As The Crow Flies Launch – 10/17/2019

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Lift-off of the ‘As The Crow Flies’ mission occurred at 01:22 UTC on October 17 2019 from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula.

  1. Learning Through the Looking Glass

    How many Russians and Chinese are dissecting this video?

  2. Cr Cook

    what are they flying past at 26:27. Is that the depleted battery packs? – Charles

  3. Ian Stewart

    Great work guys. Just a comment on the online streaming presentation: There is plenty of “dead air” from an audio point of view during this stream. You can hear some cheering in the background at key points but only when one of the launch operators are speaking. It would be good to have the audio from the crowd in the launch room present during the entire launch, not just when the video cuts over to them.

  4. Ma'al

    I like the full black paint

  5. Kardelen Deniz

    Baris abi den gelenler ses verin 👋👋

  6. olega vav


  7. Алексей Киселев

    Where did the first step fall?

  8. Tim Deadmen

    GJ on launch. Would be even better if you switch to non-retarded units completely tho, without cubic yards and foots.

  9. Mihail Belous

    шпионский спутник для слежки военных учений в РФ!!!

  10. Javier Vazquez

    It’s been really slow at the Cape so I was relieved to see a launch 🚀

  11. Pauldanne Lachica

    nice one

  12. Codym808

    Is the paint on the rocket thermochronic that allows it change colors while its being fueled?? @6:50

  13. Johndogg

    What was that giant object, just after second engine cut off, that floats by at the end??

  14. Rami Emad

    Amazing Launch! And the RocketCam is just WOW! I am looking forward to streaming this launch with Arabic commentary on AstroGate بوابة الفضاء

  15. flamencoprof

    Go Rocket Lab!
    To-Do list: – Recover those batts. Maybe they have been flogged at max output and aren’t reusable, but the fish would probably appreciate it :-)
    NZ Fan.

  16. jebset

    Are you spies boys?Yes,you spy boys!

  17. orionh3000

    IT’S Very nice that a nation as primitive as new zealand can have rocket launches!!!

  18. David Shaw

    Nice to see a small nation going to space. Keep it up. Don’t sell the company to the fu88ing yanks.

  19. pelican antics

    So pretty


    Go straight to 16:41 minutes

  21. Anthony Blomfield

    ???&^%^& go

  22. sibaar

    Was it tumbling after stage 3?

  23. fly fishing

    Spy Satellite. Central Intelligence Agency!

  24. the ravedaddy

    That cgi of the earth is pretty good. Do they licence it from nasa as well as spacex? :)

  25. zproxy

    does Rocket Lab have any 360 video footage above 50km to share?

  26. Mr. Loser

    When are they gonna reuse it?

  27. bored1980

    This makes me proud. Well done, guys and girls. Would it be possible to have a kiwi commentator on the lift-off progress?

  28. Kyle Stevenson

    Is that the payload floating by at 26:30?


    where are the Rocketman astronaut clothes?

  30. rezseriv

    As usual for the military. A spy?

  31. Patrick Mason

    How does this only cost $6.5 million???
    A 50′ rocket for less than 10 million, can you build a 5 story building for that cheap?

  32. Elon Musk

    Congratulations Rocket Lab

  33. Tommy Vaske

    Congratulations and all the best wishes for your 10th launch!

  34. s6th

    This rocket never gets old to watch.

  35. Rajesh Raghavan PM


  36. tubeflair

    Great pictures!

  37. mohamed conteh

    🚀 rocket lab are you guyzz are going to be consistent in your ✈ flying am so happy for you guyzz 🎊 congratulations

  38. Got Grapes?

    The cows!!!! My favorite part of the launch! You guys better put some around the Virginia launch site!

  39. Matthew Kuhns


  40. UR Just Wrong

    The year is 1961…

  41. carlosrrs12

    21:50 24:45

  42. Cameron Hall

    Congratulations on flawless launch.

  43. Rudy Amid

    Finally, a real competitor to SpaceX. God speed!

  44. Victor Hernandez

    Congratulations ¡¡¡¡¡ from California 😎😎


    Great launch. Nice work Rocket Lab! 🚀

  46. Gerard Hammond

    This was a brilliant piece of video publishing Well done rocketlab video media persons. Bravo!

  47. jti107


  48. Alex Bichkovsky

    Great presentation!

  49. Biniam Gaming


  50. JM Studios

    mini spacex!

  51. tigertalar

    The music is too loud when stiles is talking. I rather hear her.

  52. Zack

    Aw man I missed the stream :(

  53. shinomoritaka


  54. PiDsMedia

    Wait, what? 8:40 mark,..
    Who gives a toss about the US FAA, when launches are in New Zealand.
    Why is there no CAA license ??

  55. Sunshine Skates

    You guys are launching serious rockets definitely deserve more views and a bigger following
    Guess i didnt realize the vid was only 35 mins old but i stand by my more following statement

  56. Georg Schmidt

    Man, this thing rather sounds like a fighter jet taking off dancing with the wind. Great work!

  57. Snocrash

    Watching those cows run in the opposite direction of the launch site is just epic @ 15:25! Please ensure that we get more riled up cows in future vids; the kids love it!

  58. Marc Weerts

    Great launch of a beautiful little rocket!

  59. Wutzmyname Mike

    Welcome to the shortlist guys!

  60. falafel dürüm

    I tried to stay awake, really…
    But 1h before launch (launch is at ~2:20AM where I live) I was too tired to stay awake and don’t remember what happened..
    Now it’s 7AM and I’m watching the livestrem on my way to the university…
    This is my *4th missed launch* !!! Why the heck do I miss EVERY Electron launch? I haven’t seen _any_ Rocketlab launch live…

  61. J. Jason Wentworth

    This time, we got to see the third stage (the Kick Stage) and its payload (a good view of it, from the rearward-facing TV camera on the slowly-tumbling second stage, appears at around the 24:54 point). The second stage was set tumbling slowly by the asymmetry of the kick at Stage 2/Kick Stage separation. I’d love to see video of its tiny Curie engine firing in space, but it may not be ignited until perhaps hours after liftoff, far away from–or perhaps even on the other side of the Earth from–the second stage (the presenter’s brief description of the Kick Stage’s portion of the ascent suggested this).

  62. Ligerzeronz

    is this the first time we’ve seen the kickstage at its fullest and clearest?

  63. Mark

    Incredible. So cool. (what fly’s by at 19:19)

  64. Thamer Alyabsi

    great job team 👍, i love watching you as feel i’m with you 😎.

  65. Luke Cague

    20:30 that would be 11,000km/h. Not going to get to orbit on 1100km/h haha

  66. GameplayReviewUK

    This channel looks great, subbed right away :)

  67. Tran

    Beautiful camera feed from arguably the most picturesque LC in the world

  68. etbadaboum

    Great livestream, thanks Rocket Lab, you’re doing an amazing work!

  69. Mark Jones

    Congratulations on a successful mission. That was the best ascent video yet.

  70. Kurt Stolpa

    Man, that was a great view! Bravo Zulu!

  71. Kenji Okura

    Wow I just noticed the [new?] thumbnails for all of the launches are this channel, pretty cool!

  72. Chas. red

    Congratulations very impressive.

  73. Anthony Blomfield

    Lovely Mr Becks have a few splendid Ideas may be commercially helpful, i intend to email them to your staff at some point.. all good .. you doing so rocking roll… :)

  74. Joanne

    We’ll done! And great views of New Zealand too.

  75. IstasPumaNevada

    Congratulations to the whole team!

  76. M Sudz

    Proud of you rocket lab !!! And great footage of the liftoff

  77. Laggy Wizard

    Very nice I look forward to seeing the growth and potential of this company.

  78. Wyatt B

    I didn’t know there was a launch tonight. Next launch is the recovery attempt!

  79. mr man

    i kinda wish these streams had some more kiwi accents in them!

  80. britton bowen

    It’s so beautiful, we can’t wait to see the recovery!

  81. Overwhelming Euphoria

    Loving the high quality video feed, it beats space x by a long shot.


    The cows are confused. 15:25

  83. Jeff Green

    That’s what you call “hauling the mail”

  84. Wasir

    What was that?

  85. The Adventuring Nerd

    These are some of the most beautiful shots of the earth I’ve seen in a long time

  86. Pintuxo

    Congratulations from the other side of the planet (Portugal). Keep working hard. Lovely place to work !!!!!

  87. RuiYi

    While this is more like a big gaming setup or gaming tournament/gaming tournament control room. With the dark mode on.

  88. Stratowind

    The scenery ie beautiful.

  89. dogface_ badjack

    still no explosions, amazing!

  90. K2_Robotics

    Congrats for all the Rocket Lab crew for another amazing launch!

  91. j4d3 goat

    This has to be one of the most beautiful launch-sites in the world!

  92. Rishabh Vats

    Man I love there anchor the way he flicks his hands gets me eveytime….😂😂 great work love to watch your launch

  93. Skukkix23

    15:00 your welcome

  94. Kinisha

    I love how the launch control room looks like an esports room.

  95. Dallas Clarke

    Your cameras are really cool. Loved the view of NZ on the way up.

  96. Deena Hillion

    My Son Works for This Company in California Congrats on another Amazing Launch!!!

  97. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

    Man i wish Rocket Lab get to do the parachute and hele-capture of the first stage. Good luck guys!

  98. Trex531

    Congrats Rocket Lab! Another successful launch, and what spectacular views! Thank you for providing us such high quality and uninterrupted vistas of the whole ascent into orbit! 👏👏👍👍

  99. Joseph Karl

    I’m 46 and a proud Kiwi. I’ve gotten so used to hearing American accents in launch control that hearing my own accent is still a bit jarring.
    Having said that, this is nothing short of amazing. Keep it up!

  100. bobbob123ful

    Man, feels like forever since I’ve last watched a launch stream

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