Why SpaceX Will Catch Super Heavy

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SpaceX have achieved some incredible engineering feats over the last few years. Now they have announced yet another ambitious idea to make rockets more reusable. This video looks at how and why SpaceX will try to catch the enormous Super Heavy booster.

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  1. sosnax1

    Well in theory if this i ferromagnetic, they culd reduce someof the forces by catching it into magnetic field. Altho i dont know it it works both way since the launch pad wuld have to be a magnet due to high tepmperatures on reentry on super heavy (curie temperature)

  2. John McNulty

    Watching a falcon 9 land will never seem routine to me!

  3. TheRadioactiveBanana-Gami

    The narrators voice is the most calming thing ive ever heard

  4. Vatsyayana

    Fantastic video, but man the norm of having built in commercials makes me want to scream…

  5. Kevin Guthrie

    I wish SpaceX and every other space program in the world would just go away and stop wasting money

  6. liberal Rationalist

    Catching things coming from orbit is old stuff, The US used parachutes to grab return photo canisters from early spy satellites. This was before images could be send via telemetry.

  7. MegapolisMocGarage

    I can tell one thing, they set up a target! Mars! Highspeed travel! And they are the first who made real progress! My respect, they have incredible engineers at spaceX!

  8. Jacky boi

    Hey look that’s not an explosion… just rather a rapid unscheduled disassemble

  9. PresidentialWinner

    I thank my lucky stars i was born in this era. We could all have been born on any year in the last 300,000 years. To be born in almost any one of those years would have sucked, due to lack of health, safety, technology, civilization etc. But we were born to an age of space flight when humanity rises to new heights and visits other worlds. It’s actually almost too incredible to be true. And yet here we are…

  10. Amin

    As Elon said, there may be bumps along the way and people will start to doubt them but eventually, SpaceX will pull it off. I just look forward to BN1 doing it’s first hop. It’s gonna be spectacular..

  11. Darin Pringle

    Everytime spacex makes a substantial change to the design I at first think they shouldn’t and that I don’t like it but after a few days I see that it is such a good idea and then I really like it. Already changed my mind since when the idea was proposed. Can’t wait to see it XD

  12. Wakid Tanvir

    Elon has brought us the golden age of Space exploration…🤩

  13. Franco Valentino

    When I clicked on this I didn’t ask myself why , I asked myself “How?”

  14. Jorge Azevedo

    This is amazing.👏👏👏👏

  15. David R Hostetler

    sn8 I was still so far my favor spaceex visuals here on this compilation

  16. Hidden Culture

    Is this a reupload? I swear I’ve watched this before

  17. NiTroSeeKs

    The problem is that if the rocket fails, then there’s a high probability that it also damages the launch tower. This can be particularly bad on Mars, where supplies for such a construction will be quite limited

  18. shane Martineau-gagne

    Holy shit 2 m8n paid add seriously dude I pay for YouTube premium to not have this shit , get a bloody patreon if your not making enough money

  19. Ron Charles

    There is one simple lesson in all of this: Never underestimate Elon Musk!

  20. Ron Charles

    SpaceX has brought back the excitement, fun and romance of space flight back again. It is like Science Fiction brought to life.

  21. Wirmish

    Imagine a *GIANT* “CNC Plasma Cutting Table” with a “horseshoe” instead of a plasma head.
    Now we add another bridge to the “table” with another “horseshoe” facing the other one.
    The Super Heavy (SH) descends and hover between the two bridges.
    We adjust the 2 “horseshoes” so the SH is aligned with them, and we close the 2 bridges until the horseshoes surround the HS.

  22. J W

    They made this catcher deal catch some air time deal cause the first ship blew up completely when landing

  23. Thomas Kjær

    Millions of years of sediments and dinosaurs, to keep the planet turning and burning. And this is what you use it for. Thank God for the Chinese and fireworks.

  24. Alexis Trompe

    2:23 wtf was that?

  25. Yattaman

    With launches regularly scrubbed due to high winds and other inclement weather, I’m unconvinced that SS/SH will be able to offer regular scheduled commercial passenger services.

  26. thesteaktc

    How will starship land if it is used for earth to earth transport? Will it still use the booster talked about in this video? And if so, then the booster can be caught, but what about the actual starship when it reaches its destination?

  27. Даниил Светлов

    Не согласен с утверждением что это не сумасшедшие идеи! Да, они амбициозны, но они не сумасшедшие. Желаю успеха SpaceX!

  28. Mad Calm

    1st relevant (hovering, absorbtion etc) explanation of this techology, thanx !

  29. Poul

    So what he wants to achieve is to just refuel the super heavy and then its ready to go again?

  30. SeeThroughist

    Primal Space – “Something like this had never been done before”…. But in reality here’s the DCXA rocket from the early 90’s taking off and landing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39cjZTCay24 also in 1972 Apollo used rockets to land on the moon… seems like “something” like this has been done before LOL

  31. ArtisanTony

    ima guess the trouble of recovering and reusing these big tubes is probably at least equal to the savings.

  32. DarkClarity

    Wouldn’t the wings need more refurbishment instead of the legs due to the impact on the catcher? Seems like it will at least shorten their lifespan if not worse. (Just a curious idiot question)

  33. Sirflappington

    Catching the relatively small electron rocket is going to be a lot easier than catching a massive 30ft wide super booster.

  34. MrEagle2704

    This stuff really gets me excited

  35. Hector

    Space flight shouldn’t be a mean of transportation earth to earth we produce enought carbon to not create even more than needed.

  36. Elim Lumiat

    So happy I met @Darkdrey on telegram he changed my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it so I’m so proud of him and he is the only one of the few I can vouch for here much love for him❤️💯

  37. bautista mercader

    Please put the sponsor bar higher or/and make it wider, whrn your phone has a case, it is dificult to see it.

  38. 428 Renegade

    Tension stresses (catching it) vs compression stresses (landing on it’s tail)

  39. Matt Horkan

    The “land it perfectly on the launch clamps” idea was always a big red flag for me. I think they probably realized so, too. Especially considering the boom even a minor failure would make. This gives them just a little more margin, but at the cost of a not insignificant boost in mass budget.

  40. Mark Wandrey

    It’s not that Falcon 9 is too heavy to hover, it’s that the Merlin engines cannot deep throttle enough. The Raptors have much more throttle control, as seen in the SN5 & SN6 tests, and we’ll soon see when SN9 makes a successful landing.

  41. Roman E.

    It seems like a risky design first off it increases the complexity with more moving parts on the ground instead of just a slab of concrete but it also increases the load the tank walls need to hold in tension compared to flight when it is in compression this could mean a increase in wall thickness reducing the mass savings or even increase the mass of the vehicle


    _Can we all please agree to report every comment from that bot that said Citroen B2 in this comment section?!_

  43. Jared Velazquez

    This is what I like to call stupid awesome

  44. Zachary Dawson

    Hmm that thumbnail is chopping the super heavy in half 😂

  45. Ramon Punsalang

    Elon’s mind is a wonderful thing.

  46. Rainer Van Opstal

    Almost SN9 test flight!
    Can’t wait to see that nice bellyflop again, and see it stick that landing for the first time.
    I believe that SN9 will be the one to do it, if you see how close SN8 was… SN9 is the chosen one!

  47. Jim McClarin

    Wait a few more years to see this attempted? I say next year at the latest.

  48. trongod2000

    Thanks for the thorough and easy to understand presentation.

  49. aaron buyalski

    Wait a minute you said methane isn’t allowed to be vented in the atmosphere? In general or just for space x because there are 100000 landfills in the us that vent methane on a regular basis

  50. Wayne Macomson

    Medieval engineering is not sufficient. Public brainstorming calls go out from the man of the hour? 3D chess for sure. Got enough crazies Daddy?

  51. Xerpocalypse

    The imagery of the Falcon Heavy side cores landing simultaneously still gives me goosebumps to this day.

  52. Wayne Macomson

    Elon’s Christmas list: Butterfly net.

  53. Mud Therapy

    Yes it’s cool but it seems like if it fails they also blow up the launch tower. It would seem easier to do it like falcon 9

  54. Doctor Gibberish

    Their progress is one of things that just keep me going

  55. Christopher28fair

    Years? YEARS? It sure as hell won’t take years, if I know SpaceX.

  56. White Ness

    Delete your channel or put “audio compromised” in your thumbnail

  57. PuniSherOP

    SpaceX coming up with unimaginable Possibilities… We all know that it’ll happen someday!

  58. Ace King

    Starship is real, and we are going to Mars…soon.

  59. Whoa This Is A Name

    Few more years 🤔 We exponential not linear 🚀

  60. Drew Mann

    1 minute of in video ads, followed by more ads…

  61. ryan sweeney

    Come on spacex I’ve been watching everything about the Mars missions but I hope this goes well please work I really want this to happen it would be awesome

  62. calvin lee

    8:05 this is clever

  63. engineer gaming

    Engineers: it is imposible!

    Elon Musk: no…. İt is necessary

  64. Damian Ortiz

    Claro como siempre! Muchas gracias maestro

  65. steve poling

    The more I think of it, the more a cable arresting scheme makes sense. Lotsa of naval engineering expertise to use making this work.

  66. Agnes Oribio


  67. Darth Plagus

    That’s a really good text to speech bot you’re using.

  68. Mia Charlotte

    Thanks for your video highly appreciated. 😊

  69. Owen Salisbury

    I was thinking having pressure sensitive landing pad. That moves down on impact. Allows the arms to move in at the top.

  70. jayant Bidhuri

    elon musk after catching: ok ,umm……let’s put battery regenerators on shock absorbers
    Tesla: battery 400% capacity🎉

  71. Mike Runyon

    I dont think they will attempt to hover in operational flights. Uses to much propellant.

  72. Waker of Winds

    I feel like it will be just like when they landed the boosters – once we see it in action, it’ll start seeming less crazy.

    Once we actually see what their system for doing it is, I bet it’ll seem much more feasible.

  73. S gm

    Elon, pls build me a working jedi starfighter with a booster ring. Thatd be all thnx

  74. Feel The Bass

    Land on the engines, the true Kerbal way.

  75. Samiul Islam Shovon

    If elon says “it can happen”..
    Then it will be….

  76. Ashutosh K

    Amazingly insightful video.

  77. Music For Your Content

    This is just amazing 😍 Keep it up! Thank you!

  78. drashti dedhia

    Why do I feel he is going to change the title

  79. Oxeron

    At this point reality is just Elon Musk’s personal sandbox game.

  80. #RanDoMConTeNt

    Your channel’s motto should be ‘Quality before Quantity.’

  81. SpazeComp

    Thank you, that you featered me in this video! Let’s see the official plan, what will be announced by SpaceX or Elon Musk.

  82. Guille

    Great content! I love this channel :)

  83. S M

    I don’t think you’ll have to wait a few years. As of Jan2021, they’re already working in the second booster prototype. I would be surprised if they don’t start testing them this year, even if they have to put legs on the first few until the build the launch / landing tower. They also bought two floating or semisubmersible drilling platforms to modify into sea launch platforms. They must not sleep! Lol.

  84. Innovative Culture

    Space X : 1 Million is alot of 1 Launch.

    Year 2050: *hold my bear*

  85. Khanet Preeteepveruriya

    Very interesting!

    but if that is the case… how it gonna land on the Moon (this one might be on Lunar variants it still have landing lag?) or Mars?

  86. Owen Bruno

    I had a stroke reading the title

  87. MitchCyan

    Now I get it.

  88. Divisionic

    Looks like Mars isn’t so far away now, huh?

  89. André Dollenberg

    A very ‘catchy’ idea. Elon mustn’t let this slip through his fingers. Nor palm it off as ludicrous.
    I must hand it to him.

  90. Cosmicwarrior

    This is great! Keep up the great work Primal!!!

  91. Alvin Gerardo Sebastian G

    really hope starship will be reuseable not ‘refurbish’-able

  92. Max Rogers

    Blue origin: We have the best way of landing rockets.

    SpaceX: Hold my liquid methane.

  93. Hdhnswk

    “Primal Space”

    More like Primal SpaceX

  94. TrueGamingVault

    Amazing and informative video as always!

  95. 66 space

    Best Rocket I ever Seen with the launch cost 1 million!

  96. Anirudha R

    I was confused on this questions but cleared now 😃😃

  97. Alvin Gerardo Sebastian G

    spacex : landing rockets is too easy

  98. Kejdi

    My guy uploaded again 💯💯

  99. Team 34

    I sure hope they do this

  100. Primal Space

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