3 New Missions Just Left for Mars! | SciShow News

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A launch window that only happens every 26 months means it’s the perfect time to head to Mars! The United Arab Emirates, China, and the United States all took advantage of this excellent timing.


https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasas-maven-reveals-most-of-mars-atmosphere-was-lost-to-space NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/jezero-crater-mars-2020s-landing-site NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU
https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tianwen-1_launch_02.jpg 中新网
https://images.nasa.gov/details-PIA21138 NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Rome/ASI/PSI
https://images.nasa.gov/details-PIA23961 NASA/JPL-Caltech

  1. Carbon No6

    Don’t be alarmed.. I farted!

  2. ThePresentation010

    You guys need a decent spokesperson.

    It’s either that one Asian dude that looks hes trying to fit in and lives in starbucks.

    That one wyte guy that looks like buffalo bill and looks like he rubs himself a lot.

    And this this dude/thing.

    And the bald guy that seems like he lives in the arcade.

    I think you guys also have a girl but she looks like shes been locked in the basement since birth. And is only given books for any and everything.

  3. ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉

    funny is. chinese geniouses are behind all those missions XD

  4. -Vance- Dun

    Would you fly in a rocket with a sticker that says “Made In China” on it? (I know no one is on those rockets, it’s just a joke)

  5. Kito Grova

    This girl is getting much better at presenting these videos. Before I think she was talking too fast but now she is much more professional and her enthusiasm is good to watch.

  6. Nate T

    0.7kg… on Mars? Isn’t that 0.7kg on earth? Lol

  7. Susan Caleca

    Hi i have an idea.for.blocking radiation from Mars. Anyone care to hear and pay for the info?

  8. Azael

    I always hear of all the problems of sending people to Mars, the cosmic rays, bone decay, going insane from boredom. China will have no problem sending people despite any risks. If they plant a flag there first you can be sure they’ll demand that all images of Mars include the 9 Dashed Lines around it.

  9. Cosmic Collisions

    Helicopter weigh 0.7 kg on Mars.
    What does it weigh on Earth?
    0.7 kg.

  10. Fum_ Lambo

    Seems like a waste of time to me, I’m no scientist but how are you going to reconstruct an atmosphere of a planet that’s geologically dead? Apparently mars’ core is no longer hot enough to sustain an magnetosphere and any terraformed atmosphere would be ripped away by solar radiation, AGAIN. I get studying it for clues about climate science but colonization just seems kinda farfetched/useless. If were going to invest trillions of dollars on space exploration we should try to do something more useful, like a Dyson sphere or something. Earth is amazing and mars is…. red.

  11. Dave Dee

    Absolute waste of money.

    “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they _could_ that they didn’t stop to think if they should”

  12. Dan Gray

    How super-duper awesome! USA competes in colonizing Mars with an Islamic theocratic dictatorship, and a Communist one.

  13. UberKrassMann

    hey, wasn’t there a mars reality show mission planned for this year that is never going to happen in a billion years?

  14. Jansen Art

    Kilos aren’t weight, they’re mass. Newtons are weight.

  15. Kim Jong-un

    I made it to Mars way before them

  16. Michael Fried

    and the one just launched has already malfunctioned….while people all over our country starve and don’t have good drinking water, we waste it on space. how bout we stop wrecking what we have here, and rebuild our roads and bridges and sewers before spending money (that we have to print out of air or borrow) on this frivolous stuff?

  17. eliljeho

    It doesn’t weigh in kilograms! Weight is in Newton’s! It will essentially have the same mass before launch as it does on Mars!

  18. Doogle

    “Al Amal” was translated but Tianwen wasn’t; should have mentioned Al Amal which translates to Hope instead

  19. Kevin Ko


  20. Jake Roberts

    First comment 🙌 love your content!

  21. Centauri A

    When we get to Mars and set up a Martian Colony there, then we can experiment as much as we can over there with the help of human presence. Always fascinating to think about us being a multi-planetary species. We’ll have colonies on Mars, Earth’s Moon, Titan, and someday possibly over towards Proxima B (In which is 4.2 light years from Earth and we’ll need to study the planet first before considering sending future colonists there if it could get there within a certain time frame).

  22. Pyrite

    Now: Oh my its red.

    30XX: Haha! Look its Uranus.

  23. Rami Merza

    2:46 “It will only weight about 0.7Kg on Mars”
    That’s mass and it’s independent of gravity

  24. Chance Robinson

    Meanwhile, back on earth, there are billions of people with no clean water, healthy food, or shelter. Let’s put your weapons’ grade perkiness into fixing that first!

  25. Rajendra Khanvilkar


  26. JD Tackett

    Super Pumped!!!!!!!!!

  27. kkg T

    Coronavirus on Mars.

  28. mtranchi

    my question is, what percentage chance of success does everyone give each mission? Keep in mind that, as of May 2020, 56 missions have been sent to Mars, 26 of which were successful. Though, to be fair, many of the failures were in the early days of ’60’s and ’70’s, and with the Soviet Union having… limited success shall we say.

    me? Hard to say. Hope they all succeed, but man… this ain’t a trip to the grocery store. Here’s the list of all missions:

    good luck all!!

  29. Valamas

    Summer? It’s winter. Bloody cold too. 16C

  30. Jake Mauger

    Question, Heli blades on earth are limited by tip speed and the speed of sound. In a low density atmosphere the speed of sound would be lower, right? This conflicts with spinning a bigger blade faster as both of those increase tip speed. Do they expect a portion of the blade to be supersonic? Does the low density of Mars’ atmosphere reduce the reactive forces against the blade enough to counter this?

  31. Will McAlpine

    Just saw the Utopia Planitia shipyards in this video. Noice

  32. sirBrouwer

    So are we getting close to adding the traffic jam on the route to Mars?

  33. Joe Maddox

    Atacama desert = Mars

  34. Concordant Angles

    Thanks Caitlin!

  35. Pup314

    Has no one thought about all the ironoxide all around on Mars? Heat it up and the Oxygen separates from the iron. You get two resources for the price of one.

  36. Osmosis Jones

    I read a paper at rate mars is is loosing its atmosphere it would have had a thick atmosphere only 450 million years ago not billions millions

  37. Rob GTA 5 FBI Crew


  38. GamerbyDesign

    SRFoxly Missed out.

  39. Eric Brock

    I love how you always look happy to be discussing your topic. Your enthusiasm on all these videos comes through as genuine and passionate about the topic. Please keep up the great work.

  40. george malcolm

    What do you mean when you say mars is super dry

  41. الأسود العنسي

    Glad that all the three of them left successfully. The hardest part will be after they arrive

  42. Osmosis Jones

    You should check a video from the book Red Planet by File Sparrow

  43. Anuj Vishwakarma

    All mars mission are telling us more about the red planet

  44. Dani E.

    No info on the Chinese one? 👀

  45. Red Dragon

    Yay Mars!

    Also, yay good hair days! On point!

    Thanks sci show for empowering speakers with sources of knowledge!

  46. Lexy Starwatcher

    Wait…did you just do a gravitational conversion on mass? The kilograms don’t change, the newtons do.

  47. Keagan Connell

    Sooooo apparently there used to be a BUTTLOAD of water on Mars… Cool!

  48. Boss 420

    I’ve never understood that hypothesis if Mars had same atmosphere as earth, an we are 156m miles closer why did our stay an Mars be dystroyed….my mind its somthing else cant be sun or we wouldnt have atmosphere.

  49. FvckYoutube'sCensorship U

    Mars again? A giant desert, next. I wanna see some drones shipped to Titan or a few that can do some ice fishing on Enceladus or Europa

  50. Jon Nupe

    Year 2117??!!! No one from the original hope project will still be alive.

  51. Patrick Roelant

    did they say the UAE hopes to start a settlement by 2117? their plan is for almost 100 years?

  52. gardonkulous

    “It’ll only weight 0.7kg on Mars”. Yeah, that’s not how mass works. The kilogram is not a measure of force.

  53. Eulus Garza

    if the “helicopter” doesn’t work, at least they should make it “explode” or crash for another research… well I love to crash things.

  54. Thomas Brown

    you would smile even if the world had 2 minutes left of life >.>

  55. Science Kiwi345

    In a few years this might be history and this video might be famous

  56. SweetSoulX

    I was cooking and put my head in the fridge as Kate said, “..to answer the big question: Where is Mars’..” and I totally heard “baby”, not “atmosphere”.
    My brain had that epic chimpunk moment and thought, “Mars had a baby?!”
    Where did it go?! We have to find it?? Who is its daddy?!

    Next time on As the Milky Way Continues Moving at 1.3 Million Miles per Hour.

  57. David

    Thank goodness we are exploring Utopia Planitia. After all, in the 23rd Century Starfleet has a ship building facility there.

  58. David Boson

    It it compulsory for scientists to have sparkly eyes and personality.

  59. Andrew Lasseigne

    Perseverance Rover will also record/feed back its landing. we will get to see it land. they also put a microphone on it so we can hear the landing and what mars sounds like.

  60. thisiszaphod

    Sorry – had to rely on the CC, again :(

  61. azwris

    Is Perseverance still on safe-mode?

  62. henrey

    I was looking at their Patron options and I noticed that all of the memberships also said, “Includes Discord Benefits.” Do they have a Discord server or something?

  63. vealck

    Community on Mars by 2117… yeah, sure. You want to see how good we are at predicting stuff, think about how you imagined a year ago what you’d be doing this summer.

  64. Simon Spencer

    i watched the stream i love space launches

  65. free American thinker

    Cool, can’t wait for these updates.

  66. Hasan Dizili

    when you speak,if you put a song in to the feedback. it would be better

  67. Xye Leyx

    Good job USA… Congratulations from Nepal.

  68. ヨーソローちゃん_17

    Huh? So fast? (I wasn’t really up-to-date with the current news lately~)

  69. Mikael Christensen

    At least 2020 was good for for something <3

  70. Bijoy Chandra Roy

    I really want to witness human’s colonizing Mars in my life time

  71. Obscene Vegetable Matter

    Just over half a century after we recieved the first close up images of our neighbor planet.

  72. Sans Handlebars

    I thought it was already determined that liquid water does occasionally occur on Mars due to some observable geological formations, but it requires certain conditions and only on certain times during the Martian year.

  73. NaterVater none

    Hell yeah in at 20 minutes!!! What’s up early crew!

    Utopia Planetia!! Time to build a stardock!

  74. Eric Melto

    It’s amazing that we are alive and conscious of what is around us. It will be even more amazing if we find signs of life anywhere else. It’s also frightening to think we are the only thing alive and conscious for the next 4.3 light years in the closest direction.

  75. OmegRaptor CH

    Finally some good news in this dark year!

  76. 3800Tech

    I’m personally excited for all the cameras and mic on the descent stage that will be recording the ~7min of terror.

  77. New Message

    I just hope that helicopter plays the Airwolf theme every time it takes to the air.

  78. Ricardo Thomas Manuel Her

    Hearing 2117 at my age with the amount of love I have for this leaves me hella sad. Can I be frozen and woke up in 90 years?

  79. Strothy2

    you gotta love her level of enthusiasm, I’m with you :D

  80. steefant

    3:56 but they ARE bringing a giant oxygen tank with them… it’s just empty.

  81. Joseph F Portelli

    Mars Rocks! No, really, we’re going for Mars’ rocks….

  82. Avery the Cuban-American

    Wallace already set up a colony there, apparently Mars is cheese too!

  83. DorGreen1

    1:28 2117 is some sci-fi deadline

  84. Guru

    I hope we find samples of life (extinct or otherwise) in the Martian soil!

  85. Starfals

    I love how they have a microphone into the probe. We can get to hear sounds for the first time ever. This is pretty exciting to me. Not to mention the new awesome cameras. Finally, modern cameras are going to space.

  86. BlueImation

    Time to stare at some *red*

  87. Aditya Banka

    That – ” we can’t wait!! ” Sounded so holy..😂 4:16

  88. CulturedScience

    So glad the rover lifted off safely. While rockets are much safer nowadays still they are controlled explosions which can sometimes become uncontrolled explosions. Now lets see if they can stick the landing which is the hard part.

  89. Mr. Atrophy

    eventually they will have to figure out how to deal with the deadly radiation and perchlorates that will also kill you magnesium perchlorate not as much , but calcium perchlorate and sodium perchlorate will blind you and burn your lungs. as well as being oxidizers that can mess with many metals and make fires worse.

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