Rocket Lab | Global Facilities Tour

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Join Peter Beck and some of the team for a look at Rocket Lab’s global manufacturing, test and launch facilities.


    I’m still thinking about Neutron heavy

  2. Barak D

    great timing, I just bought some shares

  3. Andrey Sedgwick

    I can see these rocket launches from my back yard. They are pretty cool.

  4. Josh Esh

    “you’re staring at a factory of the future, and its not a cad image” – Peter Beck like a boss

  5. Astro Jak

    I don’t like it, I love it!!! Rocketlabs to the moon!

  6. kabuba gachugu

    I wish you buys all the best!
    The more the space companies we have, the better.

  7. Erick Jeffries

    love this, great work, keep it up!

  8. FeDeck_com Deck Company

    Heavily invested in Rocket Lab. Love the company, the management, the factory, the rocket technology and operations.

  9. Udara Sampath

    Wow…It’s amazing 🙂❤️❤️❤️

  10. andeyking

    Very cool insight. It’s videos like this that inspire generations to pursue careers in STEM.



  12. Andrew Merkle


  13. Aryaman Sharan

    Dude you need sleep!! Rest a bit and then make the video. Cheering for new innovation and competition

  14. Jack Daniel

    I’m now just curious about the sheep farmer on the Mahia peninsula; their flock gets the best view of the launches!

  15. Kaiten0310

    Can’t wait for the “Atom” to fly….

  16. IvelLeCog

    Will RL actually get to a point where they are launching weekly let alone every 72 hours?

  17. Jacob Dowdle

    Can’t wait for space mining.

  18. lob sandvic

    Why does the staff look like they were forced to do the interview

  19. cyclonicleo

    Very very cool. Thats a factory I could work in, for sure.

  20. Siddharth Kulkarni

    The CEO has a perennial 1000 yard stare. Rocket business does that to you

  21. Gregory Carr

    Where will you be launching the Neutron in 2024, will that be at Wallops Island as well?

  22. Victor Tenma

    Peter: Fine I will do it my self.

  23. Gregory Carr

    Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing…Any more hat-eating videos coming up?

  24. German P

    Effort and dedication pay off in the best possible way!
    I am looking forward to the future ionic engine you are going to develop.
    It will be a great achievement for future lunar missions

  25. naquto

    Amazing tour Peter!

  26. Ernie Z

    Really wish you guys would make a company site in the San Fernando Valley, California.

  27. Sekenan

    Seeing a lot of those red striped reusable versions of Electron in the factory, great job Rocket Lab!

  28. Pixo Bixo

    Rocket lab and Spacex are both very successful because they both have amazing leaders.

  29. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    New here, where is this place looks interesting.

  30. Aaron Castillo

    Electron is the sexiest rocket flying right now

  31. Matt Lowne

    4:00 is that a NASA logo on that laptop? I think you guys need to investigate a potential spy in your ranks!

  32. Andrew Pyrah

    You need to invite Tim Dodd @everydayastronaut for a tour. Show the world this beauty

  33. Simon McKenna

    What they do in the shadows🙇‍♂️

  34. tcparker2

    Is there any available tours in person at the Long Beach location, I’ll be in the area next month and would love to see the place in person!

  35. ShadowDev

    this is not a tour, this is just an ad for rocket lab.

  36. Aliengrogg

    am I the only one who dares to admit that when I screw and fix things is very disorganized in the workshop? but I’m pretty good. unfortunately I probably will not get a job at Rocket Lab. a wet dream though

  37. Meg

    Fantastic tour Peter 👏🏽Rock on RL Team 🚀Cheers to you all ☕

  38. Geoff wildman

    Bloody fantastic to see a down under company working hard and enjoying it.
    Even though you are kiwi.
    Congratulations to you all.

  39. Lior Malka

    Are you gonna make a starship competitor?

  40. Jack Boot

    Space tourism has really taken off… or should that be ‘launched’?

  41. Suryansh Srivastava

    Get some sleep Peter.

  42. SG

    it’s Christmas time for all the space nerds out there! YY

  43. ralmslb

    9:26 that is a very bold claim, considering we have Space X and other companies that are extremely good.

  44. SG

    one thing is clear – we need more rockets! :-)

  45. Strange

    The whole Rocket Lab HQ look like it just came out of 2001: A space Odyssey.

  46. Ben C

    Take a drink every time someone says ‘Vertically integrated’

  47. Aksh x

    Rocket Lab rocks!

  48. Strange

    Neutron or Terran R
    I can’t choose both are cool but I think Rocket Lab should try to make the upper stage of the Neutron reusable.

  49. Schweizer Luchs

    Finished watching EDA’s tour with Elon and now this popped up in my recommended😂

  50. Nerdtronaut

    Rocket Lab really needs a tracking camera!

  51. Hicham Mohsen

    We need two electrons on two launch pads in Mahia and a nice nice picture for my wall!

  52. Jaala J

    You look tired Peter. Get some sleep 🙁

  53. rocker 77

    I really love Rocket Lab!! m/ it would be a dream to work there….

  54. John Smith

    Aussie guy here. Cheering you Kiwis on. Great job.

  55. Василий Ратников

    Молодцы ! Все жду когда вы роскосмос по количеству запусков обгоните ) поднажмите !!!

  56. Tom Z

    I am a big fan of Rocket Lab! Wishing you all the success in the world!

  57. Zagros Ozkan

    I am extremely happy that I put my money in this company. Beautiful people, beautiful work

  58. Old Man Stumpie

    Great tour thanks Peter. Looks like an amazing bunch of facilities. Time for a rest after all that amzing work, you look exhausted.

  59. Ben Stokes

    When I see Rocket Lab has uploaded a new video, I click. I am missing the meeting to watch this video. I would have been fired, but I am the boss.

  60. Levi Guyan

    I literally live right down the road from here and I drive past it all the time, so pretty cool to finally see the inside 😁

  61. Wyatt B

    This is so interesting for me because the production and manufacturing seem fun honestly. I’m a mechanical engineering student and this is reminding me to keep on learning. It’s amazing to know that vertical integration works beautifully.

  62. Spaceman Tarian

    Aotearoa lets go. Rocketlab for the win. This was epic.

  63. Thomas Goodwin

    More rockets in aisle 3 please! Awesome 😎 Glad the floors are clean enough to eat a hat off of. 😉

  64. Aresz

    Godspeed ROCKET LAB .

  65. Chris Davies

    5:53 – I can see my house from there! :)
    Thank you very much, Rocket Lab, for giving all of us Kiwis something to be proud of!

  66. Chris Willms

    Peter looks a bit tired.I don’t think he will get any rest until they launch another 20 or so without another failure. I am certainly rooting for their success.

  67. 💧O_O💧

  68. Ian Rogers

    Excellent. Cheers.

  69. Toamastar15

    Awesome video! You are right, your facilities and team are world class! I love your aesthetic too! :)

  70. Василий Сардина

    Beck’s accent is so thick.

  71. Anakin Skywalker

    Awesome video! Rocket lab definitely a company to watch for

  72. P illo

    love u rocket lab. keep the amazing work!! <3

  73. Aarons123

    I’ve watched Destin’s tour of the ULA factory and I just watched Tim’s tour of Starbase, so once I watch this I qualify as a rocket engineer right?

  74. Rene W

    Facilities tour day is it?
    Everyday astronaut at starbase.
    Now rocket lab, who else?

  75. Soul Contractor

    I really like Rocket Lab and the Founder Peter Beck!! Rosie the Robot (Harkens) back to the Jetsons!! I Wish you ” Guy’s” much Success!! Dean ( Soul) Toronto

  76. Angus Brown

    Geez Mr. Beck looks tired rn – he needs a rest

  77. Overdose

    Two rocket factories in a single day!! Wooohooo! Let’s go!

  78. Kutay Çağlayan

    İts amazing but we want to see something from Neutron!

  79. Scumfuck McDoucheface

    This is an awesome video, thanks for the peak inside. It would be even cooler if you released a solid hour long doc with a deeper dive into the technical stuff, what you’re able and willing to show at least. It’s always cool to see how these beautiful works of art come together. =)

  80. knightsmaille

    Love this company!!

  81. MADS

    Launch something unexpected.
    This advert is great and you guys are quickly becoming legends.

  82. Spaceflight sim productio

    Soon rocket lab is gonna be the next spaceX

  83. MidwestNerd

    Absolutely beautiful. I really wish I could work here

  84. Many Things Left To Build

    Well done Peter Beck and company.

  85. Harley Morton

    A coincidence. A welcome one

  86. VonPredator

    Beautiful shops Peter! You can be very proud of your operation! Much further success!

  87. Bee Sod

    What an enchanting tour, nothing but <3 for Rocket Lab, Thanks!

  88. BegToDiffer99

    Love these guys!

  89. Artsy Astronaut

    The electron is one of the best looking rockets flying

  90. Telescope SFS - official

    This timing is very interesting…

  91. TheIceGryphon

    Thank you for the tour, voted for merger with VACQ and own 400shares. In it regardless of up or down price. Fan for what seems like ages or first few launches.

  92. Idk

    2nd factory tour of a rocket company today, can’t complain

  93. Mike Hosken

    Excellent work Rocket Lad. Everyone has a few hiccups along the way, it’s fantastic to see coming back stronger. Can’t wait to see a launch in person

  94. Pprudencio

    Two factory tours in a single day! First Everyday Astronaut/spacex and now rocket lab!

  95. Wesley Martin

    Go Rocket Lab!

  96. Lewis Massie

    I’d love to work here. Pity I live in the wrong country

  97. Caleb Crow

    Interesting timing.

  98. Chris Schmidt

    Rocket Lab back in action!

  99. Ignacio Martín Chiaravall

    Hi, Rocket Lab!!! Lots of love from Argentina!!!

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