Why SpaceX Is Starting Its Own City

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SpaceX’s facility in Boca Chica has grown a lot in the last couple of years. But if they want to attract the brightest minds to come and work there, they need to turn Boca Chica into a thriving city. This video looks at the plans to create Starbase and what SpaceX needs to do to make it happen.

Starship Gazer – https://www.youtube.com/c/StarshipGazer

Spaceport3d – https://www.instagram.com/Spaceport3D/
James BeBop – https://www.youtube.com/c/JamesBeBop
The New Yorker – https://www.youtube.com/user/NewYorkerDotCom
BocaChicaGal NSF – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSUu1lih2RifWkKtDOJdsBA

» Sprightly Pursuit – Cooper Cannell
» The Plan’s Working – Cooper Cannell

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  1. josh

    Imagine being so rich you could your own city

    And it’s not just a regular city, *IT’S A CITY WITH ROCKETS*

  2. Kurt Loubser

    The toaster counts as a device to use a VPN on right?

  3. Athan Paul

    Year 2500
    elon musk has found a way to not age
    Year 5000
    Elon musk:Lets colonize triton and terraform it we still have 5billion years no biggy peace of cake

  4. Herminio Gonzalez Jr

    “Boca Chica Star Base” would be a great name for the next port to the stars. Native to Brownsville sever 25 years USAF.

  5. Joshua Z

    As a current spacex employee I’ll tell you this, if you can’t speak Spanish you’re gonna have a real hard time working at Starbase currently. It’s funny watching engineering and manufacturing trying to discuss complicated issues with each other.

  6. Mini2nut

    Working at the speed of Elon. Truly amazing!

  7. razony

    “Nice Tesla Jim. ‘Thanks Bob.’ Like your new Tesla as well. How you like your new Tesla house Jim? ‘It’s super nice, just like yours Bob.’ And that wife of yours…

  8. Mark Arnott

    👽Zorg from org – R the Hoomans a tad suspicious yet elon🤵 nope – there is this aussie guy🤔
    Okeydokey carry on making Wockets
    2023 next meeting moon darkside be there
    🤵okeydokey snagged the funding . :)

  9. Xploration

    Was there all last summer. Brownsville is crime ridden. I had 15k worth of cameras and lenses stolen from me.


    So I was playing ksp then right before a correction burn, I see this uploaded.
    My crew capsule was unmanned at the time
    The reaction wheel exploded on entry from steep trajec
    the parachute didnt command to open
    Rip Mk1-3 pod.

  11. Chandraprakash G

    3X the market price to be offered for residents is more than generous offer by spaceX !!

    I had mostly seen equal or forced evacuation when government takes over land in many countries for road or railway or other infrastructure constructions.

  12. Thái Tây Bắc 26

    Hello 👍🌈🤝🇻🇳🤝💞

  13. Thái Tây Bắc 26

    Hello 👍🇻🇳🤝🌈🙏👋😄

  14. DinozKing

    I swear I will live in Starbase when I’m older

  15. Jeffrey Cholak

    fresh space x content….yes….

  16. MrGoesBoom

    6:00 Been wondering where the work force was living at while all this massive construction is going on. Suppose that answers that question. Thanks for the vid, some interesting info and a lot of nice shots showing just how much this place has changed from a simple dirt patch and humble construction tent to today’s sprawling complex.

  17. Pro Curve

    Starbase, well wake me up when spacex has reached A STAR.

  18. The Knave

    A good overview. Well done.

  19. Amin

    SpaceX found an incredible momentum with the Starship program and they are progressing stupendously fast. They are showing no signs of slowing down at all. This level of progress is truly never seen before.. I so can’t wait to see how Starbase will look like in 2025.

  20. Yassine Zanned

    Thanks for the great video sir, keep up the good work.

  21. Asko Kauppi

    Making Disney Land as a side product!

  22. takwa

    “[O Muhammad], inform My servants that it is I (Allah) who am the Forgiving, the Merciful.” (Holy Quran 15::49)

  23. Random Human

    Elon and SpaceX will develop starbase at warp speed!

  24. Spitefirespartan Gaming

    Elon has donated 30 million to the schools in Brownsville because that’s where the future employees children will go

  25. Timsalt3100

    Feel like space x is trying to create its own priypat of the 1980s

  26. daniel oliveira

    These are the things that make me wish many decades of life just so i can see more and more..
    If not extinct, humanity will never cease to expand and explore as much as it can.
    That’s worthy and so exciting to witness!

  27. Kevin Guthrie

    What are they going to do with sewage? That’s a very low water table, is that why the town next door is called Brownsville or Stinkviile?

  28. Glenn Mitchell

    Boca Chica looks vulnerable to hurricanes.

  29. hemanth sai

    kinda feels cool when you realise you’re entire career is based on the existence of outer space 🌌

  30. Kuba Wierzbicki

    Great wideo!

  31. Carol

    Beam me up Scotty im signing up for SPACEX

  32. Alex Hamlett

    These improvements will come over hundreds of years.

  33. Alex Hamlett

    This is why we have computers.

  34. Alex Hamlett

    All space travel will have the main level of thrust and then a secondary level of thrust. The second level of thrust can use small incremental forms of boost using small materials.

  35. Michael Fisher

    There was a recent military article (on a UT Austin site) suggesting the US Space Force buy starships for conversion to space cruisers.

  36. Andrew Rozario


  37. Johannes Holmgrein

    08:00 “Those without businesses will suffer as the economy grows and taxes start to increase.”


    Plot twist:- This video is a Commercial.

  39. Old Man Doing High Kicks

    “I sold my soul to the company storrrrrrrrre…”
    Yeah, they did this back in the early 20th century where mining companies basically ran the town. It did not end well.
    This is history rhyming with itself.

  40. Solomon Jones

    Investing rightly today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future

  41. Donna Attewell

    This was great, I’ve been following this since the start but to wrap it up like this, shows the huge changes that has been made

  42. Dee Moe

    I feel bad for the locals but progress cannot be delayed beyond reason, and SpaceX has been generous. Goooo SpaceX!!!

  43. Jay Lowe

    The Majestic Theater at 7:36 is still standing only to serve as several businesses within. I have been going to watch movies there as a child and teenager. Great memories.

  44. LafcadioTheLion

    Finally a vpn that works on my rotary phone!

  45. Ingens_Scherz

    The new CEO of Starbase is actually called Buck Rogers.

    What do you mean I’m making that up? How dare you!

  46. Rocketry 101

    We plan to move here lol. (We as in my family)

  47. Curt Renfro

    Wondering if they will build a sea wall? Looks like a sand spit… otherwise – WOW- Excellent!!!!

  48. James

    I don’t know who need to hear these, dont’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door,go look for opportunity time wait for no man that’s the weapon the rich uses . The rich make good use of their time ,the have several streams of income, that’s the only secret of wealth

  49. Bryan Roschetzky

    nice , I am expecting to go down there soon

  50. Res Jose

    I freaking love your videos

  51. sun of a beach

    9:06 killed the vibe :(

  52. mike mathews

    I see many many Trailer Parks in the area in the Future.

  53. NeonVisual

    I’ll be using my bitcoin money to buy a nice little quiet house on Mars overlooking the landing sites.

  54. Wilko Stomberg

    Damn, i hope they will build a “Starfleet Academy” somewhere there :D
    For future Astronauts when SpaceX has multiple Starships flying around

  55. Sybo Man

    Awesome, bring it on Starbase

  56. Joel Sultan

    Loved your presentation, you will go miles for sure. btw Your sponsor video is too long and boring..

  57. Freddy

    6:23 did they just expand the road, it looks really different? Or did I miss something, Simone please explain

  58. Bryan Guzik

    Is it me, or even as it came together, did it still remain looking almost like a model toy of sorts! So fast, (no pun;) & so much fun to watch them evolve.

  59. sixbrokeneggs

    2:47 I cant even tell you how many times I’ve seen this dude xD

  60. Live The Future

    You know for housing the workers, i would suggest Soviet style apartment blocks, you can’t get more efficient than that!
    A true workers paradise! ;)

  61. John Ahrendt

    Not sure about Boca Chica specifically but Texas in general has a VERY skilled workforce.

  62. Jeff Mc Garvey

    Yeah there’s a lot of controversy about Space X moving in and taking over. It is amazing tho what Musk is envisioning and building.

  63. Amir M

    8:55 and yes! this really happend

  64. Amani Christopher

    I am new to your channel. But by this one video, you are worth my subscription. Never let me down. Continue to make better informative videos. Thank you for your service.

  65. Nina Frangieh

    From boca chica ‘s huge Gate way to mars and other planets

  66. Pinus Niron

    I love your video ,so much
    Always a good day when Primal Space rwleases a video

  67. 20 Percent

    Sounds both scary and cool^-^

  68. Adam McVeigh

    I cannot wait to look back on these videos in 10/15 years and see what has been achieved

  69. Parth Rajpal

    Amazing Video 👍❤️

  70. Astro_naught_

    Goosebumps throughout the video…………….STARBASE!!!!

  71. sour banana

    your videos are just too good, you deserve way more

  72. Sameer Iltaf

    Very nice, very nice..

  73. Putin3D

    Sounds like we are getting closer to the Buy N Large universe.

  74. Stefan Creates

    Awesome video!

  75. Jessie Bullock

    Thank you so much for the yellow bar during your ad!

  76. Infinite Discord

    Thanks for keeping ghs updated on the future. Appreciate it

  77. Ricky Winata

    It’s like star fleet HQ being created in real life 😂

  78. Charlie

    (video in two years)
    “Why SpaceX is starting its own country”
    (video in 10 years)
    “Why SpaceX is starting its own planet”

  79. Max Ivy

    One of your best videos yet. This is why I’m subbed! Thank you!

  80. Morris Putman

    i love these videos!

  81. Vanger

    Wow :) Stunning :)
    I couldn’t even imagine an idea like this.
    And SpaceX is really doing it omg :)

  82. Michel Bruns

    “the *main* village” as if its a huge city

  83. Rahul G

    Very cool. This whole situation reminds me of the movie Transcendence.

  84. Evil Spock

    Imagine the Space tech boom in TX thats about to happen within the next 30 years.

  85. Ankit Meher

    Got goosebumps watching this

  86. Abhigna Y

    Always a good day when Primal Space releases a video

  87. F!NN 15

    New Starbase sign is dope

  88. Angel Gaspar

    This is what we have all been waiting for waiting to go to mars

  89. Zachary Child

    Love the story telling along side the educational explanation!

  90. Matthew Williams

    I’m happy for the future🇺🇸

  91. Global Tech

    This name of the base is quite prominent!

  92. DevelopingSpace

    Epic video :)

  93. A Tree

    The speed of this development is ludicrous.

  94. Bluey Intros

    Love the video, keep it going!

  95. C2 Relaxer

    Oh my god soaceX
    I like it too much
    Elon musk’s hard work 👍

  96. blood axe

    So you are back !!!!!!!!

  97. BC's BattleGrounds

    This is what I was wanting!

  98. Rasal Shikh

    Man keep it up


    First, love your videos

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