Rocket Lab – Celebrating 10 Missions

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Join us as we take a look back at our favourite moments from the first 10 missions, and hear what we’re looking forward to in 2020.

  1. Luki

    is there a book about the story of rocketlab?

  2. AlohaMilton

    You are inspiring people. Your goals give humanity and society a little more point and purpose, taking us beyond the walls we have reached stuck on earth. Exploring and expanding a space based commercial market is historical, something serious in the pantheon of human achievements. New Zealand? OMG yep its New Zealand! Whodathunkit!?!?! Go All Blacks!!! I will never criticize your shirts color again! Sorry about that!

  3. ColumbiaSCRealEstate

    Keep lighting that candle!

  4. Ben M

    Not bad Rocket Lab, not too bad all 😎😎

  5. Nicky Chimes

    So stoked on rocket lab’s success! You people are making so many people excited and hopeful for our future! You are realising and fulfilling all of our dreams! Take us to the stars RKTLB! KEEP striving and pushing, stealthily and healthily, for every human on every outpost of planet Gaia, so green! Proud to be a human, I feel, when I gaze upon your endeavours! It’s space-x and your crew that truly prickle the skin, and make our dream of eternal adventure, between the stars, ever more a reality, ever closer to achievement, now so tangible, so palpable…
    …nearly taste it on my buds!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, in a time of so much uncertainty, you bring back hope! Your entire species salutes you, and blesses your creations! Gracias por existir super equipo!
    Take us there…
    #superhumans #space #RocketLab

  6. Samuel Lukudu


  7. Edgar

    Why does this company get so little attention? They are amazing!!

  8. Canpolat Şener

    I love you

  9. Kirilov Art

    2020 – Minimum 25 missions!

  10. WinterHell

    The little rocket that could… RocketLab is awesome!

  11. Brady Chuck

    When will you guys Formally introduce LC2?

  12. ayay ay

    İzlemeden beğendim çünkü o kıvırcığı seviyorum ♡

  13. C Wel

    Awesome work everyone.

  14. Lance Allen

    Kia Kaha Rocket Lab.

  15. Ugly Rockstar

    Hoping for 12 launches in 2020!

  16. Altan Biçen

    Türkler beğensin sayımızı bilelim. :)

  17. TheRedstoneHive


  18. ARRO Astronomical Research & Rocketry Organization

    What a great year rocketlab!!

  19. Todd Boileau

    Way to go guys! Keep up the great work!!

  20. Daniel Rowse

    Keep them big strides happening Rocket Lab!

  21. Jake J

    awesome job from a fellow kiwi :)

  22. Craig Smith

    Huge accomplishment! Congrats to all

  23. Raptorxxx F22

    Fırst comment (congrats!!!!)

  24. Amachetay Cybo

    Dope 3d printer 😘

  25. jerrys the best dad

    Just saw this video and pulled out my 2nd flight patch

  26. ЕАЭСский маппер

    Congratulations! ;)

  27. Clif Brown

    Well done! Onward and upward!

  28. Trainsmurf

    can’t wait for the next 10 and too the moon and beyond!

  29. Benjamin Jacobson

    Congrats! Godspeed and great job!


    we see Rocket lab in 10 years.

  31. Joanne Kerehi

    shot rocket lab, hopefully in the future I do actually remember to pop outside and watch it from wairoa.

  32. Jimmy Kudo

    Congratulations, guys! Wish you lots of success in the future! You guys are doing great work! 😊😊😊 Lots of love!!!

  33. Daniel Rutkowski

    I cant wait to see whats to come! Considering what has happened in this 10, I cant imagine 20!

  34. Stephen McDonnell

    Congratulations, what an achievement!

  35. jaydeep patil

    Best part is innovative mission titles.

  36. ShootRaw 95

    Rocket Lab was definitely the most exiting company to follow this year! Can’t wait for 2020

  37. Justin Treptow

    Peter, I really loved that NASA Launch too!

  38. Unluckyness


  39. Aditya Sood

    This is content why I pay for the internet! Stunning, motivational and informative. Go Rocket Lab!

  40. Orion Aerospace

    Great stuff, Rocket Lab is such an inspiration!!!!
    Good luck on the next 10 from the three of us <3

  41. Mohamed Farid

    Congratulations , i hope see electron heavy version ( 3 electron lift off )


    As a Kiwi I couldn’t be more proud of you guys. And I love that fact that while you’re way ahead of everyone else in the small launch vehicle market, you’re not resting on your laurels, but continuing grow and innovate. Can’t wait to see the first capture and re-use of a booster.

  43. annando

    Continue your reliable work! And I hope that somewhere in 2020 we will see a rocket that had been grabbed by a helicopter mid-flight!

  44. Dominic Horne

    Honestly, one of my favorite companies. Absolutely amazing.

  45. Cosmod0t

    Congratulations on 10 missions! A great achievement for a company as young as it is.

  46. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Yay 2020 baby! Also can’t wait to see some launches from Wallops! Wahoo!


    Excellent work, Rocket Lab! Great to be a part of this history making achievement!

  48. Jarno de Wit

    I love how rocket lab continues to to innovate and see all the enthusiasm the people working at the company appear to have when working on these projects.
    Great work guys, and I’m looking forward the the upcoming launches!

  49. Copenhagen Suborbitals

    Congratulations to the whole team on your achievements so far!

  50. JM Studios

    I like tiny rockets. I also love how innovated the company is by using electric pumps, to be able to burn the tanks dry.

  51. Brandon Frazier

    This company never ceases to amaze me! They surpass everyone’s expectations consistently!

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