Electron Is Going Reusable

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Rocket Lab has detailed plans to recover and re-fly Electron’s first stage to support increased launch frequency for small satellites.

  1. hornetluca

    I can’t wait to see with my own eyes

  2. Manoj Jeevarathinam umapathy

    May be we could approach other way for this purpose

  3. m 88

    cant wait for the first rocket to impact the helicopter

  4. A-Z world

    Good concept , love from India

  5. Jiingle Atanacio

    Rocket Lab reusable rocket in 5 years

  6. Nick Purnell

    I love the simplicity, yet the challenging intercepting stage.

  7. Sarah Washington

    We all dreamed but we never actually thought! So cool!

  8. Dragon1954 SFS

    Good luck Rocket Lab!

  9. Marc Weerts

    That’s awesome! I’m curious though how much that will cost in terms of reduced delivery weight to orbit.

  10. crazeeborg

    Awesome little rocket. GO ELECTRON!!

  11. Полор Єлеон

    So it’s now a race for “second reusable rocket in the world”? I’m happy about it, wish you great luck, Rocketlab!

  12. StarkosGuy

    Doesn’t matter how any company reuses their rockets, just make it cheaper

  13. Mathakk

    You can’t even imagine how happy this announcement makes me

  14. Cyclospace

    Go Electron! Go Rocket Lab!

  15. Daniel Johnson

    Catch it with a helicopter? I’m going to have to see this in person. Creative, expensive and unnecessary? Maybe so but I love it

  16. bsfatboy

    The helicopter should be named “Cherry picker”

  17. Louis Henn

    Definitely the best option for a small rocket like this

  18. Ultralagger R.E.V


  19. Muhilan M

    This is just brilliant. Can’t wait to see this in action

  20. Elopeous

    That must be one very. Very. Light stage after separation

  21. Don Jones

    Very exciting to see. Just disappointed you didn’t share your proprietary secrets of how you’ll handle decelerating from hypersonic speeds. ;-)

  22. Travis Shea

    Nice to see parasails being used for booster recovery

  23. Batch F1

    Good on you peter and rocket lab!

  24. Sunstorm

    You have made thousands of your fans happy. Good luck<3

  25. Odysseus Rex

    Cool beans. I certainly hope you can make it work.

  26. Bryam Garcia

    YOU CAN DO IT! Mini Falcon 9 xD

  27. playgrrrr

    It’s hard to get excited about anything below the human scale in spaceflight but reusability among the things that will always be absolutely awesome until the day that everyone has mastered it. You go, Rocket Lab guys! Best of luck!

  28. Diego Borges

    Looks much more simple and cheaper, but still challenging specially for the heli pilot…

  29. Liam Fabry

    If Fulton had lived to see this he’d have been proud

  30. Blitzvogel

    This kind of recovery is easy. The hard part will be developing the ballute really.

  31. Pokenaut7

    Making daddy Elon proud, I imagine.

  32. 4ntig3n

    That’s damn cool! Breathtaking, can’t wait to see it in action. Please take an example from SpaceX and try to make high production quality Live-streams. Wish you the best of luck, clear skies and godspeed for your endeavors.

  33. Stefan

    Thank you Rocket Lab, very cool

  34. MCTheTrash

    YES!!! Awww this is cool. Man I really wanna see this work!!!

  35. tcb268

    The old Skyhook method.
    Good luck with that.

  36. piefadase YT

    yessss this so so so coooool! I literally can’t wait for that, best of luck!

  37. Kevin Moore

    Awesome….cant wait to see the first time it gets hooked and brought back :)

  38. Nam Bui

    Why land in the middle of the Atlantic when a helicopter can just pick it up mid air ? 😅😅

  39. justin h

    Awesome work guys! This would be amazing.

  40. Week of the agents

    – helicopter crew every time you should try this.

  41. j4d3 goat

    **Excellent** stuff! This is great to hear!

  42. ScrambledCode365

    OMG, this is amazing! i am watching the first attempt live!

  43. rparker069

    so a sky crane extraction of a rocket
    it’s certainly a novel idea if anything, I just wonder how you’ll keep the rocket pointed where you want it on reentry

  44. David Roberts

    Awesome 👏 work guys seen this video last night it was awesome to catch a rocket 🚀 like that great 👍 work guys ❤️🇬🇧david

  45. Manuel Pizarro Amaya

    *Hype intensifies*

  46. Paul D'Arcy

    what movie does this clip come from? Is there a “thunderbirds” re-make about to be released?
    the movie looks up to date, using CGI rather than puppets on strings :)

  47. Hellblazer

    Glad to see another company trying to recover their rockets. Hopefully risking lives doesn’t end in tragedy.

  48. stachowi

    Pretty innovative… great thinking!

  49. Fe4rN4ught

    Ambitious and awesome, best of luck to the Rocket Lab Team.

  50. Daryl Corbin

    cool idea, but you’re going to need to come up with a solution to orient the first stage for re-entry that keeps the composite shell and bells/plumbing/plating from melting. Heat shielding adds weight, parachutes add weight…and all that will require a significant redesign. And it’s one thing to be able to catch it and bring it back to the shop, but a whole other thing to be able to make it fly again.
    Best of luck.

  51. Idjles Erle

    You guys Rock-It! Kiwis for the win!

  52. Ace Max

    Very nice and hopefully this will bring them massive amount of saving with there rocket system ! I hope they can reuse the rocket like SpaceX does many times over ! Congratulations to the team keep being innovative with your system !

  53. mankeez

    What mods are you using? I’ve never seen KSP look so good.

  54. Francium Labs

    Reminds me of Armadillo Aerospace’s Stig rocket recovery system.

  55. Heather T.

    I’m so stocked! I was literally screaming “NO WAY!!!”

  56. Porta

    I look forward to seeing this please make sure to live stream it!

  57. Idjles Erle

    Kiwis don’t need no grid fins!

  58. Roman Geber

    Moar reusable boosters, great! Really hope you can make this work. Good luck :)

  59. Kasper Lidegaard

    I’m looking forward to see you catch it

  60. AbsoluteWinther

    Props to the camaraman for running along the rocket!

  61. Nicholas Alves

    Awesome to see this! Thank you Rocket Lab for making the dreams of many come true :)

  62. Damp potato #36

    yes! YES! Reusable rockets! MORE REUSABLE ROCKETS!

  63. BasicFlashCube

    Good luck with that parachute not collapsing from the helicopter downwash!

  64. Anshu Nayyar

    Whats the need of that ship???? Helicopter can takeoff from ground also.🤔🤔🤔🤔. Btw great work by rocket lab.

  65. K!NA

    Innovative to say the least Rocket Lab. Kiwi ingenuity at it’s best. Way to go!! Fingers x’ed 🙏🙏

  66. hayden3112

    I watched the livestream announcement and this is going to be epic

  67. Gutz/ColdRevenge

    elon musk: we can land our rockets…
    Rocket labs: Hold my beer

  68. David Rubio

    Very impressive. I’m looking forward to it.
    But, wouldn’t the aerobraking work better if the booster enters the atmosphere sidewise?

  69. Javier Vazquez

    Recovering booster like SpaceX but using parachutes and a helicopter as part of the recovery like ULA👀 Very interesting 🔥

  70. pdevos

    I love the fact that there’s actual competition going on right now in low cost commercial rocket launch companies! Reusability is the future, and this might lower the already low costs even more. RocketLab, you rule!

  71. Glen Clark

    Reminds me of the Corona project back in the 1960’s.

  72. Garbon

    Best luck to you!

  73. Nick Schmitz

    Wow, that’s very cool!🤙🏽🔥

  74. 10mintwo

    Sometimes I wish I were a raspberry

  75. Mr. Primet

    You are my faforite space company!

  76. Brick motion Films

    Damm I feel really happy to see rocket lab growing up and becoming better and better I wish you guys the best!

  77. Simply Space

    It’s a very SMART idea. I can’t wait to see this!

  78. Brennan Mielke

    ULA, Ariane space, CNSA, and now Rocket Lab it’s nice to see more reusable concepts like this it’s helping space exploration as a whole and hopefully can prevent Space X from becoming a monopoly

  79. SpaceX - KSP

    Nice KSP footage! What visual mods are you using?

  80. Pedro Torres

    Amazing. Very good. Can’t wait for Flight “N”!

  81. theravedaddy

    Is this why mr steven is now called mystery?
    Has mr steven jumped….ship?

  82. Kristijan Cerovski

    This seems quite challenging, and yet so simple. I wish you guys all the best in your endeavours!

  83. Vlek

    Wow. YES! Good for you guys! Amazing to hear. Good luck!

  84. friendstype25

    Peter Beck is currently eating his hat. Exciting times!

  85. Canine Rocket Technologies

    I felt horrible those BEUTIFUL carbon fiber boosters get lost every launch, so Happy they plan to reuse!!!!!

  86. Marko Morst

    When you live streamed I was open mouth even after the end … That was beautiful

  87. Billy Bop On YT

    Elon Musk: “This is absolutely adorable!!!”

  88. AgentC

    Nice to see how the space industry is going reuseable

  89. Trex531

    Great move Rocket Lab, wish you the best success! 👍

  90. Chiiin Thanos

    YEEEAAAHHH I am so excited for Rocket Lab! A great company getting even better

  91. Red FireStormer

    This is just awesome looking forward to see it in action

  92. James Barclay

    Cheaper than a powered landing, less messy than recovering it from the water, looks like you’ve got a pretty good setup.

  93. bobbob123ful

    Exactly what you guys needed after SpaceX sharing their updated rideshare news.
    That being said, I have a few hours playing flight simulators, wanna hire me as the helicopter pilot?

  94. Meir Botwinik

    We’re rooting for you, Mini Falcon 9!

  95. Jerry Rupprecht

    There was no pressure on rocket lab to make their rockets reusable but they’re doing it anyway!

  96. Dang Itshere

    Petition to name the mission for the first soft water landing “Ocean Man, Take me by the hand”

  97. Seeker

    Normally, Helicopters are trying to avoid rockets.

  98. Shortline 614

    Therapist: Mini Falcon 9 isn’t real, it can’t hurt you.
    Mini Falcon 9:

  99. milkbox

    Ok, that’s freaking cool. Wouldnt have figured a rocket this small would even need to be reusable given its already, relatively, low cost. If these guys can pull this off, then we’re well on our way to dirt cheap launches. Very impressive. Best of luck to you!

  100. Simply Space

    The most important question is, what’s the ship going to be named? Is it time for a Twitter poll?

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