Rocket Lab – Return To Sender Launch 11/20/2020

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Lift-off of the ‘Return To Sender’ rideshare mission occurred at 02:20 UTC on November 11 2020 from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 Pad A on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula.

  1. Trex531

    Electron goes reusable, congratulations Rocket Lab! 👍👏👏

  2. OGkeebz

    I’m glad to see that they are still doing these things

  3. Mrs Claire

    Угарнула с достижения в стим 😸
    Что ж, спасибо Габену, хоть что-то забавное произошло в этом году. Я как фанат HL ссалась от счастья)

  4. MrGermandeutsch

    This was amazing

  5. Zack Audiovisual

    Now there is a gnome in the space…

    And now i got My achievement…

  6. MAGregvid

    It’s just amazing!!! Great job Rocket Lab!!!

  7. Snufcha

    One of those reasons why I should complete the achievement

  8. ADR Gamer X-Treme

    Subject: Gnome Chompski
    Current status: In orbit
    Further Evaluation Pending

  9. Karrie Ann

    I just subscribed to your channel. I heard about the Charity and want to donate. It’s personal and I think it’s Awesome ❤️! Please post information. 🥰👍Thanks

  10. Emmanuelle Trujillo

    donde esta mi elefante!!!(logro)

  11. Sneakythenewguy

    Damn I missed the launch stream

  12. Dan Froxst

    Chompks you’re the best Earth’s gnome!


    The god damn Achievments where comedy cold and a genius idea :D

  14. Martin James

    That was pretty amazing


    Damn, I missed this live

  16. Sluffnut

    I never could’ve expected this, but two of my favorite things have come together out of nowhere, and I can’t help but smile through the whole video.

  17. Memzer

    I salute you Gnome Chompski, farewell.

  18. sollomon

    я смотрел

  19. duk

    even tho i missed this stream, i still watched it. this was awesome

    also i had to do some weird stuff to get the achievement unlocked

  20. A Russian from CS:GO

    See you space gnome…

  21. Jared DC

    the rocket is beautiful

  22. Cool Ss

    Man. I missed the stream becous of different time zone. I was sleep. But glad we helf life fun united to see this epic moment.

  23. Rodrigo Valencia

    Quien más lo vio por el logro gnomo solitario de ser así reunanse dioses :(

  24. Harsh Gupta

    Go “Rocket lab 🖤”…Go Humanity 🌎….

  25. Simpson

    great, i didn’t get the notification, thanks youtube.

  26. Svyatoclav

    39:22 me and the boys chillin’ in HL Deathmatch

  27. UltraMaxPower

    For achievement in Left 4 Dead 2 :)

  28. David

    The sound at lift off was awesome just like the first launch, more please Rocket Lab!

  29. hari wibowo

    i like word “no space junk in orbit”

  30. Rylhon Arcenal

    okay where’s the champagne 🍾

  31. Marcelo Almeida

    I have watched the Electron launch, Im brazilian, I love this country called New Zealand! Congratulations for your great job!

  32. hog quaffer

    Gonna start watching every livestream just in case people start matching viewer count with donations

  33. [MGP] Mister K


  34. Moe O

    Peter beck : logged in

  35. orange42

    Probably the prettiest of all the launches over clear skies. But then you cut to a gnome. Any chance you can upload just the ground view camera all the way up? So beautiful.

  36. Meg

    Little Rocket Man you are go for launch, woohoo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🚀🥂

  37. Tombstone Station

    Now that Rocket Lab has achieved orbit many times it can confirm the long held theory that Australia doesn’t exist which explains why they only have a virtual space program ;-)

  38. Therefore Pie

    The world could end but at least we have a gnome in space….

  39. Valery Vdovin

    RocketLab is really young company with really young people working. Looks they have a bright future, good luck.

  40. AkutoDa

    Жаль пропустил сам запуск, но тем не менее в записи это выглядит не менее впечатляющим.
    Хорошего полёта, Чомски.

  41. Nagarjun Kashyap

    17:55 go no go begins
    18:35 executive’s go for launch
    19:08 Electron is ready for launch
    24:07 About the electron rocket
    27:49 Final go for launch
    29:57 T-20 seconds
    30:16 Ignition and liftoff
    31:26 Maximum aerodynamic pressure
    31:32 Passed maxQ
    32:50 Main engine cutoff
    32:54 Staging
    32:59 Stage 2 ignition
    33:34 Fairing seperation
    33:36 Hey gnomey
    39:02 Second stage cutoff
    39:21 Kickstage seperated
    39:39 About Kickstage
    41:35 Drone ship deployment confirmation

  42. Unofficial Scholar

    One small step for man, one giant leap for a South African boy.

  43. Aziz Murotov

    This was great!

  44. MrGermandeutsch

    30:21 – *_Lift-Off!_*
    39:08 – *_Gnome Alone_*

  45. David Parker

    You guys are LEGENDS! My Noam Chomsky! It’s his birthday on the 7th of December!

  46. Dingus Dong

    Gabe, if you are reading this, thank you for doing this! Also R.I.P. Gnome Chomsky, he disintegrated in space…

  47. Nick Valentine

    No one:
    Dr. Magnusson: Lift Off! ah ha ha!

  48. stickmirror

    glad i got to witness this live

  49. Dan Smith

    Great Job Ricket Lab, and New Zealand!! P.s. Can’t wait to be mask-free like you guys, again!!!

  50. Christopher Lawley

    “I was walking, down the High Street, when I heard a voice behind me, and there was a little old man, in scarlet and gray, chuckling away…”

  51. FlashyLight

    Next: send gnome Chompsky to the moon.
    Last level: *send gnome Chompsky to Xen*

  52. Ogi 473

    This is ground control to major Gnome, you’ve really hit the graaaaaaaade.

  53. Mohd Razif

    30:16 RIP headphone users

  54. Fractarus

    Achievement Unlocked!
    Little Rocket man

  55. Егор Смирнов

    Пишу комент для продвижения, rocket lab cool

  56. Azimuthal17

    i got this from discord wtf did my friend just sent

  57. Mark Arnott

    Great Live Launch NZ so Clear & Loud . Elon 🤔 we need to talk
    The cows running below be like no milk tonight .
    Gnome be like stealing that red tesla
    Anyone own this car ? no one around 🚗💨

  58. Dennis Delav

    Too bad I couldn’t catch the stream on time

  59. josh mumpower

    Aloha from Hawaii watching with you tonight coming from every day astronaut live stream best of wishes

  60. Kai Sörensen

    and we didnt have to deal with a a strider invasion before xD

  61. Purik

    when i realised i took off my vr and this is real.

  62. Michael McCain

    Achievement Unlocked! -Little Rocket Man- Lift-Off!

  63. Mai Holley

    Amazing Launch! Congratulations, Rocket Lab! 🚀

  64. CapitalLiz

    Oh no, I missed the launch! Oh well, congrats to Gnome Chompski for finally becoming the little rocket man he was meant to be!

  65. NetheritE

    Гном *Чомпский* успешно полетел в космос

  66. Elopeous

    I missed the launch. Ah crap. Good job nome champski

  67. Neo2266

    Attention: Rocket Silo Status Green For Launch

  68. Metarockerlml

    One small step for VALVe, one giant step for Gaming

  69. FlatEarth Mic

    TROLLING THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE….. They laugh in your face and you love it!

  70. Edward Holley-Gorecki

    🚀❤ Great job, Rocket Lab!!

  71. NESH

    this is the most epic thing i’ve ever seen in my life

  72. Rage300

    30:17 is liftoff, also notice that they got the achievement in the bottom left corner.

  73. Rickle Pick

    If this is the place that my money goes.. I’m extremely proud

  74. Jovi Choo

    Did they successfully recovered the booster?

  75. Dr. Coomer


  76. Escapism

    Godspeed, little gnome.

  77. ee ee

    Im glad that they aren’t leaving space junk behind for us to crash into when we leave this hellhole

  78. Revtune

    The launch location is beautiful. Really adds a great aesthetic to the launch.

  79. Nightmare King Grimm

    Noam Chomsky has reached maximum velocity and now he died doing what he loved… being an extremely hard achievement for Valve, Weta Workshop, and Rocket Labs.

  80. Vanya

    watching gnome chompski launch into space live was fuckin wild, this was easily the highlight of 2020

  81. ElSaltaCohetes

    i missed it… damn

  82. KrashTess

    If you changed your pc’s date to 20/11/2020 5:30 UTC you could’ve unlocked it before the livestream lol

  83. Scrap Tech Tips

    Damm these steam achievements are awesome.

  84. moth

    11:05 — intro

    11:54 — start of the stream

    14:10 — “road to reusability” video

    17:52 — go / no go poll

    19:30 — info about each payload

    25:15 — about recovery

    30:08 — T-10 seconds countdown

    30:16 — ignition

    30:19 — Achievement unlocked: liftoff!

    31:27 — max Q

    32:53 — meco & staging

    33:35 — fairing

    33:43 — gnome in space

    34:04 — booster cam!

    39:02 — seco, nominal transfer orbit.
    Achievement unlocked: Gnome alone

    39:40 — animation of the kickstage rising its orbit


  85. Dinozone

    This is hands down the best launch ever from you guys. Even with such a tiny rocket, this launch was just as exciting as Crew Demo-2 and Falcon Heavy Demo. Congrats on the successful recovery! BRAVO!

  86. ĶÒ.ÓŊEĴØ

    Very interesting! but Where’s my achievement?
    30:15 OMG… i just say : “to infinity and beyond” GNOME CHOMPSKI!



  88. 9seed

    That rocket was impressively small.

  89. Martin Hallmann

    This was suggested to me by a friend with the following statement: “apparently some kiwis spaced a gnome”
    Very awesome to watch, you rock!

  90. BasketPropellors

    Achievement Unlocked:
    Little Rocket Man
    Gnome Alone

  91. Pinochet

    It’s not Norminal.
    It’s Gnome-inal.

  92. Ben M

    Can’t beat that word *nominal* A beautiful day and another successful launch. Congrats Rocket Lab!!

  93. Daniel Gaytán

    Status report : – Posición y velocidad Gnominal

  94. Vinícius José


  95. Bonnie the Bunny

    Looks like that debacle at Black Mesa was forgiven.

    You know the one, involving a certain microwave casserole.

  96. Lewis Massie

    You guys might have just doubled the number of reusable rocket architectures in existence. Props to the Rocket Lab team
    Launch is from 30:14 but please be sure to watch the whole thing! Every view is a dollar to Starship’s Childrens Hospital for the next 24 hours.

  97. Gralangle

    One small step for Chompski, One giant step for gnome kind.

  98. Equin Starbeat

    Here’s to Peter Beck eating his hat.

  99. npc_strider

    steam achievements are epic. peter beck is a pro gamer

  100. DeSinc

    they did in real life what so many couldn’t do in-game

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