Electron Stage Separation

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First and second stage separation of Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle during the Return to Sender mission on November 20th, 2020.

  1. Farras Ariq

    Cool footage… we need more like this

  2. Morpheus

    Damn that was cool!

  3. sparrow_34

    O for awesome. Cool seeing a bit of yaw from below

  4. Amon San

    genuine question: how come there is sound when this happens in space?

  5. Tran

    Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!

  6. T.Jentzsch

    Ok, that was sick!

  7. João Fyllipy Lima

    Holly bread that was awesome!

  8. Footlion

    Just AMAZING!

  9. mike osted

    is the sound added in post or was it actually captured?

  10. Saqib Sultan Temuri

    It’s Safe to say : the Future is now!

  11. Kenji Del Rosario

    POV: You are a crispy burnt go pro camera

  12. Wayne Schenk

    That’s amazing.

  13. Dave Lewthwaite

    That’s bloody amazing.

  14. TreCoolable

    If you notice, every nice and shiny metal and carbon fibre surface gets dark and sooty after second stage engine light.
    The writing in sharpie apparently doesn’t let the soot stick as you can still see the writing against the soot background.
    All this in a matter of milliseconds. I wonder if it could cook the Thanksgiving turkey in that time?

  15. Josemaria Lizana Q.

    It was all clean and shiny and them boom, all sooty

  16. Jan Nelle

    A shot that I did not know I needed to see WOW 😍

  17. cwjarvis3

    Absolutely Fantastic video guys! Thank you very much! That is Awesome.

  18. Peter Jerde

    SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Please post more! ◡̈

  19. Bard

    From chrome to sooty in 0.01 seconds

  20. Denis Alves

    That’s just incredible.

  21. Jack Beyer

    Insanely great.

  22. TheDying Titan

    is it jusst me or did the rocket kick a little to the left on engine ignition before straightening out

  23. Ben Stokes

    Rocket Lab, Let’s Keep Moving.

  24. John Ehret

    You guys are doing the audio the right way. Love it

  25. other account

    0:08 you know you love to hear it

  26. Ar Wic

    Wow, this is insane! Joss!!

  27. skyprop

    Whoomp!!………..Thwaaaaaammmmmm…… Keep up the Great work and more vids like this please |Rocket Lab:)

  28. tikki volta

    holy smokes, what was that recorded with? red? blackmagic? some custom camera? i neeed to know!! :)

  29. Adam Harris

    That was epic!!! What a shot! That is probably the second coolest rocket video I’ve seen, number one is rocket man in a Tesla of course, sorry, that one is hard to top, but this shot is a close second! Great job the booster recovery too.

  30. Pete Heel

    That vacuum suck just before separation!!!!! What awesome footage!!!

  31. Chantz Tribe

    Holy hell that’s an amazing shot

  32. JayVal90

    Wow that was some awesome sound and high quality video.

  33. Mr Man

    That ignition was spectacular. Damn

  34. Marthinneill Apoi

    POV:you are electron’s interstage

  35. Thomas Chow

    wonder what the energy was to excite the electron to a higher stage

  36. Trevor Baines

    So you hear the next stage pull away because sound travels through the plume and the mic is in the plume, right? Is it built into the camera or did you use a separate mic, if so what mic? Just having any sound at all makes the awesome images more awesome!

  37. Erik Gustafson

    okay that was …. that was… holy jesus on toast that was amazing!!!!

  38. Francis Stapp

    things we think about but never get to see thank you

  39. Timflan

    In space, no one can hear you… Oh wait nevermind.

  40. John Hero Salvador

    I want to test if you can roast a chicken when that second stage engine ignites. Nice vid!

  41. Lawrence Chiu

    In the vacuum of space, nobody can hear you scream, but you can hear the 2nd stage engine of an Electron blasting you in the face 🤪

  42. Icy Purple

    some of the best stage sep footage ever recorded

  43. jamie conman

    That was one nugget of awesomeness I desperately needed. Thank you 👍

  44. Rangifulla

    Pics, so we know it happened.
    + some mean audio.

  45. Techandtrains101

    Rocket Lab are just showing off at this point

  46. George Cooke

    Epic. Straight up epic.
    Thank you.

  47. Aubrey Freeman

    This is beautiful. Thank you for uploading.

  48. Andrew Ferree

    Alright, I want to know who the people are that downvoted this and I want to know what happened to them as a child. Because I don’t see how anyone could not love this.

  49. Zac Peter

    imagine watching starship staging!!!

  50. DJ Blastoise

    thats awesome footage, thanks so much for this

  51. moth

    Looks awful lot like cropped footage from 360 camera
    OK, just imagine watching this in VR

  52. Christian Rickert

    That quite moment before the ignition … wow!

  53. Tino Beier

    What the… damn, I love this camera position :) And high resolution is awesome!

  54. skyprop

    I just noticed the Spring pistons for separation so Cool!!

  55. Cscuile

    Thank you for the footage! You guys IMO are even better than SpaceX when it comes to it!

  56. mycroft16

    Are the actuators pneumatic or just spring loaded? Such a cool angle.

  57. belfonzus

    Holy Headphones Batman! I was not prepared for that.

  58. rockets9488

    WOW, awesome sep footage to go with a fantastic flight. Good job Rocket Lab!

  59. Galaxy9synthesis

    Woah! My ears are bleeding after turning the volume up on that up a bit too loud! Awesome footage!

  60. Obama Llama

    Wooo that’s sick! We need more footy!

  61. Aaron Collier

    This might be the coolest bit of rocket footage I’ve ever seen.

  62. Andrew Skow

    Quick! Someone show this to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson so he can complain about being able to hear an engine in space.

  63. Brixxter

    I really want to see the rest of this camera’s footage, I’m so curious what the ballute deployment looks like

  64. Ace King

    Those pumps are so fast at spinning up and firing wow, that camera view is amazing😍

  65. rebornranch

    Also when can we expect a return to sender mission patch?

  66. Nicollas Alexandre

    When someone says you can’t hear rocket engines in space, show them this video 🚀

  67. Paul Feist

    Damn… that’s one of the best pieces of rocket porn footage I’ve seen! More please! :-)

  68. Stephen Reiter

    Instant SOOT on the inside of that clean first stage! Such a cool shot!!

  69. Air Command Rockets

    How Amazing is that! … I wonder how they got that footage back? …. Oh yeah … parachutes :) Interesting how there is just enough exhaust gas hitting the microphone to make sound.

  70. Robert Wallhead

    Incredible! I want this to be my morning alarm sound.

  71. Josh

    The inside reminds me of a washing machine

  72. Pronto

    Yeah, the resolution on that almost made up for the “Return to Sender” video blue balls…

  73. Colin Quirk


  74. Itz_ Ultima

    I wish they had a manufacturing facility in Virginia near their launch pad like they do in New Zealand, I wanna work there soooo baad

  75. Bassboylowg

    Sounds like the Greybeards summoning the Dragonborn.

  76. Sikaheimo

    Wow! This is some amazing footage! Got goosebumps the moment the 2nd stage lit!

  77. Pascal Calixte

    That was epic. Never seen anything like that. Best stage separation ever easily.

  78. Lyon E

    This was flippin’ amazing footage – holy smokes! you guys’n’gals Rock

  79. Ferrariman601

    Woah – never expected to *hear* all of that!

  80. Glenn Littleford

    That rocket firing covered everything in the first stage with a carbon film. Shiny, boom, not so shiny.

  81. Michael Mosseri

    Was this footage recovered from the booster or was it streamed back down before it hit air?


    the stage sep looks so much like a movie. the second stage seperates, its quiet for a few seconds and then boom

  83. MatteoTN

    I’m still speachless after 2 hours.

  84. MATRIX 3D

    That looks sweet. This will be a treat for space enthusiasts.

  85. Paratrooper Chad

    I have always wondered what it would be like to be at the business end of a rocket motor when it fired… THANKS! That is simply friggin awesome!

  86. Jerry Mabie

    I set the playback to .25. I watched 10 times in slow motion. We need more videos like this great job.

  87. The Fubudub

    I have watched this on repeat for like half an hour. It’s so cool!

  88. Richard Laxton

    Such a clean and beautiful inter-stage and then BOOM, covered in soot.

  89. Budget RC

    Outside of the obvious SpaceX, this is some of the coolest footage I’ve seen since apollo era 16mm stuff!

  90. Hunter Kutz

    I love how you can see the green springs pop out to separate the upper stage.

  91. Alex Karout

    Rest in Peace Gnome Chomsky

  92. InventorZahran

    Scott Manley will probably have something interesting to say about this…

  93. DVasymmetry

    This is the coolest video in several months from the space crowd… Keep up the great work! Go Electron! Can’t wait for the US launch to happen…

  94. Tyler Smith

    Holy crap, guys. High resolution, high frame rate, good lighting, a camera that pans up on time…….. AND SOUND!?!? You just ticked every box right out of the gate! Bravo!

  95. Andrew Kauke

    It’s really cool how you can still hear the rocket engine just from the exhaust gases

  96. Paul Shirren

    I clicked away from a live SpaceX launch to watch this.

  97. Nik Mathews

    Some of the most amazing rocketry footage I have ever seen. Unbelievable…

  98. speeddemon1092

    Quite a bit more noise than what I was expecting. Upper stage takes off like a bat out of hell once it lights, too.

  99. Wes Chilton

    OK, that was AWESOME

  100. JeZh

    You people really need to share more footage like this

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