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The Moon, Mars, Venus, and beyond. Photon is unlocking the full potential of space.

  1. Chip in4seven

    Yes astroid! ⛳

  2. Chris Davies

    What is this strange sensation I’m feeling???
    It’s pride in being a Kiwi!
    Thanks to the rocket surgeons at Rocket Lab!

    If you’re going to leave cislunar space, shouldn’t Rocket Lab be deploying ultra-high Isp Ion drives or electric thrusters of some sort? That would seem to fit the Rocket Lab hardware and mission efficiency we’ve come to know and admire.

  3. MayuriK

    Cool! Photon is a small but powerful spaceship! Go Rocket lab!

  4. ASMR Gaming

    the technology for FTL is with the US Navy and the salvatore pais patents

  5. Jayson Larose

    I’m not a security professional, but I like to play one on TV. Good on you for blurring out the ID badge at 1:57.
    Can’t make a fake badge if you don’t see any real ones!

  6. LegendaryGodKing

    Photon solar sail. Do it.

  7. Sergey

    Everybody’s saying “we developed platform”. I remember Alan Stern was referring that way to New Horizons spacecraft. How is Photon better? Or maybe I should extend the question: how are older spacecraft designs not a platform?

  8. Ricky Bojangles

    Go Rocket lab! You guys are killing it!😍

  9. Amantla

    Gave me goosebumps when beck spoke about Venus through his bek.

  10. Chaman Kanth


  11. 635574

    Cool I didnt know they will beat SpaceX to moon

  12. Allan T

    This is so damn exciting! I love this company

  13. Stan Burton

    I’d really love to see a privately funded free swimming probe/lander to Europa. dunno if photon could be configured as a lander or not.

  14. HisLoveArmy

    Love the videos keep them coming!

  15. Sour durian

    Peter Beck looks like Syndrome (aka Buddy Pine) from The Incredibles.

  16. William Burns

    @Rocket Lab one mission for Photon might be emergency on-demand cargo to the ISS or Lunar Gateway (tools, medicine, etc). Perhaps design a tab a Canadarm or similar grappler can attach to.

  17. Zachary Hutchison

    I like Rocket Lab. SpaceX rushed to capture the bulk of the market and build the biggest vehicle. RL is taking it’s time filling out the smaller scale solutions.

  18. Sketch

    Rocket Lab is in danger of being cooler than SpaceX :)

  19. LeRossignol

    basically a real Science Jr.

  20. Defence Bangladesh

    At last someone is talking about Venus
    Thank You.

  21. Yelectric

    Photon docking module and mining system . Solar sail module

  22. The Capacitor

    $RKLB To the Moon! 🚀🚀🚀 Quite literally 😄

  23. hassan rezvani


  24. Emanuele Scarsella

    This is definitely a game changer… It is practically the definition of platform as a service and I’m ready to bet that’s an hell of a lot cipher and easier to work with then anything else😍👏👏
    Good move

  25. Joe Skop

    Keep going Rocket Lab!

  26. Daisai Gaming

    Kinda funny how they are all wearing gaming headsets in the control room.

  27. Mark Arnott

    Everyones about the moon & mars thats ok but
    Rocketlab Venus looks legit for some sort of life
    Newsupdate: August – * Venus 2 spacecraft to do flybys the solar Orbiter & the Bepi Columbo within 550klms .
    solar orbiter Venus isnt there final destination using venus gravity pull on the way to take pics of the Suns poles

  28. edizio roberto manthay ju


  29. Sanskar Raikar

    its great to see beck going to venus and musk going to mars and nasa to the moon

  30. giorgi gabarashvili

    good luck

  31. David Waller

    I’d love to be able to work for Rocket Lab, even if it was just cleaning floors.

  32. avalanchas

    “hey Peter, we need to make a video on Photon”

    “ok, but how long can I talk about venus?

  33. Astro Roadie

    Our recently recorded interview with Rocket Lab will be published later today. come check it out at “Total space”. It was really fun to talk with Richard French, about these very same future missions.

  34. Alfi Halma

    I’d be so happy, if we’d knew the rough Isp range of HyperCurie…

  35. Carson Baker

    K but the guy at the beginning sounds remarkably like Brennan from college humor

  36. Crypto Mining Noob

    Just because life exists on Venus is the main reason we should explore it. Just not with humans…

  37. Samuel Williams

    Awesome work, keep it up!

  38. Carl

    Excellent! It’s great to see space technology finally advancing after so many years of stagnation!

  39. Tim Nook

    This is so great.

  40. J Kreidler

    can we launch something into the sun? pretty please?

  41. Pavan Kumar

    “Mars is great and all but…”, man I love this! This is gonna be a battle of the planets! Venus and Mars, Beck and Musk

  42. James Barclay

    Not enough water on Venus anymore. Life is very doubtful, even if temperature or acid isn’t an issue. And the gravity at atmospheric thickness alone make it a terrible location for extraterrestrial mining.
    That said, it is the best location for terraforming on a long-term basis. That’s a >100 years basis, requiring solar shielding and redirection of objects from beyond the frost line. Might be able to get somewhere close to liveable temperature and pressure solely via chemical or biological interactions fixing carbon.

  43. Nathan Commissariat

    Can’t wait to see the escaPADE mission!!

  44. Adam Kaufman

    Awesome. A standardized but customizable platform for interplanetary science missions will have a huge positive impact on cost and development times.

  45. Ignacio Augusto Olivar

    it’s a good solution to prospect asteroid for future mining iniciatives

  46. D

    Looking forward to these exciting projects

  47. xDarkMonkeyz / Ksp-Movie

    you guys are doing great! God speed!

  48. y0manda

    Buying more stock.

  49. Rob Speed

    Saying Photon isn’t a commodity bus seems like a disservice. That doesn’t mean it can’t be customized.

  50. L P

    This is why Michael Burry invested. Amazing

  51. Spencer Devins

    Besides government, who’s the customer?

  52. RyanRising

    Has Rocket Lab said anywhere what propellant HyperCurie runs on? It’s be helpful to know for purposes of comparison and modelling, but I can’t find it anywhere. I ask cause it featured in this video.

  53. Mijc Osis

    Could Venus’ mangetosphere provide a safe(r) place for humans? Its atmosphere certainly has the raw elements of life, could we live in the upper atmosphere where its cool enough? or LVO? It has to be less inhospitable than raw vacuum?

  54. Thomas Chow

    An energetic electron releases a photon…. Heh

  55. BlueFrostedGlass

    What is the fuel for this next stage?

  56. Andrew Eddie

    Personally I’d like to see us getting orbiters around Uranus and Neptune. Might need an Electron Heavy for that? :)

  57. HylanderSB

    Sure..add an asteroid! Throw in a comet while you’re at it!

  58. Strange

    Everyone is literally hitchhiking the galaxy on photon.

  59. Unnatural_Log

    Would be perfect for a mission to Mars’ moons… Those still haven’t been successfully studied up close. We aren’t sure where they came from!

  60. Ripe Journey Man

    “earth gone really bad” xD

  61. Da' Memes


  62. Strange

    Photon is kinda like the holy grail of small sats.

  63. Fenta Null

    Go Rocket Lab! Go Venus Explorer!

  64. PauSto Sto

    Go Rocket Lab!

  65. Stinger NSW

    Got the T’Shirt now just waiting for the launch…..Go Rocket Lab 🚀

  66. Thaddeus Walker

    Up front I am a biased investor in that associated company, on the order of magnitude of 600 shares so far. I am really stoked on photon offering, maybe even more than neutron. Maybe I haven’t done complete research but I don’t see much competition in this area of generic satellite services. Either The other big company plays nice with others on launch services or they don’t, either rocket lab can use photon and work with them or they can do some monopoly busting with Neutron and carve out a loyal market. Again the fact that this company actively launches to orbit is a distinction that recruits and investors should acknowledge as the removal of risk that your investment in the company is a waste. Super hard to fake placing satellites in orbit. I am curious if photon has a path to re-usability where vehicles stay in orbit and refuel there.

  67. Arda G

    Nice to hear Venus is getting more and more of the love it deserves

  68. Hicham Mohsen

    Distribute like a 100 of those in the solar system and let the exploration begin!

  69. MartianInAHumans Body

    The little rocket that could

  70. TMG Dude


  71. codefeenix


  72. B Blod

    Cool tiny engine.

  73. Tari Ogounga

    One 💕😘

  74. Itz_ Ultima

    Start operating outta Virginia already so I can watch launches from there. And more importantly…

    *S O I C A N W O R K F O R T H I S A W E S O M E C O M P A N Y*
    after I graduate high school and college lol

  75. Jeriku

    I love that! This is freaking cool, or kinda hot..

  76. VonPredator

    And we will cheer you on every step of the way! Go Electron, and Go Photon!

  77. another space nut

    Loved speaking with you guys for Total Space. Anyone who wants to learn a little more look for our interview with rocket lab <3

  78. Hojo J.

    Great job Rocket Lab. Keep on making progress.

  79. blue redbrick

    Venus missions would be enlightening yes

  80. Soren Ingram

    Expanded access to investigate at a lower cost is a game changer.

  81. Unknown

    Yooooo youre back! Really missed you!

  82. Spaceflight sim productio

    I am so lucky to be alive today to see all this
    There’s Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and most importantly… rocket lab

  83. Ameth Flores

    Hello from Panama in buruga

  84. Raphael Beaulieu


  85. The18thDoctor


  86. Not A studio Productions

    More likes then views, let’s go

  87. Absolute Indigo Era

    legendary stuff

  88. Noah Daniel

    Here at 20 seconds after upload

  89. Ondřej Šebesta

    Pog new video

  90. Cygnus

    I love these videos, they make me feel smart when I watch them around my family.

  91. Ethatheman


  92. Perichron John

    Ayyy RocketLab

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  94. The Spaceflight Community


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