15 Futuristic Space Mission Concepts in 5 Minutes

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NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program has funded a slew of new space mission concepts! Which one is your favorite?


  1. Bany

    12 is the best

  2. Tina McLaughlin

    Mars air?ships. Anti airships. The winds would send them far from the dust storms. Unless they were high above said storm.

  3. anothercbrowner

    mach effects engine is bae

  4. Max Musterman

    yes good idea just make microbots that devour mars

  5. AnimatorZo2

    Pluto has a thick atmosphere?

  6. Danskheart

    This is NASA we’re talking about – none of these will ever happen.

  7. ArielLVT


  8. Sameeha Rizvi


  9. ArcaneHero

    just reinvent Starlite
    I know I know. easier said than done

  10. Kieran Saul

    I imagine that most project proposals at NASA HQ receive the response “You’re kidding, right?”
    I wonder how many ideas they went through before somebody came up with “pancake-bots”?

  11. Chris Cummings

    Interest topic, thx scishow!

  12. MrGalerien

    Fusion drive.
    Because off course fusion drive. Problem with microgravity ? Turn it on. Want to go somewhere in Sol ? Turn it on. Hungry ? Turn it on, go back to earth, land in Missouri, steal a cow.

  13. Alex Santos

    4:53 didn’t Roseta accomplished this? Not the mining part….

  14. Joe Morello

    There is only one worth discovering in my imagination, dark energy concept! Why? Mastering dark energy has the potential to create 4th dimension space travel. In other words, a wormhole. My estimation for 4th dimension travelling is: 10 light years per minutes! Benefits, no need for extra rocket fuel because space is being compressed or bent allowing the starship to travel tremendous distances which are unattainable without this technology. How to do it? Good question! 🇨🇦😊

  15. iaag o

    2:23 actually you can remove perchlorates in martian soil by simply washing it

  16. DankMelon

    It’s not actually called the Mach Effect it is the Woodward Effect

  17. Antoine O'Bannon

    I like the Pluto lander and the telescope outside the solar system 👍👍 the small reactor sounds good too.

  18. Arun Johnson

    Can you please do a video on the theory behind the Mach Effects?

  19. B K

    Quick Question: why does the FM radio only have odd stations?

  20. R3Testa

    Yes, we should definitely put heat shields on asteroids and then throw them at Earth.

  21. pasozytspoleczny

    Laser propulsion is not a new idea. Polish writer Stanislaw Lem described it in the book released in 1986 titled “Fiasco”. Exactly the same concept, but on a different scale.

  22. Reed

    Pretty damn cool to see one of the ideas on here in use on the Parker solar probe today :)

  23. Directorix

    Solution for low gravity enviroments including space. A reverse force Exo-Skeleton​ that increases forces on human bodies so that everything in space would feel as heavy as on earth and you need more counterforce to do things. #NewtonSuite

  24. Rodbotic

    all of those sound really exciting.

  25. ghost shark legs

    solar gravity telescope would tell us so much about extra terrestrials.

  26. photosinensis

    Are those nacelles on that mach effect ship?

  27. Pokelover Ash Katchup

    Mach effect = mass effect ó_õ

  28. Todd Greener

    In general I am a proponent of airships in general (on Earth or wherever) so that’s my favorite one. I’m also a fan of landers, so the Pluto lander would be cool.

  29. Bill Malcolm

    Been waiting for you guys to cover the discovery of the protective bubble supposedly caused by VLF waves. Is that going to happen?

  30. Sean P

    I love how there is a category for mars, and then one for everything else.

  31. Bost Custom Music Writing

    most excited about nuclear fusion, that’s a way to get around our sector of the galaxy

  32. Felixkeeg

    6 Definitely sounds like the most likely of those to happen. Though I’m not sure how microbes should be able to build up ammonia, as Mars has relatively little Nitrite and Nitrate.

  33. The Law

    The Fusion reactor engine is my favorite. With this the Mars missions, telescope mission, and exploration of distant planets is significantly faster.

  34. JMFC

    Is that Mufasa over Hank’s left shoulder?

  35. abyssic

    The mach effect engine…yes please…

  36. Science: Not Just a Theory

    I would definitely like to see the Pluto mission. But the airships on Mars idea sounds interesting, too.

  37. Steve D

    I want to see a space 3-d printer that can manufacture space ships, habitats, solar panels, etc…

  38. Beard So Stellar

    Mach Effects, freaking Mass Effect Technology Basically hell yeah

  39. Dorifto Kingu!

    Amazing video, amazing ideas! Hope this doesn’t stop :)

  40. peter

    Calling Mach Effects “Very Theoretical” to mean “very far from currently being practical” is a bit of an insult to things that are actually a result of incredibly successful theory with amazing explaining power.



  42. Rab Blay

    As if the government funds NASA more than the military.

  43. 7munkee

    Too many people want war. If we could get rid of war we could colonize the solar system.

  44. -SakiSkai-

    I’m excited with the same stuff as you are Hank.

  45. 112233jjooee


  46. michael papadopoulos

    question: does pluto have a thick enough atmosphere?

  47. Tiax Anderson

    0:10 “… NASA announced that they’d funded 15 new space mission concepts…”
    0:18 “These concepts are still in the very early planning stages…”
    Like say, a CONCEPT?

  48. cOmAtOrAn

    Super reflective material! Because shiny!

  49. Isak Hermansson

    All of these are great, but I’d say that 11 and 12 are my favorites. Maybe 9 as well. Pluto is interesting. :-)

  50. Samantha Rutledge

    I’m definitely excited for the proposed probe to Pluto. Also, the idea of using to mach effect to propel spacecraft is certainly fascinating.

  51. Alex Martinelli

    The theoretical Mach propulsion thing looks like a Star Trek design, which i am a huge fan of.

  52. Ryukachoo

    microbes to turn perchlorate into ammonia? sounds tough but extremely useful. it makes Martian lava tube habitats way more feasible since you’ll be able to farm on the cave walls

  53. Rs Dzayer

    The most frustrating this is the fact we have the science and technology to pretty much do all of these things together but it’s all the time a matter of budget and politics! You really have to be brainwashed to not see the connection with what’s going on today. We were meant to be on Mars since late 1960!!

  54. SeemsLegal

    Mars gravity solution: Wear heavy breathing equipment to counter the low gravity effect on human muscles

  55. ligitz

    Asteroid mining. More infastructure to do everything else. Less cost overall.

  56. Kieran Nurmi

    Fusion propulsion sounds like the Yamato Gun from Starcraft.

  57. Poly Warfare

    Dark matter warp drive thing space craft is the coolest concept yet

  58. Vinay G R

    well, they have landed rovers on an asteroid now.. but not by NASA

  59. PrincessTS01

    a roller coaster can provide enhanced geforces too

  60. Michsel Holiday

    What’s up with this 73% dark energy 85% dark matter that adds up to 158% of the universe

  61. Trevor Goodchild

    Hydrogen fusion engine- Elite Dangerous here we come. :)

  62. Arrgghh

    mock affects??

  63. chas w

    I’ve literally wondered why we haven’t used the sun as a gravitational lens before but now I know!
    we haven’t had a good enough telescope far enough from the sun to perceive the effect.
    great video! I loved the mining bots too!

  64. Michael Mashayekh

    I’m most excited about the mach effect propulsion! I’ve never heard of it before but this is the kind of thinking we need to “get us there”! Solving the mysteries of dark energy would help along those lines too.

  65. NortexG - Art

    Anybody seen Red Dwarf, because asteroid mining spaceships may become a reality!

  66. Hee Sing Sia

    I’m particularly excited about the prototype starship enterprise

  67. FreediiFree

    “This product was made using the mined material of a FREAKING ASTEROID!”
    I’m excited :D

  68. xwingcommanderwhbiv

    dream list: #2, 6, 7, 10, &15
    realistic list: #5, 6, 7, & 8

  69. Tarantula LP

    Didn’t NASA buy the E-cat (a cold fusion reactor)?

  70. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    The amount of dark energy in the universe is bigger than when you started watching this video. Deal with it.

  71. aradraugfea

    Personal favorite is the one that appears to blow up the conservation of energy.

  72. E Carey

    Love your show!
    What can you tell me about the lightsail project and the dyson-harrop satelite project?
    How are they coming along?

  73. Ian Buck

    I got way too excited when I heard the idea to fly airships around Mars.

  74. mvmlego1212

    Mach effect propulsion doesn’t require fuel? Could you elaborate on that?

  75. Tadzys

    Surely propulsion! If we develop a better propulsion system, it would allow bunch of other missions to be accomplished (like exploring our solar system and beyond)

  76. SteveWrathall

    “Pluto’s thick atmosphere…” It is 1/100,000th the pressure of Earth

  77. NeaLeonardo

    Mach effects and Nuclear Fusion are the ones I am rooting for just because they both seem to be a much more efficient source of energy making space transportation faster and at the very least cheaper therefore making it easier to accomplish all these other projects and more in a shorter time scale. If we put off some of these projects just to find and test new cheaper and faster ways of transportation the more that we will compensate and make up for lost time in the long run.

  78. battlekruiser

    wait when did Pluto get a thick atmosphere?

  79. Tina Carney

    This is so amazing! Making specialized crafts for each plant brilliant!

  80. Isaid Romero Gaviño

    Dark matter is the only thing I would like to see resolved in my lifetime. I guess gravitational waves are the only approach to that, nowdays.

  81. TheRiekman

    Did Hank/Scientists just allude to “Mass Effect” technology when he was talking about “Mach Effects”? Damnit dawgs. Hide yo children and don’t open the information cache on Mars. The reapers are coming… and maybe a few tired faces

  82. Pranav Dhokre

    Space telescope sounds awesome.

  83. cornishphilosopher

    No tiny, very low mass probe travel at 1/4 of light speed to Proximima Centori? :(

  84. Hen Barrison

    Can’t wait for the continuation of this series “30 MORE futuristic Space mission concepts in 5 minuets”

  85. I really hate making up names for this kind of stuff

    20 seconds an idea sounds like something buzzfeed would do, please don’t become buzzfeed

  86. Crack-Fetch-Shock

    conceptually, these all seem super interesting but realistically many of these ideas are just ridiculous.

  87. Carlos

    The ingenuity of new ideas for exploring space is really beginning to take off!

  88. Eddy Baller

    Hank, could a large asteroid potentially destroy Uranus?

  89. Justin Alexander

    they’re worried about taking up too much SPACE with a fusion reactor?

  90. Saket Meshram

    telescope idea is the most fasinating

  91. Cihad

    I’m excited about 15. In this way Nasa would finally have enough money to do anything!

  92. Minnesota Acoustic

    I’d rather all that funding go into one big project, like digging a hole through the ice on Europa or Enceladus and going for a swim.

  93. Orvidius NecroBones

    When I went to go see “The Martian” at the theater, I suspect I was the only one there concerned about perchlorates and what they might do to the potatoes. :) I’ve heard very little about how anyone plans to deal with them, so a microbial approach is very exciting!

  94. Yog Sothoth

    Whenever I hear about these concept at first I feel amazed, then angry because we like to waste money on useless stuff rather than furthering our civilization with ideas like these.

  95. Alberto

    mining asteroids….i want that job…

  96. MaxArceus

    1:10..we’re gonna make f*cking warp-drives? :O
    Edit: I’m fully aware that the concept they’re explaining isn’t a warp engine, I’m talking about the picture of the spaceship; it looks like it has Star-Trek like warp nacelles.

  97. Triumph263

    Hopefully if NASA invests a whole bunch of money into Mach Effect they make sure the ending of the third one doesn’t suck.

  98. ElkBorne

    Goddammit Bioware just let them have the rights to call them Mass Effect engines

  99. PowerStudios1000

    How about increase the budget so that we can do ALL of the ideas!

  100. sky rat

    Does Pluto have a “thick atmosphere”???

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