Rocket Lab – They Go Up So Fast Launch 03/22/2021

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Lift-off of the ‘They Go Up So Fast’ rideshare mission 22:30 UTC on March 22 2021 from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1.

  1. Eze

    Laying here at night and can’t sleep and thought to myself, “would rocket lab ever compete with SpaceX?” But then I realized that M probably wants to bug 007 about something and telling MI-6 and Q to find his location on the screen but can’t find him cuz he’s probably off grid on top of Onatopp somewhere making M get irritated. Peter Beck’s red phone started blinking and he answered it hearing, FIND HIM NOW!!! I’m pretty sure that’s what this launch is for satellites to find him. M would never ask Felix or USA to do something, the CIA would prob spy on them. So, no, Rocket Lab wouldn’t have to compete with SpaceX. I found my answer. Good talk. Have a good day everyone.

  2. Poberaganser

    Great launch! Thanks!

  3. Daffa Mutaqin Tetaputra

    when the title is a pun

  4. Pool Bal


  5. Black Gryph0n

    AMAZING flight! Flawless! I can’t WAIT to watch the first Neutron launch!

    If you need any music for that, let me know! 😉

  6. saimul Haque


  7. Lordofthefleas

    Go raaf

  8. The third dimension

    Everyday Astronaut is gonna be like Woooooow.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  9. Dingming Zou

    Proud VACQ shareholder approves this

  10. Ian Shepard

    I love that they used Everyday Astronaut’s music during the coast phase. I would have skipped the coast phase otherwise, but now I get to listen to this awesome music! Congradulations to Rocket Lab for a successful launch and deployment of the payload satalites!

  11. 1944GPW

    Neutron and Electron reminds me of a groovy old 1977 electro-funk track by Dennis Garcia titled ‘Electrons, Neutrons, Protons & Morons’.

  12. sfs AE

    Very nice

  13. Ben Stokes

    18:52 – 10 secs before liftoff

  14. Ben Stokes

    I missed it because it was at 4;30 am in my country… Sorry
    I’m watching cricket and it’s an outttt

  15. Andrew Davies

    im in nz

  16. Lewt Scott

    Hillary and Tenzing for the engine names – great climbers ;-)

  17. SYRI4L O

    I’m in shock. Wow that was fast!!

  18. Praveen Choudhary

    I here only for launch sounds
    Oh that sound😍

  19. OspreyGT

    Everyday astronaut music made it to rocket lab streams…. wow

  20. jachvideos

    Amazing launch!!!! Congrats to all of you 👏

  21. Anders Manix

    That’s one excited electron!

  22. Prinzzz Kelligtal

    Cool guys 👍🏻
    Good luck in future

  23. Tim Heyes

    Decal separation just after Max Q looked great to me!
    I think Exec should announce Decal Sep!
    I so want to announce Decal Sep for a mission to Venus!
    Congratulations and well done to all the Rocket lab team!
    I always look forward to seeing and hearing what you do!
    Thank you!
    Keep up the great work on your journey making space accessible to everyone and making it work so well, looking great and sounding so good!
    So Exciting!
    Love and respect.

  24. martin N

    Next time allow chat

  25. Ulvens

    Awesome launch, cringe clapping. ;) <3

  26. Lauti Lo

    Im amazed of how quick Electron goes up!

  27. Matthew Black

    Well done, Peter – you guys rock.

  28. Harish the da Vinci

    Rocket lab is better than Blue Origin

  29. Zobi_YT

    I missed it rip

  30. Seafox0011

    Faultless launch and presentation! Exceptional team!

  31. douro20

    How about Tsiolkovsky for the name of the new engines?

  32. xyle

    Tied with Raptor for best sounding rocket engine.

  33. Dippah K


  34. Winter Hardcastle

    Wow! If this doesn’t make you want to work for Rocket Lab, I don’t know what could.

  35. Ilia Litvinenko

    Who is launching this and what’s there goal

  36. sandwichtube

    It better work. I’ve purchased some Rocket Lab shares😀

  37. Ahmad Doumani

    I wish they keep the stream of video for the spacecraft as long as it is still rotating the earth.

  38. michael Ignat


  39. cumbyjames

    Whats that stuff peeling off the rocket?

  40. Matt Lecuyer

    Pretty awesome!!!!!!

  41. BegToDiffer99

    Man, these guys rock! Love’m.

  42. Aarons123

    didn’t manage to catch this due to school but awesome none the less

  43. snotgarden

    Great video all the way up! Incredible quality. I especially liked seeing the hole electron punched through the cloud layer!

  44. Brady Chuck

    Rocket Lab Stream Quality Is Now Superb.

  45. Kiwi Bonsai

    Once yas stop launching military big brother spy satellites and get back into furthering mankind’s science in space il be a happy Kiwi.
    Its about expanding humanitys science not locking it down to benefit the 1%s crusade of greed and control.
    As a Kiwi and a space nerd I should feel proud of Rocket lab NZ but sadly I’m not.

  46. RB

    The music from Everyday Astronaut is available free of charge from Amazon for those with Amazon Prime. The whole Tim Dodd album is actually pretty good.

  47. Max Cabrera

    Nice! Congratulations for Another Successful launch!

  48. RB

    That rocket has a pretty flame.

  49. Improvision Music

    Good job

  50. Rafael Cavalcante Paulino

    Well done!

  51. Tylen Johnson

    #TeamSpace loves you Peter and the access you give the public to yourself and #rocketlab. Go #TheEverydayAstronaut, your music career is taking off like a rocket!

  52. Rein DelaTozaki

    Everyday Astronaut songs is super lit that Rocket Lab decided to use Tim’s songs.. Great work on those songs Tim!

  53. Filippo Cucina

    I love this company

  54. Christopher Silvia

    What is the black film that starts to break off the rocket at 26:20?

  55. Ken Staplehurst

    Awesome!!! Excited for Rocket labs future.

  56. --

    Nomyn Daydreamer is also a good song for space videos. I have heard it on another YouTube channel :)

  57. Mark Arnott

    Another successful Launch 5 satellites ✔
    i watch the cows below , last Launch most run away
    but 5 cows ran up the Hill to watch funny .
    but not today .

  58. Mart Alex

    We are ready

  59. James Trivett

    Good to see nobody is wearing stupid masks!!!!

  60. RWBHere

    Thanks for the live stream, and congratulations on the milestone. Looking forward to your development, tests and launches of Neutron! That will be really interesting. 
    Would love to see / hear news of the final manoeuvres, deployments, and maybe even de-orbiting of final stages of current launchers, on your website, rather than on the very annoying Twitter feed. Can you accommodate this, please?

  61. Nolan Shirely


  62. Rob Orchiston

    Love the GoNoGo poll at 12:40

  63. Jared Jenkins


  64. Tiki71

    I love what this company is doing and where it’s going. I’m really excited that we can actually invest in a private rocket company! Go Rocket Labs! #VACQ 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 !

  65. Meg

    ‘They go up so fast’ so fast I almost missed it, well done RL and a beauty day for a launch 👏🏾

  66. Rafael Mantucci

    Amazing Launch! Thanks!

  67. дрюно стоп

    24:40 – lift off
    27:05- Meco
    27:45- faring separation
    30:30- batarey jetstion
    33:15- Seco/Kick stage deploy
    1:14:05- Kick stage burn
    1:16:50- deploy 1
    1:17:30- deploy 2
    1:18:20- deploy 3
    1:19:05- deploy 4
    1:19:45- deploy 5

  68. Pablo A

    Nicely done again Rocket Lab!

  69. ryan wittstock

    24:40 for launch

  70. monkey skin

    I love the fact that this has less than 100k views. Not because I don’t like rocketlab, but because it means that we’ve come so far that these launches have become relatively common

  71. ziggyo

    Congratulations for this launch and transmission. By the way: During the coast phase starting 34:04 Great soundtrack from Everyday Astronaut, thank you very much for that, we really enjoyed that 😃👍

  72. Not The Usual

    Nice music

  73. Emmett Reis

    The Everyday Astronaut must of been surprised when they played his music on the stream. also great work Rocket Lab.

  74. Peter Hobelsberger

    Something seemed to peel off the booster on ascent!

  75. M.Streicher


  76. Alex Tigre

    Flat Earthers are going (I told you so) mad with this map

  77. Ti38 Calculator

    Congrats on another successful launch!

  78. GarrulousArchitect

    Commenting for the algorithm and also good job rocketlab

  79. Alexandru Barbovschi

    I need the name of the soundtrack, please! And congrats, guys! ;-)
    UPDATE: My bad, I see it now! ^_^

  80. Jack Whitlock

    Can’t wait for the helicopter recovery

  81. Jack Whitlock

    Amazing work!

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