Celebrating women in aerospace

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Fifty-five years ago Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to travel to space. We celebrate Valentina and all of the women in aerospace who blazed the trail.

  1. Scrap Tech Tips

    Well every nzr should subscribe to this

  2. Randal Fleming

    Hahahaha by making this video it portrays women as handicapped and incompetent retards. Women shouldn’t need a pat on the back. Don’t join if it is a problem, there’s plenty of other worthwhile stuff that you could be doing.

  3. Scotty SaurusRex


  4. Raymond Saint

    Don’t forget Gwynne Shotwell.

  5. Sam Williams

    Advice to women to succeed…. Show your tits.
    Being a women is like playing on easy difficulty, life is easy, yet those feminists claim being a women is SOOO hard

  6. The Deviant Developer

    Waiting for the videos celebrating male nurses. Crickets.
    A vagina isn’t a qualification. Men and women are, on average, different and choose different careers. Get over it.
    This video is empty #VirtueSignalling

  7. Strazyplus

    Was TODAY the day she went into space?

  8. Benji Frater

    Awesome video. I hope we can get more women in aerospace.

  9. J Shepard

    Tereshkova wasn’t even a pilot when they selected her as a cosmonaut. She was a factory worker they bolted into an automated capsule, a publicity stunt to launch the first female.

  10. Ricky Julian

    Why not celebrate men on Fathers day, this is just pathetic

  11. Shane Jacobson

    Women can do anything when they put their mines too it. Wishing all the Women in the World the BEST

  12. Atlas Hugged

    Competence and performance is the only thing that matters.

  13. TheRedstoneHive

    In New Zealand father’s day is on the 2nd of september lol.
    (While Rocket Lab is a US company, it is still in New Zealand)

  14. tod4y

    When will you celebrate men in aerospace?

  15. Lev Voloshin


  16. Rumana Asif

    Why is everyone commenting about Father’s day? Did you not watch the video? It’s celebrating the anniversary of Valentina, the first female astronaut

  17. clayman0 skycade

    On fathers day?

  18. Notorious

    Damn have to unsubscribe didn’t know a space company could be some sjw warriors

  19. Nicito Sta. Ana

    What would YOU feel when you release a video celebrating men/fathers on mother’s day?

  20. PontificusPinion

    In space, no one can hear you scream “Patriarchy!” so lose the gender-based virtue signalling, please. It’s just cringey.

  21. 10mintwo

    ☐ Women are capable engineers and scientists
    ☐ Women need constant “celebrating” and “support”
    pick one.

  22. Mike Kodaj

    On Father’s Day? Rocket Labs the social justice warrior.

  23. Rumana Asif

    Just what I needed! Thanks, RocketLab :)
    From a future engineer

  24. Rangifulla

    I’d blaze that trail

  25. Aussie Blade :D

    Farther’s day in New Zealand is 2 September.

  26. anas .Z

    0:25 remove before flight a gulfstream accecorie

  27. WheresWa11y

    #Rocket Lab – Cant wait for ITS BUSINESS TIME launch.
    Still on for 22/23 June?

  28. Uriah Siner

    On Father’s Day lmao

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