Rocket Lab Launch Complex 2 Opening

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  1. RWBHere

    Some potentially valuable observations and suggestions for improvement.
    First point: At 0:53 It’s ‘February’, not ‘Febbuary’. If that is the calibre of your show front presenters; your External Relations Manager, no less, then she does your image no favours. Not a good opening gambit. 
    Your next steps are to make a statement, and to thank people. That’s correct and courteous, as is expected. Thank-you, too.
    Unfortunately, you descend rapidly into a run-of-the-mill self-congratulatory business presentation, during which people are obviously reading from prepared notes, rather than speaking from the heart and mind professionally. That is not what your online audience want to see and hear.
    Including the Q and A session is a good move. Thanks again.
    The first response to a serious question was pure waffle, however. He did not answer the question in a meaningful way. It comes across as being very patronising. His repetition of ‘Is this on?’, when the microphone is obviously working properly before he handles it, is equally condescending and rude. Now, you cannot really control what your panellists are going to say, but his attitude should raise concerns for anyone who is considering working with, or for, him. The man is behaving like a bully, in public. I’ll be polite, and refrain from calling him a psychopath, but shall attribute at least some of that behaviour to nerves. Nonetheless, the alarm bells should be ringing.
    In most of your videos, you spend far too much time in pushing your commercials at people. You need to scale that back, and the advertisements will become far more powerful, whist costing you less time, effort and money. 
    People visit your channel to see the rocket launch process, and to learn about your performance, not for the advertisements. Among those people are your customers, and your future workforce. Even they don’t need to see a business presentation. The real customers will visit your website for the information which they need.
    So, in summary, and as a considered suggestion, why don’t you try including one or two short commercials in your videos, which point to your website, where interested people will learn about the things which they need to know? It would be much more effective and professional.
    Thank-you for reading these serious suggestions. If you could let Peter Beck read them, then he might perceive their value to him and to Rocket Lab.


    Sadly it appears Space Exploration is impossible unless your helping a military build better killing weapons.

  3. Ben M

    So LC2 will be a back-up to LC1. Not a problem logistically it seems.

  4. Alan Q

    Space Force is Go

  5. aullik

    Is Peter Beck making fun of Bridenstine with with American Soil thingy?

  6. Anthony Blomfield

    rocking rockets ”

  7. J

    Thank rocket labs. I hope its a successful

  8. chris hatchett

    Congratulations, God speed and good luck

  9. Michael


  10. Sebas Astronomer

    So happy that now rocket lab has a launch site in the u.s 😀🇺🇸

  11. Kazım Bot

    I am 14 years old.
    Maybe I am become a worker on Rocket Lab. But i need 10 years for this.

  12. Benjamin Heasly

    Tim Dodd is everywhere!

  13. Shanmukh Sagi

    Lolz I was looking for tim’s live stream but look at 28:35🤣🤣

  14. falafel dürüm

    may I summarize:
    Rocket Lab’s first launch from LC-2 will be for the US airforce + lots of “Thank you” + lots of boring talking

  15. Martins BackupEmail

    28:35 – go Tim!

  16. Detective_Fox

    No one:
    “Hi I’m Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut”

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