Meet Rosie | Rapid, Automated Rocket Production

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Meet Rosie, the rocket building robot.
Rosie is a custom built, 140 square meter robot that enables the precision machining of Electron’s carbon composite structures, including stage 1, stage 2, and the fairing.
In just 12 hours, all marking, cutting, drilling, milling, and sanding is completed on a vehicle.

  1. Peter Lawler

    Kiwis are the bust people.

  2. a j


  3. Andrew Morris

    We still haven’t seen you eat a hat. How about a Fedora cake? Do it during a launch Livestream. Maybe the first reuse you eat it?

  4. Paul Cooper

    Excellent. Too bad those second stages are throw away.

  5. EliteGeeks

    scale it up for a 9 meter or so body and you will impress me.

  6. Berke Keldal


  7. Voikdude


  8. dakota


  9. Martijn Cornelissen

    Named after? A rocketlab person? Cool piece of kit!

  10. Brandon Tseng

    Space X, Blue Origin, and NASA needs to create their own advance version of a robotic autonomous automation production system building, constructing, and designing more than 100,000 starships in 10-15 years just like Rosie rapid autonomous automation production system building, constructing etc…. Electron spaceship.

  11. Martin Perry

    With Rocket Lab and SpaceX perfecting the rapid production and reuse techniques that can allow a LOT more launches than the old world of space.
    It won’t be long before they start doing back-to-back launches of multiple rockets.
    Different rockets have different launch window requirements based on orbits etc. but presumably there’ll be a large window of 6 hours of clear weather where the right people will be at the desks to monitor the launch and they can have half a dozen rockets blast off one-by-one.
    Eventually it’ll be like an airport where rockets taking off is so routine it just becomes something fun to watch out the window while you’re bored waiting for your rocket and everyone else just continues with their day ignoring the rockets outside.

  12. falafel dürüm

    Wait, I saw this clip before. It’s not new.

  13. Ryan Ritter

    So when you start reusing boosters how big will the parachutes be and what will they be made of?
    Also, is a reusable 2nd stage a viable idea for the electron, being they are cheap already?

  14. pro kafadar

    Nice 👌👌

  15. Wyatt B

    Wow! Rossy can move around the entire room and have a couple millimeters of precision.

  16. The Talent

    Please employ me. My engineering degree isn’t complete, and I live in Australia. I’ve got limited real world engineering experience. So basically, you’d be taking a risk, but I’m worth it.

  17. 01glenn0101

    oh rosie are you a pleasure modejl

  18. Kumquat Lord

    A 5 axis robot with a trunnion that supports a round piece. That’s a pretty common piece of manufacturing equipment, but the SIZE is what is really, really impressive.

  19. Michael


  20. 42

    I m 16 and how can I create space company?

  21. Moriarty Vivaldi


  22. Ireshine Shiney

    it drills holes in a large rotating cylinder.

  23. Koos Naamloos

    *Elon Musk wants to know your location*

  24. Mohamed Farid

    Great job

  25. Mohamed Farid

    Great job

  26. Corey Taylor

    Rosie the Riveter 2.0

  27. Shane Martin

    So if NZ was ever threatened….. you could make ICBM’s in days? Hours? Mate it to a MK83 quickstrike and NZ doesn’t need to worry about blockade…..

  28. Energie Wender

    That carbon dust is dangerous like asbestos. How do they deal with it?

  29. Emma Beyer

    Rosie the Riveter… and driller, cutter, hole maker, anything else?

  30. knightsofn1

    Cool as this is, I’m wondering why you need the capability to build a rocket every 12 hours. You’re not going to be launching 600 next year.

  31. Overdose

    Rosie the rocket robot

  32. kickthedonky

    What does JT3000 stand for?

  33. Cody Avant

    Holy crap that is incredible. It amazes me what people can engineer and accomplish, what a machine!

  34. Jack T-rex


  35. Hilal Şarkışla

    Does eneugh ?

  36. Thom Stoppelenburg

    At this pace you’ll run out of customers before you run out of rockets

  37. Big Bang


  38. elias adams

    you guys need to be more famous!


    Imagine if they built this factory in low earth orbit and built those rockets in space! That would be epic. Not that this isn’t already epic!

  40. Coop Shop Designs

    Show us more!!

  41. Aerospace Gaming

    I was thinking this was BPS space until I clicked

  42. Matt Bland


  43. TheSolarFuture Enthusiast

    Rapid Orbital Service Industrial Engineer?

  44. Marko Morst

    Nice printer, RGB or BW ?

  45. Martin Coetzee

    Love Rocketlab.

  46. My Luminaire

    What exactly do you mean when you say “launch vehicle”. All I can C here is a CNC wounder and mill that makes the tank part… but cool though. ;)

  47. Freak80MC

    What’s the music used here? Would be nice to add that to the description :)

  48. R3D


  49. N'gis Stemeveiche

    Do you think of making any bigger rockets that the electron?

  50. 3ric585


  51. I’m already Sans Undertale

    Can I see some Rosie cheeks?

  52. Tyler Jordan


  53. Feel Good

    Good luck in all your future endeavors!

  54. Smogy 001

    Argh, really unbalanced audio

  55. goober

    One question… Can I have a job please!?

  56. Nunya Business

    Well this is certainly different from SpaceX’s approach

  57. Silt

    Soooooo… when are we gonna see daily launches?

  58. elever galarga

    Im impresed

  59. J. A. G.

    Is there on Bord fottage of the booster splashing down in the sea from running out of fingers?

  60. Mehmet PINARBAŞ

    perfect awesome

  61. Rob Sin

    It would be great to see it actuality working.🇦🇺👍

  62. Ben M

    Wow, that is insanely quick!! MacD’s of the skies. Way to go RocketLab 😎👍👍

  63. Mercurian Brachistochrone Trajectories .Ltd.

    Damn !!!!

  64. Sheldon Robertson

    Gawd I’d love to write some G code for that bad boi. Perhaps they will need a CNC programmer/set up machinist when my apprenticeship is done.

  65. Evan Eats

    12 HOURS!! Holy Sh*t!

  66. Tristan Möller

    I can’t believe it. Found this guy today. Gives me joy

  67. Don Jones

    Does Rosie actually place any rivets? :D

  68. Deon Hamilton

    Keep the videos coming Rocket Labs :-)

  69. Muhammed can YILDIRIM


  70. rahul ghosh

    Awesome guys!

  71. Radar O’Reilly

    It’s like the factory churning out B-17s back in WWII

  72. Nunya Business

    You should do a collab with Amazon just like what Gravity did with Selfridge

  73. MIKE 3000

    every12h, that’s crazy!

  74. Craig L. Young

    That’s very informative! How about doing short segments on the other building process.

  75. Duck Mint

    That’s a whole lotta Rosie!

  76. Garbon

    Epic Soundtrack

  77. Tommy Vaske

    Wow, thanks for sharing that look “behind the scenes!” Go Rocket Lab, go Electron!

  78. Air Command Rockets

    The future looks Rosie :)

  79. Gerrit Pottmeyer

    Absolutely impressed by your production facility! This is truly revolutionary. Well done!

  80. Sebastian Loessl

    nice like what you’re doing

  81. Mr Derek Huang

    Wow 😮That’s really cool

  82. Renato Digitalo

    ROSIE is my type of girl

  83. Mark Arnott

    0:45 😲💭Fingers billy 👨‍🎤💭watch your FINGERS 🤷‍♂️💭Bugga

  84. Lionheart X-ray

    The modern day version of the liberty ships.

  85. rahul ghosh

    This is Amazing!

  86. annando

    Will there be a Rosie t-shirt available in the Rocket Lab store?

  87. FlyingMach5

    12h? Thats not impresive, I can build a 3 level sandwich in less than 5mins

  88. 24 Aday

    As a controls student in the US my thoughts are THIS IS FREAKING EPIC
    Once I’m finished with my studies I am going to apply for a job at Rocket Lab

  89. flxdg

    i kinda like rosie.. can i ask her for a date?

  90. HedgeDog

    Peter Beck: “I don’t know what to do with my hands”

  91. what am i doing with my life

    “rapid, automated rocket production”
    *N U T*

  92. Canine Rocket Technologies

    I wanted to say “Rosie the Riveter” so bad till I forgot this Rosie does the opposite, it cuts, drills, and mills

  93. MrPabgon

    10 years from now on Amazon call service: “hi, could I order an electron for tomorrow?

  94. Jay DiNitto

    0:45 – the fingers, your fingers, WATCH THE FINGERS

  95. Jeff Vader

    1 every 12 hours? Mental, absolutely mental. I can’t even do my homework in 12 hours and here you are building entire launch vehicles.

  96. Orion Aerospace

    Now you just need a Rosie building robot to build Rosies that build rockets

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