1. Sarisa N

    Big support to The Rocket lab’s Team. You have 24 hours to get sad and don’t forget The nest one will get better. Will always be your fan!

  2. Kerbal Engineering System

    Truly sorry for the failure. I’m confident that Electron will be back on the pad soon and better than ever!

  3. Steve King

    Looking at They grow up so fast and running out of toes at about 2:30… notice engine area looks different. A few more parts in the May rocket.

  4. Rafael Cavalcante Paulino

    Don’t give up guys. Keep up the good work!

  5. Wilson Machado

    i feel sorry about it…
    receive all my love RL

  6. Ivan Prock

    My sympathies to the Rocket Lab team. Best wishes for a speedy identification and rectification of the problem!
    I didn’t see this in the earlier comments so here are this video’s times for some significant events:
    0:07:02 coverage starts
    0:23:08 hold called
    0:27:42 cycling back to T-12:00 due to winds aloft (upper air winds)
    1:09:49 launch resumes at T-18:44
    1:10:57 coverage resumes
    1:28:33 liftoff
    1:31:08 stage separation

  7. Starhopper

    That really sucks, but it looks like they recovered the booster, which is, if I’m correct, the first time that anything like that has happened

  8. NeohNightmare

    My condolences to the Rocket Lab team on the loss of the vehicle. I hope you guys can bounce back from this one soon!

  9. Vladimir Semenov

    Failure is just another sign that the company is growing. You cannot be fully successful without failures. Go RocketLab! 🚀 Go NZ! 🇳🇿

  10. T.Jentzsch

    Sorry to hear guys. Love what you do! Keep it up.

  11. LocatedCoder948

    Just revert flight, I don’t see an issue

    But for real, it’s sad to see a mission fail, but sometimes it’s inevitable. You guys are the future, and we’re excited to see where you take us

  12. A P

    Failure is a key to success. It’s unfortunate to see a loss of mission, but I’m sure you guys will figure things out and be back better than ever! I know l – and many others – will be here to cheer you on when you do. Keep pushing forward and keep your heads up, RL. You all do amazing things, and will continue to do amazing things despite this setback. :D

  13. Thomas Goodwin

    Sadly, the cost of an education is often pain. And space is a very steep learning curve.
    Chin up M8s! As long as you learn all you can from this, the next go stands significantly better odds of ‘spot on’.

  14. formolzinho

    Space is very hard and only the ones who dare can fail.Congratulations on the work so far and I hope you all can keep up.

  15. Perhapsian

    Sorry for the rocket loss. You’ll come back stronger before. Your team is a shining star at what they do.

  16. Kevin Nugent

    I’m sure they are instructed to remain professional and don’t give any indication of what you see on your screen but everytime I see arms go above the head it tells me something stressful is going on.

  17. Vibez

    Failure is the key to succes hopefully you can solve those Issues!

  18. Brett Sebring

    Failure is always so sad at first. I hope Rocket Lab can get something valuable for the cost. You are all superheroes in my world!

  19. Mark Arnott

    RocketLab sometimes chit happens
    Miss the cows below the launch site .
    one video 5 cows ran up the hill to watch
    and the others scared ran away funny how the 5 cows like the launches

  20. John Whitehouse

    Love your approach, Sorry to see the mission not complete. Really love the ethos of Rocket Lab from what I have seen. My thoughts are with you and your team.

  21. UD2

    Rocket Lab Team, stay strong and don’t give up. You guys and gals are doing IMPORTANT things!!! DIFFICULT things!!! and WORTHWHILE things!!! Failure will pave the road to success and you WILL get there! Keep GOING!

  22. Skarv

    After the separation it looked like second stage began to spin after igniting. Am I right or?
    Never the less.. YOU GO ROCKET LAB… Love what you do, all the way from Denmark :)

  23. hassan rezvani

    great great . bravoo

  24. Emma Burgess

    Always sad to see a loss of mission, but I’m sure you’ll figure out what happened quickly and come back even stronger #TeamSpace 🚀

  25. g jim

    Keep pressing forward! No one succeeds without stumbling along the path.

  26. Destructor1701

    @LisaStoj! Great to see you there!

  27. Damian0816

    Failures always happen at some point and it sucks to see them happen, but Im confident you guys can rebound and keep going strong just like last time! ^-^

  28. Scott Manley

    It’s sad to see the launch fail, but it sounds like the booster landed in one piece, I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a huge setback.

  29. The Elevator Man

    Hope you find out what went wrong quickly, if you aren’t failing you aren’t innovating enough. Good luck

  30. Melvin Batista

    Sad for the incident. Wish you success in the next launch. This is how inovation works lets keep forward.

  31. Chris Horry

    Sorry guys, hopefully whatever happened is an easy fix. Good luck with the next launches.

  32. Soner İŞBECER

    Türkiye’den takip ediyorum sizi. Sonuna kadar destekliyorum. Bir avuç insanın yaptığı şeyler takdir edilecek ve hiç kolay olmayan şeylerdir. O yüzden asla üzülmeyin… <3

  33. dire saint

    At least it’s not the same stage so probably not the same issue. Good luck in the future.

  34. Manas Hejmadi

    You’ve come this far while some companies can’t even get to orbit, your spirit is important! Failures happen but don’t let it bother you. I believe rocketlab and I hope your next mission is a spectacular success

  35. Tiki71

    I’m buying more Rocket Labs stock on Monday (VACQ). I strongly believe this company has what it takes to eventually go head to head with SpaceX. SpaceX lost a few too in the early days. Hold your head up and get better! Ad astra!

  36. Uzay Çağında Yolculuk

    The impossible is difficult to achieve. We have no doubt that you will fix this problem quickly and make a better, more reliable tool than before. Better next time!

  37. Giulione

    Keep it up Rocket Lab, go to orbit is hard

  38. William Mulreed

    The second stage camera showed the stage veering way off course then another camera showed the engine shutdown, so I’m going to guess that there was a failure in the 2nd stage avionics

  39. Lithium Idol

    Damn! Did you guys get the first stage back?

  40. Dingming Zou

    PT for VACQ on Monday?

  41. Johan Berntzen

    Sorry to hear what happend ! You have my sympathy and hope next launch will be perfect ! Greetings from Belgium !!!

  42. Trumpsney Productions Stu

    Well, the first stage can still be recovered, so that’s good! :D

  43. Pinochet

    Every failure is another thing learned, sorry to the whole RL team for the Loss of Mission

  44. Santiago Padilla

    The sound was incredible!!!!

  45. MrProjective

    Lots of support and love from SpaceX fans👍👍👍 you can do it next time!!! <=ROCKETLAB>

  46. Chronus

    You have got to ask the announcer to never interrupt the mission controllers. What they’re saying is 1000x more important.

  47. Altrospace

    A sad day :(, never give up

  48. Aaron Morse

    Love you Rocket Lab!

  49. Jackson Leonardo

    Sad to see loss of mission. It’s alright, that’s how you improve rocket over time.

  50. Brett Hoffstadt

    Best wishes learning and advancing from this tough setback. Eager to see you succeed!

  51. Aviation Lover

    A sad day for the space community

  52. Rita Loy

    You will always learn more from your failures than you ever will from your successes.

  53. Nigg Zett

    Failure just shows that you guys really push the envelope! Keep up the good work and lets find someone with an extra toe.

  54. Trex531

    Ok Rocket Lab, I’m sure you’ll work out what happened and keep on strong 💪!

  55. MinerBat

    second stage failiure… :( but did the first recover succesfully? because that was also one of the main mission goals

  56. RJ Brown

    Heart break… guys got this!

  57. Karim Cristóbal Hanania C

    keep up the good work guys! this is the hardest line of work!

  58. Andrew Bladwell

    That moment you see no 2nd stage ignition and the speed readout start looking odd….

  59. Darnell Arford

    Well that stinks. But you guys will bounce back from this. I look forward to watching successful Rocket Lab missions in the future.

  60. Jack Boot

    Booster recovery is still happening though?

  61. Chandrashekhar Topagi

    Congratulations from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  62. Edgar Torbert

    Sad day for spaceflight fans everywhere. Best wishes for analyses that reveal the cause and lead to a fix in the near future.

  63. YouGotAnyGrap3s

    Don’t worry about it, failure is the only way to improve! My aunt has 12 toes so we haven’t run out yet! Also MORE COW CAM PLEASE!

  64. Antares C

    Failure is first step of success, keep going,never give up Rocket lab🎉

  65. Jared Paul

    I wonder if 1st stage recovery was successful?

  66. CL1909

    Peter Beck @1:32:43 😭
    Enough to make a grown man cry…
    Rockets are hard but you’ll come back stronger! 💪🏻

  67. David Marsh

    Sorry you had an issue. Hard for all the people that worked on it

  68. Geoff Blackmore

    First time I’ve seen Electron going up with my own eyes and I see it explode :(

    The pieces coming down went in a big graceful arc then really sped up on the downward trajectory. Spectacular to see but damn sad.

  69. Julian Collyer

    The World loves you and respects what you do, keep going, stay strong.

  70. Cymon Condecido

    im deeply sorry for the loss of the vehicle. Space is hard. Achieving orbit may look easy but it aint. i hope you can improve your systems for your next customers. Rocket lab you rock

  71. Ayush Jaiswal

    Never Matters ! It’s a chick 🐥 learning to fly ! And I’m Damn sure that in no time you guys will be among the 🦅 eagles !

    P.S. Fingers Crosses for a good recovery !

  72. hvip4

    GG, better luck next time👍🏻

  73. Anthony Widdowson

    Bugger! Hope you can get things fixed up and have another go. Good luck from across the ditch. 😀

  74. wolfe1970

    That sucks, i hope they find the problem and manage to rectify it quick

  75. Tommy Vaske

    And I was so happy to see Leeserr… sorry for you all, but I’m sure you will come back stronger and better than ever. ❤

  76. jacksdaddy13

    So sorry to see this happen, you’ll bounce back even stronger RL

  77. WarfVaderLOL

    Just make effective the insurance contract and continue with the next mission

    Failure is part of rocket science!
    It hurts, but make sure that it won’t stop you. We support you!

  78. Poseidon

    That was sad, but Rocket Lab is full of really good engineers, and I’m sure they will fix the problem and Electron will be flying again soon

  79. JohnMrubenstein

    Tough one, guys. Nobody was expecting anything like that. I know you will work it all out. <3

  80. Filippos Matsakas

    it s ok guys. i m sure the next one will be a success!

  81. imdominic4

    its okay, failure is the key to success :)

  82. phildan89

    Looks like the second stage spun out of control as it fired. Sucks to watch, but it’s rocket science after all…you’ll be back better than ever!

  83. fmelenhorst

    A shame. But hang in there team. Love to see very launch that you do and the progress that you make.

  84. Fr4nkCD

    Feel bad for the failed launch. Hopefully the booster is still recoverable. Better luck next time.

  85. Michael Montague

    Awesome to see NZ company doing this!

  86. DerMax_HD

    So sorry to see what happened.. Best of luck that youll solve the issue and get you guys going again!

  87. Gab


  88. Thomas Castellanos-Arroyo

    Second stage gave up from the last bit of video before it went completely dead. So I think it will re-enter with the first stage

  89. Harish S

    It’s okay guys…. The primary mission may have not gone well, but this launch did good to the nobler secondary mission to inspire people. While we love to see Rocket Lab do amazingly well (which you almost always do), seeing such launches gives us faith in ourselves to keep going no matter what. You inspire us.

  90. Stephaan Jacques

    Great effort. Hope a lot is learned and it goes well in the future!

  91. PiDsMedia

    Damn Shame, hope there’s some recovery possible.

  92. kiwifruit

    Go well team!

  93. Amr

    Man, it sucks, rocket science was never easy, we know that and we support you guys, bad things happens before great days come. We all always support you Rocket Lab <3

  94. Jack Whitlock

    Awesome work, Rocket Lab

  95. PK

    Great Effort!

  96. Strange

    “Scrubs are cheaper than booms”
    -Tim Dodd

  97. JomeLaxby

    ish :/
    We’re with you <3

  98. RAJ EEV

    Better Luck Next time Team🙏

  99. Best buddy Manka

    Very sad day. Hope you guys can fix the problem and come back better than ever

  100. Extreme Heat


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