Rocket Lab Launch Complex 2 – Launch Platform Installation

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The recent installation of the launch platform at Rocket Lab’s second launch site, Launch Complex 2, marks one of the final steps in the construction of the new pad being built by the Rocket Lab and Virginia Space teams.

  1. dannzman

    So this is not in New Zealand?

  2. Joe Green

    Hate to think of the cost

  3. Mr man

    Here are some answers from what I know
    Will the rocket be launched in New Zealand? No it will be launched in Virginia in the US near the Antares rocket launch site
    Will the rocket change? No same electron just different launch site
    Will the electron get more launches? Yes because it can launch in different locations at the same time
    That’s it for the answers that I know for now…

  4. James


  5. Astria

    Rocket Lab 2, SpaceX strikes back. (with dedicated rideshare launches)

  6. Burt Hagman

    Cool… maybe this is a dumb question, but where exactly is this launch complex?


    Exciting to see the progress. The Rocket Lab folks are certainly impressing with their consistent effort and successes.

  8. Tmccreight25Gaming

    It’s incredible how far ahead companies like Rocket Lab and SpaceX are compared to NASA and ULA

  9. Felix Nope

    Hail SpaceX!

  10. Joe Green


  11. RustySpace

    That’s very noice

  12. Rangifulla

    Looks good fullas

  13. Mr. Loser

    What if they create an electron heavy?

  14. Ahlex

    Go Rocket Lab!!!!!

  15. LukeMcNa


  16. Ian Valentine

    Go Rocket Lab!

  17. U.S.S Sulaco


  18. Abhishek Karki

    Good work!

  19. BandVP - DDO

    Holy moly!

  20. Eric Decamps


  21. Ross h23

    Wooo cant wait to see the first launch from you guys on american soil

  22. EMP Thruster

    2020… sounds interesthing

  23. Jesse Sorensen


  24. SuperQBoi

    I hope your new US site will allow the same high quality live launch streams you provide us currently with out of NZ.

  25. Mj Pavithra

    keep it up

  26. mgp_games

    Great job!

  27. Jonathan Dirks

    Awesome stuff 🚀

  28. jordan

    Rocket Lab + SpaceX >> ULA

  29. Jttv

    Welcome home patriots. 🇳🇿❤🇺🇸

  30. Baird Bankovic

    I live a few hours away, can’t wait!!

  31. Evan Eats

    To the star’s we must go.

  32. flamencoprof

    As a NZer, I am very aware of Rocket Lab. I wish you every success in the future.
    That was a bit formal; I will add “Go Rocket Lab!”


    Awesome work, great to see technology advancing so fast these past couple of years!

  34. K1W1fly

    not as pretty a location as Mahia!

  35. Simply Space

    Super awesome! Excited to see how this will help launch cadence.

  36. Bill

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to take my chance at joining the Rocket Lab team when I graduate!

  37. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Can’t wait to see those carbon fiber beuties here launch out of US soil

  38. Samuel Tan

    “Early 2020”
    Whoa, that’s fast

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