1. Chris Norman

    Much love from across the Tasman Sea!

  2. Federico Medici

    “Space is now open for business” always gives me chills

  3. Nikolay Kostishen

    Good luck!

  4. saimul Haque


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  6. Imię Nazwisko

    This music sounds like Surviving Mars main theme

  7. Gilgwath

    This fills me with hope and excitement! I wish Rocket Lab all the success! They deserve it! I’d like to work for a company who’s CEO is willing to eat his hate (literally) in such a public way. Peter has a really inspiring public persona :-)

  8. John Smith

    You guys are great. Greetings from Perth Aus.

  9. UberSuperBoss

    Yes guys! More videos = higher stonk price = good for me

  10. John Houbolt

    To boldly go where no kiwi has gone before!

  11. Ruvik

    I love how you can see the cryogenic kp-1 freezing the black paint of electron to white at 1:24


    I know Peter will never see this comment but ill say it any way. We need more content it doesn’t have to be a launch. Do a day in the life of a Rocket Lab Tech or something. For us 36yr old Logistic office worker working 3rd shift in America we need stuff like this. Surely the revenue off the vids would be worth the time. I just think this is such a awesome company that gets lost in the mix cause you disappear for 3 months at a time. Maybe that’s what y’all want but to me what y’all do is so great that it needs to be on all these platforms for my kids to see and get inspired to do great things. My son is 11 and has adhd I’ve been trying to hard to get him into rockets. We live maybe 40mins from Huntsville Alabama so Blue Origin and I think SpaceX both have a plant in Huntsville. I’m hoping I can get him into building rockets it would be great for his mind since he is always thinking so much. But any way done with the rant. Thank you Rocket Lab for doing good things for humanity in such a bad time in our beautiful worlds history.

  13. Andre Grodahn

    Go for it RocketLab!!

  14. Tim Gleason

    Ugh I love that clip of the second stage engine startup. Gives me the chills.

  15. Meg

    Way to go RL and the interview with Tim was awesome, Peters curls are cute 😁

  16. Sebastián López

    Definitely you have a great rocket!

  17. SpaceX SFS

    Much love rocket lab, from your neighbours Australia🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  18. Three Hammers

    I’m beginning my mechanical engineering degree in fall. I hope I can be apart of the rocket lab team in the future.

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  20. Brett

    My second favorite space company altho SpaceBit is right behind them. I love this competition that seemed to come out of nowhere. Am I wrong when I say this space competition started about the same time Trump said we’re going to the moon. It’s possible I only noticed the competition then.

    Oh, btw, Boeing is number one on my list. 😉😆😅😄😃🤣😂

  21. Weta

    I think Rocket Lab and SpaceX have an amazing corporate culture and values.

  22. Waker of Winds

    Rocket lab, you’re already doing awesome work, and I can’t wait to see you become an even bigger player when you bring out Neutron. We’ll have another reusable launch vehicle, and another one capable of human spaceflight. I can’t wait to see y’all get there.

  23. Mike Peterson

    Three minutes to tell the Rocket Lab story? I’m on the verge of crying because you guys are like heroes to me, and your story deserves more than three minutes!!

  24. Matthis J - MJ -

    You guys absolutely rock! I wish you all a golden future :)

  25. RWBHere

    Small rockets are a hot topic. Go, Rocket Lab!

  26. Metjas

    Social Media on point! What a well made video with a great informative aspect. Go RocketLab!

  27. Scotty Don’t

    VACQ to the moon, Mars, and beyond!

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  29. Kristóf Vincze

    Congrats Rocket Lab! ❤️❤️

  30. Ian Rogers

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww yea…..cheers boys.! #FanForLife

  31. GGmygoodman

    I swear iv seen this on your channel 3 time now. Always cool btw.

  32. f7supercereal

    Thanks for inspiring us! <3

  33. Nishant Patil

    When can I buy stock in your stellar company?

  34. damian gabriel

    Nice !! Congrats Rocket Lab 🚀

  35. Jerónimo Cáceres Guido

    I’m going to study right now to work for you one day.

  36. Juan Pablo Gómez García

    Wowwwww, but a great video

  37. ッMyNameIsDavi

    if i go to new zeland ima work on this man

  38. LP-TV

    I have to say I love it.

  39. Der veranstaltungstechnik

    Great Video!

  40. Brooks Bryant

    No one gonna mention how they just casually include a render of a photon a Venus?

  41. Robert Valdes

    “A rocket that could be recovered and launched again”

  42. Ian Volkov

    This just came into my recommendations, and I’m glad it did. Well done Rocket Lab, may you have many successful launches and recoveries ahead, I cannot wait to see your potential.

  43. yujirorasy rush

    It’s weird Rocket Lab is coming from a country with lots of greenery and beautiful natural landscapes.

  44. Don Quarnstrom

    The visuals from these rocket’s cameras is always outstanding.

  45. Un Softgunner

    Only 2 people to carry a rocket to the launchpad…. I love you guys, you are just incredible.

  46. Captain G

    I know it’s a US company now, but I’d love to have heard a Kiwi voiceover :)

  47. Sean Patterson

    So exciting to see how much RL has accomplished in such a short time. Space is indeed open for business!

  48. Emma Beyer

    0:21 “Oh, whatcha doing?”

    “Nothing, just taking my rocket for a walk!”

  49. tcparker2

    Rocket labs get it. And I’m happy to be able to invest in them in the early stages because they’re going to be huge.

  50. Inigo Montoya

    Ok, there is officially a conspiracy going on here! How have so many people commented 1 month ago?!? I think Rocket Lab invented time travel and hasn’t told us yet.

  51. Averil Zeeb


  52. oren

    Why is vacq keep dropping tho..

  53. Highfield

    You really started as an underdog but slowly became the master-class of light launch vehicles. Fast progress, innovation and prepare-time paired with ingenuity. Great things to come!

  54. Alexandre J. W. Klaus

    what we really need is the team effort, the national organizations to encourage spaceflight and exploration, small launch vehicles for LEO payloads and larger ones for distant planets and other stars!

  55. Mark Arnott

    RocketLab is my fav Launch site even seen some cows run up a hill to watch .
    work career i found in small c/os you matter
    big c/o’s yur another pay check .

  56. Tupolev Tu-114


  57. Daniel alejandro Ochoa al

    A beautiful history.😊

  58. Fishfinger

    announcer lady did a great job here and all… but i think it would be funnier if they picked someone with really heavy kiwi 😂

  59. honilock

    Nice video but where are the Neutron specs Peter? Why are you keeping them for yourself Peter? Don’t make us make you eat another hat Peter..

  60. Jeriku

    Keep it up! I also reeeeaaaally appreciate the fact that Venus is one of your goal. She’s so underrated.
    Bonne route RocketLab !

  61. Bearded by Nature

    I love seeing these kinds of videos. It gives me some comfort in knowing that our journey & endeavor in to becoming a space fairing civilization & multiplanetary species, is coming sooner to reality than we think. From NASA, SpaceX, Rocket Lab, Axiom, Firefly, Relativity, Blue Origin, ULA, Astra, Virgin Galactic and others to come! We’re definitely growing humanities capabilities to getting in to space.

  62. Daily Random Jokes

    You guys aren’t just launching rockets, your launching dreams

  63. Keith Egan

    Hi peter. Lets go electron and neutron

  64. Martim Freire

    Just perfect!

  65. 101noz101

    Very proud to be a shareholder (pre-merger) and hodler, love this company! Go Rocket Lab 🚀🌚

  66. DerMax_HD

    yeah, that’s gonna go viral. well deserved! goddamn, I love rocketlab so much, it’s just such a great great company overall!

  67. Chip in4seven

    Chur Kiwi 🤙 🇳🇿

  68. Boss of this GYM

    New rocket – quark:) Space is open for each person

  69. SteVato 04

    Working at Rocket Lab is my dream job

  70. Stanley Creative

    So exciting guys, can’t wait to see you recover Electron and go to the Moon and Venus! 🤘

  71. ot44eto


  72. Oliwier Kwiatkowski

    Now imagine what the brilliant minds from here, from SpaceX, from NASA, JAXA, ESA, even Russia could do together. As a 14yo, I’m 100% proud of being capable to see the milestones we need – because the future is truly looking bright, for once.

  73. Joe Skop

    Keep going!!

  74. Vincent Karaboulad

    “We set out to build a rocket that could be recovered and then launched again”, too bad Peter Beck stated the exact opposite on The Everyday Astronaut’s channel just a few hours ago 🤦‍♂️ Anyway, keep up the fantastic work guys 🙏

  75. Richard

    Man these guys know how to make a great video!!!

  76. BackYard Science 2000

    This video gives me that warm, tingly feeling that you get when you see something that you know will change the world. Though Rocket Lab has already done that, I can tell from this video that they are only just getting started. ❤️

  77. Tim Nook

    Let’s go Rocket lab!! 🚀🚀

  78. Yogesh Arya

    This video came out seconds ago and comments are from months ago🤯🤯

  79. Ignacio Martín Chiaravall

    Go, Rocket Lab!!!!!! Lots of love from Argentina!

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  81. dire saint

    Great stuff, looking forward to more information on the new rocket 🚀.

  82. Clean Meme Maker

    Awesome great work

  83. GooseWithGoogle

    A rocket doesn’t need to be big to be cool. And Rocket Lab defined that statement.

  84. IsaQuest

    why are there comments from a month ago? it just came out

  85. Cole J

    Give it 5 years and what they have done now will be nothing compared to what they will be. 😌

  86. Ali Benouari

    We love rocket laaaab !!!!!!

  87. RJ GREEN

    Love you rocket lab!!

  88. another space nut

    Love the intro shot great camera work

  89. (S)-Riley Dunn


  90. kh4l3dhi

    Go Rocket Lab!

  91. Tahir Bashir

    Amazing company.

  92. Teriaki Williams

    Can’t wait to invest!!!

  93. Slynell1

    great progressive company. I look forward to the future

  94. Jacob Cacho

    Can’t wait for Rocket Lab’s future!

  95. Tran

    Fantastically edited! Congrats to everyone at Rocket Lab 🚀

  96. Spaceman Tarian

    Always wanted to invest in rocketlab and I will be able too soon. :-) Neutron looks cool as well not quite as cool as electron but then again it doesn’t have the advantage of those epic carbon composites.

  97. Investing For Value

    Amazing work! Great to have such a wonderful company come public so we can all invest in it too.

  98. Союзник с Окинавы

    Very well!

  99. Peter K

    Kia Ora, from Ireland. Exciting day for the space industry & Rocket Lab!

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