1. Ignacio Augusto Olivar

    Congratulations Rocket Lab!!!!!! Amazing launch!!!

  2. Kurt Stolpa

    I love how ignition is like POW, with the electric motor/pump starts vice a spooling a turbopump. It lights with authority!

  3. aleksey babulin

    Real art

  4. Johnny

    42:33 You guys have the best launchpad location just because of the breathtaking view

  5. Timothy Webb

    Great start to 2021 RocketLab especially with those high ground winds. TY for your good coverage and your two presenters.

  6. edizio roberto manthay ju


  7. srajjad

    Can it land like SpaceX.

  8. PCJ


  9. Alexander Jarosik

    love the sheep.

  10. Toby Cover

    Lift off: 42:21

  11. Ben Stokes

    Yay! Another one leaves the crust!!
    42:10 few seconds before lift off

  12. Strange

    Bruh in the 1950s people the USSR used a gigantic rocket just to put sputnik 8n to LEO but Rocket Lab uses rockets as small as Electron to go all the way to the moon. Perfect

  13. Torches

    Do you know Matt Lowne ? (not in person, but watch his videos)

  14. MuffinHead7391

    ‘Another one has indeed left the crust’ it was just a matter of time before they made a joke about the name lol! Great launch tho

  15. Kenji Okura

    Congrats on another successful mission! Glad the Electron didn’t bite the dust.

  16. marvin martin

    NASA. Uses clean rooms and multi billion dollar facilities. SpaceX uses a factory. NZ. Cow paddock.

  17. Karim Cristóbal Hanania C

    Wow! Great job rocket lab! Excellent work!

  18. Neo z Bogdańca

    What is name of soundtrack used in hold time?

  19. Lightraymuse

    Always entertaining and so grateful for the work the whole Rocket Lab team does.

  20. rahul 075

    The most refined and efficient rocket on earth!!!

  21. Kale LeMaster

    At a before and after 56:31, you can see a weird dim glowing light that looks purple directly underneath the nozzle, does anyone have any suggestions on what that might be? I’m asking this just out of curiosity for myself. I really dont believe that it’s the core booster because of the color and shape that it looks like I’m seeing. Hell maybe it’s the Earth, i don’t know.

  22. Pablo A

    Awesome launch! Will be cool to see you recover boosters soon.

  23. XYZ Concepts

    Great outcome team Rocket Lab! 😄

  24. Raynard Soegandha

    that sound more like an airplane than a rocket

  25. LK S

    *Lift off at **48:10*

  26. Kale LeMaster

    Another one for team space and Rocket Lab! Congratulations on your first 2021 launch! Simply amazing, that’s all I need to say.

  27. Victor Perrier


  28. Szabolcs Járay

    Great launch, congratulations, Rocket Lab, go on like this in 2021! And we all are waiting for the first Electron recovery. :)

  29. Amal Sabu

    Congrats ❤️

  30. Ben M

    Was on tender hooks for this one *Rocket Lab* *Congrats* and *Well Done!!!*

  31. Meg

    ‘Another one leaves the crust’ and it won’t be the last 👏🏽 fantastic first launch for 2021 and a great look back at 2020, thank you, to everyone at RL 🚀👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


    @ 42:12 that Electron rocket literally Tokyo-drifted off the launch pad …. Didn’t it…😂
    What were the ground winds at T-0 ?

  33. RiptideV10

    Dun, dun, dun, another one leaves the crust

  34. Abhishek Karigar

    Homage to the queen’s another one bites the dust

  35. Mathieu Guyot

    Congratulations for this superb launch!

  36. дрюно стоп

    48:03- lift off
    49:04- Max 1
    49:15- Max-Q
    50:40- Meco
    51:10- faring separation
    54:15- batarey jetstion
    57:05- Seco

  37. PuniSherOP

    49:26 – Social Distancing🤣

  38. Stellular Nebulla

    Woohooooo!!! Great job Rocket Lab team to another successful launch!
    Looking forward to our future in space!

  39. Vismay Shah

    Rocket lab deserves more subscribers

  40. Flo 611

    T-10 48:03

  41. saimul Haque

    What a launch



  43. Dallas Barr

    Du du dum dum dum, du dum dum dum du dum !

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