  32. Bjarne S.

    What about Cassini?

  33. harsh kanu HK

    What about Cassini?

  34. Raheel Arif

    “Soviet union crashed luna 2 for sake of becoming first country to make contact with another celestial body, few years later NASA also crashed spacecrafts into the moon for sake of science”
    I think we should stop thinking USA as defender of the earth and soviet union as some evil kingdom. Soviet union made some great achievements in space travel and we should feel proud that those contributions lead to the landing of moon.

  35. mariposahorribilis


  36. Jordan Fink

    Who do you sound like Penn lol

  37. Julio Jimenez

    Is there any space probe that can survive going into Venus?

  38. Christian Andrews

    Did we inoculate the Venus by accident with all those crashes!?!

  39. RunGMC

    No Cassini mention, sadface

  40. Aryadi Subagio

    To think that we are the first space Invaders.

  41. Kelly Robinson

    Reid are you having a worlds greatest beard competition with Simon Whistler? ;)

  42. Christopher Knestrick

    Apollo 13 never got into orbit around the moon.

  43. LucasLiamStacey

    There was also Cassini into saturn cuz of titan

  44. Ardrich Keybus

    I know that they systematically sterilize the probes before launching them, but is it at all possible that the phosphine detected on Venus, was a result of microbes attached to the probes?

  45. NeutronStarPilot

    I need hot wheels…..for um Science.

  46. MichaelBFDII wong

    3:31 1860s?!

  47. dajosh42069

    It IS the Prime Directive after all…

  48. Julio Jimenez

    Reid’s bedroom eyes are compelling.

  49. Seth Apex

    Lithobreaking ftw

  50. Nitin Sharma

    what about cassini and messenger?? cassini crashed into saturn and messenger crashed into mercury.

  51. denmaroca 2

    Data from the 1078 Pioneer Venus 2 mission was recently reanalysed and it supports the presence of phosphine in the atmosphere – https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/2009/2009.12758.pdf.

  52. Pup314

    I know we crashed into the moon with an explorer or ranger craft. we crashed into a comet from a probe. Not sure about the third one.

  53. tomtomed1

    Jupiter HAD life too… Then we crashed a ship into it

  54. Zyro86

    2:36 that’s what she said

  55. Ruben de León

    I hope we have a nice assurance, cause the lawsuit is gonna be astronomical… 🤭

  56. John Johansen

    This episode definitely didn’t pay any respect to the Russian success landing on Venus.

  57. Flying Coconut

    what happened

  58. The Rick

    NASA has been lying this whole time, Europa has life on it they used Galileo to kill the squid overlord for oil

  59. Walt R. Buck

    Definitely no.. definites in science are very near illegal. Words like “never” “always” definitely” etc are very risky to use.

  60. Barry Dysert

    Fascinating and informative. Thank you!:-)💜

  61. Chance Robinson

    Until human beings develop the technology to control gravity, a survivable landing on another planet isn’t possible.

  62. supersmily 5

    I really liked the last one. Really well thought out.

  63. Harsh Maurya

    You missed one.
    Moon Impact Probe which found water evidence on moon.

  64. Chris Oliva

    I bet when Galileo crashed onto Jubiter some tears came in scientists’ eyes.

  65. AdultishGambino

    Glad I got here when I did so I could sign up for skillshare

  66. P. S.

    There were definitely no microbial survivors.

    *laughs in tardigrade

  67. James Mathieson

    Ummm… What about Deep Impact, LCROSS, Chandrayaan 1, Cassini, the upcoming DART mission, and plans for Mars Sample Return to “lithobrake” in the Nevada desert?

  68. Sgt Wolf

    Have we ever aimed the Hubble telescope at the moon for extreme closeups or mapping?

  69. infinitecanadian

    The Soviet Union sent a probe to the Moon _in 1959?_ That’s insane! They hadn’t even sent up a man into space yet.

  70. Thomas E.S

    I really wonder what the world’s reaction would be if there was suddenly a non human rocket that flew outta Venus’ clouds, into the planet’s orbit.

  71. KingsleyIII

    Can you “crash” into something non-solid?

  72. Thomas Chow

    Galileo crashed into Jupiter at 48 km/s when the earth’s orbital velocity around the sun is around 30 only?
    Holy carp

  73. Aeturnalis

    I never knew that was the reason for crashing Galileo into Jupiter, I always just figured it was to collect a little extra data about Jupiter’s atmosphere on the way into it. That’s downright awesome.

    Also, let’s show the same respect for lifeforms here on earth too.

  74. IrfanHomes

    Reid still looks like he changed race a few episodes ago, lmao

  75. king james488

    how the hell did “we not have the technology to make controlled landings” when people landed on the moon?

    more like didn’t have the knowledge to manage it properly… the technical ability existed.

  76. Mooncake

    Nasa performing calibrations
    *Garrus Varkarian has entered the chat*

  77. Lord Random

    3 times we did some of the most awesome things humanity has ever done, yet there is no real actual footage from it ?

  78. qixxxz

    The Skillshare, ITS A TRAP! CC Required…

  79. New Message

    So much for that ‘Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers’ bumper sticker, then.

  80. Lord Farquar

    Wow, I know I haven’t seen this in a while but hank has changed

  81. Anh Hoàng Trung

    never forget that tear-jerking movie of Cassini grand finale

  82. Primo: Animated Science

    Just think— aliens are probably thinking about us people 👀

  83. Ath Athanasius

    Huh, so the Moon Impact Probe as part of the Chandrayaan-1 wasn’t on this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_Impact_Probe

    And then there’s the Small Carry-On Impactor, a part of the Hayabusa2 mission: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayabusa2#Objects_deployed_by_Hayabusa2

    And probably others I’m forgetting off the top of my head.

  84. Da Soviet Union

    Cassini: Am I a joke to you?

  85. Aragorn7884

    Lies! The moon is made of cheese!!

  86. Just Vienna

    Officer i promise you i didn’t crash into my bosses house as an act of violence, it was as an act science into the phycology of people

  87. Denry Cyrus

    hey… you forgot to mention my favorite probes, Cassini that crash into Saturn. 😔

  88. Scribe13

    Worlds are colliding!
    George is getting upset!

  89. Jon Dunlap

    Jupiter space plankton: Look! An alien spacecraft! They must be trying to communicate!
    galileo: *kills them all with Earth bacteria*

  90. Steve Plegge

    Apollo 13 did NOT enter lunar orbit.

    In any case, there was no way to, and no reason to, wait for the spacecraft to enter lunar orbit before deciding to crash the S-IVb.

  91. Christel Headington

    Unintentional crashes can teach you something too. Example: Light poles will not jump out of the way.

  92. Sueciae Rex - Knugen

    “A Venus night lasts almost half its year!” Sounds no different to living in the far north :)

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