Running Out Of Fingers Launch – 06/12/2019

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Lift-off of the Running Out Of Fingers mission occurred at 08:18 UTC on December 06 2019 from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula.

  1. The Merrigans

    Nice of you kids to jettison toxic battery into our fragile ocean. Be proud, sort of.

  2. _/\TIGERKING2000/\_ NZ

    Sooo…. Elon musk says we’re in a climate crisis, then starts firing rockets off all over the place? 💩

  3. Jeffrey Stewart

    But wait, there’ll be no one to watch future launches, nor launch vehicles as the world ends in 8, no 10, no 12 years!
    #climatechange ya know #settledscience

  4. Brien Dunn

    Yah! The date in the video title is not the usual format. I believe it should be: 12/06/2019

  5. Oh yeah Cool

    25:33 an object appears top right and exits bottom left

  6. Alex Distler

    16 dislikes?

  7. Hasan Yılmaz

    I want buy a rocket

  8. Main 1

    launching from new zealand? I thought it was easier to launch from nearer the equator. Why from NZL?

  9. Tyler H

    Congrats to another successful launch!

  10. Marcus Knightingale

    You guys are fantastic, Peter Beck has created a company I think all Kiwis can be rightly proud of.RocketLab are the kiwi version of SpaceX, they both share the same passion and have a charismatic CEO in charge and a young driven workforce.And I love listening to the launch control guys and their kiwi accents reminds me of Murray, Brett and Jerome from Flight of the Conchords.

  11. Mega Exploiter


  12. NO1

    Barış Özcan dan gelenler +1

  13. Graham Palmer

    My boss lives at Waimarama, on the coast under the flight path. Him and a few others say they heard a loud boom that rattled windows a few minutes after the launch. Could this have been the first stage coming back through the sound barrier?

  14. Tony Rusi

    You guys are great! Why not give Elon a run for his money with a 9 meter diameter carbon fiber rocket using algae derived biodiesel and liquid oxygen?

  15. Che Kim

    와~~ 로켓랩 1단 부스터 재진입 영상 너무 멋지당!! 엔트리번 없이 어떻게 진입장벽을 통과했을까나.. 신기하고 대단해!

  16. Sujowi

    A question – the rocket flare was very red and orange when viewed from Napier – also due to the smoke haze in the air?

  17. Deon Hamilton

    how can such a small country be able to build and launch rockets, New Zealand is truly amazing

  18. Brian Henry

    Why does it go sideways at 206 kLm and yet keep accelerating?

  19. yusuf Uçar



    ne güneşler doğuyor b

  21. Qorqud Alekberli

    Hi i just wonder about job opportunities in your company. I am studying aerospace engineering in istanbul technical university. What is the requirments for application?

  22. Kineticartist

    well done

  23. Probreyene

    I think ill be a rocket lab fan soon

  24. nrglmz 07

    Barış özcan ‘dan gelenler

  25. Prens Ferdinand

    and the new spaceX borns …

  26. nddragoon

    shame we didn’t get to see the 1st stage reentry

  27. Pintisamania

    Barış Özcan’dan geldik.

  28. CerberusTheSavage

    Super awesome!

  29. Cody Avant

    Are those sparks at 18:04 bits of titanium from the 3D printed engine?

  30. Sirmas K

    @rocketlab keep it up…..

  31. Elon Musk


  32. Dan Davies

    Rock on RL

  33. Mohamed Farid


  34. NKY DIY


  35. richie rich


  36. Darryn Waugh

    Awesome stuff Rocketlab. Q How can we findvoutvthe launch dates so we can go to Bluff Hill and watch the next launch? Ive looked at different websites but none of them are specific.

  37. MonkeyPants676

    Awesome work guys! Be proud!

  38. Probreyene

    26:35 looks like dust, whats that?

  39. gregs1020

    well done rocketlab!

  40. Kadir

    Barış Özcan desem!

  41. Kirilov Art

    Great work ROCKet Lab!

  42. Almost, but not entirely, Unreasonable

    WooHoo! RocketLab x 10!!
    Just an average Joe, admiring the TENACITY, INNOVATION, DIRECTION, FORTITUDE of RocketLab.
    YOU are playing in the Big League…and making all Kiwi’s proud!!

  43. Sujowi

    My first live rocket launch, thanks Rocketlab! Brilliant viewing from Bluff Hill, Napier! Such a beautiful warm, clear night for watching it head heavenwards from Mahia over Hawke Bay – a beautiful trail too (due to the Australian bush fire smoke?) . Simply magical!

  44. C Wel


  45. nortyspawn


  46. Antonio Nešić

    I can see you guys have some inspiration in SpaceX, which is a great thing. Congratulations on your 10th successful launch. Can’t wait to see more. Greetings to Kiwis from Croatia.

  47. flamencoprof


  48. Cyrix Lord

    was fossasat-1 on this mission <3

  49. Luigi De Maria

    As always a really good job Rocket Lab! 🚀

  50. Mike Simpson

    Congrats Rocket Lab!


    Hi from Turkey. I am comming from Baris Ozcan Channel.Good luck for your works.

  52. Adarsh Yadav

    Thanks for live broadcast like this. Love Racketlab from India🇮🇳

  53. HansTrein

    Well done and keep up the good work! It’s awesome to see rockets take off from NZ, you guys have the best lifestyle on earth and a job that’s out of this world! :)

  54. By TitaN

    Imagination is more significant than knowledge.
    -Albert Einstein

  55. carlosrrs12

    9:45 Rosie 19:40 20:25 21:30

  56. David Owens

    Great launch well done! It looked like you had some combustion instability on the upper stage, was that case?

  57. Jeremy Cox

    Congratulations Rocket Lab on another successful launch and reaching orbit. I look forward to seeing you guys launch from the US and recovery of the first stage booster in 2020. Best of luck as we go into 2020 🖖

  58. V-king

    Congratulations to this successful project! RocketLab, Alba Orbital and FossaSat teams bring LoRa communictions to space!

  59. Rick Tai

    Congratulations to you all. Amazing achievement 🆒🔭🌌

  60. zsuzsanna kiss

    BR from Hungary :)

  61. darthex0

    Parameters are far more restrictive for you guys than larger rockets on reusability. Inspirational! Good luck.

  62. Marc Weerts

    Great job! Also – this may be the most beautiful launch zone I’ve ever seen. New Zealand is amazing…

  63. Jay DiNitto

    17:47 – Did someone just walk into the CR from the beach?

  64. Jason Old

    I saw this from Levin, stage separation and everything, it was awesome

  65. Burcu BELEN

    One day l will join you guys. And l will remember this day💪🏻

  66. Jill Marie

    Awesome job!!! Go electron!! ⚡️

  67. How Does it Really Work

    18:55 Beautiful kaleidoscope of exhaust from the engines as they throttle down.

  68. Dr mosfet

    Looking forward to see a new member in the reusable club, that helicopter catch Will be something, can’t wait.

  69. Simon Graham

    In the control room view at 17:47, I love seeing the woman at the back wearing shorts and flip flops (or “jandals” as we call them in NZ). So this soooo NZ. Great job Rocket Lab.

  70. Jefta van der Horst

    Start of stream: 1:07
    Lift-off: 16:24
    Staging: 19:06
    Battery hot-swap: 22:53


    Grats for mission and telemetry to ground success!

  72. UY3 Productions

    Barış Özcan’dan Gelenler +1

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