Why SpaceX Will Blow Up This Falcon 9

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With SpaceX completing a succeful test flight of their Dragon 2 capsule, they are almost ready to launch their first humans into space. But before that flight takes place, SpaceX will need to perform an in-flight abort test, which could get very explosive!

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  1. Antares Qlapard

    perfectly successful failure?

  2. Ivan Christopher Saldaña

    successful failure 😂😂😂😂

  3. DavidVercettiMovies

    When is this Elon style fail launch going to happen?

  4. Apollo FifaleX

    Nooo they will destroy a Falcon 9😭😭😭

  5. Savanas

    Most of that fuel will NOT combust instantly, atleast to my knowledge of rocket explosions

  6. Richard Mitchell

    He actually did the *starlink* test.

  7. Stuart Doyle

    Great video and very professionally made 👍🏻

  8. Glitched Blox

    It was a perfectly successful failure

  9. John Doe

    Vodka and cigarettes
    *The pleased anti anxiety items*

  10. N'gis Stemeveiche

    “So they were given vodka, and cigarettes. To help them relax.”

  11. Pratap khandekar

    I love that dialogue
    successful failure

  12. Marcus hungidas

    “Superdraco thrusters” cooo name

  13. Xavier Duchesne

    When’s the laucnch ?

  14. molybdenum smith

    when they plan to do this

  15. STUVIX

    Task failed successfully

  16. Lifecraft

    They should have scheduled that test for 0:00:01 on 1.1.2020

  17. Leifdoe Tech Industries

    When will the mid-flight abort test happen?

  18. Don't subscribe please

    Just load at the last checkpoints

  19. Jack Keville

    Deliberate failure, I can’t wait.

  20. J R

    1:18 can you backup your claim that astronauts were given vodka and cigarettes after aborted flight. I don’t believe this is accurate.

  21. Tahir Too Saucy

    Vodka heals everything,including a broken heart

  22. PuffinTuff

    Vodka cures everything, including being almost exploded.

  23. shivam parmar

    Doctors: let’s give them oxygen .
    Space Agency : Gave them Vodka & cigarette . LoL

  24. samiul gamer

    Perfectly successful failure

  25. Tim Greller

    I love this channel <3 great video!

  26. Phantom Aviator

    Boom boom boom boom
    _i want you in my room_

  27. Jake Downs

    why can’t they just re-light and land it? :<

  28. snark

    Imagine the ejector seat going off in space

  29. Goldenhordemilo

    xstream! i watched to the end

  30. Timmy Kirls

    I would love to see it!

  31. Mindaugas Jonaitis

    Poor Falcon9. I wish they could restart the engines and land it.

  32. Frank Mueller

    Ouuhh! Can they do it on New Year’s Eve? I love fireworks on holidays!

  33. Thu Lx

    “… so they were given vodka and cigarettes to help them relax.”
    *Basically **-drugs-** , but for Russian only.*

  34. ScaryScarce

    Going to make me cry when the falcon 9 goes boom boom

  35. Yeetus Deleteus

    that was a smooth Segway to the sponsorship

  36. Derpy Wolf

    1:18 what a Russian solution.

  37. Cesar G

    lol that add at the end XD

  38. Babyccino Au

    -Survives Rocket explosion
    -gets vodka
    -feels noice now

  39. Asef Jamil Ajwad

    1:18 What a Russian thing to do!

  40. MCB18

    Error: Task Failed Successfully.

  41. _/PGF\_

    3:04 *Mission failed succesfylly*

  42. Simply Space

    Great video, loved the recap on LES history. The little joe incident is a favourite of mine.

  43. ItsJustMe

    1:19 of course, vodka and cigarettes.

  44. Lucas Brown

    This never showed in my sub feed :(

  45. ICANanimations

    been waiting for this since I heard about it.

  46. Mr gamer io

    3:09 Task failed successfully.

  47. arfyness

    Hahaha 😂 “Directed by Michael Bay” – Nice touch!
    And cool videos, so I’ll be just over there subscribing now.

  48. Marc Barrett

    Something else that will NOT have any kind of launch abort system: Starship.
    When asked about this, Elon Musk replied that the Starship might survive an explosion of the Super Heavy by essentially “outrunning” the explosion. but what if engines of the Starship itself explode?

  49. Dark Guardian

    4:20 All of it ending up at the bottom of the ocean save the capsule.

  50. Lithostheory

    3:00 task failed succesfully

  51. Christino Sim

    Vodka and cigarettes
    Perfect way to relax

  52. rustyy

    2:55 task failed successfully

  53. An Awfully Hot Coffee Pot

    2:54 *Task Failed Successfully*

  54. Joshthekiwi 1

    Task failed successfully

  55. Noah Stuart

    0:11 you said 2018? You mean 2019 right? Or did I lose track of time lol

  56. Scarlett Kruger

    2:52 Task Failed Successfully

  57. Kill-A-Bite

    Who else is excited for the In-Flight Abort test!!!!!!!

  58. Flash KMG

    2:41 who the hell is Joe?

  59. Ronan Byng

    Error: success

  60. William Sheehan

    Great videos. I especially love how you incorporate your advertising. Very slick in a not too pushy way. I listen to all of it, out of respect.

  61. sabbel babbel

    When will this failure test be?

  62. Nun with Dual Berettas

    “Task failed successfully” 3:08

  63. BaumeisterJac k

    4:15 was no fireball from an explosion

  64. Roger G2

    1:15 omg my sides hurt 😂😂

  65. Casey Waller

    That just gave me a massive Hardon I’m going to go wreck my girlfriend now

  66. Rydog5392

    3:08 Error
    ⛔ Task failed successfully
    🆗 🆒

  67. Astro_Alphard

    Little Joe:
    “Task failed successfully”

  68. Brixter Villaruel

    4:06 uses LOX to prenounce Liquid Oxygen
    My science teacher: wait that’s illegal

  69. Marchiyo 1

    3:07 task failed successfully

  70. Yeetus Deleteus

    3:10 Task failed successfully

  71. Clayton Dalton

    “Task Failed Successfully”

  72. Sqnder

    2:55 *Task Failed Succesfuly*

  73. anv3D

    Task failed successfully.

  74. [GD] Goose Crack

    2:48 “task failed successfully”

  75. Auxence Fromont

    2:55 task failed sucessfully

  76. Krack Tart Kreme

    3:09 “task failed successfully”


    “Perfectly successful failure”

  78. X-37 SFS - The SFS Space Plane

    2:52 *happy accidents*

  79. Mark J

    This is the launch I’ve been waiting for An all-up launch abort test. Those on the ground are in for a treat, who knows maybe it will go as apollos did. Apollo passed its test after the rocket actually failed in flight, before they could cause it to abord, computers onboard fired the launch tower and dragged the capsule clear. The most successfully failure in history

  80. Funsized Fireball

    “Task failed successfully.”

  81. Ling Ling's Father

    1:16 I dont why this made laugh so much

  82. Masrur Khan

    the marvel of aerospace engineering.

  83. GoldenDragon 314

    I like how NASA built the shuttle, gave it no proper abort system, and then is setting high abort/safety standards for SpaceX and other people, lol hypocrites! (safety is good tho)

  84. Lucas Acoustic Covers

    Dude i cant believe i just missed a channel like this for so long how youtube never recommended this before? Im amazed

  85. Jack Gibson

    *task failed successfully*

  86. BEEP The Robot

    *Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes*
    Elon: Task Failed Succesfully

  87. ChaosStar16

    That transition was so smooth, great video this channel just popped up on my recommendations will decently check out the rest of your videos.

  88. Moi Lacjob

    Rocket: *Starts failing and trigger and abort that was planned*
    Task Failed Succesfully

  89. jull1234

    0:13 1st Dragon 2 launch was March 2, 2019.

  90. Edwin Robert

    Task failed successfully

  91. WhatsUp

    Sir, bad news, we failed.. We accidentally reached and successfully got to the ISS

  92. fat swede

    Vodka and cigarettes “of course”

  93. light

    i want to see both a rocket explode and a rocket takeoff successfully in my lifetime!

  94. Kaleb

    “perfectly successful failure”
    on other words: “did the rocket launch fail?”
    “well yes but actually no”

  95. Yongy Hu

    “They were given Vodka and cigarettes”
    That the most Russian thing i ve heard

  96. Jeff Vader

    The Orion Drive, where explosions *are* the rocket!

  97. Mr.Gandy

    “They gave them vodka and cigarettes to cool off”
    A normal day in Russia

  98. Doom2pro

    Elon: How did we do?
    Flight Director: Mission failed successfully sir.

  99. reallysmall ant

    “They gave them cigarettes and vodka too cool off”

  100. stop begging for likes

    “Perfectly Successful Failure”

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