Look Ma, No Hands Launch – 08/19/2019

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Lift-off of the Look Ma, No Hands mission occurred at 12:12 UTC on August 19 2019 from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula.

  1. vash crimson

    holy crap dude, spit out all that tacky Phlegm before you talk!

  2. Niko G

    what u see?
    i see nothing.

  3. Yeah No

    I really don’t get the structure of Rocket Lab. Someone help me out here.
    I think I recall reading something on Reddit about them only hiring US-national engineers to actually design and build the rockets (maybe ITAR nonsense), despite flexing the NZ flag everywhere?
    Also, they launch from NZ and “mission control” (i.e people who read out statuses that everyone already knows into the launch-net) is in NZ, but the ACTUAL launch control is still in the US I think?

  4. Flyte Industries

    This video makes no sense. In the first 30 seconds you show us everything that is going to happen. It would be like walking in to watch Avengers Endgame with the first scene showing Iron Man’s death.

  5. Limi V

    That black control room with all the people wearing black looks like a supervillain cabal’s operations center

  6. Mark Bisson

    Who said Kiwis couldn’t fly? Way to go New Zealand! They made that look down right easy.

  7. indo railfans

    Good luck roket lab

  8. 李詠


  9. froggyNotGreen

    Watched it on everyday astronaut’s channel. You guys need to promote your own channel more.

  10. Pete Kuhns

    Could you guys see the fairing separate? All I saw was black…

  11. Janice Henning

    Launched on my birthday 🎂!

  12. Krid Adounsattapong

    Lorotuless cop

  13. baoabab

    Is rocketlab from China? ~100% copy of SpaceX style..fooo

  14. J Flow

    Give SpaceX a run for their money

  15. Xi Jinping


  16. Glenn Gammon

    To stop ads it is very simple. A few seconds after video starts pause the video. Then go to the end of the video, count off 10 seconds, then scroll back to the start of the video. Then restart the video & play as normal. The ads will not play now.

  17. Dominic Kmiecik

    very expensive NASA Space propaganda

  18. pssst3

    I love seeing what can be done with smaller rockets to develop new tech while performing useful work. It’s a great way to stimulate creativity. The idea of mid-air capture wouldn’t have occurred to to anyone in the heavy lift sector.
    It makes much more sense to launch, and even to build, rockets in New Zealand in than the US. I understand wanting to launch from close to “home”, but why would anyone “look forward to” dealing with the added complexity of the FAA, more restrictive launch paths, US crowded airspace and all the added bureaucracy?

  19. TOKO Zutphen

    Good job

  20. nacho ignacio

    Jajajajajajaja a parachute

  21. Dawnbreaker Castro

    I still remember that in the Call of Duty Black Ops,the Keyhole capsule was captured by the transporter,the Rocket Lab did the same way :lol

  22. tullyman82

    Who finances these projects?

  23. Rangifulla

    Nice night for a flight

  24. Bobert

    It’s like a dial a nerd death star control room in there.

  25. Soulkeeper

    21:00 for the start

  26. Tinzalix

    Dislikes from blue origin

  27. meenoo meenoo


  28. Bipin Sapkota

    Where this lunch site located?

  29. Wei Thiam Neo

    18.30 I heard Transformer sounds. This confirms my conspiracy theory.

  30. Earth Life

    Big firecracker to fall in ocean

  31. Annie1962

    sure is a beautiful site

  32. SpinFast

    Good launch. Good commentary.

  33. Charles Robb Hill

    Congrats rocket lab. Another kick ass launch.

  34. Raphael Freediver

    Ads? Really?

  35. sandy moonstone

    . 大声笑。。 很可爱

  36. Alan Wong

    Watching the webcast replay, and there are ads littered everywhere throughout this stream. Maybe 5-6 in total.
    I understand that Rocket Lab is ultimately a company, and needs to make money, but the ads are quite intrusive. I don’t think I remember seeing them for Make it Rain or any other launch replay before. I’m more so comparing this to for example, SpaceX’s replays, which don’t have ads.
    It’s just that as a supporter of Rocket Lab and their mission, these small details are off putting

  37. MentToBeEzy

    Makes me proud :) go kiwi.
    I have a question, for a small sat or cube sat.
    Could you use a controlled static charge, to suspend very small amounts of dust and direct it [in a given direction] for propulsion ?
    maybe refueling by using a static field to collect more dust form space or low orbit period’s.
    A Dry matter RCS. What do you blank-page guys think ?

  38. SeanFalloy

    Please remove ads.

  39. Álvaro Silva


  40. Nu Terra

    Autobots…Transform and 18:44 roll out. We must protect the all spark.

  41. Saturn Productions


  42. Ajinkya Mahajan

    wonderful ✨✨✨✨
    Nice work

  43. Kermit talk

    Some background music wouldn’t hurt tbh

  44. Yizahi

    Good job!

  45. PlanetCypher

    Sounds like a Transformer on take off !

  46. Dead FrogS

    sounds like deceptacons coming over the speakers then.

  47. Bruce Fitzsimons

    Congrats team

  48. Richard Neal

    Congratulation from the Space Coast

  49. Gipfelstuermer_

    18:34 what is that sound?

  50. Enrique Graziano

    Congratulations for a successful launch!

  51. Richard Goold

    Love to fly over the pond to see a launch, how dose one find out when you launch dates are?

  52. puffin juice


  53. AeroSpaceNews.com

    Increasingly impressed with the steady innovative progress of the Rocket Lab crew. Congrats on another successful launch!

  54. Sonac

    Awesome launch people. Keep it up. The more companies launching rockets the better. Let’s start the new space age.

  55. just sayin

    Great blast off audio!

  56. Anti-Flatter

    Rocket Lab you guys are awesome!! Nothing like hearing that Kiwi Accent guild the rocket to the stars!

  57. steve ryan

    So…. NASA is like standing there…. er, um 😐….
    Private companies are dominating 👍

  58. Adrian Barbuio

    Did I hear a fellow Australian in that mission control centre

  59. vectrexer

    What are the sparks seen during first stage ascent? Are they from rocket nozzle ablation?

  60. Amachetay Cybo

    I bet you do some fun stuff for do you know the interstellar space companies ICC and whatnot

  61. Cyrill Fässler

    Why private rocket company’s like space x ore rocket labs got so much humor😂

  62. Golden Duck


  63. DigNap15

    As a kiwi I’m so proud of you Peter!

  64. Mark Vrankovich

    26000+ km/h, I wonder if that’s the fastest thing ever to come out of New Zealand?

  65. tcb268

    Countdown from 18:18.
    Good work cuzzy bro’s! Kia ora from Australia.

  66. Kevin Slegg

    Well done 👍

  67. Death Valley Dazed

    Well done and congrats!

  68. Greg Moore

    Well done

  69. Michael Domansky

    Are the sparkles in the exhaust from some ablative material?

  70. Dan Watt

    What a fantastic and speedy launch. Excellent strange separation.

  71. Xardox17

    Dig the added sound effects! Very cool.

  72. Sonny Burnett

    Love the fact they de-orbit the booster stages. See world, it can be done!

  73. Nowhereman10

    Go teeny rocket! :D

  74. widecast

    What a pity the commentator is not a Kiwi voice.

  75. milos nikolic222

    I like that
    celebration of just 1 fistbump 27:29

  76. Ribeye Robert D

    18:32 to 18:45.
    Transformer in the payload?

  77. Marc Weerts

    Great launch, congratulations! YouTube interrupted the playback continuously with commercials (4 before the launch) which kind of ruins the excitement for me though. 😕

  78. Darwyn Klatt

    It’s exciting to see another player in the launch business becoming successful and innovating. Here’s hoping their re-usability plans pan out and effectively double their launch cadence ability!

  79. J B

    18:31 I think the transformers were talking to the rocket, just sayin!

  80. robinkhaira1

    congratulation guys, well done

  81. yelp guy


  82. zuluknob

    18:31 Transformers, transform …

  83. Møth Meme

    New Zealand and the USA do make a great team at launching rockets but the name is amazing

  84. Trex531

    Success! You’re doing great Rocket Lab, congrats! 👍

  85. KOB

    Excellent (no bs, no jargon, no shilling) hosting job. The best I’ve seen bar none.

  86. mepizzasmangled

    18:32 Autobots, rollout!

  87. zephron28

    So what is the deal with what looks like welding sparks being thrown off by the engines?

  88. Nu Terra

    18:30 Watch out Autobots it’s Starscream!!

  89. piranha031091

    I like how battery “hot swap” actually involves swapping batteries right next to glowing hot metal… ^^

  90. Jazzaconda

    Awesome! 24 Dislikes = Flat Fcuktard’s unwittingly, signing up too a bed in a Secure Mental Health Facility!

  91. Musky Elon

    The little rocket that could.
    Very impressive machine you have there. If y’all can recover a booster my hat is off to you.
    Keep winning RL, we are rooting for you!

  92. Corb.

    18:32 That rocket is a TRANSFORMER!!

  93. Standartt

    Why does the rocket sound like a transformer!? 21:08 and 21:18

  94. Wild

    Damn those logitec headphones lmao

  95. MrMichaelXX

    18:30 Did that rocket just transform and roll out?

  96. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Beutiful Launch! They really are raising the bar with their stream quality!

  97. Odysseus Rex

    Congratulations Kiwis! What could possibly be cooler than launching rockets out of Middle Earth?

  98. t4t4s0l

    ‘Look Ma, no hands…’ that’s what i said while riding my bicycle as 7yr old … cost me a tooth :D

  99. Charles O'Connor

    Thank you Rocket Lab, very cool!

  100. David Eranosian

    Rocket launches are turning into a weekly TV-show. Thanks to all the Rocket Lab employees to make this possible, and to contribute to science! Rocket Lab and SpaceX are the worldchangers in science and space travel right now. This is great… Love it! Cheers, buds!

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