Rocket Lab | Building a Path To The Moon

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Rocket Lab is excited to be launching CAPSTONE this year for @NASA in support of #Artemis.
Electron and Photon will deploy this pathfinding satellite to a never-before-used cislunar orbit near the Moon

  1. MayuriK

    Congratulations! Happy to see your participation in the Artemis program!

  2. dannzman

    Fricken can’t wait!

  3. Ben Stokes

    So many developed nations for example India are not involved in the Artemis Programme, but New Zealand is. I am a proud Kiwi.

  4. Josh PaperDragon

    I have faith. As in bought my first stocks ever. (VACQ)
    Not a bandwagon, a hope train. A work train. A future!

  5. Chip in4seven

    Chur kiwi 🇳🇿

  6. Turkey001

    I can’t wait for it!!!!

  7. Allan T

    Loving where Rocket Lab is going

  8. david mahan

    How does a company that launches 500 lb payload support returning to the moon? I’ve seen the shuttle Atlantis. Yeah I realize Artemis is profoundly different! Rocket Labs additive manufacturing of the Rutherford engine is unique and technologically adept!! Asking for a friend!!!

  9. saimul Haque


  10. Poberaganser

    It’s exciting to watch on what you’re doing!

  11. Sai Prem kumar

    The lunar trajectory injection gives Mangalyaan vibes❤️ All the best Rocketlab

  12. Zairrah Murtaza

    *Best of Luck, Rocket Lab!*

  13. Talv

    Go Rocket Lab!

  14. protostar 777

    I wish we could have heard more about what photon is going to do. Perform a lunar flyby, but is it gonna be measuring anything? Performing any experiments? Doing anything afterwards?

  15. Kennedy space11

    Look what isro did with the chandrayaan 2 mission the same orbit raising maneover multiple Times is done now by rocket lab 😍😍😍😍

  16. Farhan Dany Fachrullah

    Bravo 👏

  17. Thomas Henriksson

    We want to se the helicopter booster grab thing soon! 🙃

  18. Aiem E

    $VACQ 🚀

  19. ab3


  20. Javier Vazquez

    I can’t believe the Artemis program will start soon with CAPSTONE, Peregrine Lunar Lander and Nova C 👍🏻

  21. FlawlessAssassin

    rocket lab and spacex are the future

  22. A scientist's journey

    Once a joke for the world is now set new heights for the private space sector. All the best Rocket lab 👍

  23. Sfs rocket Engineer

    Rocket lab is amazing

  24. Ben M

    Your growth is exponential *Rocket Lab* To the moon and beyond.

  25. Kai Wallis

    I bet one of the dislikes was Elon.

  26. Allan And Lifted Hands

    Nasa referring to Rocket lab as small business is ridiculous knowing how big a company Rocket lab is

  27. Benji

    20 years from now it’s gonna be SpaceX vs Rocket Lab and it’s going to be great

  28. Corn Cob

    This year! Wow y’all are the best how can we support this?

  29. Eli Deaver

    This isn’t a car commercial; its impossibly cool and literaly epic in scope, so it doesn’t need the weird generic music to make anyone exited.

  30. Parkour Sentinel

    This is pretty awesome

  31. Aarons123

    Rocket Labs channel is criminally underrated, only 114k subs? c’mon. With what they’ve achieved they deserve millions

  32. Spaceman Tarian

    Isn’t it epic that this mission is complex enough to need to have a flight director at mission control.

  33. Chris Leisz

    So excited for the merger!

  34. Mark Arnott

    when RocketLab post a new Vidja . 😳
    never long enuff but satisfied .
    Imagine if oz/nz with more $ funding – Moon we can do this we have the Tech
    and have an Esky & umbrella 📟🍺💺☂ on the moon sitting back watching earth
    be a hoot spaceX and RocketLab guys sitting down on the chairs waving back at earth 2023 .

  35. Michael Colford

    Super excited for Rocket Lab and their customers. Congratulations!

  36. Maxim P

    Go team space !

  37. Moms Favorite

    Will the new “neutron” rocket participate in the Artemis program when its ready?

  38. Aubrey Freeman

    Can’t wait to see other cubesats begin to explore the moon. Hopefully we’ll get some Venusian cubesat missions later in the 2020s!

  39. Meg

    Fantastic RL⚛️ you so amaze me👏🏽I’m absolutely over the moon.

  40. Travelling With Gazz

    So many great things happening in other countries. Come on Australia, get your act together. Why are we so technologically averse here? Honestly, it really is. Anyway, good job Rocketlab. Companies like yours make me happy to be alive. Can’t wait to see how things pan out in a few years.

  41. Don't Touch My Fries!

    if only I had the qualifications to work at rocket lab, I love space and everything to do with space.

  42. Scott Manley

    Look at the size of the nozzle on Photon!

  43. Ignacio Martín Chiaravall

    You guys are amazing!!! Lots of love from Argentina!

  44. Eric Albers

    I’d say “good luck” but with your Engineers you won’t need it :-)

  45. Cameron McSpadden

    So exciting. I love watching what Rocket Lab does. It is also amazing that Peter Beck spends so much time with Space focused YouTubers

  46. Aerohk

    Good that rocket lab is getting some of those sweet sweet artemis money

  47. MADS

    Amazing opportunity guys! I wish you the best safe and successful flight.
    Your entire staff and company has earned it!
    Can’t wait to see you guys operating a routine interplanetary transport.
    The future is bright.

    Will this flight be publicly followable?

  48. Massimo

    Pretty cool mission and I’m also looking forward to the one to Venus

  49. Vincent Karaboulad Musiqu

    I didn’t think I’d say that even just a few months back, but I’m a happy shareholder 💪

  50. Paul Tomko

    Let’s go Rocket Lab. Happy to be invested in this amazing company 🚀🌔

  51. Tom Ti

    I see a Rocket Lab video, I upvote

  52. Brett

    After separating from capstone, what will photon do? The video said a lunar flyby. Does that mean it’ll end up in lunar orbit? Will it return to earth?

  53. Animation Net

    Great my favorite aerospace company is helping nasa go to the moon

  54. Tyler Silvey


  55. Mmb 300

    Gooo Rocket Lab!!!

  56. AuRocket


  57. Rangifulla

    Looking forward to the mission patch T-shirt

  58. Omayou

    Amazing job🙏🏽🙌🏼

  59. Soren Ingram

    As a Kiwi I couldn’t be prouder. Great Job Peter and Crew.
    And after hat eating scaling UP.

  60. Niccolò Circhirillo

    amazing!!! go Rocket Lab you are the future!

    btw who on earth disliked this video 🤣

  61. Lewt Scott

    Hey Australia – where the bloody hell are ya :p

  62. David Wang

    I will add more VACQ tomorrow

  63. DerMax_HD

    damn thats quite cool! really amazed with the multiple photon burns for the trans lunar injection! gonna be freaking amazing!!!

  64. 4Ke Scythe

    I’m so thankful to be alive during this new space era <3

  65. Kelvino

    Yesh to the mun!

  66. Abcdefg

    I can’t wait for the Neutron. Rocket Lab is the next SpaceX.

  67. Hojo J.

    Go, Rocket Lab, Go!

  68. Alexandru Jalea

    i would love to see Peter, Jeff and Elon spend some time together. I think they could work together for a much better future much faster.

  69. Top Secret

    Small rocket, big part of what spaceflight will be in the future!

  70. cesa

    Rocket Lab 📈📈📈

  71. railroadjim

    It sounds like an exciting mission. I’ll be sure to follow the status. Good luck!

  72. Imię Nazwisko

    Rocket lab: with small steps, huge goals

  73. Nino


  74. ShadowBug 18

    The hype is real!

  75. spacex enginer

    Good Luck Rocket Lab Team.We love you

  76. Tyler Klatt

    Wow such a cool thing for rocket lab. Can’t wait to see how this company grows!

  77. Keith Glazier

    Artemis is like avengers endgame for spaceflight 😅

  78. Ryan Ritter

    Thanks for a video on this! Answers lots of questions.

  79. Rhode

    Great stuff!

  80. Josh ua

    Yay, I’m glad rocket lab is getting involved with the Artemis program.

  81. No Cube

    That’s so cool, congrats guys!

  82. d v

    Great job!

  83. GM3385

    This is awesome! Will be watching launch live :)

  84. Lena Ak

    RocketLabs videos are always so epic
    Love it

  85. Orbitron SFS

    Rocketlab are so cool and I think they definitely deserve to be chosen to help with Artemis. Anyone else agree?

  86. Tico Lay

    Nice keep motivating the young’s

  87. Not Bendy Snowball's Alt

    Upwards and Onwards my friends. On to the Moon, onwards to Mars, and further beyond for all humankind.

  88. Spencer White


  89. Ondřej Šebesta

    Hope rocket lab will accomplish this as soon as possible I’m super excited to see this mission

  90. Sam Zipes

    Rocket lab will be part of the future of Spaceflight, crewed and uncrewed I’m calling it now. Go rocket lab!

  91. Greg Clare


  92. Dan Chang

    I see rocket lab has already had enough of 2020 and 2021

  93. Jackson Armstrong

    Can’t wait!

  94. Garbon

    Love you guys! #teamspace

  95. Dman 113

    Incredible to see what you guys are doing!

  96. AI Pilot

    Can’t wait for this!

  97. Danny Vega

    Cool 😎

  98. Not The Usual

    I fully agree

  99. Verge Poland

    y e s

  100. Blukester


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