DARPA R3D2 Launch – 03/28/2019

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Lift-off of the R3D2 mission for DARPA occurred at 23:27 UTC on March 28 2019 from New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula

  1. knoxyto

    this sounds like a marketing video

  2. Garry Clelland

    Very very impressive , so smooth , zero drama , the way it should be , enjoyed that , thanks team .

  3. Rafael TN

    12:51 Run baby, Run!!
    15:08 sound in space

  4. Timmydog1977

    Nice animation 🤣🤣🤣

  5. J

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military

  6. Preli Pavlov

    21:21 после отключения двигателя ракета стала падать! И якобы через 40 минут должен включиться другой двигатель, но нам это видеть не нужно! Смешное фейковое видео!

  7. Drone-Works

    wow very nice very good!!

  8. Jeni Fraser

    I have watched this at school and If you don’t no how I no about this my teacher tod me about it like if you watched this at school to

  9. KaineRaid

    First :D

  10. Curt Heisler

    @21:40 Can someone tell me what I’m seeing? is the camera lens magnifying the image of the sun? Also is that the moon on the right? Os this a graphic RL put on screen or did they catch that surreal view accidentally?

  11. kalipso49

    Cool Launch! were is the Trash??

  12. Jason Goodacre

    Compared to Falcon 9 that’s what you call a pocket rocket.

  13. R B.

    Is the countdown said by an German speeking person? “sieben, sechs” (seven and six in german)

  14. Choco Later

    12:51 poor black sheeeps must be thinking end of the world or something.

  15. Ryan wyrick

    Another wide-angle lens bus but much much more trickery than just that and it’s a use a couple of different lenses actually it’s just superimpose most of the time but you clearly see wash their Horizon right when they show you the split screen shot dumping the engine and you’ll see that the Horizon is toward the outside of the frame with a curve to it and then as the Horizon drift toward the middle of the frame it starts to flatten out oh yeah but anyway that’s not the real issue here especially with physics so for the record at about 3 minutes and 15 seconds those engines literally fall back to Earth just as they should and don’t even tell me they’re going that fast unless you watched camera footage of what a car taking off from a starting line looks like with a rear view yeah those get up yeah those get up to a couple hundred miles an hour really fast and this thing is supposedly doing thousands and thousands of miles per hour at the time of that engine drop off at 3 minutes and 15 seconds and look how slow it goes they want you to imagine that it’s floating and that the rocket is just taking off from the engines right except those things are falling and tumbling and of course are affected by pressure cuz that’s why they’re tumbling but yeah just it’s just a bad cartoon show and they kind of have to do it that way to make it brainwashing enough for the kids but anyone who knows physics knows there’s so many problems with the time that it takes I mean amateur Rockets get up to this in just a few seconds like less than a minute it’s a whole entire puppet show man that’s why they get horizontal at like not even a hundred thousand feet I mean it’s just a puppet show just look at when they get horizontal it’s not even a hundred thousand feet and that’s why you always see just one little Horizon like come on dude let’s see a freely moving camera in someone’s hands or at least on a remote turret so we can see everything I mean they’ve never done that not one single launch has given us that at least but it should every time be unedited uncut camera views like why don’t you just show us all of the cameras on one screen without being cut away from or edited or anyting yeah it’s never going to happen not even in the slightest you without being cut away from or edited or anyting yeah it’s never going to happen not even in the slightest

  16. Speed WR

    Hah real or fake?

  17. Redstone_Emil

    Whats the name of the intro song? Its so nice!

  18. Kulumuli

    Saw on the google map that there likely is sheep nearby. Probably evacuated before this.

  19. Nitin Murthy

    Yeetus the satellitus

  20. Simply Space

    I gave Rocket Lab a mention in my new video explaining orbiting and inclination because you’re clearly the coolest example to use ❤️

  21. totallynot


  22. wolfe1970

    The water pre ignition seemed alittle weak, could see the shock wave come back up

  23. Ralf Bo P. Petersen

    12:56 for launch

  24. Edson Moraes

    Só CGI,e papel alumínio.

  25. jamie houle


  26. DonHrvato

    good job

  27. custard the pipecat

    stupid keyboard : (


    I’m so happy

  29. Mike KSP


  30. Jesus Asiahin

    Second :D

  31. Mike Sanchez

    So yall tryna make a laser beam from space too lol

  32. Craig L. Young

    Kudos to the whole team!

  33. Matthew Kuhns

    Great job!

  34. 666MikeRochip

    Wow!…proud to be a Kiwi.

  35. Sands Family

    Great job!

  36. RWBHere

    Congratulations on 1,000,000 views!

  37. gerrit rietveld

    a plane sound …

  38. Belcoth Tan Cheng Fai

    Y not R2D2?



  40. Moswyn

    no cheering ?

  41. Emil K.

    After 5 delays… And 5 times of skipping school just to watch it… Finally…

  42. How Does it Really Work

    Great webcast. There also seems to be fewer sparks from the engines, comparing to the previous launches?

  43. tha bludga

    I hope those birds hanging around launch had their hearing protection on.

  44. Pedro Aguiar

    Really cool! I wish you could launch that in Brazil in the future now that we made a deal with the US.

  45. Charles The Handsome And Brave

    mkay, I’ll wait till april.

  46. kalipso49

    i mean i loved it and i wach it 3-4X . but were i the trash?

  47. Steve the Pirate

    If we get lucky we’ll get to hear some of the lovely local birds be roasted. Fingers crossed.

  48. Rangifulla

    Choice rocket

  49. MrFlopstar

    Just a bit more commentary would be great. Still awesome :)

  50. snurk agurk

    What is the noise reduction system like?

  51. Yoen Peralta

    Pero the rocket is not reusable and comeback like Falcon…

  52. Dan Severns

    Very well made video. We appreciate it.

  53. Diggnuts

    What a splendid little platform.

  54. David Parry

    Look, Elon.
    This rocket doesn’t need more struts!

  55. Reverse Entropy

    Difference from SpaceX is Electron wobbles more in its trajectory

  56. justin h

    You dont realize just how fast its going until it ejects the batteries. Prettu awesome

  57. Vicki Finkbeiner

    Congratulations Dr. LINDSAY MILLARD !

  58. David Stricagnoli

    Good job guys. Waiting for the launch.

  59. Paul Kirilov

    AMAZiNG WORK ! :)

  60. Tom Parmenter

    Was there ever an DARPA R2D2 launch?


    to bad the weather wasn’t to good that day all I saw from Napier hell was a wispy vapor trail

  62. IbnBahtuta

    The on-board cameras gave one of the best views I’ve seen in a while. Thoroughly enjoyed this. :)

  63. nil0bject

    Stage 1 propulsion is nominal. Hi Alice and Finn❣️

  64. craig miller

    Kiwis can fly so well! Congrats!

  65. TheShockmister

    Elon and his mates visited 15 times

  66. Charley Ke

    Good work ! Still much success.

  67. teefkay2

    Congratulations, ladies & gents. Great job.

  68. Brian White

    Hahahahaha Kiwi accent, 6 = Sex…..

  69. Eugene Fourie

    12:25 3, 2, 1 lift off 🚀

  70. Starphot

    Hot swap and jettison of used booster batteries a new one on me! I’ve been seeing launches since 1962!

  71. Anax of Rhodes

    Congrats! See you in April!

  72. Florian Bäppler

    Would be nice if you could provide some telemetry, like speed and altitude. Great stream!

  73. ben Sella

    Well done Rock lab!

  74. custard the pipecat

    best looking launch site ever! ho[e thers no NZ fur seals on that beach bro!

  75. Gilbert O'Sughrue

    Great video great explanations, great graphics, great music. Thanks guys and keep up the great work 😎

  76. Future Aviator

    The new *R2D2* form that’s now a rocket and is capable of flight now is *R3D2* , thought I’d never see this day.


    I’m so happy to see this, ME AND MY FAMILY HAS BEEN HAUNTED!!

  78. qwaqwa1960

    Thanks for monetizing your vids…

  79. John Frian

    Watching this live, the stream skipped the countdown. I now feel complete again, thank you.

  80. Matthew Hall

    Great live stream ! Love the tui’s in the back ground before launching and the sound of ignition it’s incredible ! Thanks rocket lab !

  81. Simply Space

    Awesome launch from my favourite rocket company right here in New Zealand. Can’t wait for flight 6!

  82. Robin Hodgkinson

    Nice job! Video quality is looking great to.

  83. Don Koh

    Has to be one of the most beautiful launch sites existing today? That said, I did a quick research on Rocket Labs… and is it true the Electron rocket’s boosters are 3-D printed and more enviro friendly? True they are capable of producing 1 Electron rocket per week? Putting a 150kg sat into a 500km orbit for little as $6m?? Sounds like a game-changer there, congrats .

  84. WisdomVendor1

    R3D2?? seriously?

  85. kai usernameisbetter

    Im addicted to the ignition sound

  86. Headcrab

    I am impressed by the upper stage Well done!

  87. Meir Botwinik

    Congratulations on another successful launch!!

  88. M12Howitzer

    That’s the first launch of your rocket I see on youtube (subscribed from both my devices) – I’ve heard from Scott Manley about your company, but never seen the launch before. Congratulations! It all looks very mature: the video-cast, the commentary, the graphics is also nice (thou I dislike the choice of red as being traditionally the alert colour – dark rich orange maybe?) Good luck in rocket development and many paying customers to your venture! The more commercial launch providers out there – the better!

  89. Christian S

    Good job Rocket Lab!

  90. SkooterMan Pictures

    Makes me proud to be a New Zealander to know we have our own (little) space programme. Very cool launches!

  91. AndreiTupolev

    R3D2? Is this the new improved R2D2? Can we look forward to the C3PO soon?

  92. Scrap Tech Tips

    Yeeeee goes the rocket, into the sky, and beyond.

  93. bukster1

    I gather the Australians are not happy that we have space program and they don’t.

  94. joshstokesx

    I was watching this live! Great launch, cant wait for another.

  95. Yiğit Şahin

    That ignition sound is AWESOME

  96. SoarkRoll •

    That ignition sound…

  97. 화이트브릭

    13:40 barely says “max q”

  98. The Adventuring Nerd

    The quality of the stream has gone up another level, great job Rocket Lab 👍

  99. Simply Space

    I can’t stop listening to the ignition sound, it’s so damn GOOD!

  100. Detective_Fox

    12:20 10 **cough**

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