Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1

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Join Amanda Stiles, Director of Mission Management and Integration, as we take you on a tour of Rocket Lab’s Launch Complex 1.
Located on the Mahia Peninsula on New Zealand’s East Coast, LC-1 is the best spot in the world to launch more frequently than anywhere else on the planet.

  1. RB

    Rocket chicks are hot.

  2. Preston T Cro

    First? Am I First?

  3. Peter Hamilton

    LC1 > LC2

  4. General Chungus

    First hehe

  5. Dutch Universe

    Looking at the payload capability, wouldn’t it be possible to launch a human at least sub-orbital in a light weight capsule such as the one Copenhagen Suborbitals is developing?

  6. EMP Thruster

    SeXy… I mean the rocket.

  7. John Clark

    What’s the bottle neck limiting to 120 per year?

  8. craig miller

    Sweet as! 😍😎

  9. Shane Jacobson

    If I travel to Auckland is there a place that I could goto & see the Rocket Launch ? in the distant

  10. Adrian Barbuio

    You’re not a company that exists in the global marketplace till you’ve made a cheesy video showing potential customers why they should buy into your product. This is the next evolution of the space industry.

  11. Chan Clan Plays

    Sorry but don’t they play this before every launch?

  12. Rohith Thony


  13. Ana Olival

    Adoro a Nova Zelândia, não sabia que era o melhor ponto de lançamento. Será que Amanda Stiles precisa de uma assessora? Aquele laboratório e uma tentação. Parabéns e felicidades e obrigada pelo vídeo. De Lisboa/Portugal as minhas saudações.

  14. orange42

    great video

  15. Douglas Chell

    Very GOOD.

  16. Rohith Thony

    hello rocket lab I am a kiwi

  17. Quinn S


  18. justin h

    I thought Amanda Stiles worked at SpaceX?..

  19. tech 52

    Fisher Paykel & DCS – good names, so so products, super expensive parts…

  20. Rob Sin

    Hope you are going to keep The Kiwis going.

  21. Leo Mckee-Reid

    sweet as

  22. Jaco Coetzee

    Really great to see. The colour of the rocket changes when it gets filled up with kerosene.

  23. Art Dodger

    Any marine jobs going ?i can drive 24m 1000hp commercial!! I can drive a safety patrol and I work cheep just camp out on nice bit of grass in the shade and drop me fuel and supplies once a week

  24. snowiethetoolguy

    Why arn’t the engines also printed in NZ for NZ launches??? Is it some sort of deal to keep the tech on US soil??

  25. unicorn dreamer

    Omg I’m your BIGGEST fan and I made It late to your video

  26. Peter Scandlyn

    Just to whet the appetite? Thanks for putting this together. Absolute fan of your work and what you’ve achieved thus far. One day plan to be in the right spot so can actually view, if not hear, a launch.

  27. Starman141

    Love this! Rocket Lab is perhaps not as well know as the other space company’s out there but I think you guys have a lot of potential. I love the size of the rocket, it is perfect for future missions as technology gets smaller and more efficient. Also, are you still planning on trying to make electron reusable?

  28. DeeCoder

    she’s beautiful…so is complex 1

  29. Daniel Rowse

    Go Team!

  30. Steve O

    This video has a lot of gold!!

  31. Abhishek Karki


  32. Tyler H

    Very proud of this company’s progress! That’s awesome they have launch capabilities in the USA!

  33. James Hooker

    What I would do to visit that place

  34. SuperQBoi

    I hope Complex 2 launches will provide the same amazing high quality live casts as LC1 does in NZ.

  35. Принц Кель'тас

    Круто, молодцы!

  36. CoolllGuy CoolllGuy

    Please upload videos for manufacturing of electron pump engine in 3D printing process

  37. crowxe

    Great video, i hope you do that more often

  38. Ryan K.

    So, where do I apply?

  39. Alice S.

    Thank you! 😊

  40. Rymdiz97

    I want to keep one of those rockets as a pet.

  41. Nathanael Vetters

    Nice. Can’t wait to see launch cadence pick up even more! Especially excited for this next mission with the fancy first stage.

  42. Angus Bodle

    Love living just down the road

  43. Gary Lankford

    Nice stuff! Hoping for a long future of development and launches from Rocket Lab!

  44. Josh

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing

  45. Noel Connolly

    Amazing video. Thank you for sharing this!

  46. Maximiliano Montero

    That range control room is really cool 4:00

  47. Robert Steinbeiss

    Very cool, everyone and everything but especially the sun glasses 😎

  48. 15gamers haven

    I love this company

  49. SnapPilot

    would love to see a 1000lb payload rocket from yall, i know u want more of the smaller market but it would be cool to be able to send mini pods

  50. Shane Jacobson

    Awesome – Looking forward to the next lift-off , Keep up the Great Work

  51. babbaracos

    Great video!!! Love Rocket Lab!! Can’t wait to see you guys capture a rocket in mid-air!!! Keep up the super great work people!!!

  52. Steven Davidian

    Pretty spectacular.
    btw: hundreds of liters a minute doesn’t sound like much water.

  53. jane doe

    Beautiful rocket and beautiful presenter! And very well made presentation! Thank you, Rocket Lab!

  54. Tommy Vaske

    Great work, you rock! I really appreciate your unique philosophy, and wish you luck with your plans for recovering your first stages.


    I would love to see this in person :)

  56. Oxide294

    AMAZING! Great job, Rocket Lab!


    Wait, you’re using Windows 10 on your mission control computers! Hope you don’t get a forced windows update half way through a launch.

  58. Alfons Rasmus

    Rocket lab is my new favoutite. Just look, they 3D print their engines, the view from the launch site is absolutly amazing and if they really could catch their booster with a helicopter, that would almost be cooler than how spacex lands their boosters. This list could go on forever!

  59. Scott Simms

    Will LC-2 have an area to watch launches? I live only a few hours away from Wallop and would love to watch a launch!

  60. RedRacoonAnimations

    “Best place in the world for launching frequently.”
    My local park would disagree.

  61. ViniByte

    4:00 if the control room looks like that, idk what’s my india doing.

  62. LikeATreeOnAMountain

    Gotta love that “precision roll” at 2:02

  63. Therion

    Snazzy presenter for the snazzy rocket : )

  64. Simply Space

    Now, this is epic.

  65. yannniQue 17

    Do you have to calculate the mass of the ice at the start?

  66. General Chungus

    This video is realy cool i love seeing how all this stuff work expeshaly with you guys being tied for my favet rocket makers

  67. Tadas Sasnauskas

    2:58 – for a second I thought it’s painted with paint changing colour depending on temperature. But this is ice forming, right?

  68. Got Grapes?

    Rocket Lab, you guys are ONLY company minus SpaceX making these high quality educational videos showing us everything and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Playing these videos during live streams like you guys do and the production quality that’s present is what will aid in your success for years to come! Watching Boeing/NASA’s starliner stream made me feel like I was back in the 90’s watching a ULA/Roscosmos stream. Not enjoyable. I really hope SpaceX and Rocket Lab quality is our future, not that other junk paid for by my taxpayer money!

  69. M.J. Anderson

    It’s amazing how Peter Beck went from making small hobbyist rockets to a full blown space company…

  70. Canine Rocket Technologies

    1:10 I envy that so much! Only if my tool rack was that well organized

  71. Aditya Sood

    This is the stuff why I pay my internet bill. Glad to be alive during such time.

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