Rocket Lab Unveils Plans For Reusability

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On August 6, 2019, Rocket Lab Founder and CEO Peter Beck announced plans to make Electron a reusable launch vehicle.

  1. test 1 :) 3.5 gigajoules powers 57000 homes for … how long? Why nor 57000000 homes ?

  2. MTheory

    I hope SpaceX puts these idiots out of buisness soon

  3. Nabil Essadiki

    bla bla bla bla … to convence ourselves with a total bullshit lie ?

  4. puddlesjumper

    I was right there with you up to the moment that you said “if I can get my vehicle back once then I am ahead of I’m ahead of the game.” I’m paraphrasing. Regardless, those are the words of a self-centered person not a team player not a modest person not someone who recognizes a group effort but desires to take the credit for everything everybody does. Not my kind of person. Too much ego.

  5. William Heart

    Why did I listen to ten mins of bukkshif

  6. Inevitable Crafts Lab

    jesus the music !! what is wrong with you guys?? easy thumbs down.

  7. Alister Bennett

    Talking starts at 8:33…then this is worth it

  8. Bill Demich

    Another fake space agency?
    Toy rockets.
    If rockets were reusable like they claim I would like to see a scaled down version or model rockets able to take off and land.
    They don’t show you their model tests because it is all B S !

  9. Ray Grant

    No problem! All you have to do is copy what Elon Musk has already done!

  10. Topgun God

    With all the advancements made in resonant harmonic electromagnetic propulsion, NASA brings out a primitive rocket and people go Oooh, as if it’s a great new idea.

  11. David Roberts

    Hi 👋 rocket 🚀 lab that was awesome Caching your rocket in midair cool 😎 keep up the good work ❤️🇬🇧🚀david

  12. lazer tag

    im way too stupid to work there

  13. Gerald Trudeau

    Rockets are the bright, shiny objects to keep attention away from electrogravitics tech that have been available, and functional since 1956. It runs circles around obsolete rockets. Google it.

  14. Edward Alborghetti

    How stupid to announce this so early

  15. Earl Pottinger

    Question, can they not recover the boosters the same way SpaceX does. It is my understanding the weight costs of the parachute and hardware to deploy it roughly equals the weight of extra fuel to land the booster with rockets.

  16. Scorpio


  17. Caleb Bingham


  18. Adam Craig

    Just throwing some ideas out there…. Does the whole rocket need to be recovered??? Can you sacrifice parts of the rocket to shed weight during re-entry and recover the engines? Or does it need to return in one peice, could it not separate into smaller components which have less mass?

  19. Li Hoho


  20. Cathal


  21. Plasminium


  22. Василий Ратников

    Ура. наконец то. Без многоразовости невозможен нормальный прибыльный бизнес на космосе. Только бюджеты государства пилить.

  23. theboatgoat

    Is that the same music that SpaceX used for their BFS Point to Point animation.. maybe the same animation team as well.. VERY similar in visuals, which is NOT a bad things

  24. Avicorn

    God speed

  25. Mr Gossamer


  26. Glenn Littleford

    Oh my god!

  27. Ronolein

    Wirklich hoch interessant!

  28. EngrSMukhtar


  29. Shani B

    How can I work for you??

  30. Zod of Heaven

    What marketing cretin still persists in thinking that loud music on a video will gain any public support for the venture? Fantastic company and technology. Fix the PR approach.

  31. jim czerwinski

    Trust the Kiwi’s to out shine us. 👍🏻

  32. Kayne

    well done!

  33. Scrap Tech Tips

    Damm I wanna work here.

  34. Nathaniel Kencke

    12:25 This statement contains no information.

  35. J Shepard

    9:52 Two space agencies.

  36. Albert :)

    Well done guys!!!!!!!!!!! 😁

  37. J Shepard

    8:36 Start here.

  38. ed p

    I didn’t catch it. Just what IS the plan for reusability? He just said that it was hard, and they need to get through ‘the wall’. What a nothing burger!


    Great presentation!

  40. Andrii Martynov

    Rocket lab shows pretty impressive progress during quite a short period of time, at the same time making a new niche in the space industry! That’s awesome! I reckon you will break through the wall rather soon, which is going to make launches even more affordable! Good luck!!!

  41. Shane Lee

    That’s probably the most cost effective way to do it

  42. Juan Del Puente

    Why they let the rocket accelerate? Why don’t you keep it in resistance? slowing down like the shuttle or an X-15 lands? with angle, and nose up… (?)

  43. Ilya Khalizov

    Great job, guys!

  44. Alec Checkerfield

    “It’s time to party” – Peter Beck

  45. Nobilangelo Ceramalus

    The future Beck-ons…

  46. Ricardo Funes

    Great job, best of luck for you !

  47. morskojvolk

    Bravo! Good Luck.

  48. Cody Avant

    I love the gaming headsets.

  49. Ace Max

    Just to be-able to reuse the main booster twice is a huge savings not to forget if they had a few days turnaround to launch the same booster again is phenomenal !

  50. mohamed hamdy

    great work .
    but i have a question . when the video start in 00.24 to 00.31. I want to ask about the piece which is the most important part of the combustion process.Because I want to do some experiments.The theory that I have makes me close to success.

  51. DH Yukon

    This is awesome!

  52. Speedy Baby

    Did you get the idea from playing with model rockits and wonerd if it work on a real rocket

  53. Scrap Tech Tips

    We shall call the new ship the rocket waka, lol

  54. SxmRadio

    on ya kiwi’s! wish we were this kinda forward thinking in AUS. were still in the stone age

  55. Oak and Spore Farms

    No NZ flag on the side of the rocket? Cumon Rocket Labs! Give us some glory!

  56. St. Paul

    I really like the “Rocket Lab” logo………………pretty sweet

  57. AnonyMoose

    Making New Zealand Proud :)

  58. SpinFast

    Where do I buy one of your cool Rocket Lab caps?

  59. bestamerica

    nice rocket lab…
    why people are not useing cleanness clothes codes working at the rocket lab…
    dont use dirty home sloppy clothes working at rocket lab

  60. mark jones

    Reusability of launch vehicles is critical for space exploration. Perhaps we should use that concept with intercontinental ballistic missiles. The prototype could be called Ginormas Nerf I or GN-I for short. They could be launched back and forth when our adult leaders gets their knickers in a twist…

  61. Darko FC

    Peter – THANKS!! Very inspiring thinking ..

  62. Keith Lovelock

    I predict that RocketLab will announce a Symbiotic Electromagnetic Fusion Containment power plant in future😀

  63. terry Sullivan

    So New Zealand now has ICBM capability.

  64. j n Powell

    As a kiwi, I am immensely proud of the progress of Rocket Lab and it’s forward thinking CEO Peter Beck, Bravo.

  65. Qwertzy

    I think we need some paparazzis as for SpceX to spot what Rocket Lab is developing

  66. Chad Simplicio

    Retrieval by helicopter while the rocket is falling back down to earth? Challenging, but not impossible. Hope they pull it off. Reusability is key.

  67. Smokey

    Audio Produced by Drama Llama *VOLUME WARNING*

  68. Oğuz Can Soyselçuk

    So 2900 m/s reentry without reentry burn, that is faster than falcon 9 first stage reentry by 300 – 900 m/s depending on mission. Carbon Fiber resin will melt?

  69. InvolvedObserver

    This is so incredible to watch! I’m cheering for you Rocket Lab!

  70. Jeff Vader

    Brilliant, does this drop launch costs to bellow a million dollars?


    The other small rocket companies haven’t even gotten off the ground yet, and Rocket Lab is already changing the game.

  72. Anonymous

    Starts at 4:45

  73. zlozlozlo

    Speaker: “It was a mess of feet.”
    Translation: “It was a massive feat.”

  74. lepermunna

    Surprised that the animation didn’t show rotation of the booster (also GO ROCKET LAB!)

  75. Al Man

    Tears of joy Peter
    Good luck

  76. Surya Mani

    AWESOME! I envision the launch costs dropping and frequencies rising enough to really democratize space! I truly wish you the best of luck. I hope to intern there if possible during college and this made me way more excited.

  77. Eugene Weltzer II

    Remembering those scientists explain how Superman could catch the falling Lois Lane without killing her.

  78. R623 Romans

    If rocket lab had NASAs budget we would be landing men on Pluto by now.
    Kiwis no how to get stuff done fast.

  79. William Cleveland

    That is awesome Rocket Lab! Nice! On a side note, would you include a chase helicopter/drone in order to capture secondary perspective data?

  80. Adrian Holroyd

    I guess that’s possible. They’d have to want to do it, and you’d have to stack the elephants carefully.

  81. tammem maaref

    Well done rocket lab . tho i remember a proposition which uses a similar method of reusing with parachutes and helicopters by ULA but only for the engine and OF COURSE it was never actually built /// WHAT A Time to be alive

  82. top Entertainment

    Rocket lab is literally spacex of its own market (small satellites launching) in fact its even luckier with almost no competition . it has a future

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