1. Phillip Fitness

    Glad to see Rocket Lab sending rockets up again

  2. Ong Hao Sheng


  3. Moot Point

    Wonderful work, gang

  4. Vincent Karaboulad

    I think the Everyday Astronaut is making enough money from his music royalties to retire at this point 😁

  5. Anthony Leighton

    It’s time to buy in boys #VACQ 🚀🚀🚀 Woohoo

  6. ot44eto

    Congrats Rocket Lab. Job well done. Regards from Bulgaria.

  7. Hicham Mohsen

    Congratulations on a wonderful back to launch! Can’t wait for Capstone and the interplanetary missions!

  8. teilzeitGURKE

    Tims music -> best music. Well done!

  9. David Masefield

    Great telecast! Well done Rocket Lab

  10. Chris

    Loving the music from Tim at Everyday Astronaut!

  11. Kiwi Guy

    Kinda cool to see the 🌞 rise & then set when you’re actually flying East 😎

  12. Seryos Vit

    Поздравления из Беларуси!

  13. Craig Corson

    Chilly: a bit cold
    Chili: a spicy meat dish; also a type of pepper plant
    Chile: a South American nation that has no involvement in this mission
    The inability to choose the correct homophone when naming your spacecraft does not inspire confidence in any other capabilities you allegedly have.

  14. ResDog70

    Congratulations!! That was thrilling to watch! Onward an upward!!

  15. 司此雷

    This channel’s videos are so underrated

  16. apollon1919

    Bravo, from France.

  17. Dhan Prasad Pradhan

    Electron, Proton, Neutron, next will be subatomic…

  18. Frank Benlin

    Great rocket sound at lift off. Good job, from Texas, U.S.A..

  19. Xiaoxiao

    Whoever set up the audio for the launch did a brilliant job, the sound of the rocket blasting off was captured perfectly.

  20. Gonciu Sebastian

    Incredible performance for Rocket lab,congratulations for all team. Excellent job. Greetings from Romania !

  21. Starhopper

    The reaction after successful stage separation and second stage ignition really makes me happy and proves that these are people just like the rest of us, with the ability to get overcome by emotion.

  22. Leonard Drewes

    Massive congrats 👏

  23. Inu Sama

    A few seconds in the costing-phase and I thought “Wait a sec, this somehow feels like a livestream from the Everyday Astronaut, whats going… oh, they used Tims music, what a great choice!”. Honestly, I miss his more frequent videos and the OLF Podcast, but this music has helped a little ;)

    And btw, great job Rocket Lab, cant wait to see you reach the stars again, I missed you guys too ;)

  24. 司此雷

    I love how rocket lab named their mission…..

  25. Who!?

    Ngl I like this company kinda same as spacex, just because this company has like their own unique ideas in this industry… Congrats btw

  26. Rob Allen

    Congratulations, Rocket Lab, on a very successful return to Space! Wonderful to have you back.

  27. M L

    27:00 When you realize that’s the Sun coming around the curve of the Earth, simply stunning!

  28. Robert Bailey


  29. Ben M

    Silky smooth Rocket Lab. Also, nice to get a glimpse of some of your operations staff and their roles. Such a clear evening I actually saw the launch from home. Biig Congrats!!

  30. NibsNiven


  31. David Lawrence

    Great job Rocket Lab 🚀

  32. Selina Helgeson

  33. SFS Aerospace

    23:36 Successfull lift off, yeah

  34. Biostock853

    Congrats with the successful mission, Rocket Lab team! Greetings from the Netherlands)

  35. Matt Beavis

    Why was this not on everyday astronauts upcoming launches

  36. Jack Blacklense

    Congratulations Rocket Lab Team!

  37. Meg

    Brilliant launch RL 👏🏽 In awe as usual, I just happened to look across to the East over house roofs and there, in the distance Electrons Glowing engine’s🔥🚀 and I’m 253 km away, you pick a perfect night 🌌 and had thee perfect launch 👌🏽

  38. Alex Jackson

    Hope Mr. Beck and the team read this, the way you present these launches is stellar. Adding in a section about the jobs of launch control staff is brilliant, helps those who aren’t well versed in rockets to become acquainted with how things work. Onwards,and upwards! All the best from Australia!

  39. Dan Alexander

    That flight was absolutely smooth!

  40. Brasileiro de aço 2.0


  41. Cameron Schwarz

    Wow that reaction after the successful second stage ignition after the unfortunate problems it had last mission. Feels great to see an electron going into orbit again 👍

  42. Alex Sarambaev

    Awesome! Perfect launch guys! Thank you for the great video.

  43. Oleg Petrovic

    Great Job!

  44. The Moist Show

    No explosion, no spinning, good flight!

  45. Seth Nuzum

    Great launch!

  46. Thomas Sand

    Great music by Tim! (Everyday Astronaut)

  47. Doug Menzies

    Great launch team. First time I havent been able to get to Mahia for a launch – still managed to get a decent photo from Rotorua!

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