1. Inimbrium

    Stepping on Elon’s toes. This escalated quickly!

  2. Conor Wright

    Respect. I can’t wait to see the Neutron rocket! Godspeed RocketLab!

  3. zriKunz

    Yes, finally, we completed the series, proton, electron and finally neutron

  4. TheOneWhoMightBe

    As an Australian, I have decided that I am going to live vicariously through New Zealand.

  5. manofsan

    OMG — I’m totally pleased that I knew they’d do this one day. Come on, you know with somebody as brilliant as Peter Beck, he wasn’t going to stay in the little leagues.
    The only thing that surprised me in this video, was that I expected crow underneath that plate cover.

  6. Apohro

    For one of the first times ever, thanks YouTube algorithm

  7. Arty Ivanenko

    Congratulations guys. Incredible progress so far and can’t wait to see how far you’ll go!

  8. Lepou

    Rocket lab: How bout next time you get a rocket that can handle the Neutron Style

  9. Steve Burley

    This is amazing! You go Rocket Lab!

  10. Adam Hartzell

    Man, I got goosebumps when they zoomed out and showed the 8-ton launcher fairing. This company is *going places*.

  11. gelisob

    Congratz on 100k subs! Blue origin’s snail soon has a very dusty road to travel..

  12. Aarons123

    This is seriously amazing, from sounding rockets to this, way to go Rocket Lab

    *Wen Neutron Hop*

  13. Aarons123

    Peter Beck bouta put humans on the moon before SLS does

  14. Caleb Waddell

    Starship is the only rocket to which I’m looking forward to more than Neutron.

  15. Rokas Augulis

    Amazing guys!!! Looking forward for some seats to space!!

  16. Tony MacDonald

    I’ve seen a lot of PR in my day. But this was genius. Looking forward to seeing Neuron fly.

  17. ChevronQ

    HELL YEAH ! also: that hat eating was legendary :D

  18. TheStormingmonkey

    firstly, HYPE!

  19. D E

    This is such a well produced video! I was getting chills the whole time. Great job Rocket Lab!

  20. tev olsen

    When my brother ate his hat, he made one out of puff pastry. Eating part of a real hat was unexpected.

  21. AstronAcademy

    Rocket lab is special, they make announcements by eating hats

    Major respect

  22. DoodAMproductions

    Dude I love this video so much. I hope to one day work for Rocket Lab!

  23. Jacobs Aviation NZ

    I almost spat out my breakfast, excuse me neu what…

  24. Heather Lee

    Perfect video! I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and I’m very excited for the future, well done rocket lab!

  25. DarkSpace

    Rocket lab: when we say we’re going to something, we do it.
    Peter: I’m going to eat this hat* eats hat*

  26. Justin Soulsby

    When I got to the end I almost fell out of my chair!

  27. DaniniSoup

    I spit whatever i was drinking when he showed the fairing. That was unexpected. Good luck guys

  28. laxpors

    You guys are just as cool as SpaceX in my eyes, keep up the amazing work!

  29. Phobos Potato

    Starship had a kid and he’s looking good

  30. DIYTyler

    Mic drop…..

  31. Heart of Dawn

    Now _this_ is what “step by step, ferociously” actually looks like.

  32. DIY Solar Power with Will

    Oh shit 😁👍

  33. Nathan Lee

    This video was more exciting than most movie trailers.

  34. Tyler H

    So, when will the Proton be announced? Or was it a copyright issue with Russia?

  35. MayuriK

    Wow, amazing announcement Rocket Lab, really curious to see this rocket!
    I hope your best for the future, with SpaceX you are my favourites space companies!

  36. T65Bx

    *Node Unlocked: “Advanced Fuel Systems”*

  37. stardate2026

    Awesome, I now can’t wait for 2024, some great things happening in that year all going to plan, good luck Rocket Lab.

  38. William Burns

    Saying it now: They will launch a human to orbit and return them safely before Blue Origin.

  39. Chris Schmidt

    What a video! Taken totally by surprise at the end. Great presentation. Up up and away!

  40. Space Stuff

    Hats off to peter for literally eating a cap😂

  41. PuniSherOP

    Finally. You ate it. I knew you’ll do that. More bets on the way?

  42. RJ Brown

    Oh my god! What a legend! Goosebumps the whole time!

  43. Victor Tenma

    Jeff who: Ah sh*t, they are multiplying.


    Haha nice marketing. Exciting to see what comes of this !

  45. Calcium Automated machine

    Peter looks like villain kid from the incredibles

  46. Celanis

    Respect. Good luck Rocket Lab! Looks like an amazing rocket!

  47. Robbie V

    SpaceX: finally, a worthy opponent!

    Our battle will be legendary!

  48. Mr.ToxicHOTDOG

    Crap. Now there’s even more to look forward too. I think I’ma die of excitement. Starship, SLS, Vulcan, New Glen, and now Neutron.

  49. MrBenedikt

    Great News!
    Well I volunteer to make a test ride when its human rated xD

  50. TheHeavenman88

    Damn , The future is Cooler than i could have ever dreamed of . This is amazing stuff!

  51. gabsr

    Next: “Introducing Ultron”

  52. PabloChacon Music

    Damn I’m really looking forward to this. Congrats!

  53. Greg Kelway

    What I like about these guys (and spacex), is when they say they are going to do something, they do it. :)

  54. Balazs Rigo

    Yeah ok fine I’ll take two then, you already had me sold at the rocket part anyway

  55. MidsouthBlasterRefinery

    The gloves are off.
    The hat has been eaten.
    New Zealand is taking humanity to space.

  56. Koungmeng Eong

    Hey Rocket Lab. if you ever need to send the first human to the sun, just hit me up. I’m willing to die anywhere other than the Earth.

  57. What about it!?

    Bigger Rocket for bigger dreams! RocketLab ROCKS!!! 🙌

  58. Steven Lovell

    Anything that makes spaceflight less expensive and more reliable, I’m for it! Go Rocket Lab!

  59. Sumanta Ganguli

    Up Next: Family van to Mars.
    Name: Positron.

  60. VIncent Karaboulad

    I just went from being inspired to laughing hard to having my jaw drop. You guys rock, keep up the fantastic work 🙌

  61. DTHRocket

    You guys rock! Haha, at this rate you may even beat Blue Origin.


    Beginning of the video:
    that’s not rocket lab

    Peter eats a hat, in a rocket fairing:
    Now THAT’S rocket lab

  63. GrummanPilot99

    Wow this is awesome! Reminds me of a politician saying they’re not going to run again or run for the next election. Peter changd his mind!

  64. Therion

    Now he has to eat the Electron! I mean “We will never do a bigger rocket.” Right?

  65. Pesterenan

    When he came out of that fairing I was really impressed!
    Best of luck for you guys, I hope I work for you someday :D

  66. Pablo A

    I ❤️Rocket Lab. Watch all your launches. Incredible work!

  67. Pinochet

    “We choose to eat hats in this decade, not because it is easy, but because it is hard”

  68. Heinrich Wonders

    Just whait a minute!
    Megaconstellation? For whom? Who is you partner?

  69. jcims

    YESSSS!!! This is so exciting! Also love the reveal hahaha. Peter seems like a cool dude.

  70. Darwyn Klatt

    Excited to see Peter and company still making waves in the business.

  71. Lachlan Cook

    Peter: “We’re gonna build a big rocket”
    Everyone liked that

  72. Craig L. Young

    So cool! Can’t wait, just don’t be like Blue and just talk about it.

  73. Dale Sajdak

    One thing that I really appreciate about Rocket Lab is that you guys have an interest in Venus when most others don’t.

  74. Poberaganser

    I would be surprised, if at the end on opposite side of table would be Elon Musk wishes Rocket Lab good luck

  75. Lefteris Koumedakos

    we are definitely watching Rocket lab! we got high hopes! lets go!

  76. Aster321

    “We don’t fly meat” – Peter Beck, 2018

  77. WacKEDmaN

    wowz! i want in on that!…. the way we’re going over in aussie, we’re never gonna get off the ground…SMH
    well done my kiwi brothers and sisters!.. chur!

  78. Witchdoctor

    This is amazing news! Cant wait to see it, also props for eating the hat :)

  79. Stephen Knox

    Fantastic news. I always thought SpaceX and Blue Origin were going the be the leaders of new-space technology, but Rocket lab has definitely thrown their partially eaten hat into the ring.

  80. Nanotyrannus

    AHHHH. INSANE. You guys are amazing, keep up the great work and maybe one day I can work at Rocketlab too.

  81. Kerbonautics

    “At rocket lab, when we say we’re never going to do something, we still do it”

  82. LlikOo

    This is insane. I can’t believe we get to see this in our lifetime!!!

  83. mVm MotoVlogMusic

    YES!!!!! So great. Thank You Peter and Rocket Lab for making space flight so exciting!


  84. Victor C

    I loved the shot where you could see all the launches and their patches. That was really cool.

  85. Rob R.

    Well, that escalated quickly…

  86. 라이카


  87. Julopabene

    This is absolutely fantastic, I can’t wait to see you go from Sounding Rockets to human spaceflight you absolute mad men!
    Godspeed to the entire team!

  88. Daniel DC88


    Looks awesome, very excited to see how this goes!

  89. Denis

    he ate hat

    after blender

    in a faring half

    I like that guy

  90. Jan V

    I am so hyped too see one more company being able bringing humanity to space. Great!

  91. Cole J

    “I will never launch humans” – Peter beck

  92. Cole J

    Ahahahahaha he stuck to his promise can’t lie. Ahahahah amazing!

  93. John Theux

    I’m waiting for the proton rocket then.
    Oh, wait…

  94. Mootin Man

    Wen neutron hop?

  95. THICC1

    What qualifications do we need to work with you guys, finishing school this year and eventually even if it’s in 10 years I would love to work for you guys

  96. Mergerous Lorndaz

    Respect to Peter for eating the cap.

  97. Athanasius Casanova

    Holy moly this is amazing we’ve got another in the family

  98. Evan McGregor Channel

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

  99. astronut42

    Time for Peter to eat his hat again :D

  100. AspireRL

    Well, this came out of nowhere, didn’t it?

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